A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

Family Business

“I hope to own like, every Bug Pokemon in the world!” Kai expressed to my Butterfree excitedly. “I captured so many in the Unova Region, since I’ve lived there most of my life. Then, when I came to work in Kanto, I saw a few more and caught them, too! I own a Galvantula, a Volcarona, an Accelgor, an Ariados I traded for by trading my Parasect to another fan of Bug Pokemon…”

I reluctantly walked behind Kai, listening to her constantly dwell on about gross Bug type Pokemon.

Butterfree wasn’t bothered by the discussion, listening silently, staring Kai in the eyes as she stared back, jabbering on.

Kai’s Sewaddle remained atop her hat, chewing on a leaf it had.

I don’t see anything wrong with this forest, I thought irritably. No dangers of any kind. We’re almost in Celadon City by now. I don’t need this woman to escort me there. What I need to do is just return my Butterfree to her Poke Ball and excuse myself from this lady.

“Unova is so much different than it is here in Kanto,” Kai continued on. “Unova’s much more like a city. Like civilization and people and stuff. But people suck anyway; always judging you and hating you for what you love. Kanto has more nature and freedom and outdoors and nicer people because of that type of environment. I think Kanto is cool but the Bug Pokemon here aren’t as interesting as in Unova. I mean, the Kanto Bug Pokemon are awesome too, but Unova has a Volcarona! A Bug and Fire type Pokemon! I mean, how cool is that?”

I pulled out my Pokedex, interested in what she had just said.

Volcarona. The Sun Pokemon and the evolved form of Larvesta. Volcarona releases fiery scales from their six wings to create a sea of fire that is said to be bright enough to replicate the sun.

Kai turned to me. “You don’t even know what a Volcarona is?” she asked in disgust. “I am totally judging you.”I glared at her as I put my Pokedex away. My limit with her was being breached.

“How can you raise a Bug Pokemon and not even like it, let alone not know very much about them?” Kai asked me.

“That thing is from Unova for crying out loud!” I burst out. “I’ve never heard of that thing before, so I looked it up!”“No excuse,” Kai replied solemnly. “You’re now being judged.”“What is that??” I shouted, heating up in frustration. “What does ‘judging’ even mean?

“Your dislike of Bug Pokemon has lead me to judge you,” Kai replied.


“And now you are judged.”

My hands went to my face in anger as I growled. This woman was driving me nuts.

She turned back to my Butterfree. “How do you put up with this guy?” she asked Butterfree. “You should find yourself a different Trainer or something. You should be my Pokemon! I haven’t captured a Butterfree yet!”“HEY!” I raged. “Butterfree’s mine!”Kai turned to me. “You don’t even like her.”“I LOVE MY BUTTERFREE! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT!”

Sewaddle had finished its leaf and was now looking into the sky above, uninterested in the argument beneath it.

Dunsparce kept her seemingly closed eyes on us, Butterfree looking back and forth between us.

“It’s only based on what you’ve told me and how I’ve seen you interact with her,” Kai spoke calmly.

“You don’t know anything about our relationship! Nothing! Keep your stupid, damn opinions to yourself until you actually know what the hell you’re talking about!”Kai stopped walking and stared at me. “Well,” she started. “RUDE!”“ME?! You’ve been nothing but rude to me!

“How?” Kai started shouting back.

“Saying me and Butterfree have no connection! Saying I know nothing about Bug Pokemon and just ridiculing me!”

Sewaddle was now reaching up into the air, standing up as high as it could and reaching towards a tree branch that held one dangling leaf, grunting and groaning as it tried to grab the treat.“Have I told a lie so far?” she asked me in a calmer tone, her face softening in a way that added to the level of condescending that came with her question.

“YES!” I took an impatient step towards her, which seemed to momentarily grab Sewaddle’s attention as it looked down at me, but then quickly returned to stretching up for the delectable leaf. “Me and Butterfree have a great relationship! And I know a lot about Bug Pokemon, I just may not know everything! That doesn’t mean you can speak down to me!”“Oh please,” Kai said, raising her hand to my face. “You aren’t even comfortable touching your Butterfree. How close of a relationship is that?

“WE’RE WORKING ON IT!” My voice echoed through the woods.

