A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

Left You, Without A Po-Ki To Step To

My sensitive eyes teared up against the sharp wind that blew into them.

My delicate nose sniffled as the cold air around it forced it to run continuously.

My left hand sat cold but comfortable in my winter coat, my right hand holding onto the same object it carried for the longest time now, my eyes on it solemnly while my mind concentrated on what was contained inside.

I was only two Badges away from being allowed access to the Pokemon League competition starting in a few more months. The level of excitement I should have been feeling right now was divided unevenly onto the Poke Ball I couldn’t ignore.

Aly’s Ivysaur was inside of the Poke Ball that I held onto.

Aly’s Ivysaur now belonged to me.

It was unreal. I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t want to send her out to confirm it again.

It was obvious that Ivysaur didn’t quite like me, yet. She was very independent and stubborn.

Am I going to be able to gain Ivysaur’s trust? I wondered. Can I handle her?

Prof. Oak had entrusted Ivysaur into my care because of how I managed to get Charmander to obey me over time, but this wasn’t the same thing.

Charmander was just being a pain, and, in the end, he came back to reconcile.

Ivysaur, on the other hand, was just purposely being rude and didn’t want to work with anybody or get along. Or at least that how it seemed.

June offered to talk to Ivysaur again, which I argued against, but I eventually gave in at her persistence. The two spoke for what was about ten seconds, and after half a minute of silent staring, she told me to put her away. She told me that not too much has changed with Ivysaur, and that it’d take a lot time and effort for any Trainer to get through to her.

Hearing June’s uncertainty so pronounced in her words struck me deep with worry. Every Pokemon could be reached by somebody out there. Right?

During feeding time, Ivysaur and Charizard eyed each other during the entire meal. Once finished, Ivysaur used Vine Whip to smack aside her bowl and yelled at Charizard. Charizard stomped over to Ivysaur and let out a tremendous roar, but Ivysaur stood her ground, not intimidated in any way.

Both Pokemon were poised to attack, ignoring my demands for them both to stop, and I returned them to their Poke Balls before things got even worse.

All the other Pokemon had been so thrilled to see that Charmeleon had evolved. Everyone was so happy.

Ivysaur was the only one starting problems.

Now, the next day, somewhere between the late morning and early afternoon sun, June and I were traveling on a wide open, graveled path, nothing but rocks under our feet.

I remembered my first battle with Ivysaur. Having run into Aly in Celadon City where she was crying because her beloved Bulbasaur had evolved and was no longer obeying her, my Charmeleon later beat her, but Ivysaur put up a resistant fight.

The next, and last, time we battled, Ivysaur had also been a powerful opponent against my Weepinbell, though we had won that time, too.

Now, Ivysaur was on my side.

I’ll take care of her, I promised Aly. Your Ivysaur will be loved and cared for no matter what. I promise. I love you, Aly. I’m so sorry... For everything. It was getting hard. Harder to breathe. Harder to see. My chest was hurting, as if I’d been holding my breath for a whole hour. My hand settled over my heart as I inhaled and exhaled more strongly, using my other hand to clear away my eyes.

“Gary?” June asked gently from a short distance away from me.

I didn’t look up, but clipped Ivysaur’s Poke Ball back onto my belt. My eyes slammed tight as I pressed my thumb and pointer finger into them to sharply swipe away the moisture. My eyes opened and I blinked away the bright spots in them before finally turning to June.

“Are we at Azure City already?” she asked, pointing ahead.

I looked ahead to see, far in the distance, several tall buildings! My eyes widened and I pulled out the Town Map from my bag, scanning it quickly. Disappointment set in within a couple of minutes. “Impossible,” I replied. “Azure City is a bit further from Dark City than this. I think this must be Cloud City.”

“Never heard of it.”

“Well, if it is Cloud City, Azure City shouldn’t be but a town away. We’ll be there in no time at all.” I put the map away and we continued through.

The city contained building after building as far as the eye could see. There were so many skyscrapers, my neck hurting as I craned back to view the tops. People walked by in a hurry, most dressed in business attire, with the occasional guy and girl in casual clothes, entering and exiting buildings.

I kicked a ball of paper on the floor out of my way as June and I gazed around at the stores, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments.

“This is almost like Celadon City!” June pointed out. “Only with more of a business feel to it. Like, it feels more cluttered. It isn’t as warm and friendly and… fun… as Celadon.”

