A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

A New Breed

So I ran faster. Excited for so many reasons.

Pewter City was where I was going to get my first Badge. This was the next step for me to become a Pokemon Master. Collect a minimum of eight Badges from the powerful Gym Leaders in the Kanto region, and then compete in the Pokemon League competition held yearly in the Indigo Plateau. If I won there, I may even get to challenge the Elite Four of the Kanto region and maybe even be the Champion!

I stopped running as I arrived in front of the Pokemon Center of Pewter City and took a deep breath. Easy, Gary. You’re getting way too ahead of yourself, I told myself. One step at a time.

I looked up at the humongous, fancy building that practically sparkled in the sunlight it sat underneath, with its red roof and huge, blue windows. The doors to the Pokemon Center opened and my Pokemon and I entered. Inside were Pokemon Trainers with their Pokemon. Almost everyone was in smiles, some talking excitedly in groups. Some people seemed sad, sitting alone in chairs.

My Mankey noticed one Trainer who had a Nidorina and decided to walk off on his own toward her.

“Mankey, wait! Don’t just wander off like that!” I called to him.

As I started to walk after him, I noticed my Hoothoot was flying towards a Trainer’s Weedle with great speed!

Weedle screamed its name loudly and began to run as fast as its slowness would carry it!

My Weedle then yelled out, pointed its stinger at Hoothoot, and leaped at it, trying to attack!

I heard my Mankey yelling behind me and I turned to see Nidorina and Mankey were fighting!

Nidorina was jabbing its horn at Mankey and he was dodging and attacking back!

Charmander calmly watched the entire scenario go down, a smirk on its face.

“ENOUGH!!!” I screamed.

Everyone in the Pokemon Center was staring at me. Nobody, including the Pokemon, was moving.

I ran to my Pokemon and returned every one of them to their Poke Balls, apologizing to each Trainer and their Pokemon, and with a sigh, I walked to the front counter.

“You really should know how to control your own Pokemon better,” one trainer muttered to me. “You’ll never be a good Pokemon Trainer if your Pokemon are that out of control.”

I didn’t say anything but just nodded in agreement, highly embarrassed.

Nurse Joy and Chansey smiled at me from behind the counter. “Hello and welcome to the Pewter City Pokemon Center,” Nurse Joy greeted me.

“Chanseeeey!” Chansey joined in.

I couldn’t help smile extra wide at Nurse Joy. The feeling was undeniable. How could I not fall victim to such a beautiful face? Suddenly, my knees got wobbly and weak. I only meant to look down at my Poke Balls and hand them to Nurse Joy, but as soon as I looked down to grab them, my knees gave out and I fell. Hard. So hard and sudden that my face slammed into the counter and I collapsed to the floor.

Nurse Joy quickly ran to me and knelt down. “Are you okay?” she asked with sincere concern.

This close to me, I felt even more unable to function properly and while trying to respond that I was okay, I only mumbled unintelligible nonsense.

“Chansey, I think he may need some medical attention,” Nurse Joy said. “Take him into one of the rooms and take his Pokemon for observation, just to make sure they’re okay, as well.”

I was just about to stand up and shake off my throbbing head and let her know I was okay.

That was until she rested her hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re okay.”

All control I had remaining, left me and I just laid there.

Two of her Chansey appeared and lifted me onto a stretcher, wheeling me into the back. One Chansey stayed with me and took me down a dim hallway and into a room, where she helped me onto a comfy bed. She took my Poke Balls with my Pokemon in them and left my room, Nurse Joy entering to swap places.

She stood next to me, an aroma of what could only be properly described as true love surrounding me from her body, looking as gorgeous as anyone in the world, standing in the sunlight, glowing naturally. “How are you feeling?”

“Amazing,” I said lovingly.

She smiled. “That’s great to hear. Are you new to Pewter City? I noticed most of your Pokemon are those caught in Viridian Forest. Is this your first trip here?”

“Yes,” I replied, feeling a certain fire ignite within me.

“You’re here for a Gym Badge, aren’t you?” she asked. Her smile had left her face. She was staring at me sternly. She still looked absolutely beautiful, but a feeling of worry was starting to seep throughout my body.

