The Darkness Within

The Vengeance - Act I

“And now...farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude. I have substituted myself for Providence in rewarding the good; may the God of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked.”

-The Count of Monte Cristo

I was right on his tail. After I had blasted open the door to the chamber where Sayer had tortured me, I immediately saw him by the stairs, running for the top. I shuddered when I vividly remembered what he had done before.

The electricity coursing through my body, feeling like it was ripping out my skeleton, muscles and veins with an excruciatingly slow pace.

And the way she screamed when Sayer pressed the button… My temper broke. I turned from agonizing fear to boiling rage and anger. All I wanted was to grip his throat and squeeze the life out of him until he was just a corpse.

"Get back here, Sayer!" I snarled as he scrambled up the stairs, not replying. I didn't follow; I just breathed in for a few minutes, before letting it all out, and I leaped into the air, hammering through every floor like they were made of paper, as I flew towards the top floor.

I burst through the last ceiling and pushed myself a little forwards, and landed on the roof. Sayer had a phone in his hand, most likely trying to call a helicopter to get him out of here, but my tentacles quickly grabbed the tiny black thing and squeezed it tight, breaking it in two.

"Why do you have to be so problematic, Jay?" Sayer said with his usual snake-like voice. "You were on death row, Alkain! I saved you, I took you in, and this is how you repay me?" Sayer roared. I had pursued him to the very top of the Arcadia Building, the winds blowing through my hair and clothes. It felt like it was lightly biting me.

"You never did any good, Sayer! You hurt her, and I won't let you do it again!" I retorted, snarling at him. "And as long I draw breath, no-one will ever hurt her!" I cried, pulling out my Duel Disk.

"So it's gonna be like that, Jay?! Well come and get me!" Sayer taunted, pulling out his own Duel Disk.


"I'll take the first move!" Sayer snarled. "I'll summon Krebons to the field in Attack Position!" Sayer slammed the card down onto his Duel Disk, and out came a mechanical clown/jester thing, which had rotating green cubes around its hands.

Krebons Lv: 2 ATK: 1200 DEF: 400

"Then, I'll play the Spell Card, Hinotama, which hits you for 500 direct damage!" Sayer said viciously, as a fireball appeared out of nowhere, and slammed into my stomach. I snarled in pain as the fireball knocked me over, and singed my clothes. Sayer wasn't holding back; so I wasn't going to either.

Jay: 4000 – 3500

"Then I'll set two cards face-down and end my turn." Sayer said viciously, as the two face-down cards emerged on his field.

"My turn! Draw!" I declared as I pulled the card out of my Deck. It was time for Sayer to suffer. "I summon Nova Striker to the field in Attack Position!" I said, as I placed the card onto my Duel Disk, and the familiar armored warrior with the sword and shield jumped forth on my field.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"And since I Normal Summoned him, I am now allowed to Special Summon one Level 4 or below Nova monster from my hand! Come to the field, Nova Paladin!" I cried out as I placed the card on the field, and a stalwart warrior wielding a hammer and a big shield took his place next to Striker.

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 (DEF)

Now my field was ready for a Level 7 Synchro Summon. I thought the options through quickly. Krebons is a Tuner, so Sayer is probably going to go for a Synchro Summon. But why did he place it in Attack Position, risking his own Life Points? But those facedowns could mean trouble, too. He's probably luring me into a trap. If so, I'll make him regret making that combo. I'll go with Phoenix Blaster.

"Now, It's showtime!" I cried out, as I prepared myself for the Synchro Summon. "I Tune my Level 4 Nova Paladin, with my Level 3 Nova Striker!"

Nova Striker turned into a flare of red energy, which flew into the air, and turned into three crimson red rings. Paladin charged into the air, and four stars were revealed inside him as he flew through the rings, and everything was enveloped by a red flash.

"Ancient times meet the potential of the future! Synchro Summon! Nova Phoenix Blaster!" I chanted, as the light faded, revealing a crimson red flaming phoenix, with two futuristic cannons mounted on the back of the beast. It let out a loud cry that echoed through the city as it took its place on the field.

