A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

The End Of June

“I’m a little disappointed,” June complained. “Summer’s right around the corner and it’s not all that hot out right now!”“Summer? We just barely got into spring!” I responded.

June turned to look at me. “That’s not true. It may not have felt like spring, but spring is just about over. We’re headed for summer, and fast.”

I gaped at June, stunned. I only had seven Badges. There was still one more for me to get, and then make my way to the Pokemon League at the Indigo Plateau! The Pokemon League started sometime early in the fall. Was I going to make it in time?

“When we left the Pokemon Center in Cloud City, the calendar there said it was like, the middle of June,” June stated. “We’ve been traveling for quite some time now, trying to find Azure City. It may be summer right now, to be honest. My point is, the weather is pretty calm right now. I really was looking forward to some heat and sun already.”

“Screw that!” I yelled. “I have to get my last Badge and we have to get to the Pokemon League! Immediately! Come on!” I ran ahead, my feet pounding into the gravel covered ground beneath my feet.

Trees lined the rocky path I ran through, the afternoon sun blocked by white clouds, a cool breeze pushing against me.

“GARY!” June shouted angrily. “Cut it out! You have plenty of time!”

“We have to get to Pewter City! I have to meet Aurora again!”

Aurora. I remembered her all too well. I recalled the first time we battled and how easily she had defeated Charmander with her Graveler in one hit. Mankey defeated Graveler in a tough match, but lost to Kabutops, even though he evolved during the end of the battle. During our rematch, Graveler defeated both Primeape and my Charmander. In our final match, Aurora’s Graveler beat my Hoothoot, but lost to Primeape. Primeape ended up losing to Kabutops easily. Her Kabutops was incredibly strong, but I was determined to defeat that thing. By any means.

“Gary, will you please just wait up??”

I slowed down but kept up a fair jog, looking back angrily.

June was running after me, breathing hard, glaring. “Come on, Gary. Stop this. We’ll make it in time.”

“The Pokemon League is only a couple of months away, more or less,” I insisted. “I don’t need you slowing me down, June. Now come on!” I turned away and picked up my pace.

“Gary!” June begged.

I ignored her, thinking about Aurora.

“Our current Gym Leader hasn’t lost a Pokemon match with a challenger in at least four years,” Nurse Joy’s voice rang in my brain.

It’d be going on five years, now, I thought. Has anyone beaten her since my three attempts? I’m coming for that Badge, Aurora. I hope you remember me, because when I’m done with you, you certainly will keep me in your mind for quite some time afterwards. As I ran, my thoughts continued.

Her beautiful, long blonde hair. Her seductive, dark brown eyes. Her frightening, threatening, intimidating battling style.

The Boulder Badge is mine, I promised. No matter what. I will not be leaving Pewter City without it. And I’m not gonna lose at all this time. I’m leaving with that Badge.

“Gary, will you look at what I found?” June shouted.

I was yanked from my thoughts as I kept on moving, but slowed down.

June was on her knees a long distance behind me, staring at something.

“June, what is it?” I asked impatiently. I stopped running and stared at her.

“I think somebody dropped a Poke Ball in this bush.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised. I started to walk back over to her. A Poke Ball out here? Had a Trainer dropped it by accident? Did it contain a Pokemon?

June reached out into the bush she was knelt down next to.

A loud cry was heard, and the bush rustled.

I stopped and stared with widening eyes.

June cried out and fell back, her bag falling from her shoulder and landing next to her.

A purple powder flew out at her from inside of the bush.

June inhaled with horror and covered her face. She curled up into a ball and started choking heavily.

“JUUUUNE!” I sprinted to her. A large mushroom leaped out from the bushes, causing me to scream out and stop.

This wasn’t a regular mushroom. The top of its head looked like a Poke Ball, red on top and white on the bottom. It turned to look at me, and then immediately hopped away.

I angrily pulled out my Pokedex.

Foongus. The Mushroom Pokemon. It’s said the pattern of the Poke Ball is based on the design on their heads. However, this is also debated as an evolutionary defense mechanism. They spray poison at both people and Pokemon.

