A G X Christmas Carol: a Yu-Gi-Oh G X Fan Fiction.

The Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician.

Another hour later Chazz woke up when he heard the clock chimed two, he waited, waited, waited, waited, nothing happened, he smell something good, he got up out of his bed, walked out of his bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, he looked into the dining room of the house, he was stunned to see that it had changed, on the table was a Christmas Feast, There were a Table Cloth, Plates, Silverware, a Christmas Turkey, Turkey Stuffing, Beats, etc, etc, Sitting at the head of the table was a person, he was dressed in a light green robe with white trim around it, He looked at Chazz.

"Who are you?", Chazz asked as he looked at the person.

"I am the ghost of Christmas Present The Dark Magician", The Person answered.

"Oh, I see", Chazz said until the Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician got up from the chair and started walking toward Chazz.

"Now Follow Me", The Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician said.

Chazz started walking with the Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician, The House Started Changing, They were in Domino City, It was Christmas Morning, Suddenly Chazz was Shocked when He saw Zane Truesdale walking with his 10-year-old son Seto Truesdale, they were walking on the sidewalk and was dressed in warm clothes, Zane was carrying a Bag that has a Turkey In It.

"This is going to be the Best Christmas Ever", Seto said.

"It Sure Is", Zane replied as they were passing a local Drug Store.

They were walking in front of an Ally, when Zane Noticed Jesse Anderson, He was a lot older and was dressed in nice clothes, He was standing in the Ally a few feet from a house that he had lived with His Wife Ember Anderson.

"Seto, we're going to take a little Detour, Then We'll go home to Mom and Celina", Zane said as he looked at Seto.

"All Right, Dad", Seto replied as he followed his father in the Ally.

Jesse smiled at Zane, and was about to say something, When Zane cleared his throat and pointed to Seto, Jesse nodded his head.

"Seto, Ember has made some Gingerbread Cookies, You can go in and have some, and She'll be sure to put some in a Container to take home to Tara and Celina", Jesse said as he looked at Seto.

"Oh Boy, May I, Dad?", Seto asked as he looked at Zane with his blue eyes twinkling brightly.

"Yes you May, Seto, Don't forget to Thank Ember", Zane answered.

"I won't Dad", Seto replied as he rushed inside the house.

Zane looked at Jesse, he looked back at Zane, They both looked around to see if No-one was watching them, Jessie took out a brown Paper Bag That Had Celina's Heart Medicine, out of His Coat and Gave It to Zane, He took out a Brown Paper Bag that had some money and Gave It to Jesse.

"You Realize My Boss will be furious with me, If he finds out that I'm doing Business After hours", Jesse said.

"Don't worry, I won't tell no-one about it", Zane replied.

"So, Have you Heard from Jaden and Alexis yet?", Jesse asked.

"Yes We Have, They're Just Settling Down In New York City", Zane answered.

"Good, so when are they coming over?", Jesse asked.

"They're not, There's a Big Duel Monster's Tournament, and They've both Entered It", Zane answered.

"Oh, What a Shame", Jesse said.

"But They Did Send Seto and Celina Their Christmas Presents, Also Syrus, Blair, and Bianca is coming over Tomorrow", Zane Replied.

"Oh That's Wonderful", Jesse said.

Another hour later Seto walked out of the house, in his hands was a box that had some Gingerbread Cookies in it, Zane and Seto said Good-Bye to Jesse, and they started walking out of the ally and on the sidewalk, they continued walking to their house, followed by Chazz and The Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician, Another hour later Zane and Seto arrived at the house, they went inside their house, While Chazz and The Ghost Of Christmas Present The Dark Magician was watching from the kitchen window, They Saw Tara Truesdale, She was dressed in a Nice Outfit.

"Mom, Guess what, I've helped Dad pick out the Turkey for our Christmas Morning Dinner, and I've got some Gingerbread Cookies in this box from Jesse and Blair", Seto said as he gave Tara the box that had the Gingerbread Cookies in it.

"Oh Good, You and Celina might have one for Desert", Tara said as she took the box and put it on the kitchen counter.

"Oh Boy", Seto replied happily,

"The Turkey Isn't as Big as the last one we've had, but it'll do in a pinch", Zane said.

"That'll be enough, Oh Seto, would you please go and get your Sister, you know the rules, Right?", Tara asked as she looked at Seto as she was speaking to him.

"I Know Mom, No Lights On, No Noises", Seto answered as he went up the stairs.

After Seto had left, Zane looked at his wife, he could tell by the expression on her face, something was bothering her.

"Tara, is something wrong?", Zane asked as he looked at her.

"Well, I went to the local publisher early today", Tara answered.

"Oh, So how did it go?", Zane asked.

"Well I gave him my Newest Manuscript to be Published, and He rejected it, He told me that It would be too dark and scary", Tara answered.

"Is it about the story of Two Duelists named Zen and Lora, that were very much in love with each-other, they were an unstoppable duelist team, Until Zen had to go to fight in a War, Lora begged and pleaded with him not to go, but He told her that he had to go, and wait for him when he returns, Until She got word that He had been taken prisoner by an Evil Overlord who was also an expert duelist and uses Duel Monsters Instead of People for His Army, and Lora had to brave Many Dangers to Rescue Zen, I don't think it's Scary", Zane said not knowing that their conversation was being heard.

"Mommy's Story isn't Scary either, Even the part of when Lora saved an elderly old woman dressed in a black cloak from a Runaway Wagon, Until The Elderly Old Woman Dressed In A Black Cloak was transformed into a Beautiful Fairy Queen Duel Monster Charlendria, and In Return For Lora's Bravery and Courage, The Fairy Queen Duel Monster Charlendria Gave Lora a Magical Sword Of Light that would Light Her Way Through the Dark Forest, I like that Part the Best", A Voice said until Tara and Zane looked.

They saw their 5'6', brown hair, blue eyed, 6-year-old daughter Celina Truesdale, she was dressed in under-wear, kapri shorts, shirt, She was standing at the bottom of the stairs beside her big brother.

"How long have you two been listening?", Tara asked.

"While you and Daddy was talking", Celina answered.

"Well Let's Have Dinner", Zane said.

They sat down at the tabl

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