June was right. This place resembled a Celadon, but it wasn’t as welcoming and lacked the sense of adventure and persuasion to explore. I felt like everything was off limits or needed special permission to enter.

Squeezing through the crowds, I slipped off my bag to pull out the Town Map out again to find out exactly where we could go to get out of here the quickest.

A loud, angry yell tore through the air, and the ground began to quake.

A woman screamed. I turned quickly to see a woman soar through the air and slam forcefully to the ground, landing on her face. When she looked up, her face was covered in blood like paint. Shrieking, she frantically scrambled to her feet and ran.

“Oh, my gosh!” June let out a mortified gasp, covering her mouth.

There was another angry, powerful shout that made us both turn. Now everyone was running in every direction as something large stormed towards us. The creature was tall and covered in nothing but muscles. It swung its arms around in a rampage, slapping people with ease, causing them to fly through the air, some people flying through windows.

One grown man was swatted like a fly and his body crashed into a building, his head forced through the cement wall, the rest of his body hanging lifelessly from the hole!

An older man tried to run away, but he stumbled and fell, turning to face the monster, crawling backwards in fright. The monster swung a large fist at the man’s head, and his head exploded on impact. The man’s body collapsed to the ground, and the creature stomped on ahead, stepping on the man’s remains, squashing what it walked on.

“A Machoke?!” I choked out in disbelief, pulling out my Pokedex.

Machoke. The Superpower Pokemon. They live in foreboding areas, training dangerously to strengthen themselves. They wear a power-save belt after evolving from Machop to contain their dangerous strength.

I immediately saw that this Machoke looked noticeably, intensely more muscular than the Machoke in my Pokedex. “Let’s hide, June!” I pushed her in front of me so we could run.

June stumbled forward but stopped and grabbed my shoulders, not taking her eyes off of Machoke, her mouth open in shock.

“June, move it!! What are you doing??” I shoved her hard.

June was forced back a few more feet but remain frozen in terror.

Looking back to the sound of vicious barking, I witnessed a Golden Retriever, its leash dragging on the ground, run up to Machoke. Its barks swiftly turned to a grotesque whining howl of agony as Machoke swung its foot out at the dog and flattened the middle of its body to the ground. Something rose into my throat and I swallowed the sharp, sour flavor in disgust as I turned away from the scene, hearing the poor dog howl a final, ear piercing screech before going silent. “JUNE! Do you want to die here?! COME ON!

June finally turned to me, her eyes shimmering with fearful tears. She grabbed my arm with both hands and pulled me away.

We ran together to the closest building, but the door wouldn’t budge open!

Machoke stormed past us, grabbing a streetlight by the pole, and with barely a grunt, snapped it! The musclebound monster swung the streetlight around as if it were toy, roaring and recklessly breaking windows and crushing walls of buildings. It was on a complete rampage!

“We have to stop that thing,” I said in a low voice, glancing down at my Poke Balls. “Maybe I can trade for Baltoy and we can fight back against it.” I reached for my Pokedex.

“No!” June whispered loudly, grabbing my arm and squeezing tightly.

“Why not??”

June shook her head, breathing harder as she answered, her hand shaking hard as she gripped me even tighter. “He doesn’t have a belt on, Gary.”

“Huh? What?? What belt??”

“Even before your Pokedex told me, I could tell something was wrong with that Machoke. He’s missing a belt, Gary!”

“Before my Pokedex did what?” I pulled it out and checked out Machoke.

The image I got showed the Pokemon wearing a black and golden belt around its middle. It had a little red P on the buckle.

“That!” June pointed. “Machoke isn’t wearing that! Don’t you remember what it said about that belt?”

“It’s a power-save belt,” I remembered. “It’s used to contain their… strength?!”

June nodded her head. “That thing is unstoppable right now, Gary! We need to call the police. We can’t stop that thing. He’s uncontrollable, even to himself!”

“Hey!” I looked around.

Machoke was gone!

Cloud City was completely silent.

I walked forward, but June pulled me back. Forcefully, I yanked my arm away from her and walked up to see where Machoke had gone.

“Gary, please! Get back!” June cried. “It’s not safe! We need to find a phone. He could be anywhere!”

“We can’t run away. We need to help him! We could end up saving lives, June!”

“Gary, please, come with me!” June pleaded. “He’s so strong, he’s in pain! Running into that thing like that is not safe for anyone!” She went silent for a moment. “Look!”

