When Alexander's father died everything Changed.Unusal things started to happen... What is all those noises Alexander always hears when he's asleep? You will soon find out..

Mystery / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I suddenly woke up,having another nightmare as usual.It was already 3:00Am but i wasn't able to get back to sleep,my mum was already asleep and i didn't want to wake her up.I quickly turn my bright lamp on, I couldn't sleep at all! I always hear some tapping noises and even some objects knocking down.And whenever I look around to see what was it was,it just disappears.

Next day.

I completely forgotten about my dad's funeral..he only has died 2weeks ago but it seemed like it was yesterday.Everything has changed since then,i couldn't bare the fact that he is gone,forever.I tried to clear my thoughts.I shook my head and Out of my closest i got the dullest black suit i could find,i hurried up and dashed downstairs,where I see my mum.

"Alexander! Lets go,almost everyone is there."My mum replied

I nodded as i weakly smiled at her.I ran to the car and sat in the backseat,i looked at my dirty window where,i see rain pouring down.

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