“JUUUUUNE!” I took a leap towards my friend as the Foongus disappeared into the trees.

June was squirming, gasping, and twitching in pain. She fell onto her back and stretched out, her fists clenched, tears silently falling from her eyes. Her face was flushed with purple. Her eyes turned to me, begging for help as she convulsed on the floor.

“June! No!” I grabbed her shoulder, my heart feeling ready to explode from panic. “June, please!” I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew that talking wasn’t going to help.

June started shivering less, staring at me. Her eyes littered tears, her chest heaving repeatedly.

“June, you’ve been poisoned!”

The purple in her face grew darker and her eyes started to slowly close.

“Wake up!!” I yelled. I shook her shoulders roughly. “Fight! Damn it, June!

June’s eyes opened slightly, but started to close again.

JUNE!!!” I shook her again.

June’s eyes opened a little bit, tears dripping from them continuously.

An idea came to my head. I dropped my bag to the ground and opened it with shaky hands, digging through it, tossing everything inside of it to the ground.

Clothes, a toothbrush, two towels, a bottle of shower gel, one bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, and a few other items of mine fell out. The bag was completely empty. No Antidotes, Full Heals, or anything to help June out.

I stared in dismay at a couple of Potions and a bottle of water before looking over to June’s bag. I pulled it over to me and carefully pulled all of its contents out. Mostly similar products were removed from her bag as well as Poke Balls, things I didn’t know their use for, and things I didn’t think she really needed, and I spread them out. Her bag didn’t seem to contain any useful items for healing her.

June coughed.

I turned to her.

She had her eyes closed, still breathing.

“June, this can’t be happening!” I gripped her by the shoulders and shook her hard.

June’s eyes didn’t budge open this time.

JUNE!!” Her body flung about wildly in my desperation to keep her conscious. “Get up!!

June’s eyes remained closed as she continued taking deep breaths.

“Damn it!! June, wake the hell up!!”

June remained.

I would have slapped her across the face if I was sure it’d open her eyes! I let go and glared at her, gritting my teeth. Inhaling deeply, I held my breath, thinking, and exhaled after a minute. I have to carry her to Pewter City, I told myself. It’s the only way.

“Pewter City is just a good day or two away, depending on how fast you travel,” Gale had told me when I asked her for directions there. “It’s a straight path. You’ll be there without any problems.”

We don’t have a day to wait, I thought, my anger rising. I can’t make it there in a day while carrying June. I can’t just leave her here to go and get help, either. I gasped and pulled out my Pokedex. “Come on,” I urged the Pokedex as I opened it and turned it on. “I need some information on how to cure Poison! Please!

PSNCureBerry. A very rare Berry more commonly located in the Johto region and is known to cure Poison.

Pecha Berry. Used to cure Poison.

Lum Berry. Used to cure any health problem.

Drash Berry. A very rare Berry that has been suspected of existing somewhere, but no one knows where. It is said to be able to cure Poison.

Miracle Berry. A Berry rumored to have been spotted and used at one time. It has never been officially recorded as existing. It is said to be able to cure any health problem.

I stared at the images of the five berries. The location of these berries weren’t anywhere near where I was, if not completely unknown. The Drash Berry and the Miracle Berry had no known location, but were thought to exist somewhere. It was better than nothing. Even if I couldn’t find the mythical berries, I could try and find the other three.

June gasped in a low, weak voice. Her eyes were still closed, her breathing as hard and frustrated as before.

“June,” I said softly, placing my hand on her shoulder, rubbing it. “I’m not leaving you. I will help you. I will find a Berry and heal you, June, but I will not leave you. I’m here with you, no matter what. Keep me with you. I’ll keep you with me as I go and found the Berry that will help you. We’ll stay together. Just stay awake!”

June continued to keep her eyes closed, her breathing strained, croaking.

I stood up and stared at our stuff all over the ground. There’s no time, I told myself. In the next instant, I turned around in a circle, looking at the trees around us. I could see apples hanging from the trees nearby. Berries I didn’t recognize but didn’t look like any of the five Berries I sought after also hung from the branches. How am I gonna find the right Berry? I wondered in frustration. I’m going to have to search through miles of trees, and I still may not find the right one to save June.

