A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

An Abundance Of Solace Part 3 Of 3

Snow flew up around the lower half of me, forced up by my feet pounding into the ground rapidly as they carried me deeper into the Safari Zone, the area around me a wide, open field with distant trees covered in snow. Not too far away was a large house!

“Help!” I said, more to myself than anything. I ran up the stoop and knocked rapidly on the door. “Help!!” I screamed out now. “Please! I NEED HELP!!” I kept banging on the door for a very long couple of minutes, screaming, kicking, and slamming my fists to the door before I gave up. Nobody was here. I angrily kicked the door once more and turned to run, seeking help elsewhere.

A huge lake sat peacefully several feet away from me, ruffled softly by a slight breeze. Everything here looked so calm.

Seeing this serene scenery before me encouraged me to run faster; forced my tired body to keep running despite the pleas for rest I knew my body needed. I couldn’t stop now. The Safari Zone was in danger. I couldn’t let this place be destroyed, too.

Officer Jenny was going to try and radio for help.

I only could hope she’d make it there safely. I could only hope the base she was trying to reach wasn’t already destroyed in the chaos going on there. She’s fine, I told myself. She’s safe and can more than take care of herself. We’re all going to be okay! I kept running, struggling to just believe in these words. She’s okay. She’s going to get help. There are no other options here. We’re all going to make it!

The sound of a helicopter grabbed my focus and raised my head to the sky. My teeth grit tight as my eyebrows narrowed, furiously wishing I could knock that damn thing right out of the sky.

A door opened on the side of the helicopter and a large, red and white colored ball stuck out of it partially.

I slowed down my running, my eyes widening with fear as my heart bounced.

As the ball was dropped, I ran away as fast as I could.


I felt the force of Electrode as it exploded, forcing me to roll against my will. My body laid out flat, face down, but I let out a loud yell and forced myself up to my feet, sick and tired of all of this by now.

Whoever this was was killing innocent Pokemon by using them as bombs!

I wasn’t going to just continue allowing this to happen by running anymore!

Where Electrode had exploded, there was a large area of the field now on fire, the snow near the spot gone now.

“That’s it!” I called up to the helicopter as it continued on ahead of me. “No more of this! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!”

Several more Pokemon were being dropped out of the flying machine. They exploded on contact with the ground, some exploding halfway down. By the time the helicopter stopped unleashing its unprovoked attack and ascended higher into the sky, there was a long, wide sea of fire as far as I could see. Treetops were flaming, smoke rising.

I backed away, unable to get around the fire. Unable to proceed forward to get help. I was trapped between a sea of fire and an invisible electric wall.

“Wait! I know!” It was time to do something I should’ve done a long time ago. It was time to stop running. I grabbed a Poke Ball. It was time to fight back! “Kingdra, I choose you!” I threw her Poke Ball to the ground.

“DOOO DOOOOO!” Kingdra cried out.

“Kingdra, use Brine attack!”

“DOOOOOOOO!!!” Kingra sprayed the fire with her water attack, dousing the flames as best as she could.

“Let’s go, Kingdra!” I shouted, running ahead of her. “Cover me!”

I ran into the burnt, soaked grass, my feet sloshing through. “Kingdra!”

She wasn’t next to me.

“Sorry, Kingdra,” I apologized and came to a stop, looking back at her.

She hopped over to my side, unable to travel well on land. She was more of an aquatic creature.

“Guess we have to take our time,” I stated, sympathetically patting her head.

With a loud cry, something flew into the air above us from the fire, glaring down upon us. It was long, blue and white, had tiny wings on either side of its head, and a white horn protruded from the middle of it. It looked very elegant and beautiful, but not very happy.

I pulled out my Pokedex on the Pokemon.

Dragonair. The Dragon Pokemon and Dratini’s evolved form. This Pokemon is very peaceful and helpful. It has the ability to control the weather and is extremely rare.

“Dragonair! Wow!” I exclaimed in awe. “Can you help us? Please?”

Dragonair kept giving me a look that made me regret asking that question. It then pulled its head back and let out a stream of fire at me!

I ducked and covered my head as I ran out the way, screaming.

“DOOOOO!” Kingdra used Brine attack to combat the flames, getting rid of them.

Dragonair used Flamethrower again, on Kingdra this time.

Kingdra used Brine in retaliation, this time catching Dragonair in the belly.

Dragonair didn’t seem to feel the attack, but its eyes started glowing red. With a loud scream, it flew at Kingdra and wrapped its tail around her. The Dragon began to lift and slam Kingdra down repeatedly before tossing her aside. It flew fast at Kingdra and tackled her midair, both of them landing in the fire, out of view.