“That’s horrible,” Kai shook her head. “How do you think that makes your Butterfree feel?”Butterfree’s antennae began to drop just a little. “Free…” she said quietly.

I stared at Butterfree, now unable to speak. My heart began to drop at her voice. “But…”“Exactly.” Kai’s eyes closed and she turned away and continued to walk. “Hey, have I told you about Emmet’s butt?”

Butterfree’s antennae lifted up a little as she flapped off after Kai, Dunsparce sliding along after them.

“Waaaaaad!” Sewaddle cried out as it reached helplessly for the leaf it was being taken away from, finally slumping its head in defeat.

I sighed and continued to follow them, now thinking. Maybe she’s right. Maybe me and Butterfree really are incompatible. Maybe I shouldn’t be trying to force a relationship with Bug Pokemon if I’m not truly comfortable around them.

As Kai continued to talk to my Pokemon, I separated myself from where I was and returned to the time I first met my Butterfree. I remembered when I had first caught her as a motionless Metapod. My easiest capture ever. She had evolved into a Butterfree in response to her desire to get close to me after seeing me reach out and touch my Beedrill to congratulate him for his battle against June’s Ampharos.

My hands went deeper into my pockets as cold air began to blow against me. It was nearing the end of autumn, winter making itself known and recognized. I shivered and huddled myself a little bit against the cold.

With a loud roar, a sudden stream of fire shot out from the middle of the woods in front of Kai.

“Oh no!” Kai gasped, stopping short and backing away. “Not again!”

“Waddle Waddle!” Sewaddle cried fearfully.

“Huh?” I looked for the source of the fire.

A loud bark came from the trees and another flame shot towards Kai. She ducked just in time, Butterfree backing up quickly and Sewaddle clinging to its Trainer’s hat for dear life. “They’re here…” she said with a sharp look on her face, staring towards something.

“Who’s here?” I asked in a panic. “What’s going on?” I smelled a foul aroma.Suddenly, a large, black figure leaped out of the bushes and charged directly at Kai from behind.

Kai turned her head quickly and ducked, running forward underneath the large monster as her Sewaddle screamed in terror. She got up immediately after getting behind the beast and stared it down.

It was a dog. Not just any dog. This was definitely a Pokemon of some sort.

I whipped out my Pokedex in my shaky hand and scanned this dark creature who looked very familiar to me.

Houndoom. The Dark Pokemon and the evolved form of Houndour. This Pokemon tends to travel in packs. The leader has their horns raked sharply to the back. The fire they emit comes from toxins burning in its gut, which gives its fire a foul smell.

“Houndoom…” I said in amazement. Houndoom was glaring at Kai, its teeth bared as it growled lowly.

Suddenly, another Houndoom leaped from the trees, followed by another, and another, and several more.

Kai, a seemingly calm Dunsparce, the shivering Sewaddle clinging to Kai’s hat with her eyes closed, and I, were surrounded.

I turned around and counted fourteen Houndoom. “Kai…?” I whispered softly. “What’s going on…?”“I don’t know exactly,” Kai said slowly.

“Great…” I replied.

“All I know is, this is the situation I was warning you about,” Kai continued. “I just don’t know what they want from us.”The other Houndoom joined in with the first Houndoom’s growls.

“You have a special plan for this situation, Ranger?” I reached for a Poke Ball.

“We’ll have to battle our way through this,” Kai answered.

I immediately grabbed Primeape’s Poke Ball. “I choose you, Primeape!” I threw his Poke Ball forward.

“PRIIIIIIIMEAPE!” Primeape screeched, glaring at his opponents eagerly but cautiously, turning in a quick circle.

“Primeape, use your Karate Chop!”

“APE APE APE!” Primeape threw himself at the closest Houndoom. He hit the large, dark dog with a powerful chop to the face and sent it flying, howling from the damage.

A Fighting move like Karate Chop was super effective to a Dark type like Houndoom. Houndoom were also Fire types, so we’d have to watch out for those type of attacks. Houndoom hit the ground but got right back up, growling angrily before shooting a Flamethrower attack from its jaws.

“AAAAAAAAAPE!” Primeape screamed as the flames engulfed him.

“Primeape!” I called. I could smell the putrid smell from Houndoom’s flames.

