A New Life Through The Eyes Of Kanto: An Autobiography

The Closing Ceremonies: The Takeover Part 1 Of 2

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the final match of this year’s Pokemon League competition!!” the announcer began, his voice clear through the speakers.

The stands were stuffed beyond anything I’d ever seen during my time at the Pokemon League, the crowd’s cheering an unintelligible roar of joy and madness.

June, me, and Robin stood next to each other, excitedly screaming with everyone else.

“This has been a long time coming!” the announcer continued. “We’ve seen some of the most fantastic, overheated battles ever; and now, we find ourselves at the finale! The best two Pokemon Trainers of this competition will be battling here today, having overcome incredible opponents and close matches, now facing off to prove who indeed is the most powerful Trainer here! Pay close attention, fans, for the winner of this match may very well turn out to be the future Pokemon Champion of the Kanto region! After winning in the Pokemon League, the winner will be permitted to officially challenge the Elite Four of Kanto! Should that Trainer be so lucky as to defeat those four Pokemon Masters, they will be granted permission to officially challenge Kanto’s Pokemon Champion and battle for that very title!!”

The crowd burst with excitement at these words.

I smiled broadly, staring at the currently empty field, the sun beaming high above. I didn’t even have my jacket with me today. It was too hot and too beautiful out. Just a red T-shirt, thin gray jeans, and black sneakers were with me.

“And now, without further ado, we introduce to you our finalists!” the announcer started to everyone’s pleasure.

A Trainer from the far end of the stadium stepped into the sun wearing a button up, dark blue shirt hanging over the top of his gray pants. An open, black blazer was worn over the shirt. His black boots stopped just beneath his knees. A dark blue fedora sat atop his young head, his straight, black hair reaching down his cheeks. He stepped up to his place on the field, smiling at the crowd during his walk and waved as he came to a stop.

“And entering the field is the Red Trainer, Aura Ri, from the faraway Orre Region’s Pyrite Town!” the announcer stated.

Everyone showed massive, loud support.

Another Trainer entered from the other end of the field, wearing white sneakers and black shorts with a baggy white T-shirt over it. He waved to us all and turned to face Aura.

“And here is the Green Trainer, Arnold Rale, from Celadon City!” the announcer’s voice echoed as further applause came for Arnold.

June, Robin, and I took our seats.

The three of us had looked for Arnold last night, but couldn’t find him. He wasn’t in the room he was registered to be in, and after two in the morning, we gave up and grabbed some snacks from the store before returning back to my room where we decided to spend the night and leave together for Indigo Stadium the next day.

“Good luck to both of our Trainers!” the announcer said. “This promises to be the match to watch!”

The referee stood with both flags in the air. “Trainers! You may now begin the battle!”

“Medicham, go!” Aura said with an eager smile on his young face, throwing his Poke Ball.

“Medicham!” the Pokemon cried out, taking a stance, ready to battle.

“Tropius! This is it! Go!” Arnold threw a Great Ball.

Tropius landed, calling out.

Medicham. The Meditate Pokemon. Meditite’s evolved form. Through constant meditation, this Pokemon has the ability to read minds at will. Their dedication to meditating sometimes results in them not eating for as far as a month at a time.

Tropius. The Fruit Pokemon. They eat so much of the same fruit, that it sprouts from their necks. They are generous and allow human children and other Pokemon to eat from their neck.

“Tropius, use Leer!” Arnold shouted.

Tropius’ eyes glowed red and Medicham stumbled backwards, a nervous look on its face.

“Medicham, focus and attack back with Fire Punch!”

Medicham shook its head and ran quickly at Tropius. Its speed was impressive as it moved for Tropius, a fist blazing with Fire.

“Fly, Tropius!”

Tropius flapped its wings that looked like enormous leaves and ascended, but Medicham was a lot faster and hit.

Tropius groaned against the impact and weakly landed.

“Now end this with another Fire Punch, now!” Aura’s fists clenched from the battle, his eyes gleaming.

Medicham swung with Fire Punch, its blazing fist hitting Tropius across the face.

Tropius moaned as it fell over, but in the next instant, it shook its head and managed back up.

“Alright, that’s about enough! Body Slam!” Arnold insisted.

Tropius took a strong leap into the air and slammed on top of Medicham.

Medicham struggled under the weight of Tropius.

“Now Stomp attack!”

Tropius raised a foot into the air, and its body was suddenly consumed by flames! It screamed and back up off of Medicham, and the fire disappeared.

“After some brutal blows were thrown around, Tropius looks like it has suffered a Burn from that last Fire Punch attack!” the announcer stated. “And just as Tropius was finally getting some hits in! To make things worse, Tropius’ Attack power will also be reduced due to this Burn!”

“It’s time to defeat that thing! An Ice Punch should do it!” Aura said determinedly.

Medicham stood up and ran at Tropius.