Dragonair and Kingdra’s furious screams could still be heard as they continued fighting! They both were Dragon types, so fire wasn’t a big deal for them. Especially for Kingdra, who doubled as a Dragon and Water type, handling fire even better than Dragonair, but could they really just sit amongst the flames, battling like that?

Why is Dragonair fighting against us? My Pokedex just said it’s peaceful! It must be infuriated and confused by the fire, like the Pokemon in the ranch.

A sudden commotion of loud noise made me look to the faroff burning trees, the smoke just getting to me now, making it difficult to breathe.

Pokemon were stampeding out. Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Nidorino, Beedrill, Scyther, and many more amongst them, all charging out in fear, the ground quaking slightly beneath them. They all split into different directions, running fast, some flying off into the sky to escape.

A loud roar made me turn away from the stampede to see another herd of Pokemon. It was nothing but Tauros! They charged around the fire and past me, their three tails whipping them nonstop.

A cry made me jump and I looked above to witness a Pidgeot flying high into the sky, a screaming Caterpie in its talons.

My sight returned back to Earth when I heard more yells and saw a Lucario being attacked by some long, rodent looking Pokemon resembling a ferret!

Furret. The Long Body Pokemon. The evolved form of Sentret. Furret make long, confusing tunnels underground that only their bodies can get through. It uses its speed to combat and confuse foes.

Furret was crawling all around Lucario’s body as Lucario tried swinging punches at it, frustrated at its constantly missed blows against the speedy, enraged Furret. The furry opponent whacked Lucario with its tail, bit Lucario, and slammed Lucario to the ground, overwhelming it.

Lucario finally landed a flurry of punches and kicks at Furret that sent it into the air.

Furret landed on its feet and with a ferocious screech, ran at Lucario to keep fighting, not seeming tired at all.

Lucario ran at Furret to keep battling.

A force of wind came from out of nowhere and sucked me forward!

I struggled against it, trying to move backwards, a giant twister taking form in front of me, spinning in the middle of the fire!

The flames everywhere flickered in the wake of the powerful wind, the smoke clearing out.

“DOOOOOOO!!” I heard a scream.

“KINGDRAAAAA!!” I’d almost completely forgotten about her.

The Twister subsided as Dragonair got tossed out of it, high into the air and eventually out of sight.

Kingdra was standing where the Twister had been, scuffed and bruised with purple and black marks, leering into the direction where Dragonair was released.

“Kingdra!” I ran to her and knelt down, wrapping her in my arms tightly, not ever wanting to let go.

She bounced in my arms, letting out joyous squeals.

“You got rid of that Dragonair!”

“Dooo! Dooooo,” Kingdra replied.

Once I started coughing hard, I remembered the danger we were in and let go of my Pokemon as I got to my feet.

The fire in the field was still going on, smoke returning to surrounded and blind us, but the Twister helped clear some of the mess up. The flames were dimmed down drastically but would be back in strength and stronger than ever in this grassy environment in no time. The trees away from us were blazing worse than ever, smoke as dark as charcoal and as thick as a milkshake.

I pulled my shirt over my face and turned to Kingdra. “We can’t battle all these flames. We need to get help!” I told her. “Return!” I returned Kingdra to her Poke Ball and ran. My heart hurt to watch what was going on around me, my eyes tearing from both the continuous smoke and the war taking place.

An Ursaring had its teeth sunk deep in the long neck of some kind of green Pokemon. Its four enormous leaves on its back were stretched out like wings, and some kind of fruit hung from its neck.

A large group of Pokemon were just a blur of arms, legs, and flames colliding with one another as I ran past. I couldn’t make them all out as I ran, but I saw a pair of Mankey stomping on some Pokemon underneath them, and a Donphan using its long trunk to whack a Shuckle who was wrapping it with its tentacles coming out from its shell.

Past them was an Exeggutor stomping the ground, chasing after a Rattata as it ran away in fear. Exeggutor was clearing trying to squash the rat.

This scene stuck with me as I ran past it, hoping that poor Rattata didn’t get squashed. My eyes closed tight and I shook my head sharply, trying not to imagine that, resulting, naturally, in me thinking about it anyway. Something about the Exeggutor and Rattata wouldn’t leave me. Why was Exeggutor so concerned over the little Rattata? Why are any of these Pokemon fighting like this? They won’t make it out of this fighting against each other. They need to go against these bad guys causing the trouble!