“Butterfree, go get him!” Kai ordered. “Use Bug Bite!”I turned and to my surprise, my Butterfree flew from behind Kai and landed on the Houndoom attacking my Primeape! She then began to bite on the Houndoom’s face in a rapid, repetitive motion.Houndoom screamed out loud and then whimpered.

Butterfree flew away as Houndoom shot another Flamethrower at her, just barely dodging the powerful move.

“Now, use Stun Spore on the entire pack!” Kai demanded.

Butterfree flew overhead and sprayed an orange cloud of dust around the Houndoom. They all howled in pain and hit the floor, growling and struggling to move. “Let’s go!” Kai screamed as she ran and leaped over the Houndoom and ran into the jumble of trees, Butterfree following close behind, Dunsparce sliding around the Houndoom, following Kai.

“Primeape, return!” I returned Primeape to his Poke Ball before running after Kai, jumping over the Houndoom.

Kai tore easily through the woods, running at an even though seedy pace as I tried my best to keep up. She soon stopped and stood up straight, looking behind me. The Ranger seemed to be in perfect shape, not out of breath in the slightest.

I came to a stop, breathing heavily. “What in the hell was that?” I asked once I felt able to stand up and breathe easier.

“Those are Houndoom.” Kai held a disappointed look on her face. “Do you know nothing?”“Not the damn dogs!” I snapped, sick of her attitude. “What the hell are they attacking us for?”“I told you already, I don’t exactly know.”

I sucked my teeth at her.


I glanced back to the direction we ran from, where the Houndoom were at, and then looked to Kai. “What’s the deal with you ordering around my Butterfree?”“I saved our butts,” she said coolly. “How ungrateful can you be? Maybe if you had a better relationship with your Pokemon, you wouldn’t be so insecure right now.”

“I’m not insecure! Butterfree is my Pokemon! You have no right to give her orders!”“Maybe,” Kai shrugged. “But she did obey me, didn’t she?”My mouth opened to reply, but nothing came out, and my mouth closed back. My eyes went up to Butterfree, who stared back at me from right next to Kai’s head.

With a loud howl, a flame shot out of nowhere, mere inches from my nose.I shrieked and backed up, falling immediately.

“They’re back!” Kai bared her teeth towards the threat.

“What?? But they were just-!”

“MOVE IT!” Kai ordered.

But it was too late. Several Houndoom leaped out from the woods and surrounded us. There were about ten of them this time.

“Galvantula, go!” Kai threw a Poke Ball.

An enormous, disgusting, terrifying looking spider emerged from her Poke Ball.

I’d never seen such a creature. “Ugh…” I muttered, goosebumps creeping up my arms.

“Use Thunder!” Kai commanded.

“Galvantula!!” Galvantula said in its deep voice. Electricity shot from Galvantula’s body and went directly up into the sky.

The bolt expanded and sparked, grabbing everyone’s attention before the bolt shot back down to the ground, splitting into several separate jolts and hitting the Houndoom.

The Houndoom all howled from the major strike.

Kai immediately ran past Galvantula and Galvantula followed along with Butterfree, Dunsparce slithering along at her own pace to keep up.

I ran as well.

Footsteps pounded the grass behind me. The barking and snarling made it clear that the Houndoom were after us, and they sounded really close, too. The Thunder attack had done little to slow down these Pokemon.

Looking back, I screamed at how close they actually were to us. We were all dinner within seconds! “Kai, they’re right behind us!”

“Yeah, I know that!”

I was tackled from behind and landed in the dirt, face first, screaming. The growling was right in my ear.

Kai and Sewaddle screamed from not far ahead and I was sure I heard them get dropped.

Galvantula let out a cry, as well as Butterfree and Dunsparce.

A loud howl was heard from nearby that sent a chill through my skin, down past my bones. I’d never heard something so terrifying. I struggled to get up, but the Houndoom on my back was too heavy. The growling in my ear grew more deadly, and I stopped moving.

“GALVANTULA!” Kai screamed.

A sudden bright flash blinded me, forcing my eyes closed.

The Houndoom all howled against the flashing light and the weight on my back lifted!

A moment later, someone grabbed my arm.

“COME ON!” Kai was pulling me up!

