A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

Sprouting A Bout

“You sure you’re okay, Charmeleon?” I asked.

“Char,” Charmeleon nodded reassuringly.

It was even colder than it was yesterday, the wind blowing in my face which was partially protected by the fur lined hood of my winter coat.

Charmeleon walked by my side, the wind blowing strong against him, the flame on his tail flickering in the wind, yet seeming to be full of power.

It had seemed like a nice day to walk outside with Charmeleon as we neared our destination of Fuchsia City, but suddenly the wicked wind kicked in and made me regret my choice.

“You know, I hope Ozne is as tough as Leigh,” I told Charmeleon.

Charmeleon looked at me as we walked against the bitter cold.

“I hope he’s even tougher,” I continued, speaking bitterly now. “We need to battle the best to beat the best. We need to... beat the best, to be the best!” Yeah, that sounded good, I thought proudly, smirking.

Charmeleon’s eyes were wide, smiling eagerly at my words.

“We need to push ourselves and reach as far as we can on our journey. We need to learn from our mistakes and take on the world.” My voice was rising with determination. Or anger. “When challenges arrive that we can’t overcome, we can’t turn our backs on them forever! We have to go back around when the time is right and try again until we win!”

“Char!” Charmeleon agreed happily.

I knew that if Ozne was stronger than Leigh, and I beat him, then I could rest easy knowing that I was, technically, better than Leigh. It was a crazy, pathetic thought, but it was my crazy, pathetic thought... “This guy is supposed to be really good, too. Poison type Pokemon. He may have some Grass types, too, since a lot of Grass types are also part Poison. Same for Bug types. But we can’t keep our guard down just because of a type advantage, right?”


“We’ll get that Badge, and then…” I thought about where we would head next, coming to a stop, and pulled out my Town Map. I wished I had an electronic one.

Some Trainers got cool electronic devices that directed them where to go.

Not me.

Not Prof. Oak and rinky dink Pallet Town.

I was stuck with this stupid, crumbling, ancient, paper map. As me and Charmeleon proceeded forth, my eyes scanned the map.

There were countless Gyms after the one in Fuchsia.

Before I could start considering them all in my brain, a cry distracted me. I looked around but couldn’t see anything.

The sound came out again. Some kind of angry yell followed by a possible cry of pain?

I had to check it out. “Let’s go, Charmeleon!” I shoved the map in my pocket.

We both ran off the path and onto the grassy field near us, beyond several trees. In a clearing was where we came to a stop with a unified gasp.

“Sprout! Sprout! Sprout! Sprout!” a Bellsprout was sharply announcing, a pair of vines released from its leaves on its body, swinging at a strange Pokemon I didn’t recognize.

I pulled out the Pokedex.

Floatzel. The Sea Weasel Pokemon and the evolved form of Buizel. Floatzel can be seen assisting humans who are drowning in their territory. It can float using its floatation sac.

Floatzel was jumping and ducking the vines coming at it and looked exhausted.

“Beeeeeeellsprout!” Bellsprout shouted, catching one of Floatzel’s feet and tripping it onto the ground. “Sprout! Sprout! Bellsprout!” Bellsprout proceeded to whip Floatzel, holding it as the helpless Pokemon cried out.

Floatzel turned its head and tried hitting Bellsprout with Water Gun, but Bellsprout easily dodged the attack with its limber body and continued whipping Floatzel.

Bellsprout wrapped a vine around Floatzel’s body and lifted the rather large Pokemon up, and then whipped its face repeatedly with the other vine.

“Hey!” I shouted. “What’s going on here?”

“Bell?” Bellsprout turned to face me.

With a loud cry, Floatzel hit Bellsprout with a Hydro Pump, taking Bellsprout by surprise. Bellsprout’s vines released Floatzel and Floatzel immediately ran away after hitting the ground, disappearing into the distance.

I looked down at the Bellsprout in shock.