Nova Phoenix Lancer Lv: 7 Winged-Beast/Synchro ATK: 2200 DEF: 1600 (ATK)

"Phoenix Lancer, attack Krebons!" I cried, as the twin cannons charged up energy. "Shining Phoenix Lance!" I yelled, as the twin cannons let loose a massive blast of crimson energy directed right at Krebons.

"I activate the effect of Krebons!" Sayer cried in reply. "When he's targeted for an attack, I can pay 800 Life Points to negate the attack!" Krebons turned it's one hand towards Sayer and let loose a small bolt of electricity, which hit him and forced out a grunt of pain.

Sayer: 4000 – 3200

Krebons then jumped up in front of the blast, and formed a green barrier around itself that blocked the blast and scattered the energy left and right, shaking the entire building in response.

I should have seen it coming. Sayer's putting his monsters over his Life Points, which means that he definitely has some way of regaining them, too. Nothing more I can do this turn, though.

"Tsh. I set two cards face-down and end my turn." I scoffed as I slid two cards down into the slots, and so two oversized cards slid into place.

"My turn then, Jay!" Sayer snarled. "Draw!"

"First, I'll activate my face-down Spell Card, Psi-Station!" Sayer declared, as his left face-down flipped face-up, revealing itself as Psi-Station.

"Now, when I Summon a Psychic-Type monster, I can pay 500 Life Points to give it an additional 300 attack points, and an extra level! And I activate that effect when I summon Time Escaper!"

Time Escaper Lv: 2 Psychic/Effect ATK: 500 DEF: 100 (ATK)

Time Escaper was a tiny little person wearing goggles and what appeared to be a robotic suit, glowing with green energy.

"Now, since I Normal Summoned Time Escaper, I can activate Psi-Station by paying 500 Life Points!" Four futuristic pillars appeared around Sayer's Time Escaper. They then let loose a massive surge of electricity around Time Escaper, making it grow in size. A few jolts hit Sayer, but he shrugged it off, although his clothing was a little ragged now.

Sayer: 3200 – 2700

Time Escaper: Lv: 2 – 3/ATK: 500 - 800

"And now, I tune my Level 3 Time Escaper with my Level 2 Krebons!" Sayer declared as the mechanical clown turned into three rings of energy. The now-pumped up Time Escaper leaped through the air, revealing two stars inside itself, before being enveloped in a green light.

"I Synchro Summon Magical Android!" Sayer declared, as the light faded, revealing a mechanically-enhanced woman, with several protruding bits of technology on her body, and wielding a strange staff-like weapon.

Magical Android Lv: 5 Psychic/Synchro ATK: 2400 DEF: 1700 (ATK)

Ah, so that's what his goal was. I'll suffer a bit of damage, not a big problem. I'll just use Phoenix's effect and bring out Supernova Dragon, then I'll use its ability and win this duel. Easy.

"Now, It's time to give you a lesson, Jay! I activate the Equip Spell from my hand, Psychic Sword!" Sayer declared, and slammed the card into the slot. The hilt of a sword then appeared, and the Magical Android grabbed the hilt.

"Now, since my Life Points are lower than yours, Jay, Magical Android gains Attack Points equal to the difference!" Sayer spoke, cackling lightly, as from the hilt, a massive blade sprouted forth.

That's…that's 800 extra attack points! I'll be down to 2500 Life Points if this goes through! I'll have to use a face-down to keep me going. But I'll still have Phoenix's ability to use, so I'm okay.

Magical Android: ATK: 2400 – 3200

"Now, Magical Android, attack Phoenix Blaster! Psychic Shockwave!" Sayer declared, as Magical Android charged up voltage in its staff, and fired it at Phoenix Blaster.

"I activate my face-down, Pulsar Refractor!" I declared, as my first face-down revealed itself.