My eyes shot open in that moment. Something big just sunk in. Something terrible. My heart’s thumping seemed to cause an imbalance in my body, and with a hard shudder, I tripped over my own feet, coming down hard, but I didn’t feel any pain. The Pokemon, I realized, trying to catch my breath as I remained still. The Pokemon bombs. The Graveler and Electrode. The Pokemon are being used as bombs! That must also be why the Pokemon here are fighting against each other. It’s not just that they’re panicking from the fires and explosions going on. It’s what’s causing all of it, too! They’re seeing fellow Pokemon destroying their homes! They must not know who to trust. They don’t understand. They’re all just fending for themselves, feeling like everyone and everything else is the enemy in all this confusion! I need to get out of here. I’ll die before much longer. With a deep inhale, filth rising into my nose with the air, I got back to my feet... and froze at the sight of an Arbok off to the side, almost completely hidden in the grass.

It seemed to be swallowing something whole.

The creature being swallowed with ease was lifeless. I could just barely make out the familiar pattern of leaves on its head before Arbok swallowed it completely. With my own hard swallow, I realized that Arbok had swallowed a Gloom whole. The slight silhouette of the victim slowly started sliding down Arbok’s body.

I moved quickly, not quite running, but moving as best as I could with my weary, bruised self, Arbok’s eyes staying on me as it flicked its tongue out.

“Flareon!” a Flareon cried out as it ran past me from the many fires.

I didn’t even have time to turn to look at it when something much large burst from the flames.

“METAAAAA!!!” an enormous steel tank of a Pokemon bellowed.

“AAAAAHHHH!!” My shriek was followed by hard chokes and gasps for air as I leaped out of the way, laying on my stomach in the grass, covering my head. I looked up after hearing a loud cry.

Flareon was using Flamethrower on the huge floating tank.

The large tank charged right through the flames and hovered above Flareon before landing on top of it!

Flareon screamed, unable to move. That scream tore right through my heart. The pain on its face was too much.


That other Pokemon looked like it weighed a ton!

Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokemon. The evolved form of Metang. Usually comprised of two Metang joining together, Metagross is one of the smartest Pokemon of all, possessing four brains. This brutal predator lands on its prey and devours them.

My eyes rose from my Pokedex to see Metagross open its enormous mouth. “NOOOOO!!! STOP IIT!!!” I managed up to my knees and reached out helplessly towards Metagross. “PLEEEEEEEEASE!!”

Metagross ignored me, lowering its mouth, and in one bite, snapped Flareon’s head off. Blood splattered on Metagross’s face as it chewed its victim’s head noisily with loud, determined crunches, squashes, and pops, silencing Flareon for good. Blood sprinkled the grass around it as Flareon’s neck spurt out blood.

Help, I thought, shutting my eyes, struggling not to lurch. Must get help. Must save everyone. The Pokemon have lost it. Must get help. Swallowing down whatever was rising up from within, I forced myself up and moved on my shaky legs.

The sound of an engine got my eyes to open and me to look for the source.

The plane! The attack aircraft was back!


It fired several bullets at the ground, not really hitting anything and just tossing dirt up.

Some bullets hit Metagross, who didn’t react and continued to eat its prey.

The plane flew overhead and past me before disappearing.

I turned in a dizzy circle, seeking an exit of any kind and coughed so hard I knew I was only seconds from vomiting.

“Hey!” a voice shouted, grabbing my shoulder.

I turned around, unable to breathe well enough to scream in the terror I was in.

A very tall, stern faced man with wavy, greasy hair was facing me. He wore black shoes, brown slacks that his white, buttoned up shirt was tucked into, and a brown vest buttoned up over it. “Who are you? What do you think you’re doing here?”

“I’m Gary! Who are you?” I choked out.

“I’m Dave, the Safari Zone Warden!!” he raged at me. “What business do you have here?!”

“I came here for help! The Pokemon ranch is under attack! The Pokemon Preservation, too! We need to help them!”

“They’re under attack, too?” The anger on his face was building.

“Yeah! But there’s no way to reach them!” I told him. “There’s some kind of electric barrier blocking the way in and out!”

“What do you mean by electric barrier?” Dave asked me suspiciously.

“I’m not sure, but it’s invisible until you touch it! I just barely escaped the Pokemon Preservation before the barrier activated! Officer Jenny is still back there, trying to get help!”

Dave grabbed my shoulders and shook me roughly. “ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS??!”

“WHAT??” I shouted back. “HELL NO!! I’M HERE TO HELP!!”

“YOU JUST SO HAPPENED TO ESCAPE THIS SO CALLED BARRIER JUST IN TIME??” he spat, squeezing my shoulders hard.

“PLEASE!” I pleaded. “I’m telling you the truth!! These guys are criminals, not me! It’s whoever’s in the plane and the helicopter! They’re killing Pokemon! They hate Pokemon! They think Pokemon are a danger to the world!”

“RIDICULOUS!” Dave shoved me aside and looked up into the sky.

I fell over, trembling in fear from this man.

“Where are these people? I’d like to meet one of these guys myself! In person!” Dave started cracking his knuckles, baring his teeth as he scanned above.

A helicopter could be heard somewhere.