Glancing back, I saw that June was looking at something near me, on the ground. I bent down closer and realized that there was a large stain of blood. Around that stain were more big stains littered about, mere inches apart from each other.

“His skin is ripping apart from the raw power tearing through him!” June explained, tears rolling down her cheeks quickly. “Machoke is going to die without proper medical attention.”

What??” Panic was flowing through me, imagining what she had just explained to me. “No! Then I have to stop him! We can’t just let him die!”

“Gary, if that idea weren’t completely crazy, you know I’d agree with it! I want to save Machoke just as much as you do, but he’s on a rampage, Gary! We can’t handle this kind of a situation ourselves.”

“But we have our Pokemon, June!” I argued. “We can just battle it! We can beat one Machoke, belt or not!”

June shook her head hard. “Gary, no! The power of a Machoke without its belt is more dangerous than you’re aware of! It’s against the law to have one without a belt because it’s so dangerous. One punch from that thing will quite literally leave your dead body in another country. Saving him is out of the question. We need to… We have to... We just need the police to handle this, ok?!”

“No… We need to find his belt! Where is it? Did he lose it?”

June looked around, as did I, but I felt we weren’t going to just find it that easily. We needed to restrain Machoke and keep him still until we could find the belt. Otherwise, he was going to destroy everything and kill everyone... until he himself dropped dead!

But where was he, himself?

“CHOOOOOOKE!” Machoke roared.

I turned and looked at the top of a building as Machoke leaped from the roof and landed!

June and I dropped as the ground slid underneath us!

Climbing to my hands and knees, I stared up at Machoke as he stared down at me, heaving hard.

“Oh, no,” I whispered in fear.

“Choooke…” Machoke growled, flexing his muscles. His arms and neck were glistening in blood, dripping down his enormous chest and down his legs. “CHOOOOOOOKE!” Machoke roared, and came straight at me.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed, and without even realizing I was doing it, I threw a Poke Ball to the ground.

Charizard appeared with a huge roar and blasted the air with fire.

“Charizard!” I yelled in shock.

Charizard’s wings flapped eagerly as he continued to show off a powerful stream of flames.

Machoke didn’t seem to care that an enormous dragon was now in his path, and he tackled Charizard down.

Charizard cried out in shock and fell to his back, Machoke standing on top of him.

Machoke pulled back a huge fist and slugged Charizard in the face.

Charizard’s neck twisted sharply to the side as he whined weakly, like a baby. I couldn’t believe it, but it appeared that Charizard had a terrified look on his face after that punch! He turned to face Machoke, but the Fighting type punched him in the face again.

“Charizard, get up! Come on! Use Wing Attack!”

June appeared by me, helping me get to my feet.

Charizard didn’t seem to be able to hear me. He shook his head and roared as he reached up and grabbed Machoke’s hands as the bleeding opponent tried to swing at him again.

I knew Charizard was trying to fight back. I knew he was holding back Machoke with all of his might. I knew Charizard was giving it his all.

But knowing this, I watched as Machoke slammed Charizard’s claws to the ground on either side of him without a struggle. He was dripping blood onto Charizard’s body as he stepped off of him. Keeping his grip on Charizard’s claws, he lifted him into the air!

Charizard roared, his eyes popping open in horror.

“Charizard, fly high! Take it with you!”

Charizard’s wings flapped rapidly, trying to lift Machoke.

Machoke didn’t seem to be struggling at all as Charizard was visibly using whatever energy he had left against Machoke, trying to lift him into the air.

“CHOKE!” Machoke slammed Charizard.

The ground quaked hard enough to drop me again, June stumbling and nearly falling over as well.

Gary!” June begged. “You can’t win! Please! Call him back! Gary, please! Please, pleeeeeease!” She was crying right in front of me, her voice trembling.

“Charizard!” I called out to my friend.

Charizard was on his back, his head shaking slightly every few seconds and groaning weakly, but otherwise, not moving. This was too much for him. He couldn’t beat this Machoke.

Machoke flexed his muscles, more blood streaming out as he roared in his own deep pain.

“Return!” I recalled my Pokemon.

Machoke turned to me and charged forward. “MAAACHOOOKE!!”

“Ivysaur, I believe in you! GO!”

Gary, stop this!!

“Ivysaur!” Ivysaur leaped out of the way as Machoke lunged past her.

Machoke was coming for me!

“SAAAAAAUUURRR!” Ivysaur used Vine Whip to wrap Machoke’s legs!