“Yes. I am here for the Boulder Badge, if I’m not mistaken.” I sat up and began shaking with anticipation, my fists clenched tight.

“I recommend you go to another city,” said Nurse Joy, biting her bottom lip as she looked away from me.

“What?” I said in shock. “Why??”

Nurse Joy began chewing on her lip. She looked adorable doing that, but I really wanted her to speak again.

There was silence in the room for a while.

“Nurse Joy?” I said.

She stared me deep in the eyes with those startling beautiful blue eyes of hers. “Our current Gym Leader hasn’t lost a Pokemon match with a challenger in at least four years.”

My eyes widened in shock. “Four years…?”

“Our Gym Leader is extremely powerful and raises incredible Pokemon,” she continued. “They’re just too powerful. Type advantage won’t even help you against them, and if they have the advantage against you, you’re better off just forfeiting.”

My heart began beating faster. Four years? Were the Trainers that weak? Or was this guy that good? Seriousness took over my face as I stared at Nurse Joy. “I came here for a Gym Badge, and I’m going to get it. That’s my promise.”

Nurse Joy stared at me with concern. “Don’t you think everyone comes to a Gym battle to win?”

I was quiet at that statement. She was right. Nobody goes to a Gym to lose. They all come to win. I stood up. “Thank you, Nurse Joy. But I will win. And if I lose, I’ll go back again. And again. However many times it takes. I won’t back down from a challenge. My goal is to become a Pokemon Master! I can’t become one if there are stronger Trainers out there. I have to defeat them all. No matter what.”

Nurse Joy’s pretty eyes reflected true worry. “I wish you good luck.”

“Thank you,” I said with a nod, and walked out, making my way to the lobby.

“Excuse me, the exit is down this way,” Nurse Joy called down the hallway to me.

I turned around. “Oh, sorry.” I went past her again.

“Not a problem,” she kindly.

That smile could tame a Primeape’s rampage, I thought to myself, smiling back, the urge to sweep her off her feet and marry her surging through me. I shook my head. No time for stupid childish thoughts, I reminded myself. I have to win my first ever Pokemon Badge. The Boulder Badge.

As I entered the lobby, stopping in front of electronic doors that closed behind me, I glanced around the room at everybody who was there, trying to find a place to sit. The only spot that was available resided next to a sad looking kid who seemed to be about my age. The Pokemon Center was fuller than when I had arrived. With a sigh, I strolled over slowly to the lowly looking kid and took my seat in the chair next to him.

He stared at me briefly with tears in his eyes, and then looked back down.

“You okay…?” I asked reluctantly.

He sniffed and shook his head.

Stupid question, I knew. “I’m sorry. I meant to ask what happened, I guess…”

He nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“Are your Pokemon okay?” I asked, guessing that he was a Pokemon Trainer.

He shook his head.

“Do you wanna talk about?” I asked.

He shook his head again.

“Okay. Well, I’m sorry for whatever happened. I really hope they will be okay.” I stood up, figuring it may be best to give this kid his privacy. My eyes scanned the room, trying to find another place I could sit, and it was then that I noticed about half of the people in the Pokemon Center were looking upset and sad.

Some people were visibly mad. The other half of the people seemed excited and happy.

“Excuse me, you’re Pokemon are ready!” Nurse Joy called out.

I turned quickly and realized she was talking to me, so I ran to her and took my Poke Balls from the counter and clipped them to my belt. “Thank you so much, Nurse Joy!” I beamed brightly.

“Of course!” she replied. “They were in tiptop shape and we took care of any minor injuries or lack of stamina. Your Charmander’s head will be just fine in no time. We applied proper ointment to the wound. Beedrill, right?”

My mouth dropped in shock. “Yeah! A group of Beedrill had attacked us!” I was impressed by her eye, but I shouldn’t have been.

She giggled lightly and nodded, though her smile faded. “I’ve seen worse... Believe me.”

“I’m sure...” I muttered, looking away for a moment.

Nurse Joy looked beyond me and her smile faded. “You notice anything about this Pokemon Center?”