I looked for it with Dave, and we soon found it.

The helicopter flew towards us.

“This is them, right?” Dave barked.


The helicopter got closer and hovered over Metagross, who was still eating. The door opened and something big fell out.

This wasn’t a Pokemon, but some kind of box. I only got a moment to look at it before it landed next to Metagross.

And blew up.


Despite the distance I was away from Metagross, a strong wind pushed me onto my back from the force of the explosion.

Dave stood his ground, his fists shaking with anger at his sides.

Metagross was consumed in the flames.

I sat up, unsure if I even should have done so, staring at the burning ball of fire. My inhale through my nostrils was strong, but my exhale through my mouth was uneven and shaky as I raised my eyes to the still helicopter. I won’t just sit here and die, I insisted, shaking my head. No more running. We have to fight back! “We have to fight back!”

Dave didn’t seem to react to my sudden shout.

I have to do something while I can. While they’re right here! I raised my hand to a Poke Ball on my waist.



“Whoa!” I whipped around in shock as a Chansey and Wigglytuff shot past me from out of nowhere!

They were holding each other’s hands. Chansey looked back at me before turning away, continuing to run with her partner.

“METAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” A loud yell grabbed my attention again. Metagross, a huge flaming ball of fire, shot out like a cannonball out of the fire that consumed it, and charged at the helicopter. It slammed into it at full force and knocked it out of the sky!

The helicopter, now on fire, fell to the ground and blew up upon collision.

Metagross flew around in a rage, still on fire.

Five people gently floated to the ground from the sky, holding on to open parachutes billowing above them.

“Chansey Chansey!” Chansey ran away from Wigglytuff.

“Wiggly Wiggly!” Wigglytuff cried out, reaching out for Chansey, but not moving from where it stood.

Chansey ran to the Metagross. “Chansey!” Chansey’s body started to glow a blue-green color.

The sound of a light, chiming bell was heard from somewhere I couldn’t exactly place. Blue-green waves started to radiate off Chansey’s body.

Metagross, flying around in a burning rage, was hit with the waves and froze in mid air. The flames on it started to fade away.

A moment later, Chansey stopped glowing, the waves ended, and the bell stopped ringing.

Metagross was no longer on fire!

“Chanseeeeey!” Chansey sang happily.

“That was incredible!” I took out the Pokedex.

Heal Bell. The user heals the Pokemon of any status conditions such as Burn, Paralysis, Freeze, Poison, and Sleep.

“Meta…” Metagross gazed at Chansey, its face no longer wearing the blood of Flareon.

Chansey stared back silently, smiling.

“WHO ARE YOU??” Dave’s voice broke the moment. He stomped angrily over to the five people who had escaped the helicopter before it crashed.

The men now stood calmly in a row, watching us. They wore matching brown outfits, resembling army fatigue.

I ran up beside Dave and joined him in meeting this group.

One man in particular stood out. He was standing a couple of feet in front of the other men, his hands behind his back. His eyes were now focused on me.

The other guys had less serious faces on but they weren’t smiling and wore cold looks, staring at Dave. They looked younger than the lead man.

Dave stopped in front of the man in front. “Who are you sick people?” he growled, and took a swing at him.

The man swiftly blocked his fist and socked Dave in the stomach.

Dave groaned and fell to his knees.

The other four guys behind the lead man stepped forward, but the lead man waved his hand and they stopped and stood at attention. The guy in front never took his eyes off of me, even when handling Dave.

I stared back at him, taking a nervous step back.

The man shook his head slowly. “You’re so young…” he spoke, his voice very deep, yet also very loud and clear.

My eyes widened.

“How old are you, young one?” he asked. “Ten, is it?”

I managed to nod, fear circulating throughout my body.

He shook his head. “Why do you risk your life traveling with Pokemon?”I opened my mouth, hardly even knowing I had done so. No words would come out, partly from fear, partly from surprise he was speaking to me, and partly from confusion of his question.

“This journey is dangerous,” the man told me, speaking strongly, yet gently. His words were slow enough to understand, without coming off as condescending. He spoke demanding attention and understanding of everything he was saying, and he had both my ears for a number of reasons. “Why risk your life on such a pointless quest?”

A sound escaped from my open mouth, and I coughed a few times, not turning away from the imposing man. I cleared my throat. “I love my Pokemon...” I finally managed. Speaking felt good. “Pokemon are my friends!” I shouted, more courage flowing through me. “I love Pokemon! Why are you attacking them?”

