The Darkness Within

The Search - Act II

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

-George Orwell

The streets were empty. Empty and lifeless. I walked slowly but steadily through the streets, headed straight for Sector Security's headquarters. I could feel the rage still bubbling inside me, the power and fury surging through my soul.

Yes. They know where the killers are. We must find them, and we must kill them for what they did.

Akron's voice sounded less and less demonic, and more and more like my own voice. Or was it really his voice? Or was it just my thoughts? I didn't know, my thoughts were blurred and unclear. But my fury did not lessen.

I would find them, and I would get Akiza back. That was my one sole purpose, and I was determined to follow it. The sun was setting behind me, and I felt the warmth that it radiated onto my back before it finally descended below the horizon, and allowed darkness to envelop New Domino.

I didn't really care. I was at my destination, the headquarters of Sector Security. I could feel my power running wild inside me, itching to lash out and strike viciously at everything around me. It felt good.

I pulled my cloak tighter around my body as I slowly approached the enormous building. My Duel Disk was folded away in my sleeve, but I was ready to activate it with a flick of my wrist, and demolish any opponent.

I saw the entrance; only guarded by two lonely officers. I smirked. This would be fun. I began slowly approaching the entrance, and surely enough, one of the officers stepped out in front of me to signal for me to stop, and so I did.

"Sir, the building is closed right now," The officer began. He sounded quite young, and likely inexperienced. Oh, I was going to enjoy this. "Alkain just escaped from New Domino Hospital, and we're searching for him this very moment," The officer spoke.

"Oh, are you?" I questioned haughtily. "To me it looks like you're just standing in front of a door," I deadpanned.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Go home, Alkain could be here any second!" The officer spoke exasperated, and a few beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Seems like he was afraid of something… I wonder what?

"I don't think so," I replied snarkily as I threw my cloak away in a dramatic manner, revealing my horns, bandaged eyes and black Mark. Both officers clearly looked like they were about to wet their pants just from looking at me.

"Now stand aside!" I roared, and whipped out my Duel Disk. I swiftly placed Fierce Blast on the disk, and a blast of energy appeared and hit the entrance, sending the two officers flying away, and making a powerful gust of wind, rustling my hair and clothes. I smirked, my powers were even greater than before!

I could feel it, my wrath, my anger coursing through me with reckless abandon, lashing out at every single thing! I let out a howl, and stormed inside the building. Officers stormed forwards to try and stop me, but a simple flick of the wrist later, and they were gone with Solanus Jump. Where they were now wasn't important.

I turned to my left, and saw what I was looking for; stairs. I stormed upwards, seemingly blurring past any and all obstacles, all of which were quickly disposed of. It was easy.

A few minutes later, I was on the top floor of the building, where I assumed that their mainframe was located. I mean, it made sense to keep it as far away from the ground as possible, to keep it away from possible intruders, right? That's what I thought too.

The large steel gate that guarded the mainframe was no problem either. I simply placed Nova Dragoon Blader on my Duel Disk, and the dragon-warrior took care of the problem swiftly with his sword, slicing the gate clean in half, and allowing me entry to the mainframe.

I cracked my knuckles, and approached the large steel construct that contained all of the data that Sector Security had accumulated over the years. Somewhere inside was the location of Lance and his two peons… and Akiza. They had her. I would get her back at any cost!

I walked over to the center console, and at first, I was confused by the interface. There wasn't really any keyboard, just a small console without buttons and a slot that seemed to be just right for a card. I began thinking, and decided to just go for it.

I pulled Supernova Dragon out of my Extra Deck, and placed it into the slot. Immediately the console fired up, and several holographic screens with a blue hue appeared above the console, and info quickly spread on the screens.

I quickly realized that this was a profile, a profile of me that Sector Security had constructed on me. It had all kinds of information, what cards they had observed me play, records of my abilities, even video clips of me in action from when I was in Rust Town. They must have kept tabs on me for a very long time, especially since they used my journeys in the Daimon Area to pinpoint the location of the Arcadia Movement, as well as figuring out that I was a part of the Movement.

I spat on the ground as I saw that wretched building again. Just looking at it made Sayer's sadistic laughter sound in my head again, and my teeth began to grit together. A low growl rung in my throat as I balled up my fists, and hammered my head into the console in anger.

Apparently, the console took me hammering my head into it nicely, and quickly switched page. I looked it over, this was what I came for! Everything they knew about what happened in the penthouse, and where Lance had gone!

A quick read of the notes revealed to me that Security had been alerted to my presence thanks to the very violent duel Lance and I had in the penthouse which I… I lost. Security found Leo and Luna dead when I got there, and I was dying. I was apparently in a coma for four days, all of which I spent at New Domino Hospital.