The Trainers’ Pokemon aren’t running around fighting with others, I thought to myself as I watched everyone behind me. I guess my team really could use some more training. Is that what she means? No. I saw it. What I had already noticed, but now saw even more clearly. “On one side, the Trainers are happy,” I noticed. “On the other side of the room, they are all sad and upset. Is that it?”

“Yes,” she said solemnly. “The losers, and those who haven’t battled the Gym Leader yet.”

My heart beat faster at her words. She was beginning to scare me. “Thank you, Nurse Joy. By the way, my name is Gary. I appreciate your help.”

“You’re welcome, Gary.” She let out a sigh and stared down worriedly.

I stared at her for a moment and then, without another word, left the Pokemon Center. Inhaling the fresh outdoor air, I took in my surroundings.

It was a city heavily devoted to rocks and stones. It had a very old feel to it. Many buildings and homes were made of wood or stones. Some cement structures were built. It truly felt like I was in an entirely different era in time.

“Come on out, everybody!” I yelled.

My Pokemon’s Poke Balls flew in the air and opened, and my crew stood before me.





Charmander really did look amazing! That poisonous blow to the head it took looked nearly all cleared up, a pair of white strips of bandages over the injury.

“First and foremost, everybody, welcome the newest member of our team. Metapod!” I started.

Everyone surrounded Metapod and greeted it. Metapod didn’t move much but did say its name once.

I knelt down next to the odd bug. “Hi, Metapod,” I greeted it. “My name is Gary. I’m your Trainer. I have a dream to become a Pokemon Master, and I would like you to train with me to help us all accomplish this goal, if you would like to take on it with me. I want to capture every Pokemon in existence and work with them to win battles against every Trainer in the entire world, and be close friends through our travels. So, um... You are now on my team.” I couldn’t think up anything else to say, so I just smiled at my latest catch.

Metapod stared back at me and just said its name.

“I also should let you know...” I inhaled deeply and then let out my breath before inhaling once more. “I have a bad phobia of Bug Pokemon. Something scary happened to me years ago and I’m not entirely comfortable around insects, Pokemon or otherwise, but I am working on it, as is my duty. After all, I want to be a Master of all Pokemon. I want to work with and befriend all Pokemon. In order to do that, I need to overcome all my fears. I think... So, please give me that chance, and in the meantime, forgive me if I am a bit... nervous around you. I don’t mean to offend you or anything. I already know you’re a great Pokemon and learning all about you, and opening up to you on who I am, is the best thing I could seek out of life. It’s why I’m talking to you now. So you get me better and I can learn how to interact with you, too. This is my issue and has nothing to do with you. I just really wanna apologize in advance. So, can you forgive me?”

Metapod didn’t say anything this time.

I figured that maybe I should explain the stem of my fear to Metapod. It deserved it after all I had said so far. “It all began when I was a kid. I ran into a Beedrill, and it scared me half to death,” I explained. “Since then, it seems I have been terrified of insects. But, please, I can work with you if you can just give me time and try to tolerate me. Please. I just want this opportunity to work with Bugs, and all Pokemon, and understand you all. I want to be friends...”

Metapod stared at me in silence. It finally said its name.

I don’t know what it said, but I was glad it was talking.

Weedle walked up to Metapod and started saying something to it.

Metapod responded back.

Weedle looked to me and smiled a bit, nodding its head.

“Great!” I sighed with relief and stood up, hoping this was a good sign for me, Metapod, and Weedle. “Everyone, our next challenge to take is against a Gym Leader. This is a very powerful Pokemon Trainer, and apparently, he has a strong reputation around here. I know you guys can beat him, though, so let’s win this match, okay?”

Everyone cheered.

Charmander, Metapod, Weedle, and Hoothoot were all weak to Rock type Pokemon. Only Mankey had the advantage against this guy.

Nurse Joy’s words rang in my head: “Type advantage won’t even help you against them. And if they have the advantage against you, you’re better off just forfeiting.”

I shook my head. “Screw that,” I muttered. “We’re leaving that Gym with a Badge.”

My Pokemon were all looking up at me.

“Oh, and another thing,” I remembered. I knelt down, a firm glare on my face. “I don’t ever want to see that kind of behavior in the Pokemon Center, or anywhere else, ever again! That was embarrassing! How dare you run away from me like that? And to fight with other Pokemon? Don’t let me catch any of you guys acting that way ever again! In fact, it doesn’t matter if I see it or not. Just don’t let it happen! Is that clear?”