“I’m saving you,” the man said calmly. “I’m saving the lives of ten year old children such as yourself. I’m saving the lives of children younger than you. Those who may run into a Pokemon at some point in their precious lives. I’m saving the lives of adults too foolish to realize these monsters should all be exterminated, but instead study them and try keeping these monsters safe in areas like these!” His voice was beginning to rise with intensity. “We are here to bring peace to the world! We are here to save the planet from utter destruction!”“Peace?!” I shouted. “Look around you! This isn’t peace! You’re creating chaos! You’re killing Pokemon and people! You almost killed Officer Jenny with that other plane, but a Pokemon saved her life! Pokemon are good! You guys are out of your minds!!”

The man shook his head at me and then opened his mouth, taking in a breath. “It is not too late for you, young child.” He closed his eyes and wiped at them with one hand, then stared at me again, an odd look on his face. Like that of sorrow, or sadness. “Once our goal is accomplished, you all will regret the interference you’ve caused us. The time wasted. Your eyes shall be opened and everyone on Earth will revere us as the guardians we have always been.”

Guardians?!” I was stuck on what to say next, stunned that this man could use such a word to describe himself and his group after the things they’ve done. “Y-y-you...” I just shook my head, unable to speak as my body trembled. “You all are going to jail! Y-you’ve... You... You...” I was breathing so hard, my mind spinning, my body filled with so much feeling I could cry! “YOU! Electrifying the oceans in Hoenn, blowing up mountains with innocent people and Pokemon in them! This is all you!” My eyes were tearing up. “That only shows how completely crazy you people are! You’re nothing but straight up terrorists!”

“Anyone who stands in our way will be killed if necessary! We’ve been showing you the horrors of Pokemon!” The man was clearly getting angry now, his calm running out.

What?!” I couldn’t believe this guy’s words. “How does this show the horrors of Pokemon? You were-!” I was silenced, gasping as the man grabbed the front of my shirt and lifted up on it, pulling me to the tips of my toes, my heart now petrified that I had gone too far and was going to be killed.

“Are you aware of the various Electric types of Pokemon who reside in the oceans?” the man questioned me through clenched teeth, his cold eyes staring so deep into mine that it hurt.

But I didn’t dare look away. The man held even my stare captive by his. I knew of two Pokemon who were Electric and Water types, Chinchou and Lanturn, but I didn’t say anything. The man released my shirt, and I nearly continued all the way down, but managed to keep myself standing, though my legs were practically liquid.

“There aren’t many, but there’s more than enough that there would be no stopping them if they decided to take complete control over the waters. By electrocuting the oceans, they’d annihilate the other creatures who live in it, Pokemon and animal alike, and ruin the water supply globally that we humans need to survive.” He stopped speaking and just stared at me, perhaps expectantly. When I said nothing, he started up again. “Any Pokemon with moves such as Explosion could’ve brought down Mt. Coronet. And some of those very Pokemon do live there. They need no assistance from us to accomplish that, and at times, Pokemon with that move can self destruct for absolutely no reason. Do you understand just how hazardous that is? That level of destructive power anywhere! In the middle of a city! Let alone in the hands of children. EVERY Fire Pokemon is a fire hazard. Nothing we have displayed is new but is entirely preventable, except for the fact that people have deemed Pokemon as good... We bring you all of these example for you own safety! Can you not see this?

Disgust was strong on my face, increasing in detail with every sentence this madman finished. “You’re... killing people! Pokemon! What the...? You’re not-you-you’re nuts!! Completely insane! You need help!”

“The entire world needs help, young child,” the man responded. “That’s why we are here. We shall usher in a new world of peace and happiness. No one needs to die at the hands of Pokemon any further. This has been a long time coming. Our organization shall take back the planet to the rightful hands of its inhabitants. We shall save the world from its own ignorance. The planet will be handed to us on a silver platter after the lesser people have realized their foolishness in attempting to stop us from such a noble deed. The name of Team Solace shall reign for all eternity.”

“Team… Solace?” I repeated in shock. “Solace? You have the nerve to call yourselves that? That’s the last thing you guys are bringing to people!!

He didn’t speak, simply leering at me.

I glared back. “Who are you? What’s your name?” I demanded bravely.

He continued to stare at me quietly before answering. “I am the leader of Team Solace. The creator behind the glory of that which is destined for this planet’s inevitable future. You may refer to me as Isaac.”

I heard the roar of a plane and looked up to see it flying above.

Their attack aircraft flew towards us, the S sitting on the nose of the plane. Something descended from underneath the plane and I saw immediately it was some kind of rocket. It fired at us!

“RUN!” Dave grabbed me and pulled me away. His arm wrapped around my waist and he forced me to the ground, landing on top of me for protection.


The wind from the explosion whipped at me almost as strong as a solid object.

I pushed Dave off me. “NO! No more running! We have to fight back!” I grabbed Baltoy’s Poke Ball and enlarged it. That’s when I saw the scene.

Metagross was on the ground, a silent ball of fire now, its steel, blue body now blackened.

