A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

Round Three: Baking The Camel's Back

June smiled hopefully at me.

I stared back at June solemnly.

“We’re okay, right?” she asked, looking kindly, deeply, hopefully into my eyes.

I nodded. “Everything’s cool, June. Really. I’ve told you this all morning. Now get out of here and let me get to my next battle.”

June smiled even brighter and pulled me into a hug, and I sighed loudly, grudgingly hugging her back. “Thanks, Gary. Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m feeling fine,” I replied impatiently.

“And now entering is the Red Trainer, Carter Moy, from Mahogany Town in the Johto region!” I heard the announcer’s voice through the speakers, the crowd applauding heartily.

“June, I’ve gotta go! You’re gonna make me miss my match!” I ran away from her, past a lady in a booth who was motioning for me to run down a dark corridor.

“Good luck, Garyyy!” June called after me.

I tore down the hallway, a door at the far end wide open, revealing light from the outside sun.

It was time for my battle on the Rock Field!

June had been begging for my forgiveness ever since we woke up this morning.

I had accepted her apology a thousand times before breakfast, and two thousand times more afterwards, but she felt even more terrible about last night, today, and continued to apologize and ask if we were still friends. It had been literally almost five hours of June pleading with me and explaining herself, and telling me that she’d leave if I hated her and couldn’t bring myself to forgive her. She was totally ignoring everything I was saying as I tried to calm her down and let her know it was alright now, about to make me late for my battle.

“We are currently waiting on the Green Trainer from Pallet Town, Gary!” the announcer called.

I’m coming right now! I yelled in my head, bursting onto the field seconds later.

“Wait a second, I think this is him! Yes!! Gary has arrived!”

The crowd cheered excitedly.

The Rock Field was a field covered in, of course, rocks. It was hard, jagged, and littered with enormous boulders.

The sun beamed strongly overhead, the air holding a calm temperature, cool enough that I even had my jacket on.

I ran onto the metal platform and it ascended into the air, gates rising around me to keep me inside. This should be interesting, I thought as I took in the field. Getting around the rocks should be a bit of a challenge. I’m sure we can win this, though. We’ll make it all the way through.

The Trainer I was to battle smiled at me and nodded from his risen platform, holding a Poke Ball in his hand. He wore black shorts, black sneakers with black socks, and a black button up shirt. His blonde hair reached down to his shoulders, looking slightly ruffled.

I nodded back at him, smiling.

“Trainers, begin the battle!” The referee raised his red flag to Carter, the green flag towards me.

“Camerupt, it’s time to start this battle off right!” Carter tossed his Poke Ball to the field.

It popped as it sent out what was inside.

“Camerupt!” the large Pokemon yelled out at me, stomping on the ground.

“What is that?” I asked quietly, pulling out my Pokedex.

Camerupt. The Eruption Pokemon and Numel’s evolved form. Normally a very calm, peaceful Pokemon, they are known to get angered under certain circumstances, making them one to be encountered with caution.

A Ground and Fire type. What to counter that with... I grabbed a Poke Ball.

A loud shriek rang out from the stands, demanding my attention.

The crowd had their eager eyes on me, but a few people had turned to see where the scream had come from.

That was when I spotted June. She had made it to the stands and was staring at someone with extreme happiness and joy, screaming with delight.

It was Prof. Oak! He was sitting in the stands, watching my match, now gazing with discomfort at June, unable to move away from her as he was surrounded by other people also staring at June screaming over him.

And my mom! I couldn’t believe my mom was there, too, sitting next to Prof. Oak! She was staring at June, an amused smile on her face.

June was jumping repeatedly in the air, crying out to Prof. Oak ecstatically. There was nearly no room between Prof. Oak and a fairly heavyset man he was sitting next too, but June didn’t seem to see the problem and squeezed in between them, her eyes glued onto my Professor.

The large man leered down at June furiously.

Prof. Oak’s hands covered his face in embarrassment and he lowered his head.

“Gary seems distracted by something in the crowd, keeping us all waiting for him to choose his first Pokemon!” the announcer’s call reached my ears.

I shook my head hard and looked back to the field, Camerupt glaring at me.

Carter had his head tilted, eyeing me impatiently.

I looked back at June, Prof. Oak, and my mom.

June was talking quickly to Prof. Oak, leaning close to him.

Prof. Oak glanced around nervously, but there was nowhere for him to get away.

I turned away from them with a slight smile I was struggling to hold back. “Sorry,” I said to Carter. “I’m ready! Porygon-Z, I choose you!”

Porygon-Z cried out happily, floating over the ground.