They said something about noticing strange figures headed towards New Domino's Factory District, most likely headed for the Chessary Corporation facility there…wait. I've heard of that before! I quickly recalled my first bod of research on Chessary, where I went to investigate that facility in the Factory District, where I ended up in Rust Town, only ten minutes away from the factory. But due to unforeseen problems, I had to go back to Arcadia without having discovered anything useful.

Now though, I didn't have the restraints I had before. I no longer had Sayer to hound me and constrain me. Now I was free to go there, and unlike then, morality wasn't an issue now.

I would get Akiza back, no matter the cost. My thoughts turned dark, and even then, my anger began to swell. My body ached for vengeance, it desired the death of the murderers who took what I loved away from me. My soul filled up with darkness desired destruction and blood.

I found myself smiling like a maniac as my thoughts began to cloud themselves with images of destruction and slaughter. Nothing would get in my way of getting the girl that I loved back, and may whatever gods that looked down upon us have mercy on the souls of those who stood in my way.

Yes. We will strike them down, Jay. Our body aches for destruction, and hungers for blood… and we will feast upon the souls of the wicked.

Akron's words only brought a bigger smile on my face, and hearing footsteps approaching from behind, I swiftly grabbed Supernova Dragon, an slid it into my Deck again, and turned around to face whomever was approaching.

Swiftly, four Sector Security officers poured inside from the door, all having Duel Disks ready. I licked my lips with a psychopathic smile on my face, and I could practically feel the power inside me welling up, just waiting for the moment to unleash it.

"You're not going anywhere, Alkain!" One of the officers bellowed. "We've sealed the building, and we're going to crush you with our combined might!" The officer roared, and all four cried 'Hoo-ah!' and whipped out their Duel Disks. I smacked my lips in delight and activated my own Duel Disk.

Engaging Duel Protocol.

Warning- this Duel with be performed with the Team Battle Royale Rules.

Team 1 consists of: Jay Alkain

Team 2 consists of: Officer 1, 2, 3 and 4

Rules: Anime 4000

Turn Order: Jay Alkain -) Officer 1 -) Officer 2 -) Officer 3 -) Officer 4 -)

Note: No player may attack on their first turn.

Duel Protocol Ready. Amassing Life Points…

Jay: 4000

Officer 1: 4000

Officer 2: 4000

Officer 3: 4000

Officer 4: 4000

Life Points amassed and calculated. Launching Duel Protocol…

"I'll take the first turn!" I wickedly declared, pulling my first card out of my Deck. I felt confident, ready to crush whatever was thrown at me. The wicked and cruel smile on my face only grew as I looked at my hand; an excellent one, if I may say so.

"I'll begin my turn by Summoning Nova Paladin in Defense Mode!" I cackled, as a warrior wielding a blade and a large shield, with a flowing red cape took to the field, and immediately kneeled down and turned blue, signaling that he was in Defense Mode.

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 (DEF)

"Then, I'll Set two cards, and that will be the end of my turn. Now you all better entertain me, because I don't intend to let anyone of you live beyond your first turns!" I cackled as the two oversized facedowns appeared on my field. Oh, how I was looking forward to seeing them try to squirm their way out of this!

"I'll draw!" The first officer declared, as he pulled the card out of its slot and added it to his hand. "I Summon Assault Dog in Attack Position!" He declared, and placed the card he just drew onto his Duel Disk, and forth came a large dobermann equipped with both armor and weaponry.

Assault Dog Lv: 4 Beast/Effect ATK: 1200 DEF: 800 (ATK)

"Then, I'll Set one card and end my turn!" The first officer declared, and passed the turn on as his face-down card materialized.

"My turn!" The officer declared, as he drew a card as well. Oh boy. Already only a few seconds in, and this was beginning to get boring. Ugh. "I Summon Gonogo to the field in Attack Position!" The officer declared, and forth came one of the stupidest monsters I had seen to date. It was basically a big iron ball with eyes. Whoever made this card was REALLY lazy. Tch.

Gonogo Lv: 3 Rock/Effect ATK: 1350 DEF: 1600 (ATK)

"I'll Set a card too, and end my turn." The second officer declared, and passed the turn. I was already getting really properly ticked off about how goddamned slow this was going, but I guess there was nothing to do, other than wait until it was my turn, where I would promptly win. Just a matter of patience…

"My move!" The third officer declared. "I Summon Search Striker to the field in Attack Mode!" The officer yelled, and forth came what looked like a police officer wielding two large energy blasters.

