A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

Stop! In The Name Of Bugs

June yawned, stretching her arms behind her back, a big smile on her face. She looked up at the sky, which wasn’t very blue, but not completely gray, either, light from the sun seeming to try to show itself behind the gray clouds. “The weather is getting nice,” June commented.

I nodded, but I’d miss the cold, winter weather. The snow and the rain. I preferred it over a hot, summer day, any day. Admittedly, the cold was difficult to tolerate sometimes and I often found myself wishing it were just a bit warmer on some especially freezing cold nights in the middle of the woods.

“I really can’t wait for the summer!” June exclaimed eagerly. “It’s not far off, either. We can go to the beach and enjoy the sun and have fun!”

“I don’t do swimming,” I said grumpily. “And I don’t like the sun. And I don’t like heat.”

June burst out laughing. “You little cave hermit! How can you not like the sun? Your body needs it!”

I shrugged. “I like it cold and rainy, or snowy outside. Damper weather suits me,” I said moodily.

“You’re so weird,” June giggled, counter to my attitude. “This summer, we’re gonna break you out of that and have some fun.”

“This summer, I’ll be training for the Pokemon League and just before autumn arrives, it should be about time to compete. That will be all the fun I need.”

June rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

June and I had been walking through a field for maybe the past hour or so, tall grass grabbing at our knees that stretched out in every direction beyond what my eyes could see, and I began to wonder if we were lost.

“It’s been a while since we left Tough Town,” June noted.

It’s been six days, I thought to myself.

“Like, a week,” June added. “Where is Azure City?”I didn’t say anything, but I’d been wondering the same thing myself. We should’ve been there by now. The last time I had checked the Town Map, it had said we were only about a town away from it.

Courtney had told us Azure City was close by, as well.

Even Prof. Oak said we were close to reaching Azure City.

Nonetheless, June and I still hadn’t arrived there.

“We can’t be far,” I muttered.

“I thought it was close to Cloud City!” June complained. “It’s been over a week of traveling!”

“Calm down.” Her panic was irritating me as I tried to remain calm in this confusion. “We’ll get there, alright?”

“I’m hungry and want to take a nap,” she grumbled.

“We woke up like, two hours ago and ate.”

“Oh, just forget it, Gary,” June spoke grumpily.

I hope we get there soon, I thought, ignoring her.

June got so freaking annoying sometimes.

A cry from a distance grabbed my attention.

June looked up with a start and stared off into the distance.

The cry got louder and June stopped, looking off to the right.

“What is that?” I asked.

June didn’t answer. Her face was focused. She walked off to locate the source of the noise.

“June! Where are you going?” I cried out. “We’re gonna get lost!”

June started to run fast, determined to find the location of the sound.

I chased after her, June running much faster. “June!”

June was moving at a rapid, determined speed. She outsped me easily.

“June, hold on! What’s wrong?”

The crying noise she was after grew much closer. It sounded like something was in trouble. Or pain.

I started to become just as desperate to find out what was crying as we got closer to it.

June finally stopped running and looked down at something, her hands raised to her face.

A moment later, I caught up to her, breathing hard, and gasped.

A Pokemon was wrapped up in a net, crying out helplessly as the net shocked it with electricity every few seconds! The poor creature lay on its side, looking up at us pleadingly, moaning weakly. The net shocked the already weakened Pokemon again, causing it to scream.

“What’s going on here?” I demanded angrily and pulled out my Pokedex.

Leafeon. The Verdant Pokemon. As an Eevee, they lived in the forest for a long time, finally evolving into Leafeon when coming into contact with certain plant growth and when in a comfortable state. It is very peaceful and avoids conflict.

“Who could do this to such a kind Pokemon?” Tears trailed down June’s face.

“We’ll find out!” I assured her. “But first, let’s free this poor Pokemon.” I stepped up to the net, but it sparked again, shocking the poor victim and making me back up a step. “Okay. When it stops, I’ll grab the net and pull it off!” I waited, getting more angry as the Pokemon cried out to me for help.

The electrical shock finally stopped.

