The Darkness Within

The Tragedy - Act II

"Those who wanted to be heroes make the most heinous villians."


Maybe you'll finally realize your mistakes…

Beep… Beep… Beep…

Those two things kept haunting me. After Akiza and I kissed, the dream-verse went away, and we both woke up back in the twin's penthouse. We quickly pulled out our Decks from our Duel Disks, and before I could say anything; then Akiza tackled me to the ground, and buried her head in my neck, sobbing all the while.

I said nothing, and just let her cry as much as she needed to. She had been through a lot, and she really needed to get it all out of her system.

The next few days began to pass quickly. On the outside, those few days were some of the best days of my life. The twins, Akiza and I began to bond, we practically became a family.

I even got a picture of Akiza and I to put in my locket for rainy days; remembering what I'd been through so far, it seemed like a good idea to get something to remember these heavenly days in the future.

And over the course of those few days; I began to smile. Not a smile of sadistic glee, like the one Akron had polluted my mind with; but a smile of joy and content.

On the subject of Akron, he was… strangely absent. Usually he would have said something snarky about there was no way this would last forever, or taunt me with something else, like he usually did. It was like he was… gone, vanished from my mind, and to be honest, it felt like a great load had been taken off my shoulders.

It felt great to finally breathe out, and enjoy the company of those that I loved with all my heart.

And I wished to whatever gods that watched from above that these days might last forever.

But of course, they didn't.

They never really do.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

The Twin's Penthouse

The day was gray. The clouds had blocked out the sun, and only a dim glow reached the ground, toning everything down slightly. The clouds looked like they could possibly create rain, but they hadn't yet.

A small smile still adorned my lips, still driven by the fact that right now; my life was perfect. I was in a good home with my own little family. Everything that led up to this still seemed like a bad dream; a bad dream that tried to wriggle me away from happiness, but it failed, and here I was.

I was home.

"Jay?" I heard the most beautiful voice in the world ask right behind me. "Dinner is getting cold,"

"Oh, sorry! I'm coming!" I exclaimed goofily, as I turned around and headed over to the couch, which we had made into our dining area. My stomach grumbled at the sight of dinner, and I wasted no time in sitting down.

Dinner was simple as it usually was in times like this, but it was delicious and there was enough. With all the chaos going on in the Factory District, food supplies were in short order, but being in the Tops gave one special privileges concerning food.

And we had a great time, we talked, we discussed, and we dueled on mats when we felt like it, 'cause we weren't much for the fact that we might ruin a few things with any psychic powers. But even then, we still enjoyed ourselves and had fun.

But something was off about today. My stomach ached slightly, in an unusual way. Like when you anticipate something horrible is about to happen soon, but you don't know what or when, only that it is.

Dinner was over quickly, and Leo had decided that he wanted to 'kick my butt' apparently, so I fetched my Deck to get ready for the duel between us two.

But as I was over by the table that we used for dueling, a loud 'CRASH' sound suddenly rippled through my ears, and both Leo and I were thrown backwards, away from the windows. I quickly got up to stand face-to-face with whatever happened, and the sight confused me at first.

Shards of glass littered the ground, and in the big hole that had likely been caused by whatever made that sound, stood three people. What spiked my attention was that they all three had Duel Disks, complete with decks, and out of instinct, I grabbed my own Duel Disk, slammed it on my arm, and slid the deck into the holder. I gestured to the three to move behind me, so they wouldn't be caught in eventual crossfire.

"Good evening," One of the three said. The voice came from the one who stood in front of the group, likely their de facto leader. Most of him was obscured by the low lighting, but even then, I could still sense power from him. He was tall, slim and his eyes seemed to glow.

"I hope we didn't interrupt anything, Jay." That one sentence immediately made my eyes widen. They know me? Who are they? "Who the hell are you three?" I asked.

He ignored my previous statement, and just continued talking. "You see, sorry for breaking and entering, but you have something we want." He extended his hand, and pointed right behind me. I looked back, and realized who he was gesturing to.


"Well, since I'm a fair person, I'll give you a choice. Either you step aside and we leave both you and the adorable kids there alone, or we kill the rest of you. You have five seconds to choose." He smirked as he raised his hand, and began counting the seconds down on his hand. And I swear, those five seconds felt like five minutes.

"Five." Who are these people? Why do they know my name?

