Lisa & Lewis Collection - Book Five.


An angelic war as humanity fights for survival, I had thought we could win, that was until ........ Now I know in the scheme of things Nine Thousand sounds a pitifully small size compared to the Black Court Vampires whom we had already learn were siding with the demons, their numbers alone topped over three million, and as for the demons, even after the recent devastating war, they still were estimated to have over twenty million or more…, and as for the Fallen Angels we were unsure of an exact number but knew there was near to three hundred still unaccounted for. But what scared the human authorities and the White council including the Knights of the cross…, was it was confirmed someone named Nickedemous whoever he was, is responsible for bringing this war into play. Now I had no knowledge or any idea as to whom this so called Nickedemous was…, or if I even spelt his name correctly, to me he was an unknown entity, but I was assured he was one very nasty and dangerous individual. That aside I did know of the skin walkers as Holly had once told me of them, and it turned out the entire White Court of Vampires and the wizards from the White Council could not defeat even a single Skin walker, such was their power and strength and skills, that Nine Thousands of them, was .........

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

Lisa & Lewis.

Loves Restoration – Some Have to Die.

Book Five.

By John R A Smith.


Just how much abuse can a person take before it breaks and turns from a timid mouse into an angry pit-bull with a rancid toothache, now imagine not just a nation but a collection of nations with whom all, and I mean all can take no more, and a war is declared against the aggressors.

I kid you not, people are usually loving compassionate greedy manipulative and want to be left to get on with their lives, but push them and then just wait and see how far before they become a raging monster and a side of their temperament explodes out in self-preservation, get a nation doing this and the unity over rides the past disagreements and gripes of everyday life and you suddenly have an army.

That’s what happened with the British in world wars one and two, only now the war was between the fallen Angels demons, black court vampires and their followers uniting together to attack the Fay and the human race.

s it any wonder the world awoke one day to find itself either sinking in blood and dead bodies, or fighting back, even if it means losing the ones you love?

It was impossible, and I knew my menagerie of a family could escape as could I, as I could certainly fly away, but in the blind panic of the heart I feared for Luke. He was trapped here, and unable to change forms into anything other than a wolf, and although he truly had been practicing his metamorphic change, he still had not managed anything above that of the wolf, yes he could now change individual body parts, which was a miracle in itself, and I was sure it would take time, if he had time that was, but I felt he would eventually master the brain over ride and manipulate the genetic T cells at an atomic level.

Lewis spoke, “My Prince are you not able to use your Fay given abilities to transform as I can?” Luke grimaced, “No grandfather had wanted me to remain in the kingdom of the Fay, but I knew my life was to be found in the human world…, so he eventually granted it if I agreed to remain in a human form, other than by means of another source not from direct Fay magic.”

Luke thought a moment and then continued talking, “I did not like the idea but I wanted to leave so much, that I agreed, but I think he knew my mother had other ideas, and the moment he departed to return to his wife, mother transported me into the presence of Lucien the scholar, and as he was an ancient werewolf from the times of Able, He infected me and taught me their ways.

Lewis was stunned, “Please forgive me my Prince…, but why would you give up your kingdom and birth right?” Luke looked at Lewis and then turned his eyes upon me and reached forward and took my hands. “I saw in a vision one night when my mother was teaching me the art of scribing the future,” he paused and then continued. “Well I just sought of fell in love, I had seen Maggie and instantly my heart told me she was my soul mate and that we would be together as one. Yes, I knew she was over a thousand years away, but I just had to leave and start preparing a home and kingdom of my own for Maggie to inherit.”

It was such a shock and Oh so romantic, and that even Eliza cried and sobbed. “Oh, that is so romantic” he said, and even my mother put a hand to her mouth in shock to think Luke had sacrificed his Royal Birth right so we could be together. It was then I understood why he had defended me and given me such a high wage, as he knew I would eventually come into his life,

Hell, I thought, I am not going to lose him now, and the others in my family were wide eyed and in shock. The others were wide eyed and even they thought it was so romantic. “It might not be all lost yet” said my mother, and she then explained her plan. My mother still had the sword which had been given to her by the knights of the Cross, and it remained invisible upon her back.

Looking over towards Lewis mother handed to him the replica staff which Queen Morgan had passed on as a deception gift from Merlin. At three minutes past midnight Lisa my mother walked through the brick wall of the farm house and remaining invisible while in ghost form, she positioned herself near the demon who was giving the orders. Seconds later Lewis used his Fay gifts to transform his appearance to look like me and opened the front door and walked out.

Immediately the demons focused upon Lewis thinking it was me and saw him holding what appeared to be Merlin’s Staff. “I have the staff and I shall use it if you try and take it from me,” I said, and the leader immediately laughed. “Little girl if you could use it you would have by now, you are not your mother, she was the gifted one with the power to use the staff of Merlin…, not you a mere pretender”, he then appeared to give it some thought, “If as you say you can wield the mighty staff all of hell fears, then prove it, give it your best shot”. So it looked to all whom were present that I did, and I pointed the staff towards him and instantly his head flew off decapitated in a gush of demonic blood, and with a quick movement of my mother’s arms and more as a reflex action she arced the blade and came downwards severing the demons body in two.