Search Striker Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 1600 DEF: 1200 (ATK)

"I'll Set three cards and end my turn," the officer spoke, and I, for one, sighed with relief. Knowing Sector Security, they'd only really have basic Traps like Sakuretsu Armor and perhaps Intercept if a high-ranking one was here too. Either way, I really would have nothing to fear.

"My turn!" The fourth officer declared, and his voice was higher-pitched than the others. He sounded pretty young, and eager at getting some respect for himself and perhaps climb the ranks of Sector Security, and yeah, apprehending me would likely get a massive promotion to the one who did catch me.

He'd just have to beat me first, and I sure didn't feel like losing. Not while this much is at stake; not while it may mean that I'll never see her again. I could feel the anger welling up, the power and fury bottling up, just waiting to be let loose! I barely noticed that the last officer summoned some other monster, and Set the rest of his hand and ended his turn. I snarled, and drew my card with ferocious strength, and a shockwave shook the entire building just as I drew my card. I smiled.

"I'll Summon Nova Striker to my field in Attack Position!" I declared, and forth came the sword-and-shield bearing warrior, ready to slay any foe before me.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 Warrior/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"And I'll use his effect to bring out Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as a small fairy holding a magical flower appeared on my field. Strange… I couldn't recognize that card. I must have gotten a new one sometime, but I couldn't remember. Whatever, it wasn't important.

Nova Guidance Fairy Lv: 1 Fairy/Effect ATK: 100 DEF: 100 (ATK)

"And now, it's SHOWTIME! I tune my Level 4 Nova Paladin and my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy, with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" I cackled, as Paladin and Guidance leaped into the air, while Strike raised his sword upwards, and jumped for it. While he was in the air, his energy, along with himself warped into three crimson rings, and Guidance Fairy and Paladin leaped inside. The light inside them shone brighter, and revealed the stars inside them. One inside Guidance Fairy, one inside Paladin.

"When a star dies, a new star is forged in the flames of a supernova! Let every star burst to form one great dragon!" I chanted, as a blinding crimson-red light flashed from the monsters that were being tuned, and turned into a massive pillar of crimson energy, that sent powerful gusts of wind through the room. I could see the officers struggling to stay upright, I could feel the wind in my hair. I felt the power.

"Synchro Summon! Descend, Supernova Dragon!" I finished the chant, and the light burst into a brilliant explosion, and slowly, the dragon I summoned emerged from the explosion. First the six wings, then the tail, and then the body and head. The fierce dragon of destruction had arrived.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"The effect of Guidance Fairy activates!" I declared without even thinking. "A monster that uses Guidance Fairy as Synchro Material gains 500 ATK and DEF, and negates the effects of any monster it battles with, and it also deals an extra 500 damage when it destroys a monster!" I declared, licking my lips, while Supernova Dragon roared pridefully over his new power.

Supernova Dragon: 3000 -) 3500 (ATK)

"Now, I activate the effect of Supernova Dragon! By paying 1000 Life Points, he is allowed to attack every monster you peeps control! And when he destroys a monster by battle, you'll take damage equal to the monster's highest strength, attack or defense!" I cackled, as the orb on Supernova Dragon's back let loose a shockwave, and his wings began to flare up.

Jay: 4000 -) 3000

"And seeing as all your monsters are in attack position, it means that you'll all be taking a minimum of 3500 damage! And with the extra 500 damage from Guidance Fairy, it means that you're all finished!" I laughed loudly, while the officers cowed down in disbelief or horror.

"Supernova Dragon! Destroy these weaklings with your almighty power! Supernova Hyper Flare!" I declared, and Supernova Dragon let loose a massive burst of fire, obliterating the entire room, if not the entire building. It shook and buckled, and the roof and walls were torn apart, exposing me and my deeds to the sun.

I still cackled when I saw the dead officers, even when I saw the devastation I had caused. Only very slowly, did realization begin to seep in. What… what have I done? I sulked and fell to my knees.

You always were a monster, Jay. I warned you.

Akron was right; I was a monster. I killed, I destroyed, without a single thought? What was I? I cried my eyes out, I couldn't handle it. I was tired of all this stupidity, I wanted everything to go away.

Are you going to sit here and sulk all day? Akron questioned. Every second you wait, they'll spend on torturing the one girl you love. Are you simply going to abandon her?

No. Akron was right. I didn't have time to sulk over all this, not while they still have Akiza. I felt awakened, like I was finally awake after a long slumber. I felt… wings. Wings on my back, large bat-like wings. I flapped them, and I was quickly in the air.

And I smiled.

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