She looked so weak. Frail. If June didn’t keep up her energy and keep on trying to stay alive, the poison would take over immediately and...

I closed my eyes and shook my head. With a loud, angry cry, I ran into the woods, past June. If only we had the right items, I thought with rage, furious that neither of us had any items to cure June of her poisoning.


Thanks to the incident in Saffron City, Silph Co. was destroyed, and the supplies of items were dangerously low. That was why we didn’t have the proper items in our supplies. Maybe if we hadn’t stopped that Haunter, Silph Co. would’ve still been up and running, somehow, I thought, dread filling my heart. This is all my fault. If anything happens to June... Pokemon ran away from me as I tore through the woods, desperate to find the right Berry. I hoped I hadn’t passed by one already in my rush. If anything happens to her, I’ll never forgive myself. Ever! This is entirely my own fault. I stopped that Haunter with Sabrina’s Kadabra. Everything was just fine until I stuck my big nose into things. Now there are robberies and low supplies on items.

I knew that by stopping Haunter at Saffron, I had done the right thing. I didn’t truly regret having stopped Haunter’s evil. But realizing that it contributed to June and I being unprepared in such a critical situation made me feel complete regret. Now, June is poisoned... My eyes filled with tears now as I thought back on the days when things were so simple.

Kiwi, me, Aly, and Robin. The best of friends growing up together with a similar dream to become the greatest Pokemon Trainers the world had ever seen.

Now, Kiwi is so... different.

Robin is completely unreadable. Who he was is nothing like who he is now, where anything sets him off and can turn into a fight, it seems.

And Aly... My Aly...

Tears dripped from my eyes quickly as I struggled to keep my focus, sure I had not even noticed plenty of Berries, fearing I may have ran right by one of the Berries I needed so desperately. June... I reminded myself.

“It looks like Squirtle and that Trainer over there with the Charmeleon have a closer bond than the Squirtle has with her owner,” I remembered June’s words the first time I met her when Robin and I had battled in Gringey City. “My name is June. I’m the Gym Leader of Gringey City. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled brightly and brushed her red hair out of her face and extended her hand to me.

I reflected on how beautiful I thought June looked the first time I laid eyes on her. How her beauty had utterly intimidated me and caused me to stutter when trying to talk to her.

Several Pokemon scattered, flew, and dug their way away from me as I tore through the grass in the woods, so different from the rocky path that lined the way June and I were traveling through. I tripped over something suddenly and soared through the air, slamming to the ground hard. I cried out as I slid. My face laid on my right arm as I came to a stop. June... I thought. This can’t be. I sniffled as I started to cry into my arm. I felt so weak. I was completely exhausted. I began to feel like I was wasting time by looking for these Berries that couldn’t possibly exist or were nowhere here. I swallowed and formed fists with both of my hands. June is dying, I accepted. My heart stung painfully at this thought, but my eyebrows furrowed as I thought it again. June is dying... I lifted my head up a little bit. June is dying, I repeated firmly. And that’s why I won’t... ever... give up on you. I forced myself to my feet and stumbled forward into a run.

So many kinds of fruits hung from the tree branches, grabbing my attention as I tried to identify them all individually as I ran past. I pulled out my Pokedex and checked out the five Berries once again, trying to see if maybe I had indeed spotted one of them. None of the Berries in my Pokedex looked like what I had ran past. I looked up and glanced around frantically. These Berries aren’t located in this area, I thought angrily. They’re just not here. My eyes watered as I looked around anyway, walking forward slowly, breathing hard. My eyes were clouded with tears and I raised my arm, wiping them away. I’ll save you, June. I’ll find you those damn Berries. Please, June. Stay with me. You’re in my heart. I won’t let you go. Just keep me with you, June. Don’t leave me... Everything looked the same. No matter where I looked, it was all the same scene of trees and grass and the occasional Pokemon or animal scurrying past. It had been a short while later before my shoulders finally collapsed. I can either continue looking for these damn imaginary Berries, or I can go back and try to find some other means to save June, I thought wearily. Looking through here isn’t helping. Unless I find the right Berry immediately, I’m just going to wind up deeper in this forest. I may even find the damn Berry but get lost. If that happens, I’ll be of no use to June. But what can I possibly do by giving up and going back? My eyes closed as I put my mind into deep thought. The terror filling my body caused me to shed stinging tears. I couldn’t give up, and yet, getting lost in this forest wasn’t going to save June, either. Why is this happening?!??