Nothing but a bright flash of light stood before my eyes. Unable to see anything else, I blindly ran, Kai pulling me all the way. It was when she had stopped running and held back my shoulder that I knew to stop. I kept blinking my eyes, trying to see again, but to no avail.

Kai sighed. “Still suffering from my Galvantula’s Flash attack, huh?”

I rubbed my eyes. “So that’s what that was?”


I squinted through my blinded eyes and could finally start to make out Kai.

Her Sewaddle was on top of her head again and my Butterfree was on her shoulder. Dunsparce sat at her feet and the monstrosity that was Galvantula stood on the other side of its Trainer.

“Well, thanks for saving me,” I told her. “Again... We need to get out of here!” “You need to get out of here,” Kai corrected me. “I still have work to do here. I am only trying to get you out of here safely. Seems you’d definitely be dead if it weren’t my Galvantula saving you. You really aren’t much of a Trainer, are you? Train. Er. Trainer.”I squinted at her for a moment. “What…?”“I said, you aren’t much of a Trainer, are you?” she repeated.

“Not that! Why did you just break the word ‘Trainer’ down like that?”

“Cause reasons,” she answered calmly.

What??” I screeched.

“Cause reasons,” she repeated.

“What the hell does that mean?” I exclaimed. “What reasons?”“Reasons,” was her answer. “Hey, you don’t know anything about the Unova region, right? Have I told you about Emmet’s butt?”“I don’t wanna know about anyone’s butt!!” My patience balloon had popped. “I wanna get the hell out of here and away from YOU!! All I wanna do is reach freaking Fuchsia freaking City!

“Fuchsia?” Kai repeated. “Why not just go through Lavender Town? Lav. En. Der. Lavender. You must have come from nearby to Lavender Town. Why are you going through Celadon?”“It’s a long story,” I said shortly. “And stop breaking down words! In fact, just leave me alone! I’m taking my Butterfree! We’ll get to Celadon on our own! Come on Bu-”

Smoke came in swiftly from out of nowhere, surrounding us and making us all choke and cough.

“They’re back!” Kai bemoaned.

“Why won’t they leave us alone?” I was tired of running. This all just needed to come to an end.

“I already told you that I don’t know!” Kai was sounding irritated.

Before I knew it, I was tackled to the ground again.

Kai screamed out as she too was taken down.

AAAAAAHHH!!” A powerful zap shot through me, the pain remaining even after I knew the electric hit had ended. I couldn’t move my body.

“Get up!” Kai urged as she grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

Ow! Ow! Oooooowww!! Easy!” I insisted as I trailed behind her, aching all over from moving as we escaping the smoke cloud. My sight had fully returned from the Flash attack.

Once we had lost the Houndoom again, Kai let go of me and stared beyond me, looking out for our hunters.

“What hit me...?” I moaned.

“Smokescreen from the Houndoom.”

“NOT THAT!” I barked.

“Oh, that was Thunderbolt from Galvantula,” Kai informed me.

“Well, tell that damn bug to-!” I started. “Kai?”Kai was hunched over, holding her leg, her face pained.

“What’s wrong?”“One of those Houndoom bit me,” she growled. “I’ll be fine.”

Butterfree sat on a tree branch above Kai, watching her, as did the rest of Kai’s Pokemon closeby from the ground.

The young Ranger sat and took off her bag. There was a serious wound on her leg that must have been really painful, glistening with thick blood. She reached in her bag and laid down a few spray bottles. She took one and sprayed her leg where the bite mark was. She groaned sharply and set the bottle down before grabbing another bottle and spraying her leg again, moaning louder. The liquid began to bubble and fizz on the wound. She reached in her bag, pulled out a piece of cloth, and dabbed at the wound quickly before grabbing another bottle on the ground and spraying her leg yet again. She closed her eyes and pressed the cloth back to the injury while she clenched her teeth, inhaling strongly. When she opened her eyes after a few minutes, she put the bottles and blood soaked cloth back in her bag and took out a fresh piece of gauze. She wrapped her leg with it tightly, her face twitching continuously. She then stood up and smiled at her Galvantula, her arms extended. “All done!”