“And finally, Gary has made his decision, sending out a most rare of Pokemon, Porygon-Z, against Camerupt!” the announcer announced. “I’ll bet this battle will be very entertaining!”

“Flamethrower!” Carter began.

Camerupt roared and fired a stream of fire at Porygon-Z.

“Porygon-Z, dodge that!”

Porygon-Z remained still for a moment, not moving, and then quickly flipped upside down. Hovering, it gently moved to the side, avoiding the fire.

“Use Take Down!” Carter went on.

Camerupt let out a furious cry and a gold force field surrounded its body. It ran at Porygon-Z, a bronze energy surrounding it, and leaped at Porygon-Z.

“Watch out!” I called out.

Porygon-Z tumbled in the air, top over bottom, and ascended smoothly in the air.

Camerupt’s move missed and its body slid on the rocky ground.

“Rock Slide!” Carter shouted angrily.

Camerupt lifted its head to the sky and roared.

White circles opened up in the air and huge boulders dropped from them, threatening Porygon-Z.

“Porygon-Z, get out of the way!”

Porygon-Z easily floated up towards one of the rocks dropping right above it and tumbled around it, landing on top of it, and leaped from boulder to boulder, ascending higher and higher like some kind of a video game! Porygon-Z seemed to be playing, not battling!

The crowd started to cheer wildly as Porygon-Z made it an easy job avoiding Camerupt’s attacks.

“Porygon-Z doesn’t seem to care that it’s in a battle right now as the Rock Slide turns into an opportunity for fun for the adorable creature!” the announcer laughed.

The audience was enjoying this, cheering and clapping, rooting for Porygon-Z.

When Rock Slide ended, Porygon-Z hung in the air, upside down, shivering hard.

Carter stomped his foot in rage, giving my Porygon-Z an outraged look.

“I’m thinking it’s our turn to attack now!” I beamed. “Psybeam!”

Porygon-Z stopped shivering and turned itself upright. It fired Psybeam at Camerupt, hitting it right in the face.

“Okay, now-!” I started.

“CAAAAAAAAAAMERUUUUUUUUUUUUPT!!!!!” Camerupt bellowed angrily, stomping on the ground in a rage, its eyes closed.

“Now you’ve done it,” Carter smirked.

“And Camerupt does not look like it took that attack very well,” the announcer said warily. “It looks as if Camerupt is absolutely outraged. Things might just get ugly during this battle, now.”

“Camerupt, you know what to do! Eruption!” Carter screamed eagerly, a broad smile covering his face.

CAAAMERUPT!!!” Camerupt roared, and his face turned red in fury. The humps on his back started to give off a thick smoke.

“Huh?” I wondered, looking at Camerupt as it growled at Porygon-Z.

CAMERUUUUUUPT!!!!!!” Camerupt’s humps erupted in a mix of intense fire and rocks, bursting high into the air.

“Uh, oh!” My eyes widened as I watched.

Rocks and flames landed all over the rocky field.

Porygon-Z used Protect, fire and rocks bouncing off of its sphere it surrounded itself in.

“Camerupt is now in full raging mode!” the announcer declared. “Eruption attack is in full effect!”

“Turn up the heat, Camerupt! Do it again! NOW!”

Camerupt roared even louder, its face getting even more red.

“Stay in your Protect!” I told Porygon-Z.

Porygon-Z bobbed around in the air, floating in gentle circles inside of its sphere as a loud explosion erupted from Camerupt’s back, fiery, large boulders colliding into my Pokemon.

I covered my ears from the sound as I watched the inferno of heat drop to the ground. It felt a lot warmer all of a sudden. Heat waves made the air ripple before me.

Porygon-Z will be safe until this attack ends, I thought calmly as Camerupt growled, glaring at Porygon-Z. We just have to wait.

“Eruption one more time!”

“Porygon-Z, stay safe in Protect!”

Porygon-Z spun rapidly in place, inside of the sphere of Protect.

Camerupt angrily erupted yet again, dousing the field in hot rocks.

I took off my jacket, feeling strangely overheated now, my body itching and prickling against the sudden change in temperature.

“It can’t possibly be, but it looks like it indeed is!” the announcer screamed in shock as I began to wipe a bead of trickling sweat from my forehead. “It looks like Camerupt’s Eruption is a lot more stronger than expected, and it is melting the rocky field around it and Porygon-Z!”

My face collapsed as I realized that the announcer was right!

The field rippled in the heat wave as the rocks, blazing, surrounded by fire, hit the ground and were melting right before my eyes! The field itself was also beginning to fill with a white smog. Certain spots on the field began to melt into a thick paste.