Bellsprout was looking after the Floatzel for a while, and then turned to me. It turned back to look in the direction Floatzel ran again before turning back to me again. “Bell Bell Bellsprout! Bell Sprout Bell!” Bellsprout screamed angrily at me. “Sprout Sprout Sprout Sprout Sprout Bellsprout!”

I stared at it in confusion as it continued yapping.

Charmeleon was staring intently at Bellsprout, then turned to me in confusion.

For the most part, Pokemon could understand other Pokemon, but not always.

I shrugged back at Charmeleon.

“Sprout!” A vine flew out from the Grass type and smacked my cheek.

“OUCH!!!” I roared, grabbing my cheek. “That HURT!!

Char!” Charmeleon was grabbing his cheek too. He must’ve gotten attacked as well. My Pokemon growled before opening his jaws and using Flamethrower.

“Beeeell,” Bellsprout said, literally bending over backwards to easily dodge the flames before standing up straight again when the flames died down. “Sprout!” Bellsprout sent out more vines and wrapped Charmeleon’s jaws shut.

Me and Charmeleon had this happen to us enough times already. We knew what to do.

“Do it, Charmeleon!” I instructed.

Charmeleon started to bring his tail over to the vines to light them on fire.

Bellsprout quickly pulled its vines back and then aimed them at Charmeleon’s tail! It wrapped around them, below the flame, and lifted Charmeleon high into the air! Bellsprout began lowering and raising its vines repeatedly, slamming Charmeleon’s head on the ground!

My eyes nearly slid out of my head. Was this happening? “Charmeleon! Flamethrower!”

Charmeleon couldn’t do a thing. He was helpless.

Bellsprout then started swinging Charmeleon into a tree, making a complete circle by slamming Charmeleon onto one side of the tree and then swinging him all the way around, behind its back, and continuing until Charmeleon slammed into the other side of the tree, over and over again.

I could only gaze in shock at this, not believing my eyes. I raised Charmeleon’s Poke Ball to return him when Bellsprout flung Charmeleon at me!

Screaming out, my Pokemon slammed into my stomach, knocking my breath out and taking me to the ground.

I gasped for air and looked at Charmeleon.

He was completely knocked out, his flame looking unhealthily low. He was in bad shape after that battle.

“Charmeleon,” I gasped, having trouble breathing, and I returned him. I took several deep breaths, catching my breath, groaning as I got to my feet.

“Bellsprout,” Bellsprout said calmly, giving me that stupid look.

“So, you wanna fight, huh?” I said angrily. “Then let’s see you beat this!” I threw the next Poke Ball.

“Hooooot Hoooot!” Hoothoot called, landing on the ground, gazing at his opponent.

“Use Hypnosis, Hoothoot!”

“Bellsprout, Bellsprout, Bellsprout, Bellsprout, Bellsprout,” Bellsprout said is it began multiplying before my eyes. One Bellsprout became two which turned into four, then eight, then twenty! “Bellsprout!” they all said in unison.

“Double Team,” I muttered. “Creates copies of itself.”

Hoothoot was confused, uncertain of what to do. “Hoooot!” Hoothoot used Hypnosis on one of the Bellsprout.

The red circles hit the Bellsprout before the Pokemon disappeared. A copy.

“Hoothoot, relax! Just use Foresight to find the real one!”

“Hooooot!” Hoothoot said happily.

“Bellsprout!” the Bellsprout all said suddenly, raising their glowing leaves to the sky. Beams of light shot into the sky from their leaves and the sun began to shine even brighter.

I was suddenly feeling way overheated and uncomfortable in this coat. “Oh, no! Sunny Day!” I realized, quickly pulled off my hat and coat and tossing them to the ground.

“Sprout!” the Bellsprout all raised their leaf hands towards the bewildered Hoothoot. The leaves glowed even brighter and before either of us knew what was coming, a group Solar Beams shot out and hit Hoothoot.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!” Hoothoot was flung into the air by the massive attacks before coming down.