Butterfree flew from the branch she sat on and swirled in circles over Kai’s head while Sewaddle reached up to the butterfly, crying out happily, Dunsparce chittering at her with her weird sound as Galvantula reached out creepily for its Trainer joyfully with its feelers.

“Kai, are you alright?” I asked her.

“Yes.” Kai and the others stopped dancing but nobody turned to me except for my Butterfree. “But you need to get out of here. This is getting too dangerous for you.”

“I can’t just leave you here alone,” I argued.

“I’ve been dealing with these Houndoom for a couple of weeks now. I admit I haven’t dealt with anything quite this problematic before, but I have handled them during previous encounters. I’ll be just fine.”

I didn’t exactly know what to say to her. I guess she knew what she was doing, but…

“There are things I need to understand about them,” Kai continued. “I need to get close to them. I need to study them deeper. Something has happened to them. They weren’t always so mean. They were always protective of-”

“GRRRRRRR!” a loud growl came suddenly.

The growl made me shiver hard and whip around to it.

It was another Houndoom. Its horns were curved noticeably sharper than the other Houndoom we had seen all night.

“The leader,” Kai said softly.

“Huh?”was all I could utter.

Kai stared at the Houndoom with determination. “What is wrong?” she called out to it, motioning emotionally with her hands.

Suddenly, several more Houndoom once again came out from the darkness, surrounding us.

I glared back at them all and reached for a Poke Ball.

“Wait…” Kai muttered.

“Huh?” I turned to her.

She was staring past me.

There was a Houndoom glaring at us, like the rest.

“Kai, we have to battle these things. Otherwise, we’re gonna get killed!” I turned back to her.

She was still looking at the same Houndoom.

I turned to stare at it again. “Kai, we have no choice!” That’s when I saw them.

A little group of Pokemon I recognized immediately. They were why the Houndoom seemed so familiar to me.

I was too afraid in this situation to use my Pokedex to scan them, but I knew exactly what they were.

Houndour. The pre-evolved form of Houndoom. Three Houndour were sitting in the grass, several feet away from the pack of Houndoom, ears down against their heads, looking sad. Or maybe they were scared.

“Houndour…” I whispered.

Kai continued to focus intently at the little puppies, her mouth moving as she seemed to be silently saying something. “Electroweb!” Kai suddenly let out loud, and she took off running.

The order she just gave was foreign to me, but I followed behind Kai, trusting in her, my heart leaping into my mouth as I joined Kai in leaping over the Houndoom with this crazy lady, nearly throwing up from the effort it took in that split second to ignore my good sense and terror and actually do such a daring act!

Even the Houndoom had shocked looks on their faces as we did such a startling action.

Butterfree and Dunsparce moved along with Kai and I.

“Galvantula!” Galvantula didn’t move from its spot. I turned back as Galvantula shot a thin jolt of electricity into the air and then ran as well.

The skinny electric attack widened and stretched as the Houndoom angrily ran forward to chase us. The electric string stretched further apart and expanded before I began to see a pattern form from it. It was turning into a web! The web widened enough to land on all of the Houndoom as they leaped at us, trapping the hounds inside. They were all shocked by the electric attack and stuck inside of the web!

I couldn’t help but smile. Not bad, Galvantula, I thought, turning away and continuing to follow Kai.

Kai showed no signs of pain as she led the way, running full speed. But as she finally came to a stop, she started to show signs of exhaustion as she leaned against a tree, trying to catch her breath.

I collapsed to my knees and sat down, done with all this running.

Kai then straightened up. “Five,” she said clearly, seeming to have recovered her energy already.


“Five Houndour,” she told me.

“Five? I think I only saw three.”

“Exactly,” Kai said solemnly. “There used to be five.”

I stood up, my heart pounding faster for some reason. “What are you saying?”

“I know those Houndoom. Every one of them. There are nearly one hundred Houndoom that live in this area. And there are a lot of Houndour as well. In this pack, in their litter, there were five Houndour. Now, there are only three. I think something happened to two of them.”“Like what?”

Kai didn’t say anything for a moment. “Something that has the Houndoom pretty angry,” Kai finally spoke.

I wasn’t sure what Kai was getting at. This was all confusing me. “Maybe they evolved?” I suggested.

“They were too young,” Kai said. “They couldn’t have evolved that fast.”“Then what?”