Everyone looked down in shame and nodded their heads, except for Metapod, who stared back at me blankly.

“You guys are all setting a bad example for Metapod. And, Weedle. Attacking Hoothoot? Your friend? Apologize right now!”

Weedle looked to Hoothoot. “Weedle.”

Hoothoot nodded silently, looking over.

“Good.” I stood up. “Now, let’s get the Boulder Badge!”

Everyone looked happy again and uttered determined shouts.

I returned them to their Poke Balls and began to seek out the Gym.

It was a huge city with plenty of buildings.

I had no real idea of where I was going. I wondered if my mom packed me a Town Map. How even is my mom? I instantly began to think. I should let her know I reached Pewter City safely. She has no idea how dangerous Viridian Forest is, I’m sure. I’ll call her after I get this Badge. I’ll get it, no doubt. I stopped in front of a long, huge building.

Pewter Museum Of Science a sign that sat in front of stairs leading up to the building read.


A pigeon sat on top of the museum, staring down at me with its neck cocked at a weird angle.


“Wow. I wish I had a Fossil.” I turned from the museum, and a huge stone structure grabbed my attention. Deserting the museum, I walked to this building.

It was made out of polished, smooth, large stones. It had a stone door that towered high above me. PEWTER CITY GYM was engraved on the front of it.

I stared at the door for a moment before I found myself able to take a deep, shaky breath. This is it. It’s time to do this. I took another breath. I took another soon after that, but I just couldn’t calm down. I was nervous. More than nervous.

“Our current Gym Leader hasn’t lost a Pokemon match with a challenger in at least four years,” Nurse Joy’s words echoed in my head.

“Four years…” I mumbled. My fists tightened at my side. “And I’m gonna be the one to break that streak.” I knocked on the stone door.

Nothing happened.

The sound wasn’t hollow. My fists merely made a dull klonk noise I was sure only I could hear.

I knocked even harder, but still no response, and I only ended up hurting my knuckles. I kicked the door repeatedly. “Helloooooo!! ANYBODY THERE???”

No response.

I pushed and shoved on the door, but it didn’t budge.

“What the heck…?” I wondered. I turned around out of frustration and screamed!

Some lady was standing right behind me!

“What are you doing??” I screamed, still shocked.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Who are you?” I asked, my heart still pounding hard. “And why are you standing there? How long have you been waiting here?”

“I assume you’re here to challenge the Pewter City Gym Leader,” was her response.

“Yeah. I’m here for the Boulder Badge,” I replied. “Are you challenging him, too?”

She stared at me in silence for a moment. “I don’t need the Boulder Badge,” she finally answered me. She held up something.

My eyes widened as I realized that she was holding up the Boulder Badge. She had beaten him. But…

“When did you get that? He hasn’t lost a match in four years! Did you just get that Badge?”

She smiled. “As a matter of fact, I did.”

I stared at her in shock.

“Anyway, little boy, excuse me.” She brushed past me lightly. She smelled like she looked, enchanting.

Once my heart had stopped beating from the scare she gave me, it began beating from the feeling I was having in my heart. I barely noticed her pulling out a set of keys and opening the Gym door.

She walked inside and then turned to me, her long, blonde hair flowing around her face. She brushed it aside and stared at me with her wonderfully dark brown eyes and smiled. “You coming?”

I walked inside, lost in the trance of her beauty, not questioning anything, just doing whatever she said.

She closed the door behind her and it was suddenly pitch black inside.

I was snapped out of my daze, unable to see anything. What was going on?

There was a clap and suddenly a couple of lights flashed on. I could see bleachers, one on either side of a rectangular area outlined in white. This I knew was the place the battle would take place. The battlefield was covered in jagged, broken rocks and round boulders. There was a stone cold feel to this place.

I looked for the woman I was with, but she was gone! It was then that it hit me that she had opened the Gym door. How did she get the keys? I wondered. Who is she?

“Well, little boy?” a voice called out. “Are you ready?” Suddenly, I noticed the beautiful blonde was standing in the battlefield!