“HEY!” I ran to where Hoothoot was falling. He slammed into my chest as I caught him, knocking me over as I held him tight. “Hey, you alright, Hoothoot?” I gently pet Hoothoot as he gazed up at me helplessly, weak, and defeated. “You take a good rest, okay, Hoothoot?” I returned him to his Poke Ball.

I faced the multiple Bellsprout angrily. I didn’t quite get what this Bellsprout’s problem was, but I definitely wasn’t going to let it get away with this. There was no stopping the smirk on my face as I thought of the Pokemon I was going to use next. No doubt in my mind this Pokemon was going to take care of this little sprout. “Primeape! Let’s go!”

“Primeapeapeape!” Primeape screamed once outside his Poke Ball.

“Get rid of that thing, Primeape!” I ordered. “Thrash it!”

Primeape flung at the multiple Bellsprout, enraged, and swung punches at the copies one by one, quickly, furiously.

One by one, the clones disappeared. There was finally only one left.

Primeape eagerly swung a fast fist at it, but Bellsprout dodged with ease. Primeape kept swinging and kicking, trying to stomp and grab Bellsprout, but Bellsprout seemed to be a professional at this.

It just dodged, ducked, swiveled, danced, leaped, flipped, and even made a hula hoop motion with its hips with its hands behind its head teasingly, all with ease, all naturally, dodging Primeape’s attacks.

“Prime… Prime…” Primeape was getting exhausted but kept on swinging nonstop.

“Primeape, wait!”

Primeape, gasping for breath, stopped attacking and glared at Bellsprout.

Bellsprout stared back silently.

I waited.

Bellsprout’s leaves started to glow blue and it started swiping at Primeape, missing all of its swings even though Primeape wasn’t moving.

I had been waiting for Bellsprout to attack Primeape so he could try to use Assurance.

Bellsprout kept swinging its leaves at Primeape, but not making contact.

“What is this…?” I wondered out loud, pulling out my Pokedex.

Swords Dance. This attack increases the Pokemon’s Attack power greatly.

“Swords Dance??” I gasped in shock. “Primeape, watch out!”

“Prime?” Primeape awaited an attack, but the Bellsprout stayed there, swinging at the air.

“Primeape, use Cross Chop!”

“Prime…” Primeape crossed his arms in front of himself and they began to glow white. “AAAAPEAPEAPEAPEAPEAPE!!” Primeape screeched loudly, charging at Bellsprout. Primeape got closer, closer, closer…

“Sprout,” Bellsprout said as Primeape hit it. And then Bellsprout disappeared!

What?? A copy??

“SPROUT!” A loud yell from above grabbed me and Primeape’s attention as a Bellsprout leaped from the treetops and swung its leaves at Primeape, multiple leaves flying from them and cutting at Primeape.

“AAAAAAAAAAPE!!!” Primeape screamed as the onslaught of razor sharp leaves cut him with increased power from the Swords Dance. He didn’t stand a chance. He was knocked out before the Razor Leaf attacked even finished delivering its final leaves of damage. The remaining leaves of the attack hit him and his body bounced lifelessly.

“Even Primeape…?” I whispered, and returned him to his Poke Ball.

What would be strong enough to stand up to this thing with such boosted Attack strength?

“Thanks a lot,” I said to Primeape’s Poke Ball. “We’ll make it through this one. Don’t worry.” I shivered. Was I afraid? Glaring at Bellsprout, I shivered harder. I couldn’t be afraid of this thing. No way. A cold wind blew against me and I realized I was freezing! I looked up into the sky to see the sun had faded back to normal.

Sunny Day was gone and the cold was returning.

I put on my coat and hat and looked back down to Bellsprout, determined to win this fight. “You’re mine! Kingdra, let’s win this!”

“Doooo Doooo!” Kingdra landed on the ground. She wasn’t the best land battler, but we could do it.