A flame came directly at Kai’s face. With a cry, she ducked and was then immediately tackled from behind by a Houndoom, forced down.

Sewaddle screamed as it hit the ground, falling from Kai’s head along with her hat.

Two Houndoom leaped forward from the bushes and attacked Galvantula with a Flamethrower.

Kai screamed out for her enormous spider desperately as her Pokemon was engulfed in the burning streams, wailing out.

When the flames finally ceased, Galvantula was sprawled out in the grass, not moving.

Four more Houndoom leaped from the woods and surrounded Sewaddle, me and my Butterfree, growling.

Sewaddle and Butterfree didn’t move as they fearfully gazed at our overwhelming opponents.

Five more Houndoom ran from the trees and backed up their pack.

“WAIT!” Kai begged out, the Houndoom still standing on top of her. “PLEASE! I know what happened to your babies!”The Houndoom all turned to face Kai, growling.

She struggled underneath the Houndoom on top of her, but couldn’t move much. She continued to struggle in her uncomfortable position before giving up. “Your babies! They were captured, weren’t they?” she cried.

The Houndoom all growled louder. The leader suddenly emerged from the darkness of the woods. It growled furiously and noticeably louder than the rest of the Houndoom, pawing at the ground, its eyes on Kai.

“I’m sorry you lost your babies,” Kai pleaded. “I’m sorry Pokemon Trainers came around and took your babies from you. I apologize. I can’t imagine how you must feel. This is what Pokemon Trainers do all around the world, every single day. This must be impossible for you to accept. Please, forgive us all for this. We just want to be closer with you. We only want to get along and know more about Pokemon like yourselves. That’s why Pokemon Trainers capture Pokemon. I hope your babies are in the care of good, loving Trainers. Pokemon Trainers aren’t your enemies. It may look selfish, and maybe it is on some level, but we love you beautiful, powerful beings so much. We just... We just...” Kai sighed, seeming lost for more words. She groaned from under Houndoom. “Please, understand our side of this dilemma if you can! We just want to be friends!”

With a loud roar, the leader charged at Kai angrily, jaws wide open.

One of the Houndoom in front of me leaped at my face.

I desperately reached out and lowered my head, gripping at Houndoom flimsily with my hands, but it easily took me down.

The other Houndoom surrounding me leaped quickly on top of me, jaws open to attack.

“Dunsparce, NOW!” Kai’s voice rang out.

There was a hard quake through the ground and the Houndoom on top of me stopped attacking. They all looked away from me and towards where Kai was.

I could barely see between the Houndooms’ legs, but Kai was standing up, her hat on her head again, Sewaddle sitting on top of it, my Butterfree on her shoulder.

Kai returned her Galvantula to its Poke Ball and turned to me. “Yawn attack!” she ordered, pointing away from her.

Dunsparce was several feet away, closer to me than I had expected. She opened her mouth and a stream of bubbles flew from it.

They hit the Houndoom and even the Houndour who were lingering around. The Pokemon all looked sleepy suddenly and collapsed.

I pushed the Houndoom off of me and jumped up.

There were three large holes in the ground around me that hadn’t been there before. A few Houndoom were in each of them, snoozing, some snoring.

I turned to Dunsparce, then to Kai. “Your Dunsparce dug these…?”“Let’s move it!” was all Kai would say.

The four of us moved at Kai’s shout.

I was ready to pass out, but I didn’t dare slow down.

Kai’s running became a walk after a while, and I just followed along with whatever pace she was taking, grateful to be slowing down.

Butterfree seemed tired, now sitting on Kai’s shoulder instead of flying.

Other than my harsh breathing, there was silence through the night woods. In time, I started to feel better. More energetic. I still was in desperate need of rest, but I knew that wasn’t an option. Not until I got to Celadon City at least. We needed to get out of this area first.

“They were captured by Pokemon Trainers,” Kai broke the silence.