“What could be the reason for this?” the announcer wondered. “Is this tactic being done with a goal in mind? Porygon-Z looks perfectly fine inside of Protect as it floats above the danger beneath it!”

The eruption had ended, Carter keeping a hard focus on the field.

“Porygon-Z, attack with Tri Attack!” I ordered.

Porygon-Z’s protection vanished as it shot a transparent, white triangle at Camerupt.

Camerupt was forced back several feet and crouched down, twitching in pain, groaning.

“One more time!” I insisted.

Porygon-Z attacked it again.

With a loud roar, Camerupt toppled over onto the ground.

“Camerupt is unable to battle!” The referee waved the green flag towards me. “Porygon-Z is the winner!”

“Porygon-Z scores the first win against Camerupt!” the announcer stated. “Without taking any damage whatsoever, Porygon-Z manages to take the camel down in three impressive moves.”

Everyone cheered.

I couldn’t believe it! We won the first round! “HA HAAAAAAA!” I clapped proudly. “Porygon-Z, you did excellent! Keep that up, and we’ll be going home with our third win!”

Porygon-Z happily whined, spinning in random directions, switching up what direction it tumbled every couple of seconds, hovering.

June and Prof. Oak clapped joyously, June looking over at him every few seconds, glancing back at me for a moment and then looking back at the professor as he nodded at me.

My mom applauded politely, a look of disapproval on her face.

Carter returned his Camerupt, a calm look on his face. He stared at the field momentarily and then smiled before grabbing his second Poke Ball. “Machamp! You’re next! Go get it!”

“Machaaaaamp!” Machamp appeared, landing on the cooling ground beneath its feet, flexing the muscles of its four arms, causing them to bulge out impressively.

“A Machamp!” I uttered.

“Carter decides that his next Pokemon will be a Machamp!” the announcer told everyone. “Machamp has the type advantage here for sure, and it does look powerful. Let’s see how Gary will respond.”

Machamp. The Superpower Pokemon. This is Machoke’s evolved form. They are no good at work requiring a gentle and delicate touch, but can send a flurry of punches that can destroy a building in seconds.

“Porygon-Z, use Psybeam!”

“Machamp, Rock Smash! You know what to do!”

Machamp raised its fists and started to smash at the hardening ground! Its fists broke into the rocky field, breaking up the floor that was once so hot, it was like lava. The powerhouse ran, punching into every rock it could, as fast as it could.

What’s it doing? I watched, completely perplexed.

Machamp continued to punch at the ground rapidly, moving quickly, littering the ground with more and more smaller rocks.

“Machamp seems to be destroying the field, breaking into every large rock it can find!” the announcer cried out. “It this what Carter really wants his Pokemon to do, or is Machamp suffering from OCD? And exactly where has Porygon-Z disappeared to? It was just here a second ago!”

“What?” I looked around. I hadn’t even noticed that Porygon-Z was gone, distracted by Machamp’s odd actions. A loud shriek made me jump and I turned towards the audience.

Someone was running through the stands, hands in the air, shoving past people.

“Porygon-Z?!” I screamed in shock.

Yes!! It was Porygon-Z! Chasing June in the stands!!

June shrieked in a deadly fright and reached the stairs, running down them and leaping out of the stands and into the arena, running towards me!

“Porygon-Z has left the match and is hereby disqualified!” the referee determined, waving the red flag at Carter.“WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!” I bellowed in horror.

“Machamp is the winner!” the referee finished, staring at me firmly.

June ran towards me, looking up at me with terror in her eyes, unable to reach me in my heightened platform, and instead ran in circles around the beam holding me up as Porygon-Z followed her. “Keep it away, Gary!” June begged. “PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

I let out a furious roar and stomped towards the edge of the platform, grabbing the railing and looking down from it. “PORYGON-Z!!! I HAVE HAD IT!!!

Porygon-Z looked at me and called out sharply, glad to see me, and floated up to me, spinning around me in circles.

I angrily snatched the Pokemon out of the air with both hands and scowled at it in rage. “THAT IS IT, PORYGON-Z!! RETURN!!” I returned Porygon-Z and squeezed the Poke Ball in my hand, letting out all of my rage into the tightest squeeze I could possibly give it, not caring if it broke it in my hands. I then shot an enraged glance at June.

She was staring up at me in fright. Once our eyes met, she backed up and looked away. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, and ran towards the booth meant for coaches to sit in. She sat on the wooden bench and lowered her head, not looking up at me.

Prof. Oak looked at me stunned, unsure of how to react to what had just happened.

My mom’s face was a mix of shock and confusion.