When did she get there? I walked up to the battlefield slowly. “Who are you?” I asked her.

“My name is Aurora. I am the Pewter City Gym Leader,” she proclaimed with a huge smile.

I nearly hit the stone floor beneath me, my eyes wide open in shock. “Huh…?” I managed.

She laughed at my surprise.

I stared at her for a moment. “But… you have the Boulder Badge!”

“Every Gym Leader has a copy of their own Badge to give out to challengers,” she laughed again.

“But… you said you just won it!” I cried.

“No, I said I just got the Badge,” she stated. “You see, I was out picking up my order of Gym Badges from Rifure Village. So, yes, I did just get this Boulder Badge, ha ha ha!”

I felt so tricked. So… confused. “Wait, why would you need more Gym Badges? You haven’t lost a match in four years. ...Right?” I was now hoping that was some outdated information.

“That’s correct, little boy, but during training, an accident occurred,” she explained. “The intense training resulted in the Badges ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time and destroyed. But enough talk. Let’s get this battle started, if you’re ready.”

I smiled eagerly. This Badge is mine. Time to make history. “Let’s go!”

A man came from the back, dressed in green shorts and a matching green T-shirt with red on the end of the sleeves. He walked over to the outside of the battlefield, standing in the middle.

Aurora took her place at the end of the battlefield.

I walked over to the other end.

“Please state your name and location for this official Gym match!” the man spoke clearly.

He must be the referee, I thought. I stared at Aurora and didn’t take my eyes off of her. This was serious. “My name is Gary and I come from Pallet Town!” I said loud, clear, and nervously.

“This is an official Pokemon Gym battle between Gary from Pallet Town versus Pewter City Gym Leader Aurora,” the referee declared. “This will be two-on-two Pokemon battle. No time limit. The challenger is allowed to substitute Pokemon but the Gym Leader is not. The first Trainer to defeat the opponent’s two Pokemon will be declared the winner. Let the battle begin!”

With a smile, Aurora threw her Poke Ball silently.

I knew the Pokemon that was sent out.

A Graveler.

“No way,” I whispered. I pulled out my Pokedex and scanned it.

“Graveler. The Rock Pokemon. It eats rocks as it climbs up mountains and rolls down them for fun. Once it gains momentum, it can roll over and crush almost anything. They are often disturbed while sleeping on mountains by hikers when mistaken for boulders and stepped on, resulting in many serious injuries to the hikers.”

What do I do here? I thought to myself. I can’t send out Mankey this fast. He’s my secret weapon. But, who then? “Charmander! I choose you!” I said, tossing its Pokeball.

Charmander leaped out and stared down Graveler eagerly.

I knew Fire types had a type disadvantage to Rock and Ground types, but just maybe we could do something to it.

“Finish it,” Aurora said calmly.

“Charmander, get out of there!” Oh, no! I panicked.

Graveler moved quick for such a bulky Pokemon and was in the air in seconds.

Charmander ran but Graveler slammed on top of Charmander in an instant.

Graveler rolled off my Charmander like a ball.

“Charmander is unable to battle,” the referee stated. “Graveler is the winner.”

I stared in shock at my Charmander. I felt weak. This wasn’t possible, even with the type disadvantage. Right?

And yet there was my Charmander, looking strangely flattened into the stone floor. My poor Charmander.

What was I going to do? “Charmander, thank you. Come back, now,” I recalled it. I had no other choice. “Mankey, go!”

Mankey came out from his Poke Ball, jumping on his feet frantically and excitedly.

“Graveler, Roll Out and make it quick,” Aurora commanded.

Graveler curled up and rolled at Mankey with speed.

“Move it, Mankey!”

Mankey jumped over Graveler and before I even saw it coming, Graveler reversed back around and hit Mankey from behind!

Mankey screamed out as he was knocked down.

Graveler then reversed and hit Mankey again!

Mankey tumbled over the bumpy ground and got up, shaking his head as he groaned before being hit again by the swiftly reversing Graveler!

It was doing it at rapid speed! I’d never seen a Roll Out done at such a fast pace before.