“Whoa!” Is she fighting to protect me? I wondered in amazement. It was then that I spotted the bandage still on Ivysaur’s forehead! I had forgotten about her injury from battling Cleopatra’s Bisharp!

Ivysaur seemed just fine, though, her vines around Machoke’s legs, but Ivysaur gasped in shock as Machoke’s legs weren’t slowed down at all and he kept on running, lifting Ivysaur into the air and dragging her along behind him! She was being bounced along the ground helplessly, connected with her vines!

”IVYSAUR!” I couldn’t believe this!

“VYSAUR!” Ivysaur yelled with determination, using Razor Leaf on Machoke from behind.

The leaves hit Machoke and he took notice. He didn’t stop running, but he yanked one wrapped up leg hard and Ivysaur came rocketing at him. Machoke turned his head back at Ivysaur as she screamed and Machoke backhanded her like a fly.

Ivysaur wailed out, her vines releasing Machoke, and tumbled through the sky.

GARYYY!! RUUUUUUN!!!” June shrieked as Machoke turned back to me and continued his sprint.

There was no way I was going to get away. I might be able to get out of his path, but he could just as easily turn and grab me. For some reason, in a moment of desperation, I raised my fists to my face as if I were actually going to fistfight with this Hulk of a Pokemon.


“AAAHHH!!!!” I covered my eyes with my hands as a bright light blinded me.

I heard Machoke cry out.

June gave out a light cry, too.

I opened my eyes, blinking against the sudden intense sunlight, feeling myself getting uncomfortably hot in my coat, my skin feeling prickly. Squinting, I could just barely make out something in the distance, running at Machoke.


It must be Sunny Day! I realized.

Machoke was blocking the sun from his face and didn’t see Ivysaur come up from behind and slam into him with Double-Edge. I was surprised that Machoke even took one step forward from the impact.

“Yes!” I cheered. “Ivysaur, way to go!”

Ivysaur glared at me, growling, and turned back to Machoke.

Machoke turned around and grabbed Ivysaur by the throat, lifting her into the air, and began to squeeze.

Ivysaur’s eyes bulged out hard as she choked, croaking and gasping.

“NOOOOO! RETURN!” I returned her to her Poke Ball.

Machoke turned to me and I glared back.

My entire body was twitching in convulsive, terrified pain.

Suddenly, a bright light burst from one of the Poke Balls on my belt.


“Ivy! Ivy!” Ivysaur was out! She coughed hard and cleared her throat, her eyes on Machoke.

“Ivysaur?? What are you doing?? You don’t come out unless I tell you to!”

“IVY!” Ivysaur yelled at Machoke, and her bulb started to glow, sunlight being absorbed into it. “SAAAAAAAAAUUUURRRRR!!!” Ivysaur used Solar Beam, firing a strong beam at Machoke.

“Maaaaaachooooke!” Machoke extended a single hand out and held off the Solar Beam with ease!

The three of us stood there with matching glances of horror, not believing our eyes at the impossible feat that Machoke was so simply demonstrating, calmly looking down at my Pokemon.

He then began to slowly take steps forward towards Ivysaur, walking through the Solar Beam!

“SAUR!” Even Ivysaur couldn’t hide her shock, shaking her head.

Machoke stepped closer to Ivysaur, easily holding off the Solar Beam attack with just his palm as Ivysaur gazed at him, no longer able to pull off being tough, but blatantly stunned by Machoke’s strength. He reached Ivysaur in a matter of seconds, just as the Solar Beam attack ended, and swiftly kicked Ivysaur.

Ivysaur let out a pained grunt as she was hit and flew right at me like a soccer ball, slamming into my chest.

The impact took the wind right out of me, as if I’d just been hit by a cannonball, and I was levitated briefly before sliding hard on my back. Shakily, my body struggled to sit up as I gasped desperately for air. Every second just to keep myself alive was a struggle. “Ivy. Saur…” I gasped. I was trembling in pain, unable to think clearly, unable to focus. This is it for me, I knew. But, I have to protect my Pokemon.

Ivysaur was knocked out on my chest.

Machoke’s footsteps approaching snapped my brain into action and I hurriedly moved to return Ivysaur to her Poke Ball.

At that, I collapsed back onto my back, exhausted and unable to do anything more, knowing my Pokemon were at least safe.

Machoke stomped towards me while snarling, his muscles pulsating rapidly, blood splattering everywhere, getting closer, each step shaking the ground.