The entire crowd was silent, looking lost and in disbelief, a few laughs breaking through the quiet moment.

“Um... It seems that Porygon-Z got a little bit out of control and left the battle, costing Gary a loss!” the announcer stated slowly.

I can’t believe that stupid thing cost me a loss! I thought angrily, my eyes closed, raging silently on the inside. I’ve had enough of that crazy Pokemon. It’s gone too far! Too far!

Machamp was staring at me, its muscles heaving as it breathed quickly, the field filled with broken rocks Machamp had created by destroying the field.

“Charizard, you’re up next!” I hurled the Poke Ball with more energy and rage than I had felt in a long time.

Charizard roared, soaring into the sky before landing, and let out a show of flames into the sky.

Slowly, the crowd was getting over the incident that had occurred with Porygon-Z and everyone started clapping and cheering again.

“Gary’s next Pokemon is Charizard, who is bringing a little heat back to everyone and returning the attention where it belongs; the battle!” the announcer spoke strongly.

“Charizard, Wing Attack!” I said quickly.

Charizard took off at Machamp, flying fast, his wings glowing white.

Machamp was taken down by the strong attack, landing on its back.

“Again! Wing Attack!”

Machamp got to its feet but was knocked over once again by Charizard’s Super Effective hit.

Time to end this one, I smiled. “Wing Attack, one more time!”

Charizard flew at Machamp.

Carter grinned. “Fling! Fling rapidly, Machamp!”

“Fling?” I repeated.

Machamp leaped to its feet and faced Charizard. “Champ! Champ! Champ!” Machamp’s four arms moved like lightning as it scooped up several of the rocks it had broken and flung them at Charizard rapidly!

Charizard roared out as it was pummeled with a barrage of rocks, knocking him to the ground! The white glow of his wings disappeared.

“Charizard!” I gasped.

“Don’t stop until it’s defeated!”

Machamp was fast, flinging rocks at Charizard, its four arms an absolute blur as it stood there.

Charizard was covered in rocks in an instant, calling out helplessly.

“Charizard, fly into the air!” I urged.

Charizard roared from under the rocks but didn’t budge was Machamp grabbed freely at its disposal of rocks and buried Charizard.

“Charizard is not getting out of this one easily, Pokemon fans!” the announcer spectated. “It looks as if Charizard is going down, and fast, unless its Trainer can figure out a way out of range of Machamp’s throw!”


The ground rumbled and the pile of rocks crashed to the ground, no longer on top of my Charizard. With another rumble, Charizard appeared underneath Machamp, tossing it off of its feet and onto its back.

Machamp got up, shaking its head.

“Finish it with Wing Attack!”

Charizard flew at Machamp again.

“Stop it with Fling!” Carter countered.

Machamp flung rocks at Charizard at an incredible speed once again.

Charizard was pounded with multiple rocks, stopping him from proceeding any further, and the glow from his wings went away again. He grunted against the rocks hitting him, backing up in the air as he was smacked around. Charizard’s tail flame started to decrease in strength, getting smaller.

“Charizard!” I called out. “Get into the air!”

Charizard didn’t ascend, grunting against the attacks.

Machamp continued to rock Charizard, Charizard unable to get the chance to react as he was relentlessly hit, flapping his wings to stay the few feet in the air that he was.

“It looks like this was all a very clever setup by Carter after all!” the announcer explained. “By using Camerupt’s Rock Slide and Eruption to create some extra boulders, Machamp used this to its advantage by breaking everything to pieces and using its speedy arms to gather the countless rocks and Fling them! Charizard isn’t even able to focus right now! Will Gary just allow his Pokemon to take these hits until it is knocked out?”

At that moment, Charizard’s tail flame ignited into an even stronger flame, brighter and more powerful than ever. His eyes opened and narrowed in rage. His jaws opened wide and let out a heart stopping roar.

Machamp froze in place, gaping at Charizard in shock.

The audience got silent from the sound that filled the stadium.

My Pokemon’s body was now outlined in red.

“B-B-B-B-B-Blaze!” June stuttered loudly.

Blaze Ability had been activated!

I shook my head hard, getting over my shock. “Charizard, Fire Spin!”

Charizard roared even louder and ascended into the sky, his huge wings flapping strongly. Roaring one last time, he dove down and opened his jaws, an enormous, blindingly bright spiral of flames coming out and smacking Machamp in the chest.

Machamp let out a pained screamed and hit the ground.

Charizard roared as he neared Machamp and made a turn, flying back up into the air where he snarled at Machamp.

“Machamp is unable to battle!” The referee waved the green flag at me. “Charizard is the winner!”