My eyes shot open.


My breathing got heavier.


I took a deep, shaky breath. This is all Courtney’s fault, I realized. She got us lost. She got us to take this path instead of the proper route. June is sick because of Courtney! I growled angrily as this fact came to my mind. My breathing intensified. I was ready to kill Courtney for this. “COOOOOOURTNEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!” I bellowed in the forest, my voice echoing, birds flying from their roosting areas. I turned around and shot back through the forest. I aimed directly for June, furiously tearing through anything in my way. This is all Courtney’s damn fault, the stupid, damn, evil, crooked girl. If anything happens to June, I swear. I absolutely swear!

The less competition I had, the easier I could win,” Courtney’s words ran in my head, clear as day.

Courtney tried to keep me from competing in the Starter Competition. Now, she’s trying to keep me from battling in the Pokemon League. If the result of her psychotic prank is the loss of June, I’ll ensure that she never competes in any life activities. I promise I’ll... I will...! Courtney, this has gone too far! I could see Courtney in my head with her attractive, pink hair and her smile I might actually enjoy looking at if it weren’t plastered on the face of such a complete psychopath. Thinking of June, I swung into the air furiously as Courtney’s face surrounded me. I punched at the multiple copies of Courtney and screamed in fury, finally bursting through the other side of the woods and returning to the gravel ground. I stopped and looked over, spotting June instantly.

She was on her side, her arm outstretched towards the mess of our stuff everywhere.

“June,” I whispered weakly. I stumbled over to her and fell to my knees, ignoring the pain as my knees collided with the rough ground. “June, you’re still alive. You’re up...” My eyes remained on her as I silently cried.

Her entire face, down to her throat, looked almost completely black. She was breathing in short, quick breaths as she cried without a sound.

I couldn’t stand seeing June like this, but I couldn’t turn away. “June,” I said weakly, whining in a low voice, tears landing on the dry rocks below. “I promise you, I tried. I tried to find you some help in the woods with Berries. I tried, but there are none here. June, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, June. June, I don’t know what else to do. I can’t just let you... you... you... d...” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I let out a cry and my head fell to her shoulder. I cried against her. “June, I’m so sorry.” My words were muffled as I spoke on her. “I failed you. I...” I continued to cry, reaching out my hands and gripping her shoulders tightly.

“Gary! Please! Hold on!” I remembered June had called as I had left Gringey City to head for Celadon City. “I just want to understand what it means to be a great Pokemon Trainer first. I want to battle and travel the world and see how the real masters do it and then, maybe someday, I will pursue becoming a proper Pokemon Trainer. But first, I need to understand what that means.”

Tears dripped even faster from my eyes.

“Let me come with you!”

I gasped and let the tears flow.

“I want to travel the world! I want to see new things and people and Pokemon!” June had pleaded to me.

I was now sobbing uncontrollably, wrapping my arms around her and holding her gently.

Kiwi! Join our group!!” June had eagerly insisted when meeting Kiwi just before entering Saffron City.

I cried even louder against her, my hug tightening just slightly. “June... Don’t...” I wiped my eyes against her shoulder. “June, I’m so, so, sorry. Please, June. June, through everything we’ve been through, and all the things we’ve argued over, and all the fun we had on our journey, I need-”

June was shaking harder, interrupting what I had felt would be my final words to her.

I lifted my head and saw her reaching out beyond me. “Huh?”

She seemed to be reaching for her bag, her single arm shaking viciously.

“June,” I whispered, staring at her.