I could only lay there and watch, unable to move, barely able to breathe. Ready to die.

A beam of light fired right in between me and the raging, blood dripping Machoke.

“ELECTIVIIIIIRE!” an Electivire yelled out as it appeared from the beam.

“Electivire...?” I managed.

“Electivire! If you won’t listen to me, then at least accept this opponent! Prove how strong you are!” June’s voice called out.

I turned to see her standing several feet away, her face red and soaked in tears, but glaring at Machoke, though visibly terrified of him.

“TIVIRE!” Electivire struck Machoke with a sparking fist, using Thunder Punch.

Machoke barely budged from the attack.

“VIRE!” Electivire shouted in a rage, swinging with another Thunder Punch.

A loud roar from far away could be heard.

I turned around to see what that was, but I couldn’t see anything.

There was a loud explosion, followed by screams and more commotion.

What is that?

June turned to the new sound, seeking the source.

Machoke and Electivire didn’t seem to notice or care about anything but each other.

Machoke took another Thunder Punch and then flexed his muscles, his body outlined in white now, blood now flowing stronger across his body. He now looked completely red, his previous gray body no longer even visible.

What is Machoke doing now? I asked myself. How much longer before he finally drops dead? I don’t want him to die, but it’s turning out to be either him or us, and I won’t let us die. What in the world happened to his belt? We have to find it in time to save him. Us.

Another loud eruption was heard, closer this time.

“ELECTIVIRE!” Electivire used Thunder Punch again, taking Machoke back just one step.

Machoke then leaped at Electivire and used Low Sweep, kicking Electivire’s feet from underneath him.

Electivire hit the ground instantly.

As Electivire tried to get up, Machoke bent his bleeding body over and raised a fist shrouded in a light blue aura.


Electivire rolled out of the way of Machoke’s attack and avoided being returned, Machoke’s fist smashing to the ground, leaving an enormous hole much larger than the fist which created it.

“Electivire, stop this! It’s not worth losing you! I love you too much, you pain in the butt!” June tried returning Electivire again.

Electivire moved out of the way again, refusing to be returned.

“STOOOP IIIIIIIT!!” June bellowed angrily as Electivire used Thunder on Machoke.

Machoke shook his head, not seeming to be bothered by the Thunder, and advanced upon Electivire.

Electivire let out an angry scream and wrapped his huge hands around Machoke’s throat as Machoke did the same to Electivire.

No time passed at all before Electivire’s eyes bulged out, just like Ivysaur’s did, and he let go of Machoke’s neck, grabbing Machoke’s hands, trying to pry Machoke off of his throat!

Machoke was strangling Electivire!

Machoke really is invincible, I realized. Nothing can stop that thing. There’s nothing any of us can do. How did this all start?

“Return, now!” June desperately tried again.

But Machoke lifted Electivire in the air, out of the way!

“NOOOO!!” I was becoming terrified for Electivire’s safety now.

June continued to try to return Electivire, but Machoke continued to swing Electivire away, refusing June to return her Pokemon!

STOP IT!” June was crying so hard now, pleading with Machoke, desperate to get her Pokemon back.

Electivire’s hands fell to his side, lifeless.

ELECTIVIRE!!” June screeched maniacally.

The sunlight from Sunny Day finally faded back to normal, and the temperature began to decrease.


Machoke dropped Electivire as another colossal Pokemon screamed out from a distance.

“Electivire!” June ran up to Electivire, mere inches away from Machoke, but not caring. Crying, she returned Electivire back to his Poke Ball.

My eyes widened at the sight of a new Pokemon.

Machamp. The evolved form of Machoke. It looked almost exactly like Machoke, only Machamp had four arms instead of two, and were typically buffer than Machoke.

I immediately noticed that this Machamp was colossally larger than any Machamp I’d ever seen before. And most horrifyingly... It didn’t have a belt on, either.

No. Why?? I panicked. What is going on, here?

Machamp was also dripping in glistening blood, its body cut up, skin ripped apart.

Machoke swung at Machamp and tossed it back, off of its feet.

Machamp got up quickly and grabbed Machoke around the neck, tackling him and tumbling head over heels on the ground with him, finally letting go and sending Machoke flying through the air and into a building.

The building shook hard and started to collapse a little, the bottom floor crushing down, the top floors sinking in slightly, raising smoke.

