The Darkness Within

The Conviction - Act II

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

-Stephen Chbosky

"You LIAR!" Akiza screeched, and reached for her Duel Disk, which lay just inches away below her bed. She must have discovered it earlier and opted not to do anything, but before I knew it, I was smacked through the wall, my back protesting in agony as I fell a floor down and landed on the soft carpet.

"You're all the same!" She roared at me, as the dragon she had summoned roared, and began to close in on me. It charged up a blast of fire, and sent it flying at me.

I only barely managed to whip out my own Duel Disk and place Supernova Dragon on it, which immediately flew forwards and blocked the attack.

"Akiza!" I cried out, getting her attention. "I'm not lying! I only want to help!" I pleaded, as her dragon snarled. I could see the twins to the side, completely terrified.

"You're a liar, Jay! All you do is destroy! You destroyed my family, you destroyed my life!" She sneered, whipping her Duel Disk forward. "You can never understand me!" She screeched as my Duel Disk folded into Duel Mode all by itself. Apparently her Duel Disk could force other duelists into Duels.

Initiating Duel Protocol.

Duelist A: Akiza Izinski

Duelist B: Jay Alkain

Rules: Anime 4000 Format

Akiza: 4000

Jay: 4000


"My draw!" Akiza snarled as she drew her card. What struck me was that she drew her card rather gently, unlike most of my other opponents, who yanked the card out, not caring if the cards would tear or something similar. She drew them gently. It was all too obvious to tell that she cared for her cards.

"I'll begin by summoning Botanical Lion in Attack Position!" Akiza called out as she gently placed the card onto her field, and forth came a lion adorned by thorns and flowers. The mane, specifically, was made of rose petals. It gave a stout roar as it took its place before Akiza.

Botanical Lion Lv: 4 Plant/Effect ATK: 1600 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

"And now, his special effect activates! Botanical Lion gains three-hundred extra attacking strength for every Plant-Type monster on the field, including itself! Root Alliance!" Akiza called out as roots from Botanical Lion began enveloping itself, and enforcing feet, tail and teeth.

Botanical Lion (ATK): 1600 -) 1900

"Then, I'll set two face-down cards, and end my turn." Akiza declared, as she slid the two cards into their respective slots, and quickly, two oversized face-down cards appeared on her side of the field.

"Alright then. Draw!" I declared, as I drew my first card, Stellar Hoard. A neat Spell Card that would allow me to draw two cards at the expense of sending a 'Nova' monster in my hand to the Graveyard. A quick glance at my hand revealed the only 'Nova' monster in my hand, Nova Blade, and right now, it wasn't needed. In fact, it was the only monster in my hand, so Stellar Hoard came just at the right time.

"I activate my Spell Card, Stellar Hoard!" I declared, as I placed the card on my field, so signify its activation.

"I send Nova Blade from my hand to the Graveyard to draw two cards!" I spoke, as I gave a quick glance at Leo and Luna. The both of them were cowering behind a couch, terrified.

"Here we go!" I declared, as I drew my two cards, and my face lightened up at the draw. Nova Gatherer and a Trap. A great draw, and Gatherer alone provided me with lots of options.

"I Summon-" I began, but a quick, thundering pain in my head stopped me cold. I heard a loud whine that drowned out everything else.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

A… beeping noise? Why would I just suddenly begin to hear beeping? I didn't get it. As I tried to make sense of everything, Akiza's voice snapped me back to reality.

"You Summon what?" Akiza snapped viciously.

"…Ngh, I Summon Nova Gatherer from my hand!" I declared, and from a flurry of flowers appeared the innocent little girl dressed in red, carrying a basket with her one arm full of flowers.

Nova Gatherer Lv: 3 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 1200 DEF: 300 (ATK)

"Since Gatherer was Summoned in Attack Position; I get to add one Spell Card from my Deck to my hand!" I swiftly spoke, as Gatherer reached down into her basket, and pulled out a card, which she then threw to me.

"Now, I activate the Spell Card I added to my hand, Fierce Blast! By switching a monster I control to Defense Mode, I can destroy one card you control! I switch Gatherer to Defense Mode to destroy Botanical Lion!"

Fierce Blast quickly turned into a sphere of energy, which I quickly threw to Gatherer, who then flung it at Botanical Lion. The stout lion was quickly incinerated by the sphere, and cried out in pain. Akiza covered her face with her one arm, immediately aware of my powers, as wind bellowed towards her. I held back as much as possible, which cut a substantial amount of power from the attack, but it still created quite an impact.

