UNKNOWN if you liked this or not Have fun reading it there is still some chapters to go

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Nothing will happen to us except what is written for us.
Human mind is a very unique thing in all of the history gifted by god with it we can achieve whatever we want it helps us to understand the world around to know to answer to question,but our minds also play a trick on us making us fear the UNKNOWN fear the mysterious and strange things that we don't know about is this what our minds tell us or what our primary happits tell our mind?a question unknown.
A 16 year old boy exploring the world around trying to figure out what is his goal in life, or that what i was thinking of.going to school getting bullied getting attention go back to home eat and sleep that was my routine for the past Idk like 10 years my whole life is blank and dark looking at it from a bright spot will only make me see my sins make me see what I don't want to see.i was only fascinated by things that was strange to people I was fascinated by stories and novels of dark twisted ends weird ha.still life didn't end yet so better live it. When I was going to my bathroom I looked into the mirror to question am I good,evil,nothing focusing in the mirror didn't let me see my future but let me see wt is hidden from our eyes I thought that I saw I guy looking at me from behind the weird thing is he looked like me but angrier tears of blood coming out of his eyes seeing him in the mirror didn't make me move like I was dead from inside and that was my soul aching untill I woke up realising it was only a dream a nightmare probably.looking around trying to figure out what happened to see a twisted figure with a long cringey smile looking at me i screamed as loud as possible to make it go but it only made it happier.my dad entered saying what happened pointing to that monster my dad looked puzzled saying what am I pointing at?the creature stood up to see an empty stomach you might say how can I see it will it didn't have any skin on his stomach I was about to vomit until that figure went through the wall in a happy face my dad asked:what is wrong son?I said:t..th..there was a...a creature right here didn't you see him?my dad replied worrying:no,are you alright son?I said shouting:it was right here looking at me smiling dad plz you must believe me.my dad just close the door and looking down like I was insane or something. I just hate it
This look.

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