I just knew it. “Kingdra, use Yawn attack!”

“Doooooo!” Kingdra sent a large bubble at Bellsprout.

Bellsport swiftly swiped at it and popped it, unaffected by it.

“I guess I should’ve seen that coming,” I mumbled. “Smokescreen!”

“Dooooooo!” She sprayed smoke to blind Bellsprout.

“Ok! Twister!”

“Doooooooo!” Kingdra’s back fins moved rapidly as a large Twister appeared in front of her, sucking up leaves and dirt and causing the trees to shake and bend dangerously, sucking up the Smokescreen. The attack headed for Bellsprout who stared at it in shock.

Seeing Bellsprout so surprised made me smile. We had finally caught it off guard. “SPROOOOOOUUUUT!” I heard Bellsprout scream, sucked into the Twister.

The Twister made everything a lot colder for me, even in my warm coat and hat, but it was worth it. We had to keep going from here.

The Twister finally subsided after a while and Bellsprout was on the ground on its back, not moving.

“Yes! We did it!” I shouted, and threw a Poke Ball. “GO!”

With amazing speed, a vine shot out and whipped the Poke Ball back at me!

I gasped and caught it in my hand, staring in shock as Bellsprout stood back up.

Immediately, Bellsprout shot vines out and wrapped my Kingdra in them. It squeezed Kingdra hard as Kingdra let out a pained cry.

“Must be Wrap attack!” I stated.

My Pokedex in my hand seemed to go off in response to my words.

Wring Out. The healthier the opponent is, the more damage this attack does.

“Wring Out?” I’d never even heard of that move before.

Kingdra struggled against the vines, weakening herself and lowering her strength.

“Kingdra!” I called out, unsure of what to tell her.

“Sproooout!” Bellsprout sprayed a purple liquid onto Kingdra, who let out a devastating scream that stopped my heart.

Acid. The foe is sprayed with a sharp, painful fluid that may lower its Defense.

“Sprout!” Bellsprout tossed Kingdra to the ground.

My eyes began to tearfully burn with a mix of frustration, fear, and pain for my Pokemon that this Bellsprout had single handedly defeated already.

What else did I have on hand? Dugtrio was definitely not gonna survive being as he’s a Ground type, and Baltoy was also part Ground.

I returned Kingdra to her Poke Ball, my furious eyes on the Bellsprout.

Bellsprout jumped up and down repeatedly, eager for more. It was a true battler. A very experienced one as well.

Was I really out of Pokemon to handle this thing? “Okay,” I sighed. I opened my Pokedex and pressed a few buttons on it as Bellsprout waited impatiently for me to send out a Pokemon for it to battle. When I was done messing with my Pokedex, I kept it in my hand and grabbed my next Poke Ball. “Baltoy, you’re up!” I commanded.

“Baaaaltoooooy!” Baltoy sang, appearing in front of Bellsprout.

I checked Baltoy’s moves. “Baltoy, Confusion, now!”

“Tooooooy!” Baltoy’s eyes glowed blue as it lifted the fragile plant into the air.

Bellsprout, outlined in blue, wailed out from the powerful attack it was weak to.

“We’ve got it!” I cheered.

“Beeeeeeellsprout!” A pink powder spread out of its mouth and surrounded Baltoy.

“Baaaal…” Baltoy said in a daze.

Sweet Scent was taking effect and Bellsprout was released from the Confusion attack.

“Baltoy, focus!” I demanded urgently.

“Bell!” Bellsprout used Vine Whip on Baltoy.

Baltoy spun in place rapidly and moved from side to side, dodging the vines swiftly.

“Sprout Sprout Sprout Sprout Sprout!” Bellsprout used Razor Leaf to attack.

Baltoy spun even faster around that attack, dodging every sharp leaf that came its way, smoothly.

“Rapin Spin!” I told my Pokemon.

“Baaaaltooy!” Baltoy zoomed at Bellsprout quickly and hit it, knocking it down.