I leaped forward and grabbed the net in my hands, lifted it up, but it was wrapped all around Leafeon, making it impossible to pull off! I tugged at the material of the net, trying to break it.

It seemed to be made of some kind of sturdy wire. It wouldn’t budge in my hands.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I hit the ground, twitching in pain from the electric shock the net gave me. The feeling of the surge of sharp, tingling electricity gripping my entire body stayed with me long after it ended.

“Gary! Get up!” June’s voice rang out. “Let go of the net!”

I couldn’t move my body, but my eyes lowered to see that my hands still were gripping the net.

Leafeon looked at me with sad eyes.

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” The pain was excruciating, paralyzing, torturous.

The next thing I knew, June was next to me on her knees, her hand on my arm, looking over at something.

I couldn’t move at all aside from involuntary twitches as electricity sparked off of me occasionally. Finally, my body seemed to function properly, but I kept on shivering.

Leafeon cried out again, still inside of the net.

June was looking at it, tears trailing down her face.

“I kn-n-n-now!” I said as I stood up shakily. “I’ll c-c-c-capture it!” I grabbed a Poke Ball.

“NO!” June shouted, and I was shoved to the ground.“AAAAUGH!! Hey!!” I shouted angrily, looking up at June. That landing really hurt my already sore body. “What’s your problem??”

June glared down at me, her face streaked with tears. “I will not allow you to do that!”

Leafeon wailed out as it was shocked once again by the net.

We both turned to the horrible sight.

“It’ll go to Prof. Oak and he can look after it!” I reasoned to her, getting up. “What are you doing? Come on!”

“That’s not fair!” June yelled, facing me. “And it’s not right! Leafeon will be fine once he’s out of that damn net!”

“There’s no way to get it out of there!”

June went through her bag on the ground and pulled out a Poke Ball. “Yes, there is.” She stared me deep in the eyes. The Poke Ball she held up had a ‘B’ on the front.

Leafeon’s next shriek was nowhere near as terrible to hear as it was for the Pokemon to let it out, but I couldn’t bare to listen to it any longer.

“Help us out!” June threw the Poke Ball.

A strange, black and white striped Pokemon resembling a zebra appeared.

“What is that?” I asked in shock, not used to seeing this new Pokemon from June.

Blitzle. The Electrified Pokemon. This Pokemon catches electricity in its mane. They communicate with other Blitzle by lighting up their manes.

“Wow! I’ve never seen that one before!”

“He’s a Unova region Pokemon,” June replied, looking at Blitzle. “Tear that net apart!”

With a cry, Blitzle ran at the net and started to chew on it!

The net shocked Leafeon again, but Blitzle seemed spurred on by this, chewing harder and faster now.

“He’s not even feeling it!” I watched in amazement. “I know he’s Electric, but he isn’t even slightly bothered! He must be really powerful!”

“He is strong, but he isn’t feeling the shock because of his Ability, Motor Drive. The same Ability my Electivire has. It boosts their speed when hit with electricity.”

The net stopped harming Leafeon, but the Pokemon was breathing hard, its eyes closed tight with narrowed eyebrows, its mouth open as it took in as much air as it could with every breath.

“Oh,” was all I could manage to say as Blitzle continued to chew at the rope with vigor.

Blitzle finally snapped through a section of the net as Leafeon was being shocked again.

When the shock ended, Leafeon got to its feet and leaped through the hole. It looked at Blitzle, and then turned to me and June.

June smiled and stepped up to Leafeon. “Leafeon!” she started.

Leafeon turned before the words even left June’s mouth and ran away, disappearing in the tall grass.

June sighed and turned to me, smiling. “They can photosynthesize. He’ll be okay on his own. I hope you understand why I didn’t want you to capture him.”

I nodded. “I understand. He’s best on his own after all that. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do.”

“It’s okay, Gary.” She walked over to Blitzle and pet his head. “You were so good, Blitzle! I’m so proud of you. Thank you, sweetie.” She returned Blitzle after his happy cry and turned to me seriously. “Now we have to find the poacher who did that to Leafeon. I will not let them get away with something so disgusting and vile!”