There was silence in the stadium for a moment.

“Machamp is down!!” the announcer shouted, finally finding his voice. “Machamp is out of the battle as Charizard finds the strength inside to take down the powerful foe! Down to his last Pokemon, what will Carter use to try and beat a weakened Charizard and Gary’s last remaining Pokemon?”

Carter returned Machamp and threw his last Poke Ball swiftly after. “Rhyperior, go!”

“RHYPERIOR!!!” the new Pokemon bellowed, raising its hands to the sky.

Rhyperior. The Drill Pokemon. The final stage of Rhyhorn. A lot of strength is required to take down a Rhyperior. Their sturdy strength is rarely matched. Locating one in the wild is extremely difficult.

“For his final Pokemon, Carter has opted to use a Rhyperior!” the announcer spoke out. “Let’s see what Charizard can do against such an opposing opponent!”

“Charizard, Fire Spin!”

“Rhyperior, Rock Blast!”

Charizard roared and blasted Rhyperior with a huge blast of swirling flames.

Rhyperior was hit in the chest, but didn’t so much as flinch.

Charizard continued attacking it with his boosted Fire.

Rhyperior kept its eyes on Charizard, not moving.

Charizard finally stopped attacking and glared at Rhyperior, breathing heavily.

Rhyperior stared back for a moment, and then turned away from Charizard and picked up some rocks from the ground.

Charizard was clearly offended, his eyes bulging out in shock along with mine as he let out a stunned cry. My Pokemon opened his jaws, hitting Rhyperior with another Fire Spin.

Rhyperior scooped up an armful of rocks and opened its free hand, a large hole being revealed in it, and the Pokemon slid several rocks down the large hole. As Charizard continued attacking it, Rhyperior scooped more rocks into the other hole in the other hand and finally turned around to face Charizard, stretching both arms out. “Perior!” Several rocks blasted from the holes at Charizard.

Charizard grunted and his Fire Spin disappeared from his jaws as the rocks smacked him in the face and stomach. Whining weakly, Charizard fell down.

“Charizard is unable to battle!” The red flag was pointed to Carter. “Rhyperior is the winner!”

“No surprise there as Rhyperior knocks out Charizard without seeming to have taken any damage at all despite having been under attack from some intense flames!” the announcer yelled over the screams of support for Rhyperior’s win. “Having used Camerupt to create more rocks for the battlefield, Machamp to break the rocks down, and Rhyperior to attack with those easily accessible rocks, it seems Carter has had this match under his control from the start! Gary has one last Pokemon to choose from to try and counter this ingenious plot. He’d best make sure it’s the right choice!”

Kingdra has the big type advantage, I told myself. But... I’m gonna need something with real strength to combat this Rhyperior. I let out a nervous sigh and grabbed my last Poke Ball. “GO!” I screamed, and threw it.

“PRIIIIIME!” Primeape shouted angrily, jumping in the air repeatedly.

“And choosing a Pokemon with a type advantage like Primeape definitely proves to be the very best decision!” the announcer pointed out. “Let’s just hope it’s enough to take out this tower of a Pokemon!”

“Cross Chop!” I started.

Primeape immediately ran forward, his arms glowing white as they crossed in front of him, and leaped into the air, slamming into Rhyperior.

Rhyperior grunted and took a step back. Other than that, it stood firmly.

“No way!”

“Rock Blast!”

Rhyperior aimed at close range and fired rocks at Primeape.

Primeape leaped over the first couple of rocks, but was hit by the third one and trounced with the following several that followed as he ran away, the rocks smacking him in the back of the head.

“Primeape, don’t run!” I demanded. “Get back there! Fight back! Use Cross Chop!”

Primeape nodded as another rock whacked the back of his head, causing him to stumble forward. He turned around and raised his arms, crossing them, and ran forward as they glowed white. He charged into the rocks and they fell aside as they came into contact with his Cross Chop.

“Primeape wasn’t looking too brave just a moment ago, but now, it’s come back with a vengeance and is charging for Rhyperior with another Cross Chop attack!” the announcer said.

“Horn Drill!” Carter told Rhyperior, a determined look on his face.

Rhyperior stomped towards Primeape as Primeape leaped at Rhyperior.

“PRIMEAPE!! WATCH OUT!! DODGE IT!!” My heart was in my throat as both Pokemon collided.

Primeape’s hands hit Rhyperior in the head.

Rhyperior’s horn spun at Primeape.

Primeape shouted out in surprise.

I stared in shock, waiting for Primeape to drop from the OHKO. I trembled on the spot from the sound of the spinning drill. The sound of my defeat.