“Tropius! Fly!”

Medicham should have reached Tropius much sooner, but as Tropius’ wings flapped and carried it into the sun, Medicham bent over suddenly, its body twitching as it wrapped its arms around its waist.

“Looks like Tropius isn’t the only one with a Status problem as Body Slam seems to have left Medicham Paralyzed!” the announcer pointed out.

Aura gasped and looked up into the sky, his eyes wide in shock.

“Do it!” Arnold ordered.

Tropius was out of sight, the sun blocking it from view. From out of nowhere, Tropius returned from the sky and slammed into Medicham, their heads colliding.

Medicham slid backwards on the ground.

“Don’t let up on it! Stomp it in the ground!”

Tropius flew over Medicham and stomped it repeatedly, Medicham grunting and struggling against the strikes. It only stopped once the Burn inflicted its damage on it again and it backed up against its will, uttering out painfully. The large dinosaur like creature landed, lowering its head in exhaustion.

Medicham hopped back up.

“Ice Punch! Get it now!”

Medicham ran fast.

“Keep it back with Air Slash!” Arnold countered.

Tropius’ wings glowed light blue and it flapped them, sending out multiple saw blade looking discs, glowing light blue, at Medicham.

“Cham! Cham! Cham!” Medicham stumbled backwards until it finally collapsed on its back.

“Medicham is unable to battle!” The referee waved the green flag at Arnold. “Tropius is the winner!”

The crowd went crazy over the results.

“And Tropius proves its worth by overcoming strong Fire moves and taking down the first Pokemon, Medicham!” the announcer determined. “Things are just now getting started, ladies and gentlemen! This is definitely about to get intense! I guarantee it!”

June, Robin, and I were clapping.

“We have to meet him after this battle is over!” I yelled to Robin and June over the screams of the crowd. “We have to speak to him!”

“So that guy claims he faced Sabrina, but got away?” Robin asked.

“Yeah! Like we explained to you last night, that’s just not possible! Or, maybe not impossible, but I’m dying to find out how he got away, if he’s telling the truth.”

“Right!” Robin nodded. “I’m with you, man!”

“Okay! I choose Walrein next!” Aura sent out his second Pokemon.

“Waaaalrein!” the enormous walrus raged.

Walrein. The Ice Break Pokemon and Spheal’s final stage. The largest Walrein in the group is the leader, guiding their pre evolved forms as well. The fight for the leader amongst male Walrein can get vicious. The lucky losers only bear lifelong scars.

“And it’s now Tropius against Walrein!” the announcer spoke. “Ice against Flying! Grass against Water! This match is just about even and I can’t wait for it to get started!”

“Leaf Storm!” Arnold commanded.

Tropius’ wings glowed white and a barrage of light green, glowing leaves flew out at Walrein.

Walrein was helpless as the Super Effective attack crashed into its thick body.

“Ice Ball!” Aura said strongly.

Walrein opened its mouth and a ball of ice formed. It flew out at Tropius.

“Tropius, dodge and use Fly!”

Tropius was hit, but it shakily soared high into the sky. It vanished for a moment in the sun before reappearing, headed down for Walrein.

“Hit it!” Aura sneered.

Walrein charged up another, larger ball of Ice and it hit Tropius in the head.

Tropius gasped from the impact but shook its head and continued down, ramming into Walrein.

Walrein cried out as its enormous frame was forced back along the ground.

“GO!” Aura insisted.

Walrein used Ice Ball again, an even larger block of ice heading for Tropius.

“Tropius! Out of the way!”

Tropius soared above the Ice attack, but its Burn kicked in, forcing Tropius back down as it flinched from damage.

“Tropius! Don’t go down! Get back up! This is the final battle! Let’s show everyone what we’re made of!” Arnold encouraged Tropius. “Use Synthesis!”

Tropius’ wings glowed white and its body sparkled as it glowed white as well. The girthy Pokemon called up to the skies as it got to its feet and spread its wings, dazzling under the sun.

“That’s it! Now use Leaf Storm again!”

Tropius flew, rejuvenated, and attacked Walrein with another Leaf Storm.

Walrein was hit hard and breathing heavy, leaning forward.

Tropius let out another wail as the Burn weakened it and it almost fell back to the ground.

“Tropius, stay up! In the air!” Arnold told it.Tropius groaned but kept itself from landing.

“Both Pokemon are looking pretty wiped out right now!” the announcer commented. “Tropius can use Synthesis, but Walrein doesn’t have a move that good to help it out! One of these two is gonna drop! And soon!”

“Energy Ball!” Arnold decided.

Tropius opened its mouth and fired a green ball at Walrein.

Walrein roared out from the impact.

“Let’s see how it likes this!” Aura said with anger. “Blizzard!”

Walrein opened its mouth and a flurry of ice and snow flew at Tropius.