Mankey was hurt bad, but he surprised me by his next action. As Graveler came back for another hit, Mankey reached out and used its hands to run on top of Graveler! Graveler was rolling along on the field and Mankey was upside down on Graveler’s spinning body, rapidly running his hands and trying to keep his balance!

Graveler smashed into boulder after boulder on the field, trying to shake off Mankey, but Mankey refused to be rocked off, spinning his arms and staying on the best he could.

I decided we had to take a risk. “Mankey, leap in the air as high as you can!” I screamed out once the idea formed in my head.

Mankey forced himself high up.

Graveler immediately jumped after it.


Mankey’s hand glowed white as he fell towards the rising Graveler, and he sent Graveler back down, raising up a ton of dust and broken rocks all over the field.

I shielded my eyes but kept them on the battle. “Mankey, Low Kick, now!”

Mankey fell down into the cloud of dust and I couldn’t see anything that was going on.

Suddenly, I heard Graveler scream out.

“Mankey! Karate Chop!” I called immediately.

Graveler cried out again.

“Graveler, Rock Throw! Destroy that thing!” Aurora ordered.

I heard repeated smashes into the ground and the entire Gym quaked under the heavy weight of Graveler, but I couldn’t tell if the moves were hitting or not.

Mankey never made a sound.

The dust finally cleared and Graveler was indeed missing its Rock Throw attack on my Mankey, smashing its body into the ground, unable to see due to the dust. But now, the dust had cleared. Graveler was about to land its next Rock Throw.

We only had one chance.

“Mankey, charge forward into that Rock Throw!”

Mankey listened without hesitation and ran forward.

“Huh??” Aurora gasped in shock.

“Low Kick!”

Graveler slammed the ground just before Mankey reached it, and Mankey then connected with Low Kick and sent Graveler flying!

Graveler screamed out and rolled along the field. It came to a stop, groaning.

Mankey faced Graveler and stared angrily at it, breathing heavily.

“Graveler is unable to battle,” the referee stated. “Mankey is the winner!”

Mankey and I jumped in the air in unison, overjoyed by our win.

“Just as I figured,” I explained to Aurora, who was glaring at me with her arms crossed. “I could see that Graveler was faster than Mankey. That was its big advantage, and fault. You see, Mankey’s too slow to reach your Graveler, so the only way to land a hit would be to attack right after Graveler does. Since Graveler’s faster, it lands first and Mankey can hit directly afterwards. Graveler was too fast for its own good, and Mankey was just slow enough to hit when we needed. And of course, as we both know, I’m sure, Low Kick does more damage the heavier the Pokemon getting hit is, and since Graveler is such an enormous and heavy Pokemon, every hit surely did big time damage. Add on the fact that Low Kick is a Fighting move, which Rock Type Pokemon like Graveler are weak to, and that’s a wrap.”

“Are you finished now, little boy?” she rolled her eyes, recalling back her Graveler to its Poke Ball. “I must say, I am impressed you beat Graveler. But that was sheer luck and even the most novice of Trainers would know that.”

I glared at her. “Do your worst, then,” I challenged.

“Oh, trust me, little boy. This match is over,” she said as she tossed her final Poke Ball.

I gasped once I realized what it was.

“Kabuuuutops!” the deadly Pokemon raised the deadly pair of scythes that were its arms.

MankMank! MankMank!” Mankey stumbled back in fright and hit the ground, tripping over a rock.

I couldn’t believe it. A Fossil Pokemon. A Kabutops.

Kabutops. The Shellfish Pokemon. This ferocious hunter lived millions of years ago and are now extinct. Its scythes can slice through some of the toughest material known today.

“I can’t believe this!”

“That’s right, little boy,” Aurora sneered. “Maybe you didn’t notice it, but this city has a museum that has a specialty in resurrecting Pokemon Fossils. I help fund the work for that lab and used information on Pokemon resurrection that’s been around for years, and well, you can see the results. Ha ha ha!”

Kabutops sliced the air ferociously.

It’s still a Rock type, I reminded myself. Fighting types still have the advantage.

“Mankey, don’t hesitate! Use Low Kick!” I insisted.

Mankey ran forward, screeching like a mad banshee, and he went for the Low Kick.

Kabutops didn’t move and took the hit, tripping hard. It got up calmly, its deadly eyes on Mankey.