Bellsprout hopped back up, glaring at Baltoy and running after it, swinging vines at it as Baltoy dodged easily. Bellsprout tried a combination of Acid, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Wring Out, all at once, but nothing hit as Baltoy was now the one who was dancing and dodging Bellsprout’s moves.


Baltoy stopped spinning and its eyes glowed gold before a rainbow colored beam launched from its head and hit Bellsprout, forcing it to drop to its knees, yelling out in agony.

When the attack ended, the leaves that made Bellsprout’s hands were holding it up. It shakily looked up at Baltoy with fury.

“Alright, this is it,” I muttered. I grabbed my Poke Ball. “GO!”

“Sprout!” Bellsprout smacked it back at me and charging at Baltoy. It used Sweet Scent again to stop Baltoy in its tracks.

“Baltoy, Rapid Spin! Blow it back!” I told it.

Bellsprout was already taking action before I could finish talking.

Baltoy swayed back and forth on its foot as Sweet Scent took over.

Bellsprout immediately took to using Vine Whip to attack the disoriented Pokemon and knocked it onto its back. Its vines wrapped around Baltoy and held it still as a purple powder shot out of its mouth this time.

“Poison Powder!” I cried out angrily.

“Baaaaaal!” Baltoy struggled painfully as the Poison set in.

Bellsprout then threw Baltoy into a tree and Bellsprout’s leaves began to glow brightly.

“Baltoy, get up! Use the Extrasensory again!” I pleaded.Baltoy was in a daze, lying on its back, moaning out its name.

I watched as Bellsprout’s leaves glowed brighter, soaking up energy from the sun.

“BALTOY!” I bellowed, my patience running out. I needed it to get up! “EXTRASENSORY, NOW!”

Baltoy managed to get itself onto its one foot and spun around slowly for a few seconds, still seeming dazed. “Baaaal…”


“Tooy…?” Baltory managed before the SolarBeam shot out at it, causing dust and smoke to cover it, blocking my sight. When the dust cleared, Baltoy was on its back, wiped out. My fifth Pokemon had been beaten. “You did a lot to help, Baltoy,” I said lowly. “Come back.” I returned Baltoy to its Poke Ball with a sigh. “Thanks, Baltoy.” I clipped the Poke Ball onto my belt and grabbed my last Pokemon. This was my last hope. This one just had to work. “Butterfree, let’s do it!” With a grunt, I threw her Poke Ball.

“Freeeeee!” Butterfree said happily, gazing around. She turned to me and happily squealed.

I beamed brightly in return and winked at her. “Welcome back! Now, let’s win this thing! Psybeam!”

A beam of multiple colors flew from Butterfree’s eyes and just barely missed Bellsprout as it bent backwards to dodge the attack.

A Vine Whip came from Bellsprout before the Psybeam even finished and hit Butterfree.

Butterfree was knocked down hard and stayed still for a couple of seconds, but she shook her head and flew right back up. This Pokemon was my best bet since she was part Bug and Flying, two types that are strong against Grass moves, even if Bellsprout was stronger from Swords Dance.

“Bellsprout!” Bellsprout opened its mouth and another cloud of poisonous power came for Butterfree.

“Gust!” I told Butterfree.

“Freeeeee!” Butterfree blew the powder back at Bellsprout and the wind from Butterfree’s wings blew Bellsprout back.


“Freeee!” Butterfree shot another beam at Bellsprout and caught it.

“Sproooooouuuut!” Bellsprout was left weakened on the ground.

“Let’s try this one more time,” I said, raising my Poke Ball.

Before I could toss it at Bellsprout, the opponent Pokemon became illuminated in a bright white light! Bellsprout began to evolve right in front of us! Its entire silhouette changed and widened, and when the light faded, it had become a Weepinbell.

Butterfree and I gazed in silent awe.

“Beeeell!” Weepinbell was more rounded than Bellsprout, and had an even more ticked off look on its otherwise dull face.