But Primeape wasn’t knocked down!

I gasped as I saw the drill from Rhyperior’s head, spinning. It had just barely missed Primeape! It was spinning through the very top of Primeape’s furry head, poking through the top of his fur!

Primeape was just fine!

“Primeape seems to have received a lucky break as Horn Drill just barely misses the monkey!!” The announcer sounded as stunned as I felt. “Primeape is in prime shape to continue fighting!”

“APE!” Primeape pushed back against Rhyperior’s body and landed. He ran his hands through the top of his head quickly, brushing out loose hairs, and then punched his fists together, regaining his strength and fighting spirit, perhaps surprised that he was still in good health, too. “AAAAAPE APEAPE!!” He lunged at Rhyperior with another Cross Chop.

Rhyperior only stumbled back a couple of feet as it glared at Primeape, Carter with a matching face.

“Close Combat! Finish it!” I told Primeape.

Primeape leaped at Rhyperior and swung punches and kicks in a rage, hitting Rhyperior in the face and chest continuously. He landed on his feet and breathed hard, hard eyes on Rhyperior.

“Hammer Arm!” Carter barked.

Rhyperior wasn’t fazed by the strong Close Combat attack at all and its arm glowed white. It swung down on Primeape, sending him flying back.

Primeape bounced hard on the ground, remaining on his back.

“Take Down!” Carter continued.

“Primeape, get up and use Rage attack!”

Primeape hopped up and ran at Rhyperior. He pulled back his fist and punched, but Rhyperior acted as if it didn’t feel a thing and charged through with Take Down, tackling him down.

“Rage again!”

Primeape groaned as he got up. “PRIME!” He jumped into the air, flying at Rhyperior, and kicked it in the chest.

“Earthquake!” Carter called out.

Primeape landed on his feet as Rhyperior stomped the ground, ignoring Primeape’s Rage attack, and quaked the field, splitting the ground up. Primeape screeched loudly, his pained voice causing my heart to jump sharply as I watched my friend fall.

Rage is only but so strong, I thought. Rage is a Normal move. It won’t be strong against a Rock type like Rhyperior, even though Primeape’s Attack boosts every time he is hit by a move after Rage. This is too risky...

Primeape pushed himself up slowly, heaving heavily, growling loudly.

“Gary seems to be making Primeape only use Rage attack in an attempt to boost its Attack, which occurs the more the user of Rage is hurt in battle!” the announcer noted. “This plan may just work against a different type of Pokemon, but I’m not so sure it’s a good idea against a Rhyperior as strong as this one is, especially considering that this Rhyperior almost certainly has Solid Rock Ability, which decreases the damage of normally Super Effective moves down drastically, explaining why Rhyperior is so unfazed by the Fighting type moves it has been receiving during this battle! Gary may want to choose a different strategy before Primeape is knocked out. And right now, folks, it looks like Primeape is on its last leg!”

Solid Rock? I’ve never heard of that Ability, but it explains a lot. My eyes focused on Carter.

Carter smiled confidently at me for a moment, his smile fading but the cockiness still on his face.

My eyes tightened on him coldly. But we’re not out, yet! Not yet. He can hang in there. Primeape can do it! “Rage again!”

“PRIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!” Primeape leaped and swung a punch at Rhyperior. He landed on his feet and fell to his knees, struggling shakily to get back up.

My eyes widened. No.

“End this with Rock Blast!” Carter insisted.

Rhyperior scooped up several rocks in one arm, dropping them into the hole in its right arm, and then scooped more rocks into its left arm. It aimed at Primeape.

“Primeape! Listen to me!” I spoke strongly. “Don’t! You! Move!”

Primeape stood up at attention, facing Rhyperior, his arms at his sides, and didn’t move.

“FIRE!” Carter commanded.

Rhyperior shot out multiple rocks at Primeape.

I watched, pain filling my body, watching as my Primeape was attacked by the rocks, stumbling back, his body jerking in all directions as he was shot at. The rocks fired like bullets, hitting Primeape all over. His scream was the worst part.

I stumbled back at the sound that erupted from his voice and my hands raised to my heart, which beat against my chest frantically. I backed up until I hit the set of bars keeping me inside of my little platform in the air.

Rhyperior’s attack finally stopped, and it lowered its arms.

Primeape dropped to his knees, his head facing the ground.

The stadium was silent. Everyone kept their eyes on Primeape.

What have I done...? I thought in a panic. “PRIMEAAAAAAAPE!”

Primeape fell forward onto his face. He didn’t move.

The referee raised the red flag at Carter.

My eyes closed in defeat.