She was definitely trying to grab amongst her things laid out. What could be there that she was using the last of her strength to obtain?

My heart beating urgently, my entire body fearing there might just be something in there I had missed that June was after so desperately, I poked through everything carefully. It didn’t take long before I saw a Poke Ball. My vision focused on it as realization set into my heart and I scooped it up.

June slowly turned and reached up shakily for the Poke Ball I was holding, gasping hoarsely.

I stared at the Poke Ball.

The Poke Ball had a sticker with the letter ‘A’ on it.

I turned back to June, my eyes sore from crying.

June continued reaching up into the air for it, gasping a weak noise that gave me the shivers.

Her Pokemon, I considered. Does she want to see them? My mouth opened in shock suddenly. Her Pokemon...

June’s arm started to lower, the pain from her poisoning restricting her movements.

Does June want to see her Pokemon?

She stared at the Poke Ball in my hand with an intense desire and need in her eyes.

Of course she does, I understood painfully in my chest. In her last moments, she wants to be with her Pokemon. I wiped my eyes with my arms and picked up her nine other Poke Balls. Getting up and backing away a few feet, I sent out all of her Pokemon at once.

Her closest friends.

Her family...


“Pi Pikachu Pika!”






Ampharos, Lanturn, and Rotom also cried out.

At once, they all, including Electivire, faced June. They all let out a collective, startled set of sounds.

June seemed to smile upon seeing her Pokemon. Her lips curved up just slightly, barely noticeable. Her arm collapsed and her eyes closed immediately, a few tears leaking out. Her lips parted slightly as she mumbled something I couldn’t hear. She soon went completely silent and didn’t move.

This is how it ends? I wondered, my heart beating wildly. Quietly? With me and her Pokemon surrounding her, just staring? This is how June wants it to end? This is my... goodbye to June?

Rotom cried out in a low voice.

“Chu...?” Pikachu said, stepping closer to June.

“Blllitzle...” Blitzle said mournfully.

“Manectric...” Manectric whispered sadly.

“Eeeee?” Eevee questioned.

“Galvantula...” the spider spoke up.

“Magneton...” Magneton whined in a low voice.

Lanturn let out a sharp gurgle.

“Elec?” Electivire tilted his head.

Ampharos let out a low cry and stepped up to June. She placed her hands on June’s shoulders and let out another cry. Her tail shook rapidly, the ball at the end of it glowing blue.

A bell rang through the air, causing me to look around for a moment before looking back at Ampharos, realizing she was causing the chime.

The Pokemon’s hands glowed blue, and immediately, June started to glow blue!

I gasped and took a step closer, watching.

Ampharos stood there for a long while, and finally, her tail stopped shaking and glowing, and her hands stopped glowing as well. The chiming stopped.

An uncomfortable silence filled the area as everyone focused on June with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

June’s blue glow disappeared, but she didn’t move.

I swallowed. What just happened?

I wasn’t sure what Ampharos had done, but June was still dark in the face, motionless.

I let out my breath in a sigh, feeling weak, depressed, and defeated.

The deep purple in June’s face suddenly lessened.

I squinted my eyes, unsure if I was seeing things or not.

The color in June’s face returned completely within a few seconds, the purple disappearing entirely!

“June?” I whispered.

June’s eyes twitched, and finally... finally, opened!

“June!” I burst out in disbelief.

June sat up slowly, groaning, her eyes squinting as she looked at us all. Her eyes suddenly popped open and she crawled on her hands and knees towards the trees, held her hair back, and I heard her vomit.

I normally would closed my eyes, and I almost did, but I couldn’t turn away. I was too happy to see that June was alive!

June spit several times in the trees and wiped her mouth before she turned around and crawled back over to us, moaning weakly, looking disgusted.

Before I could move, her Pokemon all ran to her, except for Electivire. They landed on top of her, showing her affection.

Electivire crossed his arms and turned away, grunting.

June gasped in surprise at her Pokemons’ affection and laughed loudly.

“June...” I murmured, a smile spreading broadly across my face.