Chansey and Wigglytuff were both on their backs, neither one moving.

I turned to the plane in the sky.

A long rope ladder dropped from the open door of a different plane that was now soaring towards us, the other attack aircraft now gone.

The four men leaped at the ladder as the plane flew by them. They scrambled up, one-by-one.

Isaac took a strong jump last, grabbing onto the rope ladder, and made his way up the rungs.

Dave had his eyes squinted tightly at the plane, focusing seriously. He looked down to me and his face softened as a smile came over it, shortly followed by a wink. And he jumped and clung to the ladder!

The plane soared higher as it carried the six men, Dave included, higher into the sky!

The other five men didn’t seem concerned Dave was there, the first four men climbing inside of the plane.

Dave looked up at Isaac, who nodded solemnly back before looking ahead at the direction the plane was going.

I watched in disbelief as the plane faded from sight.

Dave…? I thought. No way…

“Chanseeeey…” I heard Chansey, but I didn’t turn away from where the plane had disappeared. I was still in complete shock. Dave was a part of Team Solace…? I thought. Is he not the Safari Zone Warden?

“Wiggly Wiggly Tuuuuuf!” Wigglytuff whined.

I kept looking up, my mouth hanging open. What did they do to the real Safari Zone Warden?

“Chansey!” Chansey called.

I finally turned to see what the fuss behind me was about.

Chansey, Wigglytuff, and Metagross were all together now.

Chansey was kneeled down, her hand on the tank looking Pokemon.

Wigglytuff had its arms out, staring at Chansey mournfully, tears flowing down its cheeks as it begged to her for some reason.

Chansey pulled herself up using Metagross to balance on. Her egg started to glow yellow and she raised her arms. A yellow silhouette in the shape of an egg rose from the egg in Chansey’s pouch. Chansey seemed to be struggling to lift the yellow glow.

“Softboiled…” I whispered.

But Chansey was struggling to use the move.

“Wigglyyyyyyyy…” Wigglytuff cried out weakly.

Suddenly, Metagross stirred lightly on the ground.

I inhaled hard in surprise.

The Steel type didn’t move again.

Chansey’s glowing egg rose higher into the air. The egg floated over to Metagross and landed on it, melting into Metagross and causing Metagross to become outlined in a bright yellow glow.

“Chan…” Chansey breathed a sigh of relief, closing her eyes, a smile sliding across her face.

“WIGGLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!” Wigglytuff’s voice echoed.

I watched in confusion was Chansey collapsed on top of Metagross.

Metagross remained still.

Wigglytuff kept screaming and crying.

Metagross moved. It shook. Then it shook harder.

Chansey slid off of Metagross, landing on the ground. She didn’t move again after that.

Wigglytuff stared silently at Metagross as the tears kept flowing from its face.

“Meeeet…” Metagross said weakly. The yellow outline faded from Metagross as its eyes opened slowly. It looked at me.

I stared back with wide eyes. What just happened?

Metagross turned to Wigglytuff, who stared back with its tears soaking its face.

Metagross turned to Chansey, who remained still. “Meta…” Metagross reached out and gently, slowly, poked Chansey.

Chansey didn’t react.

I started to fear the worst, swallowing hard, taking a step towards Chansey.

Metagross poked at Chansey again, but she still didn’t move.

I slowly walked over to Chansey. Kneeling beside her, I placed a gentle hand on her soft body. “Chansey…” I whispered.

Wigglytuff was crying hysterically.

Metagross let out a low, mechanical sound.

The noise gave my body the shivers. I could tell it was some kind of sad cry. Our eyes met. “She did this for you...” I understood. My eyes returned to Chansey’s back, which I ran my hand down.

Chansey are known for finding sick Pokemon in the wild and healing them, giving them their egg to give energy and health, at their own health’s risk. They’re staples at Pokemon Centers in most parts of the world. Even so, I’d never seen Softboiled used to such an extreme as to heal a Pokemon who was in such an extremely critical and life threatening state. Was Chansey going to survive?

I turned to Wigglytuff, but I couldn’t stare for long. Seeing it crying so intensely, so painfully, I turned away and looked at Metagross instead. But I couldn’t block out that soul ripping wailing from Wigglytuff.

Metagross stared back at me before looking over to Wigglytuff, then to Chansey. It let out another loud, mournful cry itself.

Why did Chansey do this for Metagross? I questioned. I know they’re helpful and caring Pokemon, but…

Wigglytuff’s cries ripped into my ears, bringing out tears.

How close were Wigglytuff and Chansey? I wondered. Why does Wigglytuff have to cry to loudly? So painfully? I can’t take it! I lowered my head and closed my eyes, my hands rising to my ears to cancel out the noise that was tearing me to pieces as my tears hit the grass beneath me.