“A poacher?” I repeated.

“DUH!” June shouted impatiently. “Clearly somebody is after rare Pokemon and is going to sell whatever they capture! We have to alert the police!”

“Well, we’re supposedly close to Azure City. Let’s try to find the way out of here and get help.”

June and I looked around.

Everything looked the same. I had no idea how to get back to where we ran from to help Leafeon. Then again, I didn’t even know where we were back then, either. We could’ve been lost the entire time. We’d been traveling through the grass for over a day.

A low hum made me turn.

“Gary, do you hear that?” June asked, looking around in confusion.

The humming grew louder, heading at us faster, sounding familiar.

“June,” I said.

The humming got closer.

“Gary?” June asked, worried.

The humming got louder.

“I think that’s a car...” I whispered, my heart pounding for some reason.

The vehicle was finally spotted, a long distance away, but heading at us fast.

“Who is that?” June gasped.

I stared at the brown pickup truck, waiting for it to stop, trying to see who was inside of it.

The vehicle skidded to a stop, turning sideways, kicking up dust right in front of June and I, causing us to back up several steps. The door opened and a black boot came out and hit the ground, followed by another one.

A tall man stepped out. He had a black beard that covered the entire lower part of his face. His cold, blue eyes looked at June and I with fury. He wore a plaid green shirt and blue jeans. His arms crossed over his chest. He looked at the ground and, upon seeing the net, growled and turned back to us. “Where is it?” he snarled in a raspy voice.

June balled her fists and stepped up to the man. “Where’s what?!” she screamed.

The man stepped up to June and sneered down at her. “Don’t play with me, girl,” he spoke threateningly.

My throat tightened fearfully, but I swallowed and stepped up to June’s side. “Back off!”

The man turned to me. “Where’s my catch?” he growled.

“You sick jerk!” I lost complete control, shoving him back as hard as I possibly could.

The well built man didn’t budge, and in fact, I was the one who fell instead.

The man shook his head and turned to June. “Where’s my catch?” he repeated, his voice rising.

“How dare you!” Her fists shook at her sides, seeming ready to punch the guy.

I got to my feet and joined June again, just about ready to try a punch at his face and see how well he took that.

“Damn nosy kids!!” the man raged.

SHUT UP!” I pulled back my arm, closed my eyes, and swung for his face. My eyes opened as my fist collided with his face.

The man’s eyes had closed, but they opened again. “Nice arm, kid,” he said in a low voice. “How’s this one?” He pulled back one of his muscular arms and forced an open palm across my face.

The hit tore through my whole body and I was tossed back like a fly. I hit the ground and looked up, seeing stars. June’s voice called my name and I blinked several times in response, shaking my head against the multiple copies of June and the poacher. Groaning, I struggled to my feet. The ground swayed underneath me, tossing me down to my knees. My eyes closed hard as the earth spun, nausea taking over, and I swallowed hard to keep from puking. I forced my eyes open and looked at June and the man as the ground swayed slightly.

The man grabbed June’s arm roughly and she cried out.

June’s hand was still holding her Blitzle’s Poke Ball.

The man stared at it and smiled sinisterly, and then turned to me. “Pokemon Trainers, eh? Maybe you two can make up for my loss you both caused...”

“Let go of me!” June shouted frantically.

I shook my head again and stood up, stumbling over myself, struggling to shake off the dizziness. “Let go of her!!”

“Don’t be difficult,” the man laughed. He snatched the Poke Ball from June’s hand and pushed her to the ground.

June squealed out as she fell.

The man walked over and lifted June’s bag from the floor, swinging it over his shoulders.

I ran at the man, ready to kick him where it hurt.

He wouldn’t be able to just laugh that off.

As I got to him and pulled my leg back, he backhanded me across the face, leaving my face stinging as I laid weakly on the ground. It was as if a steel bat had been swung at my face. I felt him grab my Poke Balls from my belt. “No...” I called out weakly, unable to see through my closed eyes. “I won’t... Let you...” My body wouldn’t budge.

“Thanks, kids,” the man said in his raspy voice.

