The Darkness Within

The Haven - Act II

“It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”

-Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


A Game Of Chessary

I wiped my forehead as I leaped to the rooftops, just barely escaping before Sector Security could get an eye on me. Living in the Tops turned out to be harder than I thought it would. Apparently, Leo and Luna got their wares by order, but because of all the rowdiness with psychics, they were simply too scared to go outside. In fact, the streets seemed almost empty, not taking the near-constant patrols of Sector Security in mind.

People were frightened, only exiting their homes as little as possible. I feel kind of guilty saying this, but I did peek a little into some windows. The ability to grow tentacles at will was really useful, since I could basically run around playing Spiderman; or Batman or something. My point is that they were really useful.

So anyway, most of the windows were actually barricaded, and what I could see inside was that most people sat huddled together on mattresses, beds, or sofas in front of their television, listening to the news, probably hoping for this carnage to end, so they could walk these streets safely again.

A look up towards the more industrial areas of New Domino, showed me several plumes of smoke rising into the air. Some of the psychics likely huddled up around Rust Town and built big fireplaces for themselves at night, even if they did practically paint a big target over themselves.

But hey; they were desperate, and so was I. I just had the luxury of having a place to go, a place to hide from whatever. They didn't, so they found another way to survive. It did mean that New Domino was basically torn in two. One area where most of the 'normal' population lived, and the one that the psychics had basically besieged.

Hilarious, isn't it? They just run along and do what their TV tells them, like good little slaves. Maybe I should get one. Might give me something interesting to do, other than 'watch Jay get medicine for Akiza because Jay has a huge crush on her' thing.

I mean, for the last two months you've basically just stayed in the Tops, played a little with Leo and Luna, and tended to Akiza, who's still sick for some reason. I mean, even the flu doesn't last that long.

All this loafing around is really starting to tick me off."

I scoffed at Akron's pathetic attempts to insult the world, but he was right. Even though the peace and quiet was nice, I began to feel this… this itch. I didn't know what it was, but it was there, and it bothered me.

Maybe… maybe Akron was right? I couldn't believe I was actually pondering it, and quickly yelled for Akron to get the hell out of my head. Akron said something snarky in reply, before leaving me alone again.

I kept going, gritting my teeth in annoyance as I began to see the massive skyscraper that Leo and Luna's penthouse was on top of. What was Akron hinting at?

And on the subject of Akron, he said something about giving 'Its' power to him. I didn't know what he meant, but he sure was set on getting it, no matter what. What could it be, if he wanted it so badly? I mean, the one time he revealed who he was; he seemed to be really powerful, beyond what I could do.

I scowled; who was he? Or rather, what was he? Nothing seemed to make sense; it all felt like a bad dream, except for that nagging voice that reminded that this was reality, not some wacky dream.

Man, I hate my life. I thought as I with one final leap reached the penthouse, landing right in front of the massive pool that the twins owned. The thing took up about half of the roof; it was that big. I personally thought that it was too big and entirely unnecessary to have a pool that big, but as we have established earlier, I'm the dumb one, and whoever decided for it to be that big probably had a good reason.

Not that I'd know.

"Jay! You're back!" I heard Leo and Luna's voices call out from the doorway that led inside the penthouse. They came running at me with unreal speed, and practically tackled me to the ground. The weight of the two toppled me over, and I fell backwards onto the floor.

"Easy now," I began. "You're going to break me if you tackle me like that again," I said with a chuckle. Just saying that made me feel old, like this world had gone too fast for someone like me. It couldn't be truer, but I was trying to adapt, believe me.

"We're sorry, Jay," Leo began. "We promise we'll be careful next time," Luna finished. Right. Telepaths. I mentally reminded myself as the two got off me, and I slowly got up from the floor.

"So, did you find anything?" Leo inquired curiously. I cracked a small smile and pulled out two lollipops I found. They were still wrapped, and before you ask; NO, I did not find them in a dumpster, nor did I steal them from someone.

Well, at least I hoped that whoever owned that bag wouldn't miss them terribly much. But hey; leaving your bag on a rooftop isn't the smartest thing to do.

Leo and Luna became absolutely ecstatic. You'd think that lollipops wouldn't be that big of a deal; but in the last few weeks most shops had been closed; including candy stores. Frightening, I know. So you can imagine how happy they were when they saw sugar.

Kids will always be kids, there's no doubt about that.

"You two have fun for a little while. I need to go check on Akiza," I said, and the two twins immediately went quiet. They had already understood that Akiza was a touchy subject for me. We still weren't on the greatest of terms.

I fiddled gently with my fingers as I slowly trudged up to the room where Akiza was resting. She was still sick, still confined to the bed. The medicine rustled lightly in my pocket as I went up the stairs with careful footsteps.

As I arrived at the door, I took probably the deepest breath I ever had in my entire life. I breathed out, and opened the door.

I heard nothing, apart from the door creaking as it slowly slid open. Akiza was fast asleep. I slowly stepped inside, attempting to make as little noise as possible. The metal pieces on my boots still ruffled when I took a step, but even that sound was almost silenced.

I walked over to the table beside her bed, and placed the small pack of medicine on the table. I turned towards her as I breathed in again. Seeing her beautiful face brought a smile to my face, but only for a few seconds.

It quickly began to fade as I remembered. She despised me. I could still feel the hatred and contempt from her. I had tried countless times to try and explain what Sayer really was, but she wouldn't believe it no matter what kind of evidence I showed her.

But I could understand. He was practically her father, her only family, and I killed him. Such a thing was simply unforgivable.

That got me thinking. Where were my parents? I'm human, so I must have had a mother and a father, right?

But when you think about it, who would want a child like me? I was evil, I had killed people without remorse or caring towards who might care or love them.

I just killed them without a second thought.

I turned to leave, and began walking towards the door. I intended to come back later to see if she was awake, so I could help her take her medicine.

The sound of light coughing halted my thoughts completely. I quickly turned around, and saw Akiza, half-awake, coughing badly. I immediately rushed over to her, and put my hand on her shoulder. She tried to shake it off, even when I began caressing her back to help with her coughing.

"Get off me," She said weakly, as I put her back down and placed the covers over her. "Go away,"

"Not until you get your medicine."

"I can take it myself."

"No you can't. You can barely move."

"I'm strong enough."

"I don't doubt that, Akiza. But I won't take any risks. Not until you're healthy."

"I don't care. Go away." Those words stung. Stung like all hell, and made want to just go away. But I refused. I had feelings for her, and even if they were to never be reprocitated, I would at least do what made sense. I simply shook my head in refusal, as I quickly walked out to the bathroom, got a glass of water, and got two pills ready.

"Why?" She asked simply, and was at first, confused why she would ask such a question. I stood still, mulling over the question for a few seconds, trying to figure out what she meant by 'Why?'. Maybe she was asking why she was still sick, or… or why I was still trying to help, even if she had expressed that she didn't want my help, and would prefer if I walked away and jumped off a bridge.

"Well," I began, as I gave her the pills. She swallowed them quickly, and grabbed the glass from my hand and gulped it down immediately.

"It's because I-," I tried to speak, but my tongue tripped over the words, and I couldn't speak, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't focus, and I tried to talk to Akiza again, but my words just turned into stuttering.

"It's because of what?" She asked confused, but after a second or two, I could see a tiny blush appear on her cheeks. Not anything big, but definitely a tiny blush. Did she know of my…y'know, my affection for her?

It's because…It's because I-

It's because I love you!"

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