“Dodge that, now!”

Tropius flew off, narrowly dodging the onslaught of freezing weather flowing from Walrein’s mouth.

“Ice Fang!”

“Razor Leaf!”

Walrein opened its mouth and jagged, blue lines soared for Tropius.

Tropius flew at Walrein and its wings flapped, sending out sharp leaves.

Walrein was hit.

Tropius was attacked.

Both Pokemon collapsed at once.

“Walrein!! Get up!” Aura begged. “You can do it! Please! You have to get up!!”

“Tropius! Shake it off! Synthesis! Synthesis!!” Arnold pleaded.

“Both Walrein and Tropius are unable to battle!” The referee raised a flag at both Trainers.

The crowd celebrated this announcement ecstatically.

“And it looks like both Pokemon have officially been knocked out!” the announcer repeated. “It’s now Aura with two Pokemon down, and Arnold with his first Pokemon being defeated! It’s pretty even, but it can’t feel too good for Aura being one below his opponent!”

Aura closed his eyes and breathed in and out a few times slowly before opening his eyes and smiling confidently. He threw out a Dusk Ball!

Arnold also sent out his Pokemon.

“METAGROSS!” Metagross screamed out as it landed on Arnold’s side. Its Black Belt was on.

“Krookadile!” a large crocodile looking Pokemon snapped its jaws.

Krookadile. The Intimidation Pokemon and Sandile’s last stage. Its eyes act as binoculars, spotting prey from far away. Living in deserts, they use sneaky and surprising methods to hunt.

“Wow, that thing’s kind of cool!” I exclaimed. “Never seen that before. And it’s a Ground type and Dark type! It has a huge advantage over Metagross!”

“YOU CAN DO IT, AURA! CRUSH THAT FILTHY THING! KILL IT, KROOKADIIIILE!!!!” Robin bellowed out in an angry outburst.

Several people in the crowd turned to look at Robin as if he were crazy.

June and I also turned to Robin in surprise.

Robin smiled sheepishly and looked down. “I don’t mean literally kill it, hee hee...”

“Aura makes a great choice with the Dark and Ground type, Krookadile!” the announcer said with satisfaction. “Let’s see how Arnold will react!”

“Agility!” Arnold instructed.

Metagross zoomed around the field quickly.

Aura smirked. “Earthquake!”

Krookadile stomped on the ground, rocking the field.

Metaaaaaa!” Metagross dropped sharply as the ground split around it.

“Metagross was nimble, Metagross was quick,” the announcer started. “But it couldn’t get over the Earthquake hit! No matter your Speed, it’s pretty hard to avoid an attack that covers the entire field!”

“It’s down!” Robin cheered.

I smiled at my friend’s reaction as I watched the battle.

“Get up! Hammer Arm!”

Metagross got up and flew at Krookadile. Its Black Belt glowed as it slammed its glowing fist at Krookadile.

“Catch it with Crunch!”

Krookadile opened its jaws, its teeth glowing, and chomped down on Metagross’ powerful fist as it slammed down upon it! It growled, but didn’t let go.

Metagross stared in shock as it shook its arm, trying to shake off Krookadile.

“Krookadile is hanging on with its Crunch attack!!” the announcer boomed as the crowd competed over who would be heard. “Surely that Hammer Arm did a lot of damage, but Krookadile is ignoring that right now and is keeping its jaws wrapped around Metagross’ fist!”

“Bullet Punch! Spin!”

Metagross’ arms glowed red and it spun fast, Krookadile crying out, hanging on as best as it could.

“KROOOOOOKADIIIILE!” Krookadile was thrown off and flew into the wall, its head going right through it!

The crowd near Krookadile screamed and waved frantically from above.

Krookadile pushed against the wall, freeing its head, and turned to Metagross.

“Bullet Punch!”

Metagross spun at Krookadile, whacking it repeatedly in the head as it grunted from each smack before finally falling to its knees.

“Now, Hammer Arm! Take it out!”

Metagross’ Black Belt glowed as it raised a glowing arm, bringing it down at Krookadile.

“DIG AWAY!” Aura ordered.

Krookadile scraped away at the ground and escaped underground as Metagross’ huge fist slammed to the spot Krookadile had just been. The ground quaked and Krookadile burst from below, underneath Metagross, tackling it down.

“Metagross is taking a whole lot of damage!” the announcer raved. “I’m not sure how much more either Pokemon can take to be honest!”

“Magnet Rise!” Arnold said to Metagross.

Metagross’ body was outlined in yellow and it hovered over the ground.

“Ground moves won’t hit us any longer!” Arnold smiled at Aura.

“We won’t need them at this point!” Aura glared at Arnold.

“Hammer Arm!” Arnold glared back.

“Dodge that!”

With its Black Belt glowing again, Metagross swung a heavy arm down at Krookadile, and Krookadile just barely got out of the way.