Primeape is unable to battle. The Red Trainer, Carter, and his Rhyperior, are the winners, I thought to myself, preparing for the words to be spoken.

Complete silence was the only thing that greeted my ears.

My eyes were watering from behind my eyelids, but there was still nothing to be heard. After a further moment of no noise, I opened my eyes in confusion.

The referee was looking at the battle, a stunned look on his face, the red flag down.

Carter was squinting at the battlefield.

Rhyperior was growling down at Primeape.

I looked down at Primeape and gasped.

His fists! Primeape’s fists were opening and closing, slowly. They did this for another couple of long moments before Primeape groaned and finally got to his feet! He wobbled from side to side, but then shook his head and screeched at Rhyperior. Primeape then pulled back his arm and threw something.

A tiny rock bounced off of Rhyperior’s head. It looked at Primeape in shock, quickly turning to fury accompanied by a low growl.


I turned to June in surprise, having completely forgotten she was sitting nearby on the bench.

“What are you waiting for?!” she urged me, a scared look on her face.

My eyes widened in realization and I turned around to the battle. “Close Combat! One more time!

Primeape ran at Rhyperior, screeching like a rabid ape.

“STOP IT WITH EARTHQUAKE!” Shock and fear was on Carter’s face.

Rhyperior growled and stomped on the ground, rocking it hard.

AAAAAAAAAPE!!” Primeape flew above the attack and at Rhyperior and punched it right in the face just once.

Rhyperior’s eyes opened in shock.

Rhyperior stumbled back.

APE!” Primeape kicked Rhyperior in the chest.

Rhyperior groaned and stumbled back further.

PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!” Primeape landed on top of Rhyperior’s shoulders and swung repeatedly at its face as Rhyperior stumbled back even further over rocks, roaring in pain.

Rhyperior!” Carter’s voice cracked. “Get it off of you!

Rhyperior reached up to grab Primeape, but before it could grab him, it slammed into the wall, the crowd right above, in the bleachers, cheering. Rhyperior slid to the ground.

Primeape leaped off of Rhyperior’s shoulders and swung a punch at its face.

Rhyperior groaned weakly and fell on its side.

“Rhyperior is defeated!” The referee’s voice was loaded with disbelief, just like his face. He raised the green flag to me while shaking his head, a smile crossing it. “The winner of this match is the Green Trainer, Gary and his Primeape!

The crowd’s roar was so loud, I almost couldn’t hear the announcer talk about my battle. I didn’t care. I leaped from the platform I was suspended in and landed on the hard ground, stumbling, and ran over to Primeape, who was already running towards me.

Primeape slammed into me hard and I was taken down to the rocky field.

“OW!” I exclaimed, and then laughed, ignoring the pain, hugging Primeape as he suffocated me in a powerful hug.

“Due to Rage building up the user’s Attack every time the user is hurt in battle, the multiple times Primeape was hit due to Rock Blast increased Primeape’s Attack to the max and it delivered one hell of a blow that even Rhyperior couldn’t just shrug off!” The announcer was barely heard over the celebration.

The next thing I knew, Primeape and I were wrapped in a hug from someone else.

“Gary! You did it!” I heard June. “I’m so happy you made it through your third round! There’s only one more to go!”

Primeape grunted in my arms and struggled out of them. He climbed on top of my head and tackled June down! He wrapped his whole body around her face in a tight hug.

“AAAHH!” June’s voice was muffled. “Primeape, I’m happy for you, but I can’t breathe like this! Get off!

I laughed loudly, tears forming in my eyes from both my victory and Primeape’s affection towards June.


“Gary, are you sure about this?” Prof. Sketchit chuckled nervously.

“Yes,” I replied strictly.

Prof. Sketchit swallowed hard. “You know, a true Pokemon Trainer seeking to become a Pokemon Master doesn’t run from a difficult to raise Pokemon. They embrace it and care for it and love it until the very end.”

“I love it. I care for it. I just don’t want it right now. A Pokemon Trainer is meant to raise all of his Pokemon.” My face and voice remained stern.

“Well, I think you should send me something else!” Prof. Sketchit tried, smiling. “Maybe Chari-”

“NO!” I barked ferociously.

“Okay, okay, ha ha.” Prof. Sketchit raised his hands in front of him. “Take it easy. I was just kidding.”“Just take it.” I placed the Poke Ball in the machine next to me.

Prof. Sketchit sighed and stood up, walking offscreen.

A few seconds later, a few beams of electricity zapped the Poke Ball and it vanished, replaced by another set of electric beams, which faded, displaying a Poke Ball.

I picked it up and smiled.

Prof. Sketchit returned.