"Four." What do they want with her? They don't look like run-of-the-mill thugs, they look elite.

"Three." They're deliberately threatening the ones I care about. They most likely know everything there is to know about me.

"Two." But I don't have a choice. I have to stand my ground and fight! I won't let those that I love down!

"One." In response, I quickly activated my Duel Disk, and took a battle stance, signaling that I would not surrender; I would stand my ground and fight.

"Well, I tried." He smirked. "But to be honest, I really hoped you would try and fight. Because then I get the pleasure of killing you myself!" And so he erupted into maniacal laughter, and whipped his own Duel Disk out.

Engaging Duel Protocol.

Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Lance Éclair

Jay: 4000

Lance: 4000


"You can begin, Alkain." My opponent taunted. "Maybe you've gotten better since last time." I didn't know what he was referring to; but his words seemed to spark something inside me. Anger.

"I draw!" I exclaimed, as I drew my card, and added it to my hand. Solanus Nebula Blockade. An effective card to use if I was going for a defensive strategy; but right now, offense was my goal.

"I'll start off with Nova Geomancer in Attack Position!" I slammed the card down in the slot, and forth came a young boy, covered by a black-and-red cloak, with two powerful red orbs of magic in his hands.

Nova Geomancer Lv: 4 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 1800 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"And now, since I control a face-up Nova monster, I can Special Summon Nova Levinbolt!" I continued, and placed the card on my Duel Disk. And forth came a spellcaster that unlike Geomancer, wielded red arcs of electricity.

Nova Levinbolt Lv: 3 Thunder/Effect ATK: 1000 DEF: 300 (ATK)

"Now, the effects of both Levinbolt and Geomancer activate! Geomancer gives both himself and Levinbolt an additional 400 ATK, and Levinbolt's own effect gives him an additional 600 ATK!" I declared, as my two casters powered up. Most duelists would have been intimidated by this quick growth of power, but my opponent wasn't fazed. In fact, he almost looked bored.

Geomancer: 1800 -) 2200

Levinbolt: 1000 -) 2000

"Now, I'll end my turn." I declared, and my opponent seemed to not even listen, as if he didn't even care what I did. I was about to tell him to make a move already when he swiftly drew his card, and added it to his hand, and began talking.

"You disappoint me, 42. It's been so long, and I actually believed that you had gotten better, but you're just as weak as you've always been. I activate the effect of Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos in my hand! By discarding two Dragon-Type monsters from my hand, I can Special Summon him in Attack Position!"

He slammed the card onto his Duel Disk, and forth came a massive, volcanic dragon that roared loudly to celebrate its arrival.

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos Lv: 7 Dragon/Effect ATK: 2800 DEF: 1800 (ATK)

"And now; I activate the Spell Card Super Rejuvenation! At the end of my turn; I can draw cards equal to the amount of Dragon-Type monsters I discarded this turn!"

"Now, Burner! Attack Geomancer with Burning Wrath of the Dragon Lord!" My opponent roared, and Burner let loose a massive blast of fire from its maw, which quickly incinerated Geomancer, and the blast scorched the floor, as the force of the impact sent me flying back into a wall.

Jay: 4000 -) 3400

Levinbolt: 2000 -) 1000

"Jay!" I heard Akiza scream as she ran over to me. "Are you okay?" I fell on my knees, and gritted my teeth. My back hurted, and it kept on doing so.

"Get back, Akiza!" I exclaimed. "These guys are trouble!"

"Aww, he's all worried," My opponent sneered. "Well, if you're quite finished, then I'll Set two cards face-down, and play my continuous Spell Card, Hoard of the Dragon!" He gently slid the card into place, and the card appeared on the field.

"And now, I end my turn, and I draw 2 cards as per the effect of Super Rejuvenation." He drew his two cards, and gestured for me to continue. I got up, and grunted.

"It's my turn then! I draw!" I declared, and yanked my card out. Nova Gatherer, perfect.

"I Normal Summon Nova Gatherer to my field in Attack Position!" I declared, and swiftly, the little girl on sugar rush bumbled onto my field with her big wizard hat and basket of flowers.

Nova Gatherer Lv: 3 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 1200 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"First, since Nova Gatherer was Normal Summoned in Attack Position, I can add a Spell Card from my Deck to my hand!" Gatherer yanked a small star out from her basket, and threw it towards me, which turned into a card, that I catched in mid-air.