“Do it again!”

“Knock Off!” Aura snapped.

Krookadile raised a claw sparking with a dark aura and swiped at Metagross.

The Black Belt around Metagross came off easily.

Metagross raised an arm and hit Krookadile in the head, forcing it into the ground.

Krookadile was laid out flat, the belt out of reach from its claw.

“Krookadile!!” Aura looked scared. Concerned for his Pokemon. “Oh, no! Please, don’t give up!”

Krookadile’s eyes shot open and it stood up. It shook its head and raised its claws, opening and closing them, worn out but not defeated.

“Krookadile is showing an incredible display of willpower and strength as it gets back up but doesn’t quite look ready for more!” the announcer spoke of Krookadile. “Its Knock Off has knocked off the Black Belt from Metagross, and that Hammer Arm wasn’t quite as strong as it could have been if the belt were on!”

“Destroy it already!! Hammer Arm!” Arnold screamed with clenched fists.

“Get ready for it!” Aura gritted his teeth, tightening his eyes.

Metagross rocked Krookadile against the side of the face.


Krookadile fell, but instantly forced itself right back up and sent a flurry of punches to Metagross.

GROOOOOOOOOSS!!” Metagross called out sharply.

Nooooooooo!!” Arnold reacted as well.

“Now take it down! Crunch attack!”

Krookadile leaped on top of Metagross and held onto the steel menace with its legs and arms, opening its jaws. It latched its glowing teeth onto Metagross.

Metagross screamed and crashed down.

Krookadile remained on top of it for a moment before finally opening its jaws and leaping off.

“Kroooookadile!” Krookadile said proudly, its eyes on the fallen opponent.

The entire stadium was still and silent, all eyes on the field in the middle of it.

“No way,” June whispered.

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!” Robin was the only one to scream out, and he did so, joyously.

I heard what sounded like a helicopter in the distance.

“Metagross is unable to battle! Krookadile wins!” The referee waved the red flag to Aura.

The crowd was on their feet instantly, stomping, screaming, out of control over this win.


The crowd continued to scream in my ear, but I turned around at the strange words I heard the announcer yell.

I turned to June, who was looking around her.

Robin was busy cheering with excitement, on his feet, leaping in the air. “DAMN RIGHT! SUCK ON THAT, METAGROSS! HA HA HA! HA! HAAAA!

“June, did you...?” I asked.

June turned to me, a confused look on her face. “You heard that?”

“I’m not sure...” I looked up into the sky, hearing the sound of a helicopter getting closer.

An airplane quickly flew by overhead. It looked sort of familiar with its black bottom half and shiny, silver top half. No, not exactly an airplane... My eyes widened as a strange, dark gas floated down from the bottom of the flying craft and descended upon the stadium.

I stood up quickly, my mouth open in shock and confusion. What is that?

The entire crowd around me was now quieting down and looking up at the sky as it became clouded with a dark spray that was descending upon us.

The competitors, Arnold and Aura, and their Pokemon, were also looking about in confusion.


I gasped and looked around as the echo rang through the stadium from the speakers. The announcer? My heart was beating sharper as fear began to take over.

“What’s going on here?” Robin questioned, looking into the sky. “What is that?”

“Let’s get out of here!” I started pushing past the people in the stands to try to escape.

Several others tried to get out as well, but many people were blocking the way, looking up as the strange powder made contact with us all.

A familiar melody was being hummed over the speakers now, its lighthearted tone contrasting with the frightening situation.

“Hey! Come on! Move it!” I tried to push my way out. My breathing got heavier and I felt weaker as the powder touched me. I tried to rub it off, but it vanished into my skin. “No...” I breathed, feeling my legs quake.

“Gary!” I heard June cry.

I turned to her as she collapsed on top of me, and Robin dropped to his knees behind her. Under June’s light weight, I found myself unable to push her off of me for some reason and my eyelids got heavy, slowly closing.

The baby’s tune continued to be hummed, repeating itself, wavering in my drifting hearing.

Staring up into the sky, I saw the helicopter above the stadium, its bottom painted black, its top shining silver under the sun. A white S painted on the front.

“S-S-Solace...” I weakly whispered as my eyes closed and everything went black.


Blackness everywhere.

My eyes tightened and I realized that they were closed.

The sounds of groans and moans and yawns were all around me.

My eyes slowly opened, closing and opening repeatedly at first, and then finally staying open as I gazed around.

The sky was dark, a few stars twinkling in them.

Huge, bright lights from the stadium were on, lighting the arena.

I sat up and groaned, my body feeling sore and tired, and stretched my arms, twisted my back, and moved my neck around.

People around me were doing the same; stretching out their bodies, moaning, waking up.

June was on her hands and knees, arching her back, and looked weakly at the ground.

Robin was standing up, rubbing his eyes with his hand.

