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A G X Christmas Carol: a Yu-Gi-Oh G X Fan Fiction.


I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The Anime Show, Except For a Few Characters, This Is How the Japanese People Celebrate Christmas.

Action / Other
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Christmas Eve In Domino City

Snow Had Falling down on the ground, covering all of Domino City in a Blanket of White, Until the clouds clear, a Stars were twinkling their brightest light, The Full Moon was shining It's Brightest Light, Shining Down On The Kaiba Dome Like a Diamond In a Diamond Mine, It was a Duel Monsters Tournament, Duelists From All Over The World Was there Competing, The People In the Stands Were getting It All, There Were Some Wins and Some Loses, Until It was the Final Round Of The Tournament, Zane Truesdale was in the Finals Of the Tournament, He had just Survived The first, Second, and Third Round, Now He was in the finals and was Dueling Against a Novice Duelist From India Team, The Novice Duelist Had Some Weak Monsters on His side, and No Trap or Magic Cards to protect or arm them with, But However Zane had His Best Duel Monster Cyber End Dragon, Zane was Looking At The Novice Duelist with a Determined Look In His Eyes, The Novice Duelist was in his Early 20's, with brown hair, brown eyes, he was wearing his India Team Uniform.

"Cyber End Dragon Finish him Off", Zane said as His Cyber End Dragon Attacked The Novice Duelist's Duel Monster.

Zane had won the Duel Monster's Tournament, He walked over to the middle of the Duel Field and shake hands with the Novice Duelist from the India Team, Zane went to the Press Room and was doing an Interview with a News Reporter, after His News Interview, Zane started making his way to his Dressing Room, He put his hand on the doorknob of his closed Dressing Room, and walked in the doorway, He was stunned to his own brother Syrus Flannigan, He was married To Blair Flannigan and They had a young Daughter.

"Hey Zane, that was a Great Duel, You were Terrific as always", Syrus said.

"Thanks, What are you doing here?", Zane asked.

"Oh I'm here in the Request Of Your Wife, Tara Yuki-Truesdale", Syrus answered.

"Oh Really", Zane said.

"Zane, By the way, there's someone else that wants to say Congrats to you", Syrus replied.

"Oh, Who is it?", Zane asked.

Before Syrus Could Answer, Zane was Tackled By a Brown Hair, Purple Eyed, 10-year-old Boy, they both went on the couch that was in Zane's Dressing Room.

"Hi Dad, That was an Awesome Duel, You were Outstanding, By the way, Mom let me go with Uncle Syrus to see you, She wanted to Come too, But she had to stay home to finish writing her Duel Monster Novel, and take care of Celina, Her Heart is acting up again, Right Uncle Syrus?", The 10-year-old Boy asked as he looked at Syrus as he was talking to him.

"Yes She did, Seto", Syrus answered.

"Oh Good", Zane said.

Another hour later there was a knock on the door, the door opened, a Security Guard poked his head in and Informed Zane that Chazz Princeton would like to have a word with him.

"Seto, you stay here with Syrus, I'll go see what Chazz wants, then we'll go home to Mom and Celina, Okay?", Zane asked as he was looking at his oldest son.

"All Right, Dad", Seto answered.

Zane walked out of the dressing room, and started walking toward Chazz's Office, he started wondering what Chazz wanted to talk to him about, Tara and Him had been working and saving as much money as they can to pay for Celina's Heart Operation, her heart would get weak from time to time, and sometimes would beat vividly, He remembered one night when they were in their house, He remembered waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of Tara screaming, He remembered seeing her running up the hallway with their lifeless brown hair, purple eyed, 8-year-old daughter in her arms, Zane could remember Tara's chilling words ringing in his ears.


"what is it, what's wrong".

"It's Celina, She won't wake up, Call the Ambulance".

"All Right".

Zane Rushed to the telephone and dialed the Ambulance, the Paramedics Arrived, and they took Celina to the hospital.

Zane remembered the shock looked when the Doctor told them that Celina had a weak heart and needed a heart operation to fix it, and the cost of it was expensive, Zane had to go back to Normal Dueling, while Tara became a world famous Duel Monster Author, Until Zane was standing in front of Chazz's Closed Office Door, He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come In", Chazz answered from inside the office.

Zane opened the door and walked into the doorway of the office.

"You wanted to see me, Sir?", Zane asked.

Chazz Looked up from his paperwork at Zane and started Smirking at him.

"I've scheduled more Duels for you", Chazz answered.

"Sir, as you know my youngest daughter is very sick, She needs a Heart Operation to fix her weak heart, so might I have a day off to spend Christmas with My Family?", Zane asked as he looked at Chazz.

"Well, All Right, But Be Back Afterward", Chazz answered.

"Oh Thank You, Sir, Oh and Merry Christmas", Zane said as he left the office.

"Bah Humbug", Chazz replied as he went back looking over his paperwork.

Another hour later Two Men dressed in Black Suits, Ties, Pants, Socks, Shoes, Walked inside the office.

"Excuse Us for the Interruption, But We're collecting Donations for those Less Fortunate", One of the two men said.

"Now, how much can we get from you?", The Second of the two Men asked.

"Nothing", Chazz answered.

"Oh You Wished To Be Anonymous?", The First Of The Two Men asked.

"No, I wished to be left alone, and By the way, are there any Homeless Shelters Or Workshops", Chazz answered.

"There Is, Sir", The Second Of The Two Men replied.

"Good, Problem Solved, Send The Poor There", Chazz said.

"But, what if they refuse and many would rather die?", The First Of The Two men asked.

"If They Rather Die, They Better Do It, and Decrease the Population", Chazz answered.

The Two Men Left The Office, another hour later, Zane, Seto, and Syrus left the Kaiba Dome, Zane and Seto said their Good-Byes to Syrus as they went their Separate Ways, Chazz also left the Dome and went to his house.

Another Hour Later Chazz arrived at his house, he went inside his house, put on his sleeping attire, he started having his dinner by the fireplace, until the fire in the fireplace started dimming down to an orange red glow, Until a Bright Light Appeared Throughout the living room, Chazz had to shield his Eyes until the bright Light Disappeared, He was shocked to see Sartorious.

"What Are You Doing Here?", Chazz asked.

"I'm Here to see you, Chazz", Sartorius answered.

"Why do you have Those Chains on your wrists?", Chazz asked.

"I wear these chains for all the sins that I have made, the very same fate will await you, if you don't change your ways", Sartorius answered.

"What Should I Do?", Chazz asked.

"You will Be Haunted By Three Spirits, expect the first one when the clock chimes one, the second when the clock chimes two, and the third when the clock chimes 3, Beware", Sartorius answered as he disappeared.

Another Hour Later The Fire in the Fireplace came back up, Chazz finished eating his Dinner, put his empty dinner plate in the kitchen sink, and went to bed.

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