Theme Challenges: Madison and Nick


A story of Nick and Madison’s love life and they show it no matter what

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Chapter 1: Impressions

I looked over at him, pointing my camera in his direction. First words to come into my mind: Hot. Quiet. Hot. Kind. Hot. Nice. Oh, did I mention HOT? He really has lightened up since I persuaded him to join us here at our humble abode. Or better known as the Rock Porium, where we've been working since we were all like thirteen. Okay... so I made him, after talking with our boss, Toby.

He looked up from some kind of book and smirked at me, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. He was actually adorable when he smirked like that. And his hair isn't that bad either. Plus, his new uniform is spiffy. Vida, Chip, Xander, and I used to say that when we liked something, but we were in elementary school.

I looked at the book. It was one of my favorites. A classic. That happened to be by Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet.

I remember it as if I had finished it yesterday.

But no matter how much I'm crushing over him, it still hurt. That icy conversation we had together yesterday. I can easily forgive, I just can't forget the annoyance on his face, the exasperation in his tone of voice, as if I were some kind of bothersome child.

His words stung hard. They still do. They kind of linger in the air when our eyes meet for a sudden second. When we play with our magic to pick up the Rock Porium. When we stand in battle, strangely enough. When we talk. When we walk home together.

I know Vida, Chip, and Xander have made up their minds about him... But all I can say is first impressions suck!

I guess my only impression is that he makes me feel all giddy inside, that my hormones race around my body, that my heart pounds, my mouth goes dry, and my head gets dizzy. All I can say is my first impression must be on the bright side... I think...

That's my first impression of Nick Russel.

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