“Do it,” Aurora said coldly.

Kabutops raised one scythe and brought it down swiftly upon Mankey.

I saw the blood instantly. A spot on the ground was covered in it so fast.

Kabutops raised its scythe in the air. It was dripping in blood.

MANKEYYYYY!!” I shrieked.

Mankey was on the ground, breathing hard. But alive. Mankey raised himself back up with his hands, facedown at the ground. He struggled and fell back to his face, crying out shrilly. He pushed himself up again.

“Mankey, that’s enough!” I raised his Pokeball to return him. I was stopped by the loud scream that came from Mankey’s mouth. It was ear piercing. I covered my ears and so did Aurora, Kabutops, and the referee.

“MANKEEEEEEEEEEEYY!!!” I called to him.

Suddenly Mankey stopped. He fell forward on the floor and didn’t move.

I knew Mankey was beaten.

The referee stared for a moment. “Mankey is unable-” he started. But he was interrupted.

We all saw it.

Mankey began glowing white.

The bright light from his entire body stopped everybody from moving.

I don’t think I was even breathing.

The silhouette of Mankey in the bright light began to change. It was growing.

I couldn’t believe it. Could it be…?

The light then faded away and my Mankey was no longer there. A new Pokemon was there. My Mankey had evolved into Primeape!

Using my Pokedex, I was informed on my new Pokemon.

Primeape. The Pig Monkey Pokemon. This Pokemon is angered by as little as a stare. Once it finds an opponent, it will chase it down. Forever.

“Primeape,” I whispered.

“Primeape is unable to battle. Kabutops is the winner and the match goes to Pewter City Gym Leader, Aurora,” the referee stated.

“Huh??” I said in surprise. “But…” I stared at Primeape. I immediately understood.

Mankey evolved, but he still was in no shape for battle. He was silent, motionless, and bleeding all over the floor. The evolution did nothing for his stamina or health.

I returned Primeape to his Pokeball.

Aurora stared at me coldly.

I shivered staring back at her, but I somehow found the ability in me to bow in respect, and then I ran out of the Gym without a word, heading straight to the Pokemon Center. As soon as I flew through the doors, Nurse Joy saw me and ordered her Chansey to take my Poke Balls. I gave her my Charmander and Primeape’s Poke Balls, and they took them to the back.

Nurse Joy stared at me with mournful pity and I looked away, unable to stare back, my eyes filling up. She went through the back doors of the hospital.

I sighed and sat down. Just so happened that I found myself sitting next to the Trainer from earlier who was sad and didn’t talk to me much. Now I was also the sad one. Had he lost to Aurora, too?

Before I could ask, the doors to the Pokemon Center opened. Three men dressed in white suits and black shoes stepped inside and stared at us.

“All humans abandon the building and leave your Pokemon inside,” one of the men instructed.

Nobody moved, but we were all staring at these mysterious men with the bizarre request.

“What?” someone muttered behind me.

“What did he just say?” someone else asked.

“Abandon your Pokemon and get out of this building,” a second man repeated.

“Who are you, anyway?” one kid said angrily, standing up.

Others agreed and stood up as well.

I stayed seated and watched the situation.

“Fine. Then you can all die with your Pokemon,” the third man said, raising his hand, which contained a Poke Ball.

“WHAT??” we all screamed.

“What is going on here?” someone I instantly knew was Nurse Joy, said from the back.

I turned and saw her standing there, her hands angrily resting on her hips.

The third man laughed.

The one with the Poke Ball in his hand lowered it. “If it isn’t Nurse Joy,” he said with a sinister look on his face.

“Who are you men and what do you want from here?” Nurse Joy demanded.

The man with the Poke Ball stepped forward. “Allow me to introduce us. We are a part of a group who wishes to do good for the world. Save it, to be blunt.”

“What kind of saving involves killing us and our Pokemon?” one girl yelled.

The man smiled at the girl. “The kind of saving that gets rid of Pokemon and all those who oppose the utter destruction of Pokemon.”

“Excuse me?” Nurse Joy stepped up to the man threateningly.