There was stunned silence as I could smell the utter fear emanating from the shocked demons, Lewis played his part well, “My mother was good with the staff, I am even better and slice and dice whom so ever I desire, I appeared to signal the next in command. “You with the axe and sword in your belt, were you not laughing and taunting me moments ago,” and I pointed the staff at the huge twelve-foot-tall demon.

He was a monstrous specimen and must have weighed in at over six hundred pounds, in one clean action his axe arm fell to the ground and then his left leg, and finally his head rolled to the ground, “Is there anyone else who would like a demonstration,” I appeared to have asked, and then Lewis turned and entered back into the safety of the farmhouse.

While all of this had been happening, I had quietly sat on the edge of the roof in the form of a rat and observing all that happened below. As I saw Lewis turn to enter the farm I returned through the attic and made my way down stairs. Eliza and Adrian had their heads pushed through the wall observing the demons and when they were satisfied, they had vacated the farms grounds they informed us all was now clear.

We said our goodbyes and Luke and I returned to the roof, where I transformed into the huge eagle which had lifted Steve and dropped him to his death. As I flew away with Luke, we made our way to the town of Bray, where we had acquired the Loan sharks house, and rested there for the rest of the night. My family returned to the kingdom of Fay to report back directly to Queen Morgan, if the demons were starting to reorganise, then she needed to know.

After resting at Bray for the night we left in human form and made our way to Royal Windsor, where Luke kept a weekend Penthouse apartment which overlooked the river Thames. He knew we would most likely be safe there for a few days, and hopefully long enough to give us time to organise ourselves.

It was a beautiful home, and a time I shall treasure and always remember, as it was there Luke proposed marriage to me, but rather than do it the old fashion way of going onto one knee, he typical to his humour could not resist playing a small joke. He reached over and kissed me, and casually he asked me a question, “That’s a point, do you prefer been called Maggie or would you like to be known as Elsa your birth name.”

I had never really thought of it before, I knew I was born and named Elsa, but for the last ten well almost eleven years now, I only knew myself as been called Maggie and that was the name I had got used to, and to call me anything different just seemed strange. Looking towards Luke I smiled and simply said “Maggie”.

“Phew that’s good” he replied, and he got my interest, and as I watched him he reached into the inside pocket of his jacket which lay across the arm of a chair, and extracted a wrapped package about the size of a C6 envelope. “Here this is a little something just for you. So, I opened the packaged only to find a card inside and a much smaller box.

“The best things always come in small packages” he said with a smile, I picked up the card and viewed the words written upon it. “Maggie you have my heart, body and soul, I love you and have done so for over a thousand years, so much so, I gave up my kingdom and birth right so I could be with you, and hold you in my arms and we could become as one. Maggie will you marry me, my love is deeper than the heavens, Prince Luke”.

Truly tears flowed from my eyes and I breathed in to get some much-needed air, and then I opened the box, and it contained a ring pull from an old can of something. I looked in amazed shock, and then I saw he held a stunning ring in his hand it held a huge marble size pink diamond crowned by emeralds. I had to blink and to ensure I was seeing correctly.

Luke took my hand and looked into my eyes and then he went to one knee, “Maggie will you marry me,” honestly I could not control myself so remembering the film we watched earlier, I simply answered, “No it needs more salt,” and he blinked unsure if he heard me correctly and then he saw the grin growing upon my face, “Yes you, romantic twerp, opts…, I apologise, you’re a Royal twerp…, of course I will marry you.

He stood up and hugged me swirling me around in joy, and would you believe it that very moment, Queen Morgan his mother appeared directly beside us. Dear Lord, it was enough to have given me a heart attack. “I never knew you had it in you to be so romantic,” she said, and she smiled…, “so my son, when will this beautiful young lady become my daughter,”

She never even waited for a reply but continued talking, “The king is overjoyed to hear you’re with a child and to have new royal blood enter the family once again, and because you are with child and my other two lazy sons have not even married, nor even produced a bastard child, he is truly ecstatic with joy.” I was in shock as I had not even known I was pregnant, “Pregnant…, how…, how can that be?” The Queen looked and smiled, “Are you truly asking me about the facts of life child?” and I blushed, but she grinned as she knew I was just in shock. “You conceived when you were in Scotland,” she told me, and this was just too much to take in so quickly.

“The king has forgiven you my son, and he has removed the curse and presents to you you’re Royal Birth Right, as a thank you for bringing new blood back into this family.” But then she looked at me and laughed, my father the king thought it was hilarious that you are yourself from one of his bastard children and joked there is nothing like keeping everything in the family.”

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