"This will halve the battle damage!" I declared, as the stream of electricity hit Phoenix and me, and it felt like I had the collar back on. I dropped to the floor, my limbs twitching as the voltage coursed through me.

Jay: 3500 – 3000

Magical Android: 3200 – 2700

"Are you tired, Jay?" Sayer said maliciously as I got back to my feet.

"Not really, Sayer. I activate the effect of Phoenix Blaster! As he was destroyed by battle, I can pay half my Life Points to-" I declared, but Sayer cut me off.

"No you can't, since I activate my other face-down, Solemn Judgment!" Sayer snarled as his other face-down flipped face-up.

"By paying half my Life Points, I negate your Special Summon, and Supernova Dragon goes bye-bye!"

Sayer: 2700 – 1350

What?! I thought, as Sayer nimbly evaded my move. I didn't really have anything else I could use in my hand, and my face-down, Antasmal Fury, wouldn't help right now. I needed a Tuner, but I didn't have one in my hand. I didn't even have a single monster. All I could do was hope to draw one.

"And since my Life Points are lower than yours, Jay, Magical Android gains attack points equal to the difference, but the maximum is 2000! But that's enough, don't you think?" Sayer cackled, as the blade grew in size.

Magical Android: 2700 – 4400

"And now, I'll end my turn with Magical Android's special ability! I gain 600 Life Points for every Psychic-Type monster I control!" Sayer spoke, as the android's staff released a green mist that flowed over to Sayer and healed him. It even repaired his jacket!

Sayer: 1350 – 1950

"But since I gained Life Points, my Android loses attack points, but it's still got plenty!" Sayer cackled.

Magical Android: 4400 – 3950

"I'll set a face-down card and end my turn, Jay. Let's see you squirm your way out of this!" Sayer snarled, as I drew my next card. I was about to set another card, before something that I didn't see coming happened.

Akiza bursted out of the door, and by the look on her face, she was having trouble with what was going on. "Sayer?! Jay?! What are you doing?!" She shrieked.

"Akiza?!" I yelled in response. Why is she here? Has she already regained consciousness? I have to stop this duel, and get her out of here!

"Akiza!" Sayer exclaimed. "You're just in time to see me dispose of this traitor here!" Sayer cackled. "My name is Jay, Sayer!" I snarled at him, before turning towards Akiza. "Akiza, you have to get out of here!"

"Why would she do that, Jay? You're the dangerous one!" Sayer retorted. "You're sick, Sayer! I'm no more dangerous than you are! You kill people just because they disobey!" I snarled back at him. "I created the Arcadia Movement to help people! Akiza, you have to believe me!" Sayer pleaded.

"Don't listen! If he wanted to help others, he wouldn't have others killed!"

"You don't understand anything, Jay! You're nothing, and I'll prove it to Akiza!"

"I'll show you what you did to others, and pay you back for it! I activate my face-down Trap Card, Antasmal Fury!" I declared, as my last face-down flipped face-up.

"With the effect of Antasmal Fury, I target your Magical Android, and bring out from my Deck, Nova Shaman!" I declared, as the illusion of two red eyes shrouded in purple mist appeared before me, and a shaman dressed in mysterious black-and-red clothing stepped out of the miasma.

Nova Shaman Lv: 1 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (DEF)

"And I'll activate the effect of Nova Shaman! By sending the top card of my Deck to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon a 'Nova' Monster from my Graveyard!" I said, as I gently slid the top card into the Graveyard, and pulled out Nova Paladin.

"Welcome back, Nova Paladin!" I declared, as the shaman threw some purple dust to the field, and forth came the heavily armored Paladin once again.

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 (DEF)

"Then I'll set one card face-down and end my turn!" I declared, as another face-down materialized. Akiza stood motionless, watching our Duel.

"I'll draw, then!" Sayer declared, as he yanked the card out from the holder. When he got a look at the card, he cackled loudly. "This one card, Jay, will be your doom!" He cackled. "Come to the field, Psychic Commander!" Sayer declared, as he slammed the card onto his disk.