My eyes remained closed. My body was defeated. I heard the door to his truck slam shut.

“No!” I heard June.

“No!” I repeated, forcing myself to sit up, my head immediately aching. I didn’t care, though. My Pokemon! I forced my eyes open and watched him drive away quickly, dust billowing up, causing June and I to cough and choke momentarily.

June was standing up, glaring after the vehicle.

I slowly managed to get up, feeling dizzy and sick. Sick from the man’s hit. Sick from the fact that my Pokemon had just all been snatched from me with ease.

Neither June nor I said anything for a while, the vehicle long gone.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” June shrieked at the top of her lungs to the sky above, her voice echoing, falling to her knees.

“No...” I whispered, my eyes watering.







All stolen...

I stared in shock at the spot where the pickup truck no longer stood, everything a blur as the tears started to trickle down my cheeks. I collapsed to my knees.







My Pokemon...

The tears formed faster in my eyes, flowing down my cheeks. I began to cry openly. Hard. Loud. At that moment, I gave up. I quit being a Pokemon Trainer. There was no longer a point in this anymore. I’d just lost all six of my Pokemon in no time flat. I’d failed some of my closest friends and just let them be taken from me. “CHARIZAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!!!!!” I let out in pain. My head fell to the ground and I cried in the dirt, sprawled out flat. I was nothing but a five year old, now. Even worse. A baby. I sure wasn’t a responsible ten year old able to face the world on my own and master Pokemon training.

There was nothing left for me in this world. It had stopped spinning. It had come to its end.

“Oh, shut up, will you?” a voice snapped from close by me.

I gasped, inhaling dirt from the ground. Hacking and coughing out, I sat up and turned to the voice.

June had turned, too, and was staring in shock at the person with the deep, southern accent.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, either. My hands shoved themselves into my face and wiped hard at my tears to ensure my vision was proper.

Her white socks wrapped around her ankles inside of her black shoes. She wore a black skirt and a black leather jacket, zipped up, her long brown hair twisted and wrapped around her neck, sitting on her left shoulder. A Butterfree rested on her right shoulder. Her pretty face was twisted in a look of disgust that she usually had for me.

“Huh?” I blinked repeatedly, still unconvinced I was seeing straight. “You, again?”

“Ugh, I knew it,” the girl said, shaking her head. “I just knew it! You again. Whatever your name is...”

“I’m not in the mood,” I whimpered sadly, lowering my eyes. “Please. Just leave me alone.”

“So, you’re back with the big mouth,” she said, completely ignoring me, looking at June. “The other girl was a pretty conceited little thing. Plus, nowhere near as pretty as this one is. I guess you made a good choice.”

That just about set me off and I stood up. “Get. Out,” I growled viciously, stepping towards her, willing to actually punch this girl in her face for her comment, not even concerned about her disgusting Butterfree. If I didn’t punch her, I was certain I was close to choking her out.She smirked and stepped closer to me.

Her Butterfree cried out and flapped its wings at me. “Freeeeee!

I inhaled sharply through my nose and backed up a few steps, still glaring at her.

The girl busted out laughing. “He’s still afraid of Bugs!”

My eyes watered up again as I looked to the ground.

June blew past me and shoved the girl back.

The Butterfree girl uttered a shocked cry and fell, looking up at June, stunned.

Butterfree flapped its wings, hovering in the air, calling angrily at June.

“Listen you little prissy, ignorant, big mouthed, conceited, ugly, stuck up, filthy little parasite!” June began, ignoring Butterfree. She kicked at the ground angrily and dirt rose up, hitting the girl in the face.

“Hey!!” the Butterfree girl complained.

“We are not in the mood for your crap today! Go suck some venom from an Arbok’s fangs if you’re bored or go in the ocean and go spit at some Gyarados,” June continued. “Or better yet, just choke. Grab a couple handfuls of maggots, shove them down your nasty little throat, and just do your parents, and the rest of us decent people on this planet, a favor and choke!

I stared at June in complete horror.

The girl looked at June, mortified, and then leered at her.

June looked ready to stomp the girl’s face.

Butterfree glared at June.