Weepinbell, the Flycatcher Pokemon and the evolved form of Bellsprout. Weepinbell live in forests and are occasionally found in caves with sources of underground water. Weepinbell sleep while hanging from tree branches by the brown hook on their heads.

“Bell! Bell!” Weepinbell sprayed Acid at Butterfree, who dodged the attacks swiftly.

“You can do it, Butterfree!” I urged her.

Weepinbell used a vine to grab Butterfree and squeezed her tight before using Slam to slam her to the ground.

“Freeee…” Butterfree said feebly from the ground.

“Damn it, Butterfree!” My temper was flaring. I knew Butterfree was trying her best. I knew Butterfree was struggling in this battle for me. I understood that perfectly clear. I just didn’t want her to lose! Not now. We were so damn close! I couldn’t stand having her lose this battle. I believed in her. She was my only hope... I closed my eyes, feeling hot tears burn in them, my teeth gritting tight. I shook my head hard and opened my eyes. “Butterfree! I believe in you!” I called out to her. “You can do it!! You have to!!

“Free...” she groaned, looking up at me and slowly flapping her wings, getting into the air.

“Butterfree!” Our eyes met. “Together!” I reached out my hand to her, just a few feet from actually being able to touch her.

“Free…?” Butterfree stared at me adoringly for a moment before a vine wrapped around her neck and pulled her away from me. “Freeee!” Butterfree choked out.

“Butterfree!” I took a step forward.

Weepinbell’s vine tightened around Butterfree’s throat, choking her. It spun her through the air and dropped her in another Slam attack.

“FREEEEEE!” Butterfree let out a surprising, sudden, loud screech that stung my ears.

An enormous wind came from out of nowhere and pushed me back a few feet. I covered my eyes with my arm but watched as Butterfree began using Whirlwind underneath it where Weepinbell had attempted to Slam her, stopping the impact completely!

FREEEEEEEE!!” Butterfree used Bug Bite and chomped on Weepinbell’s vine that was choking her.

“BEEEELL!!” Weepinbell let out, letting go of Butterfree.

“Freeeeee!” Butterfree floated over Weepinbell, spraying blue powder on it.

“Bell! Bell… Beeeeell…” Weepinbell struggled to attack with its vine and stay awake, but the Sleep Powder put it right to Sleep.

With a loud cry, Butterfree’s eyes started to glow red and a red beam shot from her eyes and hit Weepinbell, covering it in a red glow.

“Freee…” Butterfree stayed afloat, the red light connecting the two Pokemon.

“What is this…?”

Dream Eater. This attack only works if the opponent is Asleep. The health from the opponent Pokemon is drained and given to the user of this move, healing it.

“Whoa! When did you learn that? ” I asked in amazement.

The attack ended after a moment and the red beam disappeared.

Weepinbell was still Sleeping but looked extremely exhausted, unable to move.

“Alright,” I said with a shaky smile. “Once more! Poke Ball, go!” I threw the Poke Ball once again.

The Poke Ball hit Weepinbell and opened, sucking it inside by a red beam of light. The Poke Ball hit the ground and began to shake rapidly.

Butterfree and I watched silently, glaring at the Poke Ball together, waiting impatiently.

The Poke Ball continued to shake.

Butterfree and I didn’t move, aside from Butterfree’s gentle flapping of her wings, our eyes glued to the Poke Ball.


I collapsed to the ground on my knees and screamed “YYYYEEEEEEEESSSS!!!” I had captured it! Weepinbell was mine! “We did it, Butterfree!”

“Freeeeee!” Butterfree danced in midair, flapping her wings and moving about in joy.

I turned to the Poke Ball and watched as it disappeared in front of me, sent to Professor Oak’s Lab. I breathed a weary sigh of relief.


I turned as Butterfree collapsed to the ground, completely worn out herself.