June continued to laugh as Manectric licked her face, and her other Pokemon hugged her or otherwise nuzzled against her, June hugging them all back.

I closed my eyes for a moment, grateful June was okay. My eyes opened to see June was still loving her Pokemons’ company.

“Thank you, Ampharos,” she cried, laughing heartily as Ampharos rubbed her head against June’s neck.

“CHUUUUUUUUU!!” Pikachu happily let loose an Electric attack that shocked June and her other eight Pokemon.

In response, June’s other Electric Pokemon retaliated with their own zapping that hit them all.

June laughed even harder through it all, her hair standing on end. She looked much better, giggling with her Pokemon as Electivire looked off to the side, looking tough with his arms crossed. Once the shock ended, June laughed even harder with her Pokemon.

Eevee dizzily tumbled away from everyone and collapsed, weary from the electrocution she suffered.

Suddenly, June looked over at Electivire, her smile fading just a little bit.

All of June’s Pokemon saw her looking at Electivire. They all looked at him, too, though solemnly.

Electivire slowly looked over at everyone. His body started sparking. “TIVIIIIIRE!” he screamed threateningly.

June merely smiled as her other Pokemon glared back angrily. She looked at the ground where all of her Poke Balls I threw were.

She crawled past her nine Pokemon and picked up nine of the ten Poke Balls. The final one was right in front of Electivire. She looked up at him and smiled, picking up the last Poke Ball.

“Electivire!!” Electivire sparked even brighter and shocked the group of June and all of her Pokemon.

The Pokemon wailed out from the hit.

June also cried out, but shook her head as the attack pressed on.

“June!” I called, worried about her getting attacked after having barely survived the poisoning, and angry that Electivire could be acting this way after what he just witnessed happen to her.

Electivire’s attack ended and he leered at June, breathing hard.

“Come back, Electivire!” June ordered, still smiling though she’d just been hit with a powerful Electric attack, returning Electivire to his Poke Ball. She smiled and looked over to her other Pokemon.

Her other Pokemon were still dazed by Electivire’s powerful shock, laying on the ground, but they all soon turned over to June, smiling.

June smiled back. “Thank you all. I love you guys so much.” June returned all of her Pokemon except for Ampharos to their Poke Balls. She smiled even wider at her. “Ampharos.” June reached out and Ampharos charged up to her. The two hugged strongly and June kissed her Pokemon on the forehead to her delight. “Thank you for using Heal Bell, Ampharos. You really are so amazing. I cherish you. Please, remember that forever. I am so grateful to you!”

Ampharos cried out happily and was returned to her Poke Ball.

I stared at June, smiling.

June stared back, delighted.

I immediately ran to her and wrapped my arms around her. “June!” I spoke tearfully, gratefully.

“Gary!” June uttered out in shock, hugging me back.

“June, I’m so glad you’re okay!” I squeezed her tighter, almost unable to believe she was here to hold like this. My arms tightened even more, just to be sure this was all real.

“Gary!” June struggled to laugh, hugging me tighter. “I’m just glad you realized I needed my Pokemon. Thank you, Gary. Thank you so much.” June kissed me on the cheek.

I could feel my heart beat even quicker and much harder in my chest. I pressed my cheek against hers and quickly kissed her cheek in return. I didn’t wish to stop my tears as they flowed. “June. I’m so glad you’re okay.” I breathed in hard and felt more warm tears roll from my eyes and down my face continuously.

“Gary, thank you.” She pulled away from me to my surprise and I looked into her tearful eyes. She pulled me back into another tight hug, which I returned.

June and I stayed on the ground together, hugging each other so tightly. The hug I received was arguably tighter than any hug I’d ever received, and possibly the tightest, most sincere hug I’d ever given.


“Just about a town away, right?” June asked.

My eyes were glued to the Town Map in my hands. “Gale said it’s just past Float Town,” I nodded. “The Town Map says the exact same thing. We’ll be there in another day or two, I guess.”

“You know, Gary, you’re gonna do great against Aurora.”

I turned to her and smiled. “Thanks a lot. I’m definitely going to win this time.”