The girl swallowed and stood up, dusting off her clothes and brushing at her face. Suddenly, she swung a fist at June!

June was punched in the cheek! With an angry yell, she grabbed the Butterfree girl by the hair.

The Butterfree girl grabbed June’s hair back and they shrieked, yanking on each other, pulling each other to the ground. June was on her back as the Butterfree girl slapped her repeatedly.

June spit in her face and the girl uttered in disgust. She then forced the girl onto her back and wrapped her hands around her throat, choking her.

The Butterfree girl gagged, struggling to get June’s hands off of her as her legs kicked out like crazy.

Butterfree cried angrily, circling June, flapping its wings furiously.

“Stop it!” I grabbed June by her shoulders and forced her off of the girl.

June struggled in my arms, but I held her back as best as I could.

The Butterfree girl gasped and coughed repeatedly on her knees, on hand on her throat, her other hand on the ground. She looked up at June with rage.

“Just get out!” I yelled at her. “I told you we’re not in the mood today! Our Pokemon have been stolen. And... we really don’t need to see the likes of you, okay? Just get out of here!”

“NO!” June insisted. “STAY! Get off of me, Gary! I’ll kill her! I swear it! I’ll kill her! Come at me! I’m right here! Come on, you little zit! I’ll pop you one real good!”

The Butterfree girl stared at me and stood up. “What did you say?” she coughed. Her Butterfree landed on her right shoulder and stared at me.

“I said to get out!” I demanded, ready to let June just kick the girl’s butt. “Now! Or I’ll let June take care of you. I don’t care anymore! I’ve had enough of you already!”

“You Pokemon were stolen?” the Butterfree girl asked, not moving, staring at me, the rage fading to a lesser form of anger, actually seeming concerned.

“Yeah...” I said hesitantly. “A poacher trapped a Leafeon and we freed it. Then, he stole our Pokemon and drove away.”

The Butterfree girl looked at me silently as June continued to curse and struggle in my arms. She reached at her belt and pulled out a Poke Ball. “Venonat. Go.” She held out the Poke Ball and the Pokemon was sent out of it.

“Veno. Nat!” the disgusting, absolutely gross looking, tick-like, flea-like, thing spoke.

“What are you doing?” I whined in disgust. “Just leave already! I’m not in the mood for your damn games!”

The Butterfree girl’s face went angry. “I’m trying to help you two out! I’m going to find your Pokemon!”

June stopped struggling.

My grip on her loosened. “What?” I asked in shock.

“Venonat can track down things,” the girl explained. “There’s no doubt that he’ll find this poacher.”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it! “Wait...” I stared at her cautiously. “Why would you help us?”

The girl’s face was dead serious. “Poachers make me sick. I’ll never allow such people to just get away with crimes like that. Some people just do not deserve the air they are blessed to breathe. Poachers are in my book as one of those people. I won’t let this person get away with it!”

I nodded.

The Butterfree girl turned to June. “I don’t care about you two,” she said rudely. “But your Pokemon are in danger. I do this for them and them only. Even if they’ll be returned to people like you two.”

June growled and stepped to the Butterfree girl.

I grabbed June and pulled her back. “What do you want in return?”

The Butterfree girl looked at me. “I’ll hope to never see either of your faces again.”

“I can’t promise that. We seem to keep bumping into each other involuntarily.”

“Lucky me,” the girl replied. “When you get your Pokemon back, just get out of my damn face.”


“You said he drove away?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “In a pickup truck.”

She turned to her Venonat. “Go track down a pickup truck and locate this guy immediately. You know what to do from there.”

“Veno. Nat!” Venonat looked out towards the horizon and stayed still and silent.

June, me, the Butterfree girl and her Pokemon watched it silently.

“Veno! Nat! Veno! Nat!” the Venonat leaped up and down, staring at something.

“Don’t waste time! Get out there and take care of it!” the Butterfree girl ordered sharply.

“Venonat!” Venonat suddenly ran off, disappearing in a matter of seconds.

“Shouldn’t we chase after it?” I asked frantically.