I swallowed, hurting my dry throat, but did it again in an attempt to relieve the pain before I spoke. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Kai nodded. “I’m pretty sure. Their babies, the Houndour, were captured by Pokemon Trainers. The Houndoom didn’t take that too well. You can’t blame them, really.”I thought about this for a while. “Yeah…” I managed. “When you think about it, it’s surprising stuff like this doesn’t happen more often… I mean, Pokemon are captured every day. Pokemon are forced to battle and made to leave their friends and family on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s willingly, but a lot of times, it’s due to being dragged into a fight and then captured in a Poke Ball and taken away... It’s usually okay and all works out, but, it must be painful... Losing your child like that, or even your best friend. It’s surprising there aren’t more attacks like this mentioned in the news, if this is indeed the cause of the situation. Or does this happen a lot? Being a Pokemon Ranger, I’m sure you know more about this than I do.”

Kai didn’t say anything.

We walked without speaking for quite a while.

“Kai…?” I finally tried.“It rarely ever happens,” Kai spoke up.

“But, why?” I asked.

There was silence again between us.

“Once, I traveled to the Sinnoh region,” Kai said gently. “There’s a myth in the Sinnoh region.” She laughed. “Well, there are many myths in the Sinnoh region. But one in particular might just help us to understand what you’re so confused about, a little better.” She was silent as she looked up at the sky for a moment. Finally, still walking, she spoke: “Long ago, when Sinnoh had just been made, Pokemon and humans led separate lives. That is not to say they did not help each other. No, indeed they did. They supplied each other with goods, and supported each other. A Pokemon proposed to the others to always be ready to help humans. It asked that Pokemon be ready to appear before humans always. Thus, to this day, Pokemon appear to us if we venture into tall grass.

I thought about what she had just told me, neither of us speaking.

Finally, there was a break in the trees that showed off a stone path.

I stopped and gasped.

Celadon City was just before us! Finally!I smiled brightly and turned to Kai.

Kai turned to me and smiled back. “You’ve arrived in Celadon City,” she said happily.

“Thank you, Kai,” I said gratefully. “You and your Pokemon saved my life countless times. Thank you so very much!” I almost hugged her to show how grateful I was, but I held it back, though she did deserve at least that much from me.

“Well, maybe I’ve figured out the mystery of why those Houndoom were attacking us.” Kai looked back up to the sky. “I guess, even if that Sinnoh myth is true, that doesn’t mean all the Pokemon agreed to it. It doesn’t mean all Pokemon will act the same way as others. They all are individuals with different personalities and perspectives and we should expect that they will react to situations differently.” Kai sighed and turned to my Butterfree. “Butterfree, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for being with me today. I hope we can meet again, you beautiful sweetheart.” Kai reached in her bag and pulled out a berry.

Butterfree happily devoured it. “Seeeeewaddlewaddlewaddle!!!” Sewaddle jumped once into the air with delight.

“Freeee FREEEE!” Butterfree replied eagerly, leaping into the air.

Dunsparce let out a chitter to Butterfree, Butterfree replying back warmly.

Butterfree then flew back over to me and landed on my shoulder.

I winced and inhaled, shocked at her action, and I held my breath and supported the weight of the oddly heavy insect, leaning my head back but turning to smile at her.

Kai shook her head in disappointment, seeing my displeasure. “Your Butterfree sure does love you, Gary.” A smile crossed her face. “Now that that is solved, I’m going to take a break and find Eusine! Oh imagine if I meet him! We can go search for Suicune together and make Grimsley an Elite Four member again and meet Emmet and his sexy butt and we can all get married and live happily with Bug Pokemon ’kay bye!” Kai hurriedly walked away from us, leaving us in confusion and shock.

I turned to my Butterfree.

“Freee?” she cocking her head, her eyes on Kai.

I shrugged, an effort with Butterfree on me, and then smiled at my Pokemon. “Had fun today?” I asked her.

“Freeee Freeeeeeee,” Butterfree nodded happily.

“You know I love you, right?”

“FREEEE!” Butterfree flapped her wings and relieved my shoulder, hovering right above it.

I felt better knowing she was still okay with me. “Good.” I circled my shoulder she had just been sitting on. “I’m sorry you have to deal with me. You deserve a better Trainer than the mess of one I am.”

“Freeeee, Freeeeee...” Butterfree shook her head sadly, her antennae drooping low.

I took in a deep breath and reached up to my Pokemon.

Butterfree’s antennae perked up from surprise at my sudden action.

My hand spread wide but stopped right in front of her, unable to go any further, despite the fact I wanted to so desperately.