I heard the distant rumbling of what sounded like propellers. “You guys,” I croaked weakly and then cleared my throat. “You okay?”

Robin and June turned to me.

“Yeah, but what just happened?” Robin asked tiredly.

June stood up and looked around, sighing. “I’m so confused right now. What happened?”

“I don’t know,” I muttered. “The last battle was taking place, and then... something happened, I guess...”

“A plane flew by,” Robin remembered. “That’s all I recall.”

It was like being struck by lightning. My eyes shot open. “Team Solace!”

“Huh?” June and Robin uttered out.

“What do you mean?” Robin demanded, a serious look coming over his face.

I looked up into the dark, empty sky, my mind now focusing on the sound getting closer, dread filling my body. “Oh, no...”

The helicopter came into full view just a few seconds later, the sound from the spinning blades above loud in my ears. The pitch black bottom half. The silver upper half. The S painted in white on the front.

“Team Solace!” I got to my feet and pointed up at the helicopter.

Everyone was looking up at the helicopter, crying out and shouting.

That’s them?!” Robin growled, baring his teeth as he looked up.

“This is Team Solace?” June whispered, her voice shaking.

“Yeah,” I responded in a low voice as the helicopter hovered above the stadium.

These are the asses who killed Aly?!” Robin barked. “I’ll show them!! Once and for all!!” He reached for his belt. “Hey!” He looked down. “Where are my Pokemon??”

“Huh?” I looked down at his empty belt and quickly looked at my own belt. “My Pokemon!!!” My belt was empty as well!

June gasped and looked around. “My bag with all my Pokemon is missing!!” She crawled on her knees, searching for her bag.

Cries of confusion seasoned the air as other people began looking for their Poke Balls, finding that they were missing as well.

I kept my eyes on the helicopter hovering above us and saw two planes fly by, painted exactly like the helicopter. I gasped as I recognized what they were.

The attack aircrafts! Like in the Pokemon Preservation Area when they attacked me and Officer Jenny! And when they attacked the Safari Zone!

The aircrafts flew past the helicopter and out of view.

The door to the helicopter opened and someone stepped close to the edge, looking down at us all with a smile as he gripped tightly to the side of his vehicle. He brushed back his long, black hair with his free hand as it was blown in the wind around him. His chest was puffed out proudly, his black button up shirt tucked in his black slacks and stretching out just slightly under a little bit of belly he had, standing in black shoes. He placed his free hand behind his back as he surveyed the area through squinted eyes.

“It’s Isaac!” I called out to the man.

“Who’s Isaac?” June asked in fear.

“The leader!” Robin remembered. “I’ll never forget his radio announcement. EVER! This is the sick freak who killed Aly!”

“Not him,” I replied. “But he’s damn well as much responsible for it. What are they doing here?”

Isaac turned behind him for a moment before turning back around, a microphone now in his hand, and three more attack aircrafts flew by, one from one direction, and the other two from the opposite direction. He cleared his throat and his voice echoed through the speakers in Indigo Stadium. “Hello, young children,” Isaac said in his deep voice.

He was greeted with silence from the crowd below.

“I am aware that some adults are in the stands tonight, as well, but this... is for the children.” Isaac eyed us sternly, coldly, his face alone threatening all of us like a bully intimidating a geek at school. A boss taking advantage of a worker who won’t fight back and belittling them needlessly. A parent ready to beat their child for failing to meet their impossible to achieve expectations of perfection. A man in a position of power willing to demonstrate it in the worst ways. “For it is the children who hurt me tonight. The children! The majority of Pokemon Trainers in this world.” He spat out the word “Pokemon” in disgust. “I have come here with a message. A message to save everyone on this planet from the evils of these monstrous creatures you have been brainwashed into believing are your friends. And what better time and place than during the finals of the annual Pokemon League competition? The most televised Pokemon event in the entire world is the finals of any region’s Pokemon League. This is when the stadium is most packed. The only true time to save the world. When the people are most paying attention. When they are best primed to receive the truth of their misguided lifestyle and support of Pokemon!” His voice was getting erratic, but it quickly calmed down. “When the most powerful of Pokemon are all in one spot.”

“COME DOWN HERE AND SAY THAT CRAP TO MY FAAAAAACE!!!!” Robin let out at the top of his lungs, waving a fist up at Isaac.

Soon, the entire crowd began to yell and curse up at Isaac.

Another pair of aircrafts flew by Isaac’s helicopter.

Isaac looked through the crowd, squinting through the strong winds blowing at him. “I see there are upset and otherwise confused feelings regarding what I am doing tonight. This is the sad part of it all. You all must be sacrificed in order to save the entire world.”

The crowd got silent at these words.

“You’ll all be regarded as heroes in the end,” Isaac spoke. “Your deaths will not go down in vain, but shall instead be the light to awaken those in the darkness.” His face broadened into a smile. “You’ll be forever remembered for your selfless act in saving your loved ones and the entire planet as we know it!”