"And now, it's time to get rid of your dragon! I Tune my Level 3 Nova Levinbolt with my Level 3 Nova Gatherer!" Gatherer jumped into the air, and dissolved into three bright red rings, and the crimson spellcaster leaped forwards into the rights, turning transparent, and revealing three stars inside his body. Then, a red beam of light pierced the rings, and turned to blinding light.

"Fierce sorcerer of the stars, appear now and send our foes to their doom with your powerful magic! I Synchro Summon Nova Gathering Sorceress!"

The light faded, and on my field, was what looked like the adult version of Nova Gatherer. Instead of short, sweet and innocent, now stood the form of a tall, beautiful and powerful sorceress, glowing with crimson energy.

Nova Gathering Sorceress Lv: 6 Spellcaster/Synchro ATK: 2300 DEF: 1600 (ATK)

"And now, your Dragon Lord's reign is over!" I declared, even though my opponent seemed to be bored. "I activated the effect of Nova Gathering Sorceress! By discarding a card," I declared, and threw a card into my Graveyard, "I can negate your Dragon Lord's effects, as well as reduce it's attacking power by 200 for every card in my hand! And since I have four cards in my hand, your Dragon Lord goes down by 800!"

Blaster: 2800 -) 2000

"Now Sorceress! Attack Blaster! Vicious Spell Barrage!" Sorceress smirked, and with a flick of her hands, sent a barrage of energy streams flying at Blaster. But my opponent didn't bat an eye at my maneuver.

"Trap Card activate! Waboku!"

"You really think you can do my Dragon Lords anything, lest even damage me, Alkain? You're dead wrong. Waboku negates the destruction of my Dragon Lord, as well as preventing any Battle Damage." He smirked as a thin barrier materialized to deflect Sorceress's attack.

"Hrgh," I snarled. "I Set a card face-down, and end my turn." I declared, as the face-down materialized.

"And now, my Dragon Lord would return to my hand due to it's effect, but thanks to you negating them, I won't have to worry about that." He smiled a sickening smile of smug, having full well predicted my move and turned it to his advantage.

"My turn then, he declared. Draw!" He snickered as he looked at his card. "I drew a Dragon, which means as per Hoard of the Dragon, by revealing it, I can draw another card! He revealed the card to be a dragon of some sort, and drew again.

"Dragon!" And then he drew again. "Dragon!" And again. "Dragon!" And again! "Dragon!" Until at last, he decided to stop, when his hand was at 10 cards.

"First, I'll use the effect of Tempest, Tidal, and Redox from my hands to Special Summon them from my hand! Come forth, my three other Dragon Rulers!" He declared, and forth came three other dragons. The first seemed to consist purely out of wind and storms, and it's roar was like thunder. The second one emerged from a tidal wave of water, it's brilliant blue scales reflecting the vicious waves around it. And finally, a tough, hardened dragon of rock emerged from the ground, and let out an ear-splitting roar.

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms Lv: 7 Dragon/Effect ATK: 2400 DEF: 2200 (ATK)

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Lv: 7 Dragon/Effect ATK: 2600 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders Lv: 7 Dragon/Effect ATK: 1600 DEF: 3000 (ATK)

"I told you, Alkain. You're weak compared to me, and right now, I'm going to prove it!" My opponent sneered. "I am Lance Éclair, the Dragon Prince, and I will destroy you, Alkain! Battle Phase!" He declared.

"Burner, attack Sorceress! Burning Wrath of the Dragon Lord!" Burner obeyed, and let loose another massive spew of magma. But this time, I was prepared.

"I activate my face-down Mirror Force!" I countered.

Now I had him! All his Dragon Lords wiped off the field in one fell swoop! Let's see if he's still smirking like that now when I've-

"Trap Card, activate! Zero Gravity!" Lance countered.

"Now, by Zero Gravity switching the position of every monster on the field, your Mirror Force is null and void, Alkain!" Lance mocked, as our monsters kneeled, and turned blue.

Sorceress: 2300 (ATK) -) 1600 (DEF)

Burner: 2800 (ATK) -) 1800 (DEF)

Tempest: 2400 (ATK) -) 2200 (DEF)

Tidal: 2600 (ATK) -) 2000 (DEF)

Redox: 1600 (ATK) -) 3000 (DEF)

I gritted my teeth in frustration. This was like Dueling Anna all over again, not being able to anything, being countered every step of the way, this frustration felt so familiar.