"Listen, Akiza," I pleaded. "You'll get hurt! I only want to help you-"

"Shut. Up!" She hissed. "I'm alone in this world, and none of your deceit will help you now, Akron!" Akiza shrieked, putting extra emphasis on 'Akron', my street alias, and the name of the malicious voice in my head that took over whenever he felt like it. Even at the mention of him; I could feel his contempt and malice trying to seep into my mind and take control of my body again.

But I couldn't let him. I was facing the love of my life in a potentially dangerous duel, and I had to hold back as much as possible to avoid her getting hurt. If Akron managed to get in control, he would not hold back, and Akiza would die.

Rrrrgh! Akron's voice reverberated inside my mind. He was clearly furious at me for resisting his attempt to gain control of my body. What are you trying to attain through holding back?

I'm trying to get her to listen to reason!

You really believe that will work? You're an even bigger fool than you usually are.

I was about to reply, but Akiza once again snapped me out of it. "Well? Are you going to end your turn or what?" She snapped viciously, and I quickly scanned my hand. Only one usable Trap and nothing else I could do for the turn. I could only hope it would be enough as I slid the one face-down card into my Duel Disk, and declared that my turn was over.

The fiery glare she sent me as she drew her next card made me realize that I was wrong. She most likely drew a big game-changer which would put me in a very bad situation. Both in the game and physically.

"I summon to the field, Phoenixian Seed in Attack Position!" She declared, as forth came a dirty seed, with a few red sprouts and an all-seeing eye in the seed itself.

Phoenixian Seed Lv: 2 Plant/Effect ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And now, by releasing Phoenixian Seed, I can Special Summon Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis from my hand!" Akiza snarled, as the seed was enveloped in a white light, and became a much larger plant, with several dragon-like heads, spewing embers.

Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis Lv: 8 Plant/Effect ATK: 2200 DEF: 0 (ATK)

Akiza wasted no time in deciding what to do. Amaryllis hadn't even gotten to the field before she declared an attack directly towards me. "Flame of Hatred!" Akiza declared, as the plant bellowed fire at Gatherer, who screamed in agony as the flames licked her skin and quickly incinerated her. The excess fire struck me, and I clenched my teeth in order to try and dull the massive pain it was causing. The fire singed my jacket lightly, but I quickly got to my feet again.

Jay: 4000 – 3000

"And now, I activate Amaryllis's ability! Since it has attacked, it is destroyed." Akiza spoke. I was confused. Such an elaborate plan for a monster that immediately destroys itself? It must have some other trick.

And I was right. "Now, as Amaryllis was destroyed, you get 800 points of direct damage!" Akiza declared, as Amaryllis exploded violently, sending me back to my knees as my teeth grinded against themselves to distract myself from the pain.

Jay: 3000 – 2200

"And now, I activate Amaryllis's last effect! By removing from play one Plant-Type monster in my Graveyard, Amaryllis comes right back to my field in Defense Position! Return to me, Amaryllis!" Akiza declared, as the plant burst out from the ground again, then coiled up and turned blue, signifying Defense Position.

Are you really this badly off in the third turn? Akron taunted in my mind. She's getting to you, you're losing your focus!

Shut up, Akron! I have to get her to listen!

*sigh* You really believe that by talking to her, she'll listen, then you'll be friends and be happy? You are a complete moron, Jay. Let me get control, and I'll handle it.

No! I won't let you hurt her! I could feel his dark presence yet again sneaking into my brain, and I grit my teeth, and pushed him out. But he was relentless, and he kept trying again and again. "Get out of my head!" I roared, startling both Leo, Luna, and even Akiza as I fell to my knees, clutching my head in agony.

Stop your interference, Alkain! You have no idea what you're doing!

I have every idea of what I'm doing! I'm protecting those I love! After that sentence, Akron went silent. He stopped trying to take control, he stopped grumbling. I could feel his presence fade. I got up on my knees, and stood up again.

Fine. Akron then spoke. I'll let you talk with her.


The card on the top of your Deck is Swing of Memories. Play it, and she'll understand. I stared at the top card of my Deck, completely baffled by what Akron had just said.

Maybe this way, you'll finally realize your mistakes. Akron said, before he went away completely. I couldn't feel his presence anymore, it was like… he wasn't there.

"M-my turn!" I declared, and drew my card. The card I just drew set fire to every thought in my head.

Swing of Memories.

"Jay?" Akiza questioned. "What was all that about?" She asked, completely stumped. I didn't answer, my eyes were firmly focused on the card I drew. What did he mean by 'letting me talk with her', through this card? How could it do that?

Well, here goes nothing.

"I activate the Spell Card, Swing of Memories!"

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