On my knees, I crawled over to her and chuckled a bit. “You did great. Thank you, Butterfree. It was great having you with me again. Thanks for all your help.”

“Free…” Butterfree said happily, her eyes watering for me.

An urge came over me, but I looked away from Butterfree, unsure if I was ready. This doubt made me feel bad and actually gave me a strength I couldn’t resist. Inhaling deeply and holding my breath, I reached out and hugged Butterfree for a moment before letting go.

She gazed at me lovingly and I smiled back before I returned her to her Poke Ball.

Now alone, my body gave a hard shiver, but I felt okay after what I had just done. Okay, and also disgusted... But okay. I pulled out my Pokedex and pressed the buttons necessary to transfer Butterfree back to Professor Oak’s Lab in exchange for Weepinbell, leaving Dugtrio with Professor Oak.


Walking along Route 18, I felt in dire need of sleep and rest. I was so exhausted from what occurred less than an hour ago with Weepinbell. I couldn’t stop now, though.

Fuchsia City was so close. It had to be.

It may have been only another three minutes before I saw a sign several feet away, and I ran to it.

Route 18

The final sign stating I was on Route 18. Which meant I was at the end of Route 18. Which could only mean…

With a huge smile, I ran past the sign, reflecting on everything that had occurred over the past few days.

My battle with Robin.

My match with Leigh, the Dragon Gym Leader.

The Weepinbell I had just caught.

I even got to see Butterfree again. Thinking of Butterfree made me think about my Beedrill, though. I was afraid of Bug type Pokemon, but honestly, I also didn’t feel too comfortable keeping Butterfree with me because she reminded me of my Beedrill… I hope you’re doing okay, Beedrill, I thought. I’ll never forget you. I promise. You’re still my friend, and I hope you still see me the same way. I hope you’re doing well.

I continued to run, but before long, I stopped and gazed with delight. I was standing in a beautiful city. It was Fuchsia City. At long last, I had entered Fuchsia City! The huge smile plastered on my face wouldn’t go away even if I paid it to. Moving through, I absorbed the view of the buildings and houses and the very peaceful feeling I got from the environment.

Things here were pleasant and designed far before the current time it was nestled in. It was like I was in a long gone era when life was a little bit simpler. More refined, respectful, and peaceful. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I did. It was humbling, somehow.

I saw the Pokemon Center and my slow pace rocketed me past an enormous fir tree a short distance away, reaching up high into the sky. Entering the Pokemon Center, I saw my beloved Nurse Joy behind the counter and smiled brightly, running up to her.

“Hello, and welcome to the Fuchsia City Pokemon Center,” Nurse Joy greeted me warmly.

“Hi, Nurse Joy,” I said, grinning wider. I didn’t notice the awkward moment of silence as I stared at her, lost in her beauty.

She stared back at me, the smile plastered on her face before asking, “So, can I assist you with anything?”

I shook my head. “Oh, yes, um…” I felt so embarrassed suddenly, finally realizing the moment of smiling silence between us. I handed her my six Poke Balls. “My Pokemon need some healing and maybe a quick meal?”

Nurse Joy giggled. “Certainly! We’ll be sure to have them returned to you soon.” She took my Poke Balls and disappeared with a Chansey I hadn’t even noticed standing next to her, behind a door in the back.

“You were staring at her for a pretty long time, Gary,” a voice said from behind me that made my blood freeze in my veins. “What was that about? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

I turned around quickly and choked out in shock.

“What?” Aly asked with a huge smile on her face.

“Aly!” I exclaimed.

“Hey, where’s your girlfriend at?” Aly asked, looking around.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion.

Aly was here in Fuchsia City.

I couldn’t believe it. The moment I heard her voice, I knew right away I wasn’t going to get the rest, peace, and quiet I had desired so badly once I entered Fuchsia City.

I stared at Aly in shock, amazement, happiness, and exasperation.

With Aly, I knew the fun had yet to begin.

“She was not my girlfriend!” I shouted angrily.

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