“I’ve never met Aurora, but she sounds like someone who needs to be put in her place, if you ask me. I bet she’s been beaten since the last time you battled her, but I hope she hasn’t. Gary, I want you to be the one to break her streak! But if not, kick her butt anyway. I believe in you.”

I smiled even brighter, my face getting hot. “I will, June. I promise I will not enter the Pokemon League without her Badge. I have to defeat her. She isn’t unstoppable. The Boulder-”

A loud scream interrupted my sentence.

With a loud gasp, June and I looked away from each other.

The gravel path beneath our feet led straight ahead, ending on the edge of a cliff, but curved very sharply to the right, heading downhill.

I gasped as I heard another loud scream. Where was it coming from?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!” someone screeched desperately.

I spotted fingers gripping the edge of the cliff, slipping!

“Someone’s hanging from there!!” I ran, June right beside me, and we stopped together, kneeling down. I grabbed the hand of the person screaming for help with both of my hands as June grabbed their other hand. Looking over the edge nearly caused me to let go in shock as I saw the face of the person who hung over this dangerous cliff.

June gasped beside me. “Kiwi??!!

“KIWI!!!” I tightened on her hand.

Kiwi was hanging over the edge of the cliff, the bottom not even visible from how high up we were, fog blocking our view. “Garyyyyy!!! Juuune!! HELP MEEEEEE!!!” she pleaded, tears falling down her cheeks.

“June, we can do this!” I urged.

June turned to me with a determined face and nodded firmly.

I stood up to better position myself to pull Kiwi up.

June groaned on her knees, pulling.

A loud roar from behind me made me shout in terror.

June screamed, letting go of Kiwi in shock, and turned around. She shrieked pure terror at whatever was behind me roaring.

Kiwi screamed in fright as she went down the cliff further, hanging on to me for dear life with one hand.

JUUUNE!!!” I barked as Kiwi dropped down, yanking me closer to the edge. I held on to Kiwi and groaned loudly, struggling to pull her up.

GARY, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!” Kiwi begged shrilly.

June stood frozen in place, gawking at what was behind me.

“JUNE!!” I was getting even angrier at her. “COME ON!! WHAT THE HELL?!!”

June gasped and turned to me. She looked back at whatever was behind me.

The thing behind me roared even louder, making me shake down to the bone. What is that?? I wondered in fright. I can’t let go of Kiwi, no matter what.

June backed up slowly and looked over the edge of the cliff. She looked back at whatever it was behind me and then back to Kiwi. Finally, she reached down to Kiwi.Kiwi grunted as she struggled to reach up with her free hand, creating more weight for me to hold up until June grabbed Kiwi’s wrist with both hands and pulled up.

I pulled up hard. We can do this, I convinced myself.

The thing behind us roared even louder. The sound nearly made me jump right over the cliff.

June screamed, her eyes closed, her body lowering, but not letting go of Kiwi.

Curiosity got the best of me as I pulled on Kiwi with all my might. I took a quick glimpse behind me and saw the beast only a few feet away. I screamed as my heart exploded in my chest from terror. I gripped Kiwi even tighter and struggled to yank her up with my shaky arms.

Gary, June, please don’t drop me!” Kiwi’s entire face was soaked in her tears.

What is that thing?!” I screamed, pulling Kiwi closer to the ledge. It looks so familiar, I thought, trying to remember what it was. I was only certain it was a Pokemon, but I couldn’t remember the name.

“It pushed me over!” Kiwi bawled. “It’s all that thing’s fault!”

“That’s a Raikou!” June yanked on Kiwi’s arm, bringing her higher up to the surface.

“Raikou!” I remembered the name.

Raikou. One of the Legendary Pokemon of the Johto region. An Electric type Pokemon that is incredibly powerful.

Raikou roared again, louder than ever, making me, June, and Kiwi shriek in fright.

And that was the scenario.

June and I on the edge of a cliff, pulling Kiwi up over the edge.

A Raikou behind us, roaring ferociously, ready to attack.

Even if June and I saved Kiwi from falling off the cliff, I knew that none of us would get out of this alive.

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