“Yeah,” the Butterfree girl said softly, and started to walk in the direction Venonat went.

“Come on!” I urged, and ran past June and the Butterfree girl in the direction Venonat went in.

“Relax!” the Butterfree girl called.

I stopped and turned to her in disbelief. “RELAX?!

She nodded, her eyes closed. She slowly opened them. “We’ll get there in time. You have no idea where Venonat went and you’ll only end up lost, your anger and desperation confusing you and making you unable to think clearly. That poacher has nowhere to run, now.” She walked past me calmly. “Just trust me.”

I watched her for a second and then turned to June, who had her eyes on the girl. My eyes returned to the girl with Butterfree. “Hey!” I ran to catch up to her. “Why do you have a Venonat? That’s a Bug type!”

She ignored me.

“Stop ignoring me! Who are you?” I grabbed her shoulder.

The Butterfree girl turned to me coldly. “Don’t touch me! I owe you nothing! I’m helping you get back your Pokemon. After that, I want nothing more to do with you. Now remove your hand from me.”

I slowly removed my hand, unsure of how to respond.

“Hmph,” the Butterfree girl responded, and continued walking.

June and I followed the Butterfree girl, a few feet between us.

Who is she? I wondered. If I at least knew her name, even that’d be better than nothing.

June was looking around, a worried look on her face.

I remembered when I first met the Butterfree girl, being chased in Viridian Forest by the swarm of Beedrill. Her Butterfree came out and saved my life, putting the Beedrill to Sleep. She ridiculed me and told me to just go back to Pallet Town. The second time we met was in Celadon City, briefly, where she made fun of me and refused to tell me who she was, and in the process, angered June. In Fuchsia City, Aly and her almost got into a fight, and we ended up battling, her Nincada beating my Primeape and evolving into Ninjask, as well as a Shedinja. She then sent her Bugs to scare me and made me look like a big baby in front of people. Aly came to comfort me after that mean joke of hers.

Aly... My eyes filled up suddenly. I failed, Aly. I promised to make it on this journey, and I’ve let you down. Blinking out tears, I sniffled, my heart beating faster as I thought of Ivysaur. Aly, I’m so sorry. I’ve ruined everything. Why, Aly...? Why wasn’t it just me...? Why aren’t you on this road instead, or one similar? My eyes closed tight and I inhaled. Be stronger than this, Gary. You’re on this road, for Aly! She wouldn’t give up in this situation. You know that. And neither can you. We have to save those Pokemon and stop this poacher! You can’t give up! Your Pokemon are counting on you, right this very moment! I held back the tears and looked up, glancing around, trying to locate Venonat.

The Butterfree girl walked straight ahead, not seeming worried at all.

“Excuse me,” I spoke up.

The Butterfree girl didn’t say anything.

“My name is Gary,” I informed her. “I come from Pallet Town, and my first ever Pokemon was a Charmander. He was very disobedient at first and very prideful, and he got me in trouble with a bunch of Mankey when he burned down their home while trying to attack a separate Mankey that I ended up catching. The group of Mankey beat me within an inch of my life, and Charmander left me. I managed to save my Mankey and my own life, and Charmander returned to me in Viridian Forest to apologize. He hadn’t abandoned me like I had thought. He didn’t think things would go as bad as they did with the Mankey. He ended up saving my life against the Beedrill after they awoke from your Butterfree’s Sleep Powder and we reunited. We’ve traveled Kanto together, and so far, I have six Badges. I’ve captured...” I paused for a moment. “...eleven different Pokemon.” I stopped again as I reflected on my Beedrill, feeling the emotions rising with me, and then cleared my throat. “I captured a Hoothoot, a Weedle who evolved into a Beedrill but was traded for my Kingdra, Dugtrio, Metapod who is now a Butterfree, Baltoy, Weepinbell, Porygon-Z, and I was given an Ivysaur.” Taking a deep breath, I waited for the heavy feelings in my chest to fade. “My Charmander had evolved into a Charmeleon during our Gym battle in Obsidian City against Shane, the Ghost Gym Leader, and then into a Charizard recently during our battle with Cleopatra, the Dark Gym Leader of Dark City. We’ve come so far. We’ve done and seen so much. This is just a small introduction about myself. Might I ask your name?”