“Thanks, Prof. Sketchit. And, I’m sorry. I’m sure you understand.”

Prof. Sketchit nodded, sighing again. “Yeah, I do. I just don’t know how Prof. Oak is going to react.”

“Tracey, I’m baaack!” a cheerful voice called out in the background. “Where are you? Are the Pokemon okay?”

“Oh, no!” Tracey stared at me in fright. “He’s back!”

“Good luck!” I winked, and hung up the phone.

“So, you got your new Pokemon?” June asked me.

I turned around and smiled. “Of course! Let’s say hello!”

June and I ran out of the Pokemon Center excitedly and continued out of the Pokemon League Village. We stopped once we spotted the huge lake we had passed upon entering.

A rather strikingly beautiful woman was sitting by the lake, talking to a Goldeen in the water. She turned to me and June, and then turned away quickly, paying us no mind, and continued her conversation.

A young teenage boy ran by, a Poochyena running alongside him happily, its tongue hanging out as it barked and leaped into the air.

“I think this is a fine place,” I said after a short walk further away.

It was just me and June, surrounded by trees, the grass, and a view of a beautiful lake.

“Come on out, everybody!”

All of my Poke Balls flew into the air and opened up, releasing a Pokemon.

Charizard roared loudly, spreading his wings proudly.

Noctowl hooted, flapping his wings, keeping himself in the air.

Primeape grunted excitedly, jumping in place.

Butterfree hovered in the air, flapping her wings at me.

Kingdra looked up at me and bobbed in place happily.

“Floooooooon!” Drifloon spoke out.

My other five Pokemon looked at the newest member of our team.

“Everybody, this is Drifloon!” I introduced it. “It will be with us for a while and we’ll be sure to be training hard together. So, say hello!”

Everyone greeted it cheerfully.

Drifloon backed up, crying out gently, and its face started to turn red.

“Aww, she’s blushing, Gary!” June stated.

“Is... she?” I asked.

“Yep,” June nodded. “She’s so cute. She’s very shy, but she wants to get to know all of your Pokemon. This makes me want to send out my own!” June dropped her bag and sent out all of her Pokemon.

All of June’s Pokemon, except for Electivire, greeted June.

Electivire grunted and looked away, crossing his arms.

“Everybody, this is Drifloon!” June gushed, pointing at the Balloon Pokemon. “Isn’t she just adorable?”

I backed away quickly as Galvantula walked by me, heading towards Drifloon, followed by Eevee, Pikachu, Ampharos, Manectric, Lanturn, Rotom, Blitzle, and Magneton.

They all welcomed her, but Drifloon blushed even harder, her voice coming out in a low, haunting, yet pleasant song of a voice, lowering her head.

She is rather cute, being all shy like that, I thought to myself, crossing my arms and smiling. I think this will work out a hell of a lot better than Porygon-Z. I looked up into the night sky. Take care, old buddy. We’ll meet again. But for now, I think it’s best you stay with Prof. Oak and Prof. Sketchit.

“Hey, do you intend to use Drifloon during your final match on the Ice Field tomorrow?” June asked.

I didn’t look away from the sky. I wasn’t sure what I’d do on the Ice Field tomorrow.

No. That’s wasn’t true. I knew exactly what I’d do on the Ice Field tomorrow.


But for now.

For the rest of the night.

As Lanturn and Kingdra played together in the lake while the lady and her Goldeen paid no attention to them.

As Noctowl and Butterfree chased each other high in the sky.

As Pikachu, Ampharos, Manectric, and Magneton chased Blitzle, zapping him with electricity, causing his Speed to raise and making it harder to catch him the next time.

As Charizard and Primeape battled each other, Charizard attacking with both Physical moves like Wing Attack and Special moves like Fire Spin while Primeape leaped back at him swinging punches.

As Galvantula hung in a sparking web by herself, watching everything, my wary eyes on her, not trusting the disgusting, ugly Bug.

As Eevee sat in June’s lap while June laid against a tree trunk, her eyes closed, peacefully smiling.

As Electivire sat in the grass, far away from us all, pretending to Meditate, but quietly peeking out from his closed eyes, watching Primeape and Charizard battle.

As Rotom and Drifloon disappeared into the forest together after Rotom had spoken to her privately with a huge grin, making her blush further.

For now, I’d sit alone in the woods, leaning against a tree trunk, thinking of absolutely nothing for a change, knowing there was plenty for me to be thinking of tonight.

But I wouldn’t.

Tonight, no one and nothing else existed in the world but little me.

So, there was nothing for me to think about.

I sighed peacefully and closed my eyes.

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