Wigglytuff’s cries were nearly as loud as before, my hands not helping in any way.

This was all their fault... All of... Team Solace’s fault...

I stared at the helicopter that was still burning. My hands lowered from my ears and I turned to the last spot I saw Team Solace before they vanished from my sight. They can’t get away with this, I thought bitterly. I heard police sirens from somewhere and looked around.

From the direction exiting the Safari Zone were the approaching vehicles. The tanks. The fire trucks. And more...

Behind me was more noise that needed my attention.

There were the coming cop cars, more tanks, ambulances, and more pulling in. They had somehow made it here. The electric wall didn’t stop them!

Wigglytuff kept screaming and crying, but it was all over.

For now.


I was sitting in the back of one of the ambulances, drinking water and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The taste of both made me nauseous most times. They were enjoyable separate on bread, but not together. But my stomach didn’t seem to churn, the taste didn’t seem too conflicting in my mouth, and my throat didn’t reject it as I swallowed.

I had answered a ton of questions by a number of Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys. It was now two in the morning and I was finally done being questioned, but I still dwelled on everything that we had discussed.

Apparently Dave was the Safari Zone Warden. He’d had the position for eight years. Nobody ever would’ve thought he was working for Team Solace. They don’t know how long he’s been associated with them.

Safari Ranger Jenny from the Pokemon Preservation Area was fine. She managed to get back to her base and radio for help.

Will and Megan from the Big P Pokemon Ranch were both okay, too. Megan was in the hospital but it’s believed that she’d be okay, while Will seemed to not need any special medical care.

A lot of bodies, alive and dead, human and Pokemon, were found from the ranch to the Safari Zone.

The Pokemon Zoo had also been attacked in a similar manner to what I had survived, and during the same time. There were several deaths of Pokemon and people from attacking aircrafts with missiles and other weapons, as well as the use of the move Explosion numerous times from Pokemon who were believed to be under Team Solace’s control. Panic from the Pokemon and people caught in the chaos unfortunately also resulted in many deaths while trying to survive.

Hearing that, I thought of Aly. She had to have left by then, I comforted myself. It’d been a couple of days since she’d left to go explore the zoo before I had won my Mephitic Badge from Ozne. She definitely left way before then. She’s fine.

The electric blockage that sat between the ranch and the preservation, and between the preservation and the Safari Zone, were being tested while I was dealing with Team Solace in the Safari Zone. It wasn’t just an electric blockade. It was an incredibly durable forcefield. Tanks couldn’t even knock it down, and the exact height of it was undeterminable, but confirmed to be too high to simply fly over. Not long after Team Solace got away, the barriers vanished completely and they were able to make it through.

An Officer Jenny asked me if I was ready for the interviews that were coming my way from the news crews, and I begged her to not make me go through with them. I was exhausted and in no mood to be interviewed a million times and relive that horrific experience.

The officers could tell my story for me. They’d questioned me about it enough, after all.

I also asked her to keep my name anonymous, which she promised she would. I then took time to take a long, much needed nap, somehow sleeping through the commotion outside of the ambulance truck.

The last bite of my sandwich was now sliding down my throat, and I sipped slowly from my cup. The police said I could leave whenever I wanted, so I figured I’d leave after eating.

Nurse Joy came by with a Chansey by her side, a mournful look on her face.

Chansey was holding a tray with six Poke Balls on it, smiling up at me.

“Nurse Joy…” I said softly. “Is...?”

Nurse Joy’s eyes were to the ground.

My lips pressed together tightly and I swallowed hard. My eyes turned to Chansey and I grabbed my Poke Balls, sitting them on my lap, and nodded at the Pokemon.

There was sorrow in her eyes behind the pleasant smile.

“Thank you Nurse Joy and Chansey. I appreciate everything you’ve done tonight. Really.”

“A-a-are... you sure you don’t want anything else…?” Nurse Joy spoke in a low voice, barely audible, very carefully, her voice trembling nonetheless.

“No, Nurse Joy, but thank you so much,” I insisted. “Thank you, Nurse Joy.”

Nurse Joy nodded slowly and, with her head still down, covered her face with her hands and cried out, walking away.

Chansey placed her hand on Nurse Joy as she followed.

Several Nurse Joy and Chansey had come in ambulances.

This particular Nurse Joy and Chansey had taken my Pokemon to make sure they were in good health. They also brought me food and water and asked about every hour if I wanted anymore. The nurse insisted on giving me a checkup even though I told her I was alright. She did several checks on me, like my pulse, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, weight, took a blood sample, etc. She was very sweet and caring towards me, and informed me that they were trying to save the Chansey that had saved Metagross and that she would keep me updated.