The Butterfree girl didn’t say anything. She just continued to walk.

With a sigh, I opted to just shut up. I had thought that by giving a little bit of information about myself, maybe the girl with the Butterfree on her shoulder would open up just a little bit to me. I was wrong.

“There’s no need to be rude!” June snapped. “What has Gary ever done to you?”


“What is your problem??” June yelled.

The girl kept moving.

“June, please...” I was tired of dealing with the Butterfree girl. “Just stop. Please. Just leave it alone.”

June mumbled something under her breath.

The sky was turning a brighter shade of blue, the sun poking out from behind the whitening clouds. Things were beginning to look more bright and friendly outside, to my dismay. It’s always nice and beautiful to have the sun out. I may not prefer it, but it always gives a refreshing feeling to the body.

But the seclusive feeling that comes with a cloudy, stormy day. The peace of mind I get from the sound of rain falling and thumping to the ground. The odd, damp, deep, moving aroma of rain. Dreary, cold weather. It gave me a much needed sense of peace and feeling of understanding and being understood.

A loud noise like something exploded was heard from far away.

“What was that?” I jumped.

June looked up to the sky. “Thunder? Maybe a storm is on its way?”

I looked up at the brightening sky, seeing no signs of a storm. “I dunno...”

The Butterfree girl kept on walking, seeming uninterested in the noise we heard. Suddenly, she made a turn to the left and kept going.

“Hey, where are you going?” I asked as June and I followed her.

She didn’t respond.

It was then that I saw it.

Smoke billowing up into the air from a spot in the grass a far distance.

“A fire!” June gasped.

“Come on! The whole area could catch on fire!” I panicked, coming to a stop. “We have to do something!”

June stopped with me, her eyes on the smoke.

“Relax,” the Butterfree girl spoke easily.

June and I turned to her.

“I told you. Everything is under control. We’ll get there in time.”

Worry was written all over June’s face as she turned to me. “What should we do?”

I turned to the Butterfree girl, and then back to June. “She’s headed in the direction of the smoke. Maybe we should just follow her.”

“But, Gary-” June started.

“I trust her, June,” I interrupted. “It may be stupid, but let’s just trust her this once. After this, we don’t have to ever see her again.”

June stared me in my eyes for a moment, but nodded. “Okay. But, only because I trust you. Although, that’s not always the best decision, either.”

“Whatever. I just want my Pokemon back.” I waved her off and walked after the other girl.

“Me, too,” June whispered after me.

After a long walk, we were just a few feet away from the scene.

I heard a familiar voice repeatedly.

June, me, and the Butterfree girl stopped and laid our eyes on the cause of the smoke.

“Venonat! Venonat! Veno! Nat! Venonat!” Venonat was leaping up and down. It was staring at the pickup truck, now completely burnt black and broken down, smoking rising from it!

The poacher lay facedown on the ground, his clothes burnt, holes through them. He was bleeding from his head, his hair and the side of his face coated in blood. He had an angry look on his face as he lay there unconscious.

The sight was unbelievable!

June looked like she couldn’t believe her eyes, either.

The Butterfree girl returned Venonat back to his Poke Ball and stared at the man. She walked over to him and sneered. With a quick movement, she hawked a large ball of spit at his face and then kicked him in the head, getting a bit of blood on her shoes. She turned to me with a nasty look. “I told you to trust me.”

The sound of police sirens and alarms caused me to turn around.

Before long, several police cars, an ambulance, and three fire trucks pulled up around us.

Firefighters leaped from the truck and gazed at the area.

A few EMTs got out of the ambulance.

Several police officers walked over.

The Butterfree girl stepped up to one of them.

“Good to see you again!” an Officer Jenny smiled.

“The feeling is mutual,” the Butterfree girl replied, bowing respectfully, not smiling, but carrying a much warmer and respectful look on her face. She looked at the poacher. “This guy is a poacher and has stolen Pokemon from these Trainers.” She pointed at June and I.