“He’s mad!” June burst out.

“Did he just say ‘our deaths?’” a woman questioned behind me.

“Is he going to kill us?” a boy asked in fear.

The crowd started freaking out, shrieking and pushing past me and everyone else, trying to escape.

I was frozen in place, unsure of what to do. An extremely loud ZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! startled me, ringing out from different directions all across the stadium.

Screams rang from everywhere, people now running away from the exits! It was utter chaos as people tried to reach the exit doors and were stopped by people running from the exits, the oddly electric sound going off harshly every several seconds. This back and forth jumble of terrified people seeking freedom and others running away from it repeated itself for a while before the exits were finally cleared, everyone seeming to be afraid of approaching the doors now.

Isaac chuckled lightly, his voice raking at my eardrums. “I wouldn’t try to use the exits,” he said gently. “I don’t think over one hundred thousand volts of electricity is something any of you would like to experience.”

The crowd flipped out over this furiously, others gasping in shock.

“Try to understand,” Isaac said smoothly. “Well, unfortunately you cannot because of your brainwash. It’s okay, though. I need to keep you all in here for the grand finale. No one is allowed to escape. You all will be worshiped in your death. Including them.” Isaac pointed down below.

Everyone’s attention turned to the field and almost instantly, horrified screams arose.

June shrieked shrilly.

Robin yelled out in horror.

I covered my mouth and turned away.

Nobody seemed to have seen it before, too delirious from being knocked out and preoccupied by Isaac, but the field was littered with dead bodies. And every one of them seemed to be a police officer. They were all covered in blood.

“I guess word got out during the last battle that something was going on, and the police tried to interfere,” Isaac explained. “You can see how thorough my security is compared to the Kanto police force. With the exits also ’secured,’ there are very limited ways in or out of this stadium. The sacrifices made tonight shall not be forgotten. Including yours.”

I don’t wanna be worshiped!!” a girl screamed shrilly. “I just wanna go home to my mom!!

This triggered several protests from everyone, begging to be released.

Isaac’s face hardened, listening to the demands from everyone to let them go.

June, Robin, and I seemed to be the only quiet ones, Robin and I looking around and glaring back up at Isaac, June fearfully glancing around at the crowd.

Three aircrafts flew by Isaac from different directions, flying out of view.

Isaac raised the microphone to his mouth and waited for the crowd to be silent. “Do not think this does not come with a feeling of regret!” Isaac said in a somewhat sad, insistent voice. “I do not take joy in having to do this! I sympathize with your fear!” Isaac paused and sighed. “As a child myself, growing up in Johto’s own Azalea Town, I once did love Pokemon. I never agreed with being a Pokemon Trainer. I never wanted to keep them captive and force them into battling. I just wanted to play with them. I once befriended a Mythical Pokemon. I believe they call it, Celebi. I knew other Pokemon as well, but Celebi always felt special to me, for some reason. It became my favorite Pokemon, and best friend. Little did I know at the time, it was a Legendary Pokemon with great powers of time travel. One day, I couldn’t find it. I searched for it for several days before giving up. Having been deserted by my best friend, I began to loathe all things. I stopped playing with the other Pokemon in the forest so close to my home. I isolated myself from them, no longer trusting them. I fled from the entire world. I trusted no one. I locked myself in my room, not coming out to eat, even at my family’s request. I refused to come out for school. I refused to come out even for my human friends. But it also hurt my heart to be so cold to the warmth offered to me from the world. I could no longer deal with the burden of deserting my Pokemon friends, knowing they missed me as much as I missed them deep down. How could I abandon them like Celebi had done to me? I stepped out of my room, hugged my mother, father, and twin sisters, and went back to Ilex Forest and found the Pokemon I had betrayed. We had fun together like we used to. But never again did I see the Celebi.”

It was quiet, Isaac lowering his head. His deep inhale was heard clearly through the speakers, the only noise to be made until a pair of the attack aircrafts flew by again before disappearing.

“Rita...” Isaac’s voice lowered. “The love of my life. My wife.” He cleared his throat and spoke more strongly, but still weakened. “We had a daughter together. The person I cherished more than anyone else on this planet. My daughter, Flora.” Isaac paused and exhaled sharply as he covered his eyes with the hand his microphone was in.

Was he crying?

I could feel the fear pumping through me, my legs quaking, my arms shaking hard, my heart rocking fast inside of me. I was terrified of what he’d say next. How this entire situation would end.