Butterfree kept her eyes on my hand, staring in awe at my attempted action. Slowly, she lowered her head and brushed it gently against my hand.

I flinched from the hairy feeling, slamming my eyes shut as I struggled to keep my hand where it was. It was too much. I swiftly removed my hand and took a step back. My eyes opened. “Butterfree...” I whispered, knowing she was hurting right now from what I just did. I shook my head sadly, feeling tears build up from behind my eyes. “I’m-”

Butterfree shook her head back at me. “Freeeee.” She fluttered frantically. “Freeeeeee!” She then hovered calmly and nodded.


Freeeeeeeeeeee!” My Pokemon did an unmistakable flip of joy in front of me! Her antennae were perked up as high as ever.

“You’re not upset with me...?” I asked in shock.

My Pokemon shook her head, crying out softly to me.

“You... You understand?”

Butterfree nodded again.

Overwhelmed, my eyes watered and a drop slid out from one of them. “Do you mean, you believe me? You know I love you?”“Freeeee!” Butterfree’s wings flapped smoothly as she spoke to me, our limited communication seeming to come through perfectly to each other.

“You want to stay with a Trainer like me?” I wiped at my eyes as both of them filled up and leaked out.

Butterfree flew carefully towards me, but I didn’t move away. She reached out for me with her feet and grabbed at my shoulder, giving me a gentle push with them before flying back away from me. “Freeeeee!”

I laughed, realizing she was being playful with me. “Butterfree...” I’d never been so touched in my entire life. This was so undeserving. This was beautiful. This was what Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer relationships were truly all about. “Thank you, Butterfree. I don’t want you to leave. I want us to be together. I want to get through this with you. You’re really one of my best friends. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this fear sometimes, but maybe, one day, I will.” Sniffling, I shook my head. “I won’t lose a best friend over this. I love you, Butterfree. But, please, in the meantime, forgive me, and give me time. ”

Butterfree nodded and soared high above me, over the trees, crying out beautifully.

I extended her Poke Ball. “Return!” I smiled down at the Poke Ball and pressed the center button, shrinking the Poke Ball down in size, and hooked it onto my belt before continuing my walk into Celadon City.

The familiar smells of food, perfume, and utter delights met me immediately as I gazed upon the buildings everywhere. There was a bittersweet feeling being back in the city. I loved the trees, the country, nature in general. Being away from people and buildings and all the fancy electronics was the best way to be in my opinion, but being in the city was captivating. The lights, the sights, the luxury, were too wonderful to not appreciate and get caught up in.

I smiled as I walked through the busy city, knowing I was getting lost but not caring as I soaked in the atmosphere. I didn’t mind getting lost. It was pleasant in its own way. I’d run into a Pokemon Center eventually and would heal my Pokemon and explore the city for just a moment before continuing on my path to Fuchsia City. I deserved a break after everything I’d been through since I’d last been here.

And I could call Prof. Oak and my mom! I looked around eagerly for a Pokemon Center. Suddenly, my arms were grabbed and pulled hard behind my back. “HEY!” I shouted in surprise, my heart beating fast and hard now. Something cold slide around my wrists and begin to tighten, cutting into them quick.

“You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law! You have the right to an attorney! If you do not have one, one will be appointed to you at no cost!” a familiar voice shouted from behind me. “You’re under arrest for the kidnapping of Pokemon Gym Leader, June! You are also under arrest for the suspicion of the mass murders of the civilians of Saffron City including the Gym Leader, Sabrina!”“WHAT??!!” I bellowed.

I was pulled roughly as citizens in Celadon City stared at me in horror, some covering their mouths and pointing. “WAIT!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I was pulled to a police car. “I’M INNOCENT!! I DIDN’T KILL ANYBODY!! NOBODY WAS KIDNAPPED!! JUNE ISN’T KIDNAPPED!! SABRINA WASN’T KILLED BY ME!! JUST WAIT!!! LISTEN TO MEEEEEE!!!!” I was thrown into the backseat of her car and the door slammed shut in my face.

As Officer Jenny got in the car.

As the car drove off to the police station.

As I watched the crowd grow and get chaotic, just to get a glimpse at me.

I knew things were only going to get worse from here.

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