And forth came a strange vehicle that looked like a cross between a tank and a flying saucer, being driven by a strange humanoid creature wearing a military uniform.

Psychic Commander Lv: 3 Psychic/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 800 (ATK)

What's the big deal with that thing? His Magical Android won't benefit much from that thing's ability. Or… wait… It's a Tuner! Crap! He's gonna go for a Level 8 Synchro!

"And now, Jay, it is time for our Duel to end! I tune my Level 5 Magical Android with my Level 3 Psychich Commander!" Sayer cackled, as the Commander turned into three green rings. Magical Android dropped her sword, and leaped through the rings, revealing five stars insider her and became enveloped in a blinding green light.

My desire for power only fuels my strength! All my power, focused into one, all-mighty beast! Synchro Summon! Thought Ruler Archfiend!" Sayer chanted as the light faded, revealing one of the most fearsome monsters I have ever seen.

It was like a dragon, but the head had been replaced by a human-like skull, and the entire body was armored with a thick exoskeleton. The fiend had two massive wings, and two big arms with massive, fearsome claws. It let out an unintelligible noise that sounded eerily like laughing as it created a massive gust of wind as its feet slammed down onto the roof.

Thought Ruler Archfiend Lv: 8 Psychic/Synchro ATK: 2700 DEF: 2300 (ATK)

"Thought Ruler Archfiend…" I muttered as I kept staring at its sheer size. I was really scared then, I'll admit that. I was trembling.

"You see, Jay? This is the true instrument of my power. I'll use its power, and then, it's all a simple matter of convincing Akiza that this was all a dream." Sayer said quietly to me, so Akiza wouldn't hear. "You bastard… Your Archfiend's power doesn't matter! Paladin can just use his special effect, and negate your attack, and then-" I began, but Sayer cut me off.

"I don't think so, Jay. I activate my Trap Card, Fiendish Chain!" Sayer cackled, as his face-down flipped up. "What!?" I exclaimed. Oh crap!

"With this, I simple negate the effects of your Paladin, and this opens a wide hole right through to your Life Points!" Sayer cackled, as massive black chains erupted from the card, wrapping them around Paladin, and forcing it to its knees.

"And now, you're defenseless, Jay! Thought Ruler Archfiend, wipe the roof clean with Ultimate Psychic Thunderstorm!" Sayer declared, as the massive archfiend began gathering green energy, as thunder began to strike from the clouds down into the city.

I had to react fast. I ran towards Akiza as fast as I could. My gut was hurting bad, from the wound Sayer's Hinotama caused earlier.

But it didn't matter. I ran in front of her, and spread my arms out, covering her as the archfiend let loose a massive surge of energy, that blinded me.

All I saw was a bright, green light. Then unimaginable pain. I screamed out loud in agony as the archfiend's attack finally hit me. At least she was spared… I thought as my body rapidly weakened from the immense force of the attack.

When the light faded, my clothes were ragged, and I was bleeding from several places, including my mouth. I was in unimaginable agony, it felt like I could collapse any second.

Jay: 3500 – 1000

Sayer: 1350 – 1550

I panted heavily, I was worn and exhausted. I turned around, expecting to see Akiza, and I did.

But she was lying on the floor, hurt and unconscious. "No…" I muttered, as I took her up in my arms. "No…" I continued.

"Are we continuing anytime soon, Jay?" Sayer taunted, but I tuned him out, before my voice and lungs roared into the sky. "NOOOOO!" I screamed in failure, as I turned towards Sayer, unspeakable rage flowing through me.

"You're a monster!" I yelled at Sayer, rage and wrath flowing through my veins. "AAAARGH!" I screamed, as I began to float into the air. My mark was glowing with incredible intensity; I could feel its power flowing through me.

"My turn! Rah!" I exclaimed as I yanked the card out of my Duel Disk. "I activate the Spell Card, Antasmal Wrath!" I declared, snarling angrily.