Isaac lowered his hand and stopped at his mouth so he could speak into the microphone, gazing out at us all. “Flora wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer at ten, and I let her go off into the world to try her hand at raising Pokemon. I wasn’t happy with her request, but I allowed it. There must be worse things out there than being a Pokemon Trainer, right? I’d seen Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon together, and they seemed to be happy. Plus, Flora was my little princess. I couldn’t say no to my child. And, Celebi... To allow my daughter to experience the love I had felt at around her age from Pokemon... What option did I truly have? Maybe... she’d even meet my Celebi and...” Isaac started uttering tearful chokes. His head buried itself into the arm that was holding the side of the helicopter. He gasped, stuttered, and sniffled hard.

I didn’t understand what was going on, but Isaac’s actions weren’t moving me. They only frightened me. Confused me. What was this story leading to? How were we going to get out of this?

“But I should have...” Isaac paused, and his head fell, his chin in his chest. His words were now mumbles. “She was killed. Killed by a Pokemon. I’ll never forget which one... Roserade. Flora, killed by a Bouquet Pokemon who apparently hunt by luring prey over with their sweet aroma, and then stabs the prey with the thorns in their bouquet. Of all the most sickening of coincidences...”

“Oh...!” June gasped, lowering her head sadly, wiping at her eyes.

The crowd murmured at Isaac’s words.

Me nor Robin made a sound.

Isaac took a deep breath. “She was found,” he spoke louder. “She was poisoned less than an hour before being found, and taken to the hospital. Two hours later...” Isaac seemed to grunt.

I swallowed, now captivated by this tale. Horrified. Mixed feelings filling me.

“Three hours of torture... Three. Hours...” Isaac snorted hard. “And I arrived five minutes too late to even say goodbye,” he whispered. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

His bellow brought a cry of shock out of the audience.

“I had heard the news reports of death by the hands of Pokemon or involving Pokemon in some way since I was a little boy, but I had ignored them!” Isaac spoke with renewed energy. “Foolish! Foolish even to the point of sending my own daughter into the world of Pokemon! Losing Flora is what opened my eyes. Too late, but better late than never. I can keep Flora’s name alive forever through this sacrifice to save other children like my Flora. To awaken the brainwashed masses and bring about a world where Pokemon no longer exist! And anyone who stands in my way, such as you children here, will be eradicated!” Isaac paused, seeming to scan the crowd slowly, and he spoke more lowly, darkly. “My Rita learned that when I told her of my plans to save the planet and she refused to join me. Going as far as to threaten to call the cops if I didn’t seek help.” Isaac’s voice hardened further into a growl. “Anyone who tries to stop me will be slaughtered in cold blood!

June gasped. “He killed his wife?”

“And now, it is time to implement Team Solace’s greatest plan ever!!!” Isaac yelled hysterically over the microphone. “The plan to end all plans! To end all violence! To stop the killings! To stop the tears! To stop the pain! In case you have not noticed, all of your Pokemon are missing! But none of you need to worry! I have them all!”

The crowd immediately demanded for the release of their Pokemon.

Isaac raised a hand in the air, and the crowd quieted down. “Of course! Your Pokemon will be returned,” Isaac spoke in a calmer tone, nodding. “Right away...” Isaac’s smile widened and he backed away from the edge of the helicopter.

The crowd began to mutter with concern as a huge hose was shoved out of the helicopter door. A loud sound like that of a vacuum roared and items flew out from the hose towards the ground.

“Poke Balls!” I exclaimed as the crowd got excited.

Poke Balls of all kinds were falling from the hose, being forced out and landing on the ground by the dead bodies of the Officer Jennys. Many Poke Balls opened as soon as they hit the ground, while others opened in midair, sending out a variety of different Pokemon into the field. Before long, the entire field was filled with Pokemon.

Trainers called out as they recognized their Pokemon.

The Pokemon all looked around in confusion, some scratching their heads.

I couldn’t see any of my Pokemon in the mix, but I did see something else. “HEY! What’s that on their backs?!”

Some kind of large, black box was attached to the backs of the Pokemon!

“And now!” Isaac yelled gleefully. “IT BEGINS!!!!” I looked up to see that the hose was gone from the helicopter door.

Isaac was now standing in its place, a microphone in one hand, a black box that looked like a remote in the other hand. He pressed something on the box, laughing loudly, his voice echoing throughout the stadium.

Several Trainers ran from the bleachers, landing in the field, and headed happily for their Pokemon.


The boxes on the backs of the Pokemon sparked.

A collective, deafening roar rose up from the Pokemon in the field as they were electrified. Many Pokemon collapsed from the jolt.

The Trainers who had run to their Pokemon stopped and uttered multiple surprised utterances as the Pokemon wailed out and began swinging about dangerously.

“IT IS TIME TO DEMONSTRATE THE DANGERS OF POKEMON!!” Isaac called out. “ONCE AND FOR ALL!! And everyone here will be sacrificed for the entire world to see, LIVE! TEAM SOLACE SHALL REIGN FROM HERE ON!! FOREVEEEEEERRRRRR!!!” Isaac cackled maniacally.