“Pokemon are a hazard to the world,” the man said, no longer smiling and now looking firmly at us all. “They are dangerous. Little children all over are controlling dangerous Dragon and Fire type Pokemon, amongst a variety of numerous other threatening monsters. These Pokemon are themselves out there battling and getting themselves hurt. Nothing but pain and danger. Do you know how many Pokemon Trainers die a year on these dangerous journeys? And how many of them are just children?!” The man screamed the last sentence out loudly.

Nurse Joy stepped back, her eyes full of fear.

“These things are a nuisance and should all be destroyed!” he went on.

“B-b-but!” Nurse Joy stammered. She pointed at the Poke Ball in the man’s hand.

He smiled again. “Oh, so you wanna know what’s inside, do you?” Before Nurse Joy could respond, he tossed the Poke Ball in the air.

What came out was a Graveler!

The other two men immediately walked out of the Pokemon Center.

The third man smiled wider and turned to walk out as well.

When they were all gone, Graveler smiled and suddenly closed its eyes tight.

Nurse Joy gasped. “OH, EVERYBODY RUUUUUUUUN!!!!”

“Teleport, now!” someone called out.

An Abra appeared in a white flash. It sat on the floor, looking asleep. Then, Abra and Graveler suddenly flashed white for a second before disappearing!

A few seconds later, there was the stunning explosion from outside that rocked the building!

Everyone cried out in fright, several of us falling to floor while everyone else, myself included, stumbled as we maintained our balance.

Minutes later, silence came.

A girl amongst us ran outside.

Slowly, one by one, we all followed after her.

I was one of the last to exit on quaky legs and reached the ones who had left before me, finally spotting the girl who had left first.

She was knelt down in the grass. We all stopped before her as she stood up and turned to us. She was holding an Abra in her arms, the Pokemon still and covered in blood.

The girl smiled, her lips trembling. “She’ll be okay,” she sniffled.

“What is going on here?” a voice from behind us spoke hard.

We turned and I gasped as I saw Aurora running up to us.

It wasn’t long after that several police cars and police motorcycles were speeding down towards where we all were.

So many Officer Jennys, all in one place, was my first immediate thought. Then I shook it off due to the seriousness of this situation.

“What happened here? Is everybody okay?” one of the officers asked.

“This Abra needs urgent attention,” Nurse Joy told her.

“Oh, my gosh! What happened to the poor thing?” another Jenny asked.

“What was the explosion?” another Jenny asked.

Nurse Joy was silent for a moment. “It seems we have some sort of terrorist group operating within the Kanto region. Based on what they said, they seem intent on attacking Pokemon and anyone who gets in their way. They even used a Graveler just now to use Self-Destruct on the Pokemon Center. Luckily, this girl had an Abra who used Teleport to take the Graveler to a more distant location.”

“Nurse Joy?” a boy asked. “Don’t moves like Explosion and Self-Destruct hurt the Pokemon?”

Nurse Joy stared at the boy with love and concern in her eyes. “They can do much worse. Move like those two…” She hesitated and swallowed uncomfortably. “Used recklessly, those moves will... kill… the Pokemon... Causing the Pokemon to annihilate itself to pieces in an intense explosion...”

Several kids gasped.

I already knew this, though.

“They used a Graveler??” Aurora fumed. “How dare they use… any Pokemon to carry out such a sick, twisted… My anger is beyond me right now!! Where are they?? Where did they go??”

“We don’t know.”

Everyone turned around as if expecting to spot the three strangers, but there were only people who had come from inside the museum or their homes to see what the explosion was, not one person resembling the trio we had seen.

“They left only a moment ago, but I don’t know where,” Nurse Joy said.

“Nurse Joy, we will have to take you in for questioning about this incident, later,” an officer informed her. “But, for now, you tend to this poor Abra, okay?”

“Thank you, Officer Jenny.” Nurse Joy carefully took the Abra from the girl and cradled her carefully before walking back to the Pokemon Center, the Trainer following close behind.

“Okay, now! We need to barricade the area!” an officer shouted. “They can’t have gone far! Let’s move it!”

Many officers got on their vehicles and sped off.

Other cops began to usher us all into the Pokemon Center for questioning while the people talked excitedly about what had happened.

I went along silently.

Reflecting on what had just happened.

Knowing there was worse to come.

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