“There he is!” The officer pointed at the poacher. “Stanley!”

Instantly, several police officers ran up to the poacher and grabbed him.

He groaned as he was lifted up by three male officers.

“We’ve got you now, Stan,” one of the officers said roughly, putting the man in handcuffs. “You’re going down this time.”

The officers dragged the weak man to the ambulance and he was placed in the back with the help of the EMTs. The ambulance doors closed, and before long, it drove off.

A male officer walked up to me and June. “Are you two kids okay?” he asked.

We both nodded.

“We’re fine,” I told him. “But-” Something large hit me in the chest and I stumbled back, grabbing the item.


I turned to see the Butterfree girl. She had shoved an enormous object at me.

MY BAG!” June snatched it away from me and set it on the floor.

I immediately noticed six Poke Balls on the top of it. “Wait! Then those must belong to me!” I snatched the six Poke Balls.

June unzipped her bag and grabbed several Poke Balls. “My Pokemon! They’re all here!” She hugged them all tightly.

I attached my Poke Balls to my belt and beamed. Life felt like it could continue again. With my Pokemon back, I was complete. I could handle the world and the misery within it, creating new happiness with my friends. Without them, it seemed like my life was at its end.

“Thanks, you kids,” the officer still in front of me said. “We’ve been looking for that guy for a long time. We finally got him. He’s going down for a loooooooong time.”

“Well, it wasn’t us who did anything,” I said quickly. “June and I were robbed, but it was her who saved us all.” I pointed to the Butterfree girl.

She looked at me briefly and then walked away, stopping in front of the Officer Jenny she greeted and extended a hand. “Nice seeing you again.”

“Likewise.” Officer Jenny shook her hand once, the handshake ending quickly as the Butterfree girl seemed to remove her hand and walk away. “Take care...?” Officer Jenny seemed taken aback.

The Butterfree girl nodded and walked off past the cop cars and the fire trucks.

“Hey!” I chased after her.

“Gary, hold on!” June followed.

I stopped running and just walked behind the girl. “Hey!”

She didn’t answer.

I followed the Butterfree girl in silence, knowing that she knew full well that we were behind her.

We all walked, away from the commotion that was caused by the poacher, leaving the cops and everyone else far behind us.

Finally, I got tired of it all. I ran forward and blocked her path, extending my arms.

The Butterfree girl had a stone cold look on her face. “I got you your Pokemon back. Now keep your word and leave me alone!”

I took a deep breath. “Thank you for your help. I will keep my word. I’m sorry.” I stepped out of her way.

The Butterfree girl walked past me.

I watched her quietly, grateful and disappointed at the same time.

To my surprise, June ran past me and grabbed the Butterfree girl’s shoulder.

The girl looked back, baring her teeth, and her eyes widened as she saw it was June this time.

“I didn’t thank you, either,” June said. “Please. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I truly am indebted to you.”

The Butterfree girl sucked her teeth and pulled away from June, scowling. She turned and left June behind.

June grabbed the Butterfree girl’s shoulder again and turned her around angrily, making her and her Butterfree gasp.

“LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!” the Butterfree girl raged. “You freaking stalkers!! You promised you’d leave me alone, so beat it!” She tried to turn around again.

“I didn’t promise you anything!” June said determinedly, not letting the Butterfree girl go.

The Butterfree girl squinted at June. “What do you want?”

“A Pokemon battle,” June answered.

I gasped.

The Butterfree girl’s face expressed surprise.

“Freeee?” Butterfree also didn’t seem to expect this.

“You and me,” June requested. “A three-on-three Pokemon battle. Nothing to gain. Nothing to lose. Just you and me. Okay?”

The two girls eyed each other, but no answer was given.

The Butterfree girl’s face relaxed just a little bit and she gave June more calm, though still hard, look. “Get off of me.” She shoved June off of her and proceeded from us.

June and I just watched, staying in our place.

Not speaking.

After she had gotten several feet from us, the Butterfree girl stopped and turned, facing June, a widened Poke Ball in her hand. “I won’t lose,” she accepted coldly.

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