Finding new strength in me, I was able to raise my coat over my mouth and nose and crawl backwards, away from the destruction.

June ran to me and helped pull me back.

We both coughed as the cloud of dust filled the air, clouding our view.

June raised her own jacket over her face, the shortness of her clothing revealing a bit of her stomach.

Machamp flexed its muscles and roared loudly at the skies.

Machoke suddenly burst through the bottom half of the building, covered in dust and soot, the building further crashing down, raising up more smoke and debris. He tackled Machamp to the ground and repeatedly beat it in the face with his fists.

Machamp grabbed Machoke’s fists and they struggled, seemingly an even match.

Why? I questioned, struggling to keep my eyes open as they teared up from whatever in the air was getting in them.

June and I clung to each other, struggling to breathe in the midst of all that was happening.

Machoke stepped forward and used Headbutt on Machamp, who cried out. He then let go of Machamp’s hands and raised a fist glowing in a light blue aura, as he had tried to do to Electivire before. Machoke’s attack hit Machamp in the face.

Machamp’s face looked strange after Machoke pulled his fist away, now covered in blood that was practically pouring out.

Machoke backed away as Machamp swung at the air, its eyes red, seeming Confused, and ran forward, right through another building, smashing whatever was inside, screams heard as well.

What move was that? I was too scared to pull out my Pokedex.

Machoke turned to me. “CHOOOOOOOKE!”

Suddenly, it hit me. This wasn’t an accident.

Machoke ran towards me and June.

Two Pokemon without a belt, I considered. This can’t be a coincidence. Something is going on here.

Machoke bellowed as he got closer, June screaming out in fear, hugging me closely, tightly.

We’ll never find out what happened, I accepted.

Machoke reached his arms out at me and June, ready to crush our heads in his massive hands.

Just don’t... hurt our Pokemon, I begged, my eyes watering, staring into Machoke’s eyes. Do whatever you want to me. Just leave our Pokemon alone… Please…

Machoke’s huge hands closed in sharply to squash June and I.

I bared my teeth and glared back at Machoke, inhaling my last breath and letting out a loud groan in preparation for the impact.

June screamed her final word.

Machoke’s hands closed around us, aiming for my throat, June’s throat.


A Haunter appeared in front of us, smiling joyfully!

June and I screamed even louder!!

“HAUNT HAUNT HAUNT!!!” Haunter laughed hysterically at us.

Suddenly, Machoke’s hands burst through Haunter’s body and stopped just about an inch from June’s and my face.

The smile on Haunter’s face faded as it looked down at the hands now going through its body. The smile returned as it turned around to face Machoke, Machoke’s hands still through its body, and Haunter licked Machoke in the face and laughed.

Machoke was Paralyzed, his body twitching. He fell backwards.

Haunter laughed heartily.

“CHAAAAAMP!” Machamp exploded through the building it had been in last. Its eyes were no longer red. It wasn’t Confused anymore. It charged at the three of us.

“HAAAAAAUUUUUNT HAUNT HAUNT HAUNT!!” Haunter found all of this a riot for some reason, despite how petrified me and June were.

Machamp ran at us and Haunter flew at Machamp. Machamp swung at Haunter, but all of its hits went right through it. Haunter licked Machamp and Machamp froze in place, Paralyzed, falling to the ground.

I stared at Haunter, reliving my horror at Saffron the last time I had encountered one of these things.

But this time, it seemed that one had just saved my life instead of putting it at risk. Knowing that really didn’t make this situation seem any safer. Now, we had to deal with a Haunter. It turned to face us, an evil grin on its face, chuckling evilly as it neared us.

I crawled backwards, not turning from it.

June stayed in her spot.

“June!” I tried to shout out, but the words were caught in my throat. I started to reach out to grab her, but to my surprise, she stood up and took a step closer to the Ghost!

“Haunter!” she said loudly, covered in grey debris. She bowed. “Thank you.”

“June, don’t trust it!” I burst out, choking on my words. “Run away! Don’t you remember Saffron City?!?!”

“I do,” a voice said coldly.

June turned towards the voice. Her eyes nearly exploded. She screamed in terror, backing up.

I heard the voice, but didn’t turn around. I was paralyzed like the Machoke and Machamp. Worse, I was frozen solid. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to face it. I didn’t know how to. But the voice was unmistakable.

“How could any of us forget?” the voice added.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I turned around.

I stared Kiwi in her eyes.

Kiwi coldly glared back.

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