"I use its effect to bring back Supernova Dragon from my Graveyard! Rise again, dragon of destruction!" I declared, as I placed the card on my Disk, and from a purple miasma, Supernova Dragon rose, but colored black instead.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"Now, I activate the effect of Nova Shaman! By sending the top card of my Deck to the Graveyard, I can bring back 1 'Nova' monster from my Graveyard! Return to your master, Nova Striker!" The shaman tossed another handful of purple dust, and the familiar sword-and-shield wielding warrior returned to the field.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 Warrior/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"What?! How can you do that?!" Sayer exclaimed. "An evil person like you will never understand! I tune my Level 1 Nova Shaman with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" I declared, as Striker turned into three crimson rings, and Shaman leaped into them, revealing the one star inside him. They were then enveloped by a blinding purple light.

"When darkness it at its finest hour, true power shall show itself! Appear, Darkstar Core!" I chanted, as the light faded, revealing the dark purple orb with the insignia of a dark star, with two glowing red eyes, and eight tentacles twisting from the orb.

Darkstar Core Lv: 4 Fairy/Synchro/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

Darkstar Core… Its effect and visual had changed from when I last used it, when I dueled Anna. I didn't know why, but it had, and at this point, I really didn't care.

"When Darkstar Core is Synchro Summoned, all cards you control lose their effects, Sayer! And not only that, but any face-down cards you control cannot be activated, either!" I snarled, as my mark's glow intensified.

"Go, Shadow Shackle!" I roared, as the orb let loose a massive blast of purple energy. When it faded, both Sayer, and Thought Ruler Archfiend were restrained by dark purple lines of energy.

"And now, it's showtime! I Tune my Level 8 Supernova Dragon, with my Level 4 Darkstar Core! Go, Darkstar Synchro!" I declared, as Sayer's look turned to one of shock. "Darkstar?!"

Supernova Dragon flew into the air, and the Core flew into its chest, and created a massive orb of dark energy.

"When darkness falls, it gives the way to ultimate power! Darkstar Synchro Summon!" I roared, as the orb seemed to explode into a cascade of darkness.

(8 + 4 = 12)

"Darkstar Flare Dragon!" I screamed, as the enormous dragon appeared once again. It was primarily white, and it looked like it was unnatural. It only had two wings, which looked unnatural and mechanical, and were framed like hexagons. The neck was lined with hexagon patterns that were a dark purple, and the tail was many times longer than the dragon itself. The central thing that kept the dragon together, was the Darkstar Core that was in the chest, thumping like a heart with sheer power. It looked sleek and well-designed, like it was a machine that had taken thousands of years to build. Its tail was snaked around the entire building, but even so, the rest of the body towered over Sayer's Thought Ruler Archfiend.

Darkstar Flare Dragon Dragon/Synchro ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"Darkstar Flare Dragon!" I roared. "Destroy him and his evil plans!" I declared, as purple energy began to gather in the core, until it was genuinely shaking with energy.

Darkstar Flare Dragon's ATK: 0 – 10,000

"Darkstar Hyper Flare Cannon!" I declared, and the core let loose an enormous blast of energy, which enveloped Sayer and his Archfiend.

Sayer: 1550 – 0

Winner: Jay Alkain

Sayer was no more. He was gone, vaporized by the massive blast of energy from Darkstar Flare Dragon. The holograms faded, and I slowly floated back to the roof.

My mark stopped glowing, and my anger faded. The pain began to return to my body, but I couldn't afford to fall over now. I trudged over to the still-unconscious Akiza, and pulled her into my arms. I then headed for the stairs, carrying her bridal-style.

Every step hurt like you wouldn't believe, my legs felt like they would snap anytime soon.

But I couldn't stop. I had to get Akiza out of here, and hide her somewhere safe. That was the most important thing now, and to hell with the fact that I was practically dying.

"-Hey, there he is!"

"It's the traitor!"

"Catch him, and hang him!"

"Strangle him!"

"Burn him at the stake!"

Of course, things would never be that easy.

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