Wigglytuff was going to be okay, but he was terribly upset over the condition of Chansey, Nurse Joy believing they may be in a relationship or very close friends.

I could tell by how Nurse Joy just acted that Chansey hadn’t survived. For a moment, I thought of how upset Wigglytuff must be. Letting out a heavy, loud sigh, I hooked my Poke Balls to my belt and placed my head in my hands, my elbows digging into my legs. My breathing was strong, weary, upset. I was on the verge of crying, but felt it unnecessary and weak to do right now, anger then starting to build up in me instead. I was unsure of what to do with myself.

“Gary?” a voice said near me.

I gasped and looked up.

An Officer Jenny was standing a couple of feet away, her hands clasped together near her face, her outfit splashed with blood.

“Jenny?” I said with surprise, a smile crossing my face. I hopped out of the ambulance and ran up to her.

She embraced me with a stronger than expected hug. This had to be the Ranger Jenny from the preservation! Her perfume smelled exactly the same, too.

I hugged her tighter and I felt her squeeze harder.

“Jenny, you’re okay!” I exclaimed as we pulled apart.

You’re okay!” she responded. “I heard everything that happened!” Concern looked down on me from within her bright eyes, but a smile was held on her face.

“I’m okay. But I was worried about you, Jenny! I was so happy when I heard you had made it back to your base safely.”

She wiped a tear from her eye. “By the time I got to the base at the preservation, I guess the terrorists had moved on to the Safari Zone. I’m just so glad we got all the Pokemon to calm down, but the mess is absolutely catastrophic.”

I only nodded.

“I’ve really got to go, but I needed to see you just one more time, Gary. You’re my hero.” She reached down and hugged me again.

I hugged her back, and to my surprise, she gave me a kiss on my cheek.

“Take care, Gary,” she whispered before backing up. She smiled and waved as she walked away.

I went straight down to my knees and fell back into a sitting position the second she was gone. She kissed me, I thought with the widest smile I had ever worn in my life. I may never wash my face again. Smiling felt good after all that had occurred. It was a while before I managed to my feet again, still smiling. I was ready to go now. Ready to go… I couldn’t think straight as far as where my next destination was to be. My mind was too preoccupied with that kiss from Ranger Jenny. But I did know I was leaving the Safari Zone. Several Officer Jennys gave me a smile and waved as I walked past them and I returned their waves, though my smile from that kiss was still plastered on my face.

A pair of Nurse Joys ran past me.

I walked past more police cars, tanks, ambulances, Officer Jennys, Nurse Joys, and Chansey. Team Solace, I thought to myself. Dave. And the leader, Isaac... I breathed a long sigh, my smile finally removed.

Originally, I just wanted to go back home to my mommy. Not anymore. Not knowing an evil group like Team Solace was out there. There was no way I could let such criminals get away with what they’ve been doing. I didn’t think I could just stop them on my own, but I wasn’t going to be sitting at home, safe and sound, while the world was under attack like this. I may not be able to stop them on my own, but I won’t back down from them. I won’t run away. I will fight back. I felt it was a part of my duties as a Pokemon Trainer.

This isn’t over, Team Solace, I promised. I love my Pokemon. My Pokemon love me. And I will continue to raise them. If we ever meet again, you won’t escape so easily like you did today. I’ll do everything in my power to prevent it. I won’t run away next time. You’re going to have to go through me next time. I’ll help stop Team Solace as best as I can. And I’ll continue to collect my eight Badges and become a Pokemon Master. I’ll capture every Pokemon in the world. My goal remains the same. Nothing’s changed. Nobody will threaten it nor stop me from accomplishing it. Nobody! More determined than ever before, I moved confidently on, into the trees, and along the grassy path.

There was still some snow on the ground here, but most of it sat on many of the treetops.

I’m going to Dark City to battle Cleopatra for my next Badge, I told myself. A Dark type Gym Leader. My fists balled up with excitement, and I smiled. I was reinvigorated. I felt ready to take on the world now. I felt ready to save the world, too. From Team Solace. I could do anything right now! My entire body was shaking and aching out of excitement of the moment, fear from what I’d been through both emotionally and physically, and worry about the future.

Some time later, I was still dwelling on the events of the previous day running through the Big P Pokemon Ranch, the Pokemon Preservation Area, and the Safari Zone, but continuing to advance forward, continue on my journey, and leave everyone else behind me.


The voice made me stop in my tracks. I instantly recognized it, but I didn’t turn around. My heart beat rapidly as I stood there quietly.

There was nothing but silence all around me.

I kept taking deep breaths, slowly, wishing I could just keep walking. But that was now impossible.

After a very long while, I finally, slowly, turned around.

I stared at the person who I’d known it would be the second my name was spoken.

The person stared back at me silently.

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