The Darkness Within

The Rising - Act I

“The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”

-George Orwell, 1984

Wake up… A voice called to me. My eyes were closed, and I just couldn't open them. I tried, but the sweet embrace of sleep just didn't agree, and kept my eyes closed.

Wake up. I tried to shrug off the voice, sleep was just too niiice... My body felt warm and the blanket wrapped around me felt so good.

Wake up! The voice was beginning to wake me up. Geez, if I have to…but sleep is so good…

WAKE UP! The voice practically screamed into my ear, and my eyes fluttered open. Ugh…my eyes were groggy, and my vision was foggy and clouded. My ears stung from the scream, and I suddenly felt…cold.

"Wake up, Jay. You've slept for quite a long time…" A venomous voice said, as it snaked its way through my grogginess. The voice seemed…oddly familiar. I had heard that voice before…

"Rise and shine, Rex Tremendae!" I heard the voice say, as something collided with my cheek. It felt like a hand, although it was cold like it has recently been washed. Then the soft sort-of sting from the smell of hand sanitizer went to my nostrils. Ugh. I really hate the smell of hand sanitizer.

"Ugh," I muttered, as my eyesight began to clear out and focus. What happened? I thought, as I looked around. I was in a room with walls made out of… something I couldn't really recognize. I tried to move my arms, but they wouldn't budge.

I looked up, and there my hands were, chained to the wall behind me. I tried to move my legs, but you guessed it, they were chained to the wall as well.

"Finally, you're awake. Took your sweet time, Jay." The voice said again, as I looked in front of me, and I saw those piercing eyes, along with the stupid haircut.


"What's this, Sayer? Did you lose your imagination?" I spat at him. He simply smirked, and stepped away. "You've begun to get on my nerves, Jay. First you sneak out of Arcadia, then you disobey me, even though I explicitly told you not to?" He spoke, his voice almost serpentine and venomous. His voice reminded me of Alexi's voice.

I shuddered at the thought. "But you gave me permission to-AARGH!" I tried to remind Sayer that he gave me permission to leave Arcadia, but Sayer wanted none of that, and I immediately felt the voltage coursing through my body again. I cried out in pain, while Sayer smiled a wicked smile.

"Hush, Jay. You will speak only when spoken to." Sayer quipped in a sarcastically 'nice' voice. I snarled at him in response, and all he did was smirk.

"You should realize, Jay, that you're completely at my mercy here. I can kill you if I want to." Sayer said smugly. He had me, and there was nothing I could do. My powers weren't working, of course. If they did, then I'd have escaped immediately. Heck, he'd even taken my Duel Disk.

"So, I'm going to ask you a few simple questions. All you need to do is answer them… or else." Sayer spat smugly. He waved the small button in front of my face, taunting me with what would happen if I didn't answer. Damn him and this collar.

"Alright, first question;" Sayer began. I already dreaded the question, what was he going to ask? I didn't know, but I knew that it wouldn't be something I wanted to answer.

"Why did you actually leave Arcadia?" Sayer spoke, his voice slightly echoing around the room. I opened my mouth to speak, but my voice refused to answer. My tongue refused to move, my throat refused to let in air for a second. I didn't know what or how to respond.

But one more look into his eyes told me just what I had to say.

"Go to hell." I spat angrily. I couldn't really tell what Sayer's reaction was. If he was shocked or annoyed, he didn't show it. Instead, he simply gave me a fake smile, and pressed the button.

My veins felt like they were about to pop. My arms and legs began to shake on their own, and I cried out in agony. And when Sayer finally cut out the voltage, I was left a panting and sweating mess. And Sayer was smiling that damned smug smile, a smile knowing that he could do whatever he wanted now.

"I don't think that's a valid answer, Jay." Sayer said coldly. He slid his tongue slowly over his lips, as he savored my agony. He seemed so indifferent with my pain, and so pleased with my screaming. Was he a sadist? 'Cause if he was, I'm not surprised.

"Now, let's try again. Why did you leave?" He said calmly as he moved closer to me slowly. I kept silent. "I'm waiting for an answer, Jay." Sayer said as he took another step. His face was only a few inches from mine, as he stared right into my eyes, and I stared right back.

And then I spat in his face. The spit hit him right on his forehead, and slowly slid down across his face. I could see that he was fuming as he wiped it away with a handkerchief from his pocket. He walked a bit away and pushed the button again.

The agony came back with full force, like a freight train hitting a car. It felt like small clawed hands dug into my skin and began to slowly rip out both bone and sinew. I could hear Sayer laughing, snickering and sneering at my form, as I writhed in agony and desperately tried to tug my limbs out from my restraints.

When it finally ended, when the pain finally ceased, I felt something go wrong inside my body, and I began to cough. And with my cough, blood spilled down on the floor. Something had definitely gone wrong for me to begin cough up blood.

And if my day wasn't bad enough, Sayer just stood there, looking smugger than I imagined would be possible for a human. But then again, it's Sayer. I'm sure he lost his last pinch of humanity long ago, back when he started the Movement.

No way he started it to help people. Not with the way I've seen. Having me execute a man in front of the entire building just because he told the outside world about how the Arcadia Movement was? Sayer was a grotesque man, a man who didn't give anything to anyone without getting something in return.