"I'll end my turn now, Alkain. Make the most of your next turn, because it'll be your last." Lance let out a short, mocking laughter as my vision darkened. Anger was coming back.

"I draw!" I yelled, as I drew my card. "And I summon to the field, Nova Empowering Spirit in Defense Position!" I declared, as a small spirit wielding two tuning forks appeared.

Nova Empowering Spirit Lv: 2 Fairy/Tuner ATK: 600 DEF: 300 (DEF)

"And now, It's time to end this, Lance! I tune my Leve 6 Nova Gathering Sorceress with my Level 2 Nova Empowering Spirit!" Empowering Spirit leaped into the air, and turned into two crimson rings blazing with energy. Sorceress then leaped into the rings, revealing the six stars inside her, and turned transparent.

"When a star dies, a new star is forged in the fierce flames of a supernova. Let every star burst to form one great dragon!" I chanted, and soon, the rings and stars were enveloped by a crimson red flash of energy. "Synchro Summon! Descend, Supernova Dragon!"

And when the light faded, stood the great dragon of destruction; the one dragon that knew only destruction and rebirth, and practically emanated sheer, unrivalled power. It's six wings and bladed tail created a very imposing figure, a dragon that struck fear in the hearts of the weak.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"And now, the effect of Empowering Spirit activates!" I yelled, as Supernova Dragon began to glow with power. "Since it was used to Synchro Summon Supernova Dragon, Supernova Dragon gains 1000 attack!" Supernova Dragon let out an ungodly roar as its power increased dramatically.

Supernova Dragon: 3000 -) 4000

"And now; I activate the effect of Supernova Dragon! By paying 1000 Life Points, he gets to attack every monster you control, and you can't activate any Spell or Trap cards this Battle Phase! Prepare to lose, Lance!"

Jay: 3400 -) 2400

"You're a fool, Alkain! I activate the effect of Dragon Decoy in my hand! By discarding it when you activate a monster effect, it then ends your Battle Phase!" His declaration hit me right in the face. My big combo, once again effortlessly countered and made useless.

"You see, Alkain? You're nothing compared to me." Lance smirked. "You might just have ran when you had the chance."

"I-I end my turn."

"Alright. Now, I draw!" Lance declared. "And since I control a "Dragon Ruler" monster, I can Special Summon Dragon Decoy from my Graveyard to my field!

Dragon Decoy Lv: 4 Dragon/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And now, for the big finale! I tune my Level 7 Burner with my level 4 Dragon Decoy!" Lance declared. Dragon Decoy turned into four green rings, and the molten dragon ruler flew into the rings, and turned transparent, revealing seven stars within itself.

"Great dragon god of the cosmos, you who rules over all dragons! Return to your true power, one that can devour entire stars whole! Synchro Summon!" A bright green light enveloped Lance, and when it dissipated, stood a massive dragon that smashed the roof clean off, and scorched the windows. It was an entire dragon, wings, tail and head, wrapped around a burning star. It gave an ungodly roar that forced me to my knees. "STAR EATER!"

Star Eater Lv: 11 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3200 DEF: 2800 (ATK)

My legs were shaking, I was sweating just from the presence of this great dragon, who apparently devoured everything in sight. B-but it only had 3200 Attack Points, which was still 800 short of my Supernova Dragon!

"And to wrap it up, I activate the Spell Card, Fury of the Dragon Rulers!"

"Now, your Supernova Dragon loses every single Attack Point it has, since I control two or more Dragon Rulers! All that's left is is the body now, but soon, it will be devoured by Star Eater!" Lance proclaimed.

"Battle Phase! Star Eater attacks Supernova Dragon! Eternal Dragon's Fury!" Star Eater let loose a massive blast of energy that struck Supernova Dragon and me dead-on, and sent me flying back into what remained of a wall, crimson-white obscuring my vision, and every inch of my body was in pain.

Jay: 2400 -) 0

Winner: Lance Éclair

I harked up blood as I fell face-first down onto the floor. Pain was everywhere, my vision was darkening… was this the end? I heard the screams of death, I heard cries for help.. and I could do nothing. Nothing but fade into unconsciousness.

And all that followed me was that one sentence…

I warned you, didn't I?

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