A Golem swung a fist at a Beedrill’s abdomen as both Pokemon struggled from the shock running through them.

Beedrill swung back at Golem with its sharp stingers on its arms.

A Kingler and Marowak were fighting in confusion and rage, Kingler beating Marowak over the head with its larger pincers as Marowak swung at Kingler with its club.

A Hitmontop was spinning on its head, tearing through the crowd of Pokemon, kicking everything in its path.

A Tangela was strangling a Vaporeon with its vines as Vaporeon laid on top of it, beating it over the head with its tail.

A Gyarados on the other side of the field roared and caused an explosion with its Hyper Beam as it blasted the field, but when the smoke cleared, the Pokemon were all still fighting, and a Pinsir leaped at Gyarados, clamping its pincers around Gyarados’ neck and forcing it down.

A Steelix dove down, wrapping its humongous jaws around a Miltank’s entire head, squeezing hard as Miltank screamed loudly, struggling to free herself.

A Tauros forced his horns through the body of a Scyther as Scyther slashed away at Tauros’ face, Scyther and Tauros both dripping in blood from their opposing opponent.

A Rhydon was using Horn Drill to force a Kangaskhan against the wall, drilling through the now dead baby in her pouch, into the mother’s stomach, as the Kangaskhan let out a sound of torment no living creature should, blood splashing onto herself and Rhydon.

The Trainers who had entered the field ran away in terror now, but a Jolteon leaped in front of a few of them, stopping a small group as the others got away, and Jolteon electrocuted the kids it had stopped, causing them to scream and fall.

A Feraligatr was clamping its jaws around... my Charizard’s neck!

“CHARIZAAAAAARRRD!!” I ran forward, grabbing the wall and ready to leap for my Pokemon.

“THAT’S MY FERALIGATR!!” Robin stopped next to me. “STOP IIIIT!!” Robin leaped from the stands and into the field, and I was right by his side.

“GARY! ROBIN!” June called to us.

We both froze as our Pokemon were blocked from our view by other battling Pokemon.

“Robin, how do we stop this??” I asked him shrilly.

“COME ON!” Robin ran into the fighting!

“ROBIIIIN!” I tore after him as he ran into the barrage of Pokemon, getting around them, trying to find our Pokemon.

Finally, Robin and I spotted Charizard and Feraligatr, Feraligatr still biting into Charizard’s neck.

Charizard was clawing at Feraligatr’s eyes.

“AAAAAAAHHH!” I screamed as a large Pokemon landed in front of me. I continued to shriek as loud as possible, reminiscent of a little girl, when I realized it was a Galvantula! “JUNE’S?!?!

A Metagross was pummeling the Bug Pokemon with its enormous fists.

Galvantula shocked Metagross, causing it to yell out and stop for a second.

Just like the Charizard that went rampant in Native Village, I realized with horror as the two Pokemon disappeared into the crowd of many other pained, frightened battlers around them. The black boxes must be the same device they used on that poor Charizard when they let it loose in Native Village and it went on a rampage, attacking blindly, suffering!

“FERALIGATR!!” Robin was facing his Pokemon. “STOP IT!!!”


Neither Pokemon listened, continuing to fight.

“This is more than just an electric shock,” someone said from behind me.

I turned with surprise to see June, a horrified look on her face.

“There are Ground types here as well as Electric types. It’s hurting all of the Pokemon the same! This shock is something else and it’s driving them all crazy!”

“June, what are you doing here?” I demanded.

“My Pokemon are in here, too!” June fought back. “And I’m not gonna leave you two out here alone! Do you have a plan?”

“There isn’t anything we can do! Coming down here was a big mistake! We have to get back to the bleachers until we have a real plan!”

“I’m not leaving my Pokemon!!” Robin insisted.

“We’re not leaving them! But we can’t even return them to their Poke Balls, let alone touch them! We’re gonna die here!” I grabbed his arm and pulled as he tried to break free. “You stupid ASS! COME ON!!!” I yanked him against his will and June led the way to the wall. I let go of Robin and cupped my hands in front of me, letting June step in them to boost her up to the bleachers. I grabbed Robin’s shoulders when I saw him looking back at the war behind us and pushed him to the wall. “You’re next!” I cupped my hands.

Robin stepped into them and climbed up.

“GARY!” June reached down, Robin next to her also reaching for me.

I leaped up and grabbed each of their hands, kicking up the wall, and landed with them in the bleachers. “Where are those kids?” I looked for the children who had been zapped by the Jolteon, but I couldn’t see them anywhere. I couldn’t really see anything anymore.

It was just a mix of blood, Pokemon, and smashed Poke Balls everywhere.

An unstoppable mess.

Isaac was above in his helicopter, smiling proudly over what he had created.

As Robin, June, and I looked down at the madness in front of us.

I realized with terror that Isaac was smiling over his.

Team Solace’s.


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