And whatever goal he wanted to reach by using people like me, couldn't be good. My first guess would be to try and take over the world, but no, that's just too cliché. Even a man like Sayer would see the stupidity in that. But I've been wrong before, so who knows?

"You're beginning to be quite bothersome, Jay Alkain." Sayer began, with his snake-like voice. I was about to say something like 'you think?' or 'no shit, Sherlock.', but my body decided against that, and decided that I needed to feel worse. And so I coughed up blood again.

"I'm beginning to think you won't talk, no matter what I do to you." Sayer kept going, as the beads of sweat trickled slowly down my face and body. Now I didn't care. If I could speak properly, I'd have told him to kill me and get it over with. But this was Sayer, and Sayer wanted to see me squirm for weeks before he'd kill me, probably.

"So, if I can't make you talk, then maybe she will." My eyebrows perked up at that sentence. What did he mean by that? Who's 'she?' And how will that- My weakened train of thought halted as the wall in front of me moved away to reveal a sight that terrified me.

She was there.

Akiza was there, hung up by her arms and legs to the wall, as I was. My eyes widened at seeing her like this. Her eyes were closed- she had probably been drugged with something, like chloroform, to send her to sleep. And as I began to cough up blood again, she began to stir.

"You…you bastard," I managed to stutter between coughing up blood and being exhausted. I could feel the sweat sliding down my body, and my collar seemed to tighten around my neck. Sayer retorted by giving me a hard slap in the face. "That's no way to talk to your master, Jay. And if you keep doing that, then Akiza won't be very happy."

Sayer underlined his point by pulling out another button, and giving it a light tap. Immediately after, Akiza gave a small yelp in pain as a small electric shock was sent through her body, jerking her eyes open.

"Jay? What's going on? Sayer?" Akiza spoke quickly, not understanding the situation. Her eyes drifted from Sayer to me, then to Sayer, then to me again, still not comprehending the situation.

"I was curious about why Jay left Arcadia yesterday, but he doesn't want to answer." Sayer put extra pressure on the last bits of the sentence as he turned towards me, and sent me a glare. I tried to say something, but I ended up just coughing up more blood.

"W-what did you do to him?" Akiza asked nervously, as she began to make sense of the situation. "No matter what I subjected him to, he still refuses to answer. And so I decided that you could help me." Sayer said calmly, as if he didn't really care. He probably had already planned out how to justify this to Akiza three times over, the bastard.

"W-what do you want me to do, Sayer?" She asked the question softly and slowly, as if she dreaded his answer. And of course, Sayer was quick to answer, to ensure I couldn't. "Just stay calm, and relax." Sayer emphasized that last word. This wasn't going to be relaxing in any justifiable way.

"So, Jay," Sayer began, as he turned towards me, holding the button that he would use to shock Akiza up in plain view, his thumb right over the button. "Why did you leave?" Sayer asked, spelling out each word in a slow manner, allowing a small hint of glee into his voice.

I wanted to give him my answer, I really did; but then what? Then he'd probably just kill me, or both of us, for all I knew. He had plenty other psychic duelists to take from, whatever plans he had wouldn't be hampered by the loss of two people.

"Hmph. Still you resist. Perhaps hearing her scream in agony will change your mind?!" Sayer snarled, as he jammed the button as hard as he could.

The sight was just horrible. Seeing her writhe in her chains from pain like this was just too much to bear. I felt the anger boil up inside, along with Sayer's insane laughter and Akiza's screams.

And so I snapped.

I felt everything go away; the pain, the confusion, all of it; gone. It was all replaced by anger, fury and hate.

"SAYER!" I roared, as I tugged as hard on the chains as possible. And one by one, they broke. First the left arm, then the right arm, then the legs.

As I fell down from the wall, Sayer's face was a mixture of confusion and fear. Unknowingly, he dropped the button, and it fell to the floor.

I charged at Sayer, snarling and ready to rip his throat out, and so I leaped into the air, arms first, ready to tear his eyeballs out. But as I was about to grab his throat, he simply vanished into thin air.

My eyes darted around the room as fast as lightning, trying to find him. Then I eyed the button. Akiza was unconscious, apparently the current had been too much for her to withstand.

My tentacles made short work of the chains, and when they all snapped off, she fell slowly down from the wall, and I quickly caught her in my arms. She was as light as a feather, and even with sweat and an expression of pain on her face, she still made my heart go to my throat.

I slowly put her down on the floor, and put my ear to her chest, and the sound of her heart beating calmed me down. She'll be okay. That's good.

I turned around one last time, and looked at my reflection in the blank and shiny wall.

My eyes were no longer the heterochromatic red and blue, instead they were fully red. No iris, no eyeball, no nothing. Just pure red.

My hair had changed color as well. From the usual crimson blood-like color to a completely dark black color. My horns had gone too. And my skin, it was as pale as snow; as pale as milk.

Enough! He must die!

I snarled at his name in my thoughts, and turned towards a table, where my Duel Disk was placed.

I would search this entire building, and reduce it to rubble if it means I find him. He would suffer, he would suffer my wrath!

The wrath of the Darkstar!

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