The Darkness Within

The Pyre, Part II - Act II

Reloading Duel Protocol…

Duel Protocol reloaded. Opening Duel Protocol…

Players: Jay Alkain VS Blaze

Blaze's Life Points: 2200

Jay's Life Points: 2000

Jay's Seal Counters: 4

Blaze's Seal Counters: 4

Jay's field:

Nova Destroyer (ATK) (2200)

Nova Gatherer (ATK) (1200)

No face-down cards

Blaze's Field:

Jurrac Giganoto (ATK) (4100)

Face-up "Survival of the Fittest" (Equipped to "Jurrac Giganoto")

Current Situation:

Jurrac Giganoto is attacking Nova Gatherer, and Jay has just activated the effect of Kurinova in his hand.

Restarting Duel…

"I activate the effect of Kurinova from my hand!" I declared, as the enormous blast of fire from Jurrac Giganoto approached me. "Since a "Nova" monster I control is declared the target of an attack, I can equip Kurinova to that monster!" I exclaimed, as a small ball of crimson-red energy with two chibi-like eyes with red irises flew in front of Gatherer, and the enormous blast of fire from Giganoto was reflected to the surroundings.

Kurinova Lv: 1 Fairy/Effect ATK: 300 DEF: 200

The containers and buildings behind me were scorched, and smaller bits burned completely to ashes as the torrent of fire washed everything away. "When Kurinova equips itself to a monster, that monster can't be destroyed by battle, and all damage I would take in battles involving it, is reduced to zero!" I declared, as Blaze took a step back in surprise, before he smiled and stepped forward again.

"That's good, Alkain!" Blaze bellowed in his thick Russian accent as he smiled a toothy smile, exposing his fang-like teeth. "I feel the fires of vengeance burning inside you! Let them burn on, and let it set fire to your mind, and take over every thought you have! I Set two cards face-down! Turn end!" Blaze exclaimed, followed by a roaring laughter from the depths of his throat.

"My turn!" I declared. "Draw!" I exclaimed as I drew my next card, not even looking at the orb that vanished as a result.

Jay's Seal Counters: 4 -) 3

"I activate the Spell Card, Nova Hell Burst!" I declared, as I placed the Spell Card Gatherer added to my hand on the disk. "Nova Hell Burst inflicts you 800 Points of damage for each "Nova" I control! Seeing as I control two monsters, that means 1600 points of damage directly to your doorstep!" I snarled, as both Destroyer and Gatherer let loose a fiery blast towards Blaze, shaped like malicious spirits.

As the flame-spirits impacted Blaze, they went up in a vicious explosion that rocked the surrounding building, and sent barrels flying away as Blaze howled in pain.

Blaze: 2200 – 600

"Quick-Play Spell, go!" Blaze howled. "Poison of the Old Man! I choose the first effect, which allows me to recover 1200 Life Points!" Blaze declared, as a wash of green energy covered him, sealing and healing his wounds.

Blaze: 600 -) 1800

"Rrgh," I growled. But it didn't matter. I had him on the ropes now, and I just had to attack Giganoto with Destroyer, and its effect would take care of the big dinosaur and allow me to relieve him of the rest of his Life Points. "And now, I activate my face-down, Fiendish Chain!" Blaze bellowed as his face-down revealed itself, and chains rushed out from it and enveloped Destroyer. "Now, Destroyer can't attack, change position or use his effects! Now, Alkain! Show me a Synchro Summon!" Blaze roared, and I roared right back.

"You bet I will, Blaze! It's showtime!" I roared as Gatherer turned into three stars. The stars then began rotating, and turned into three crimson-red rings. Destroyer shook off his chains and leaped into the rings, revealing the six stars inside him.

"The earth bends, and rock goes soft before his gaze! Behold the guardian, whose power shakes the earth by his every step! Synchro Summon!" I chanted as a crimson-red light enveloped Destroyer and the rings around him. "Shake the earth, Nova Titanic Colosseus!" I finished my chant, and the light faded to reveal a massive titan of a guardian. It was humanoid, but as tall as Giganoto, and the fires of Nova burned brightly on his back in the form of two wing-formed blazes, and in his bright-red eyes. Colosseus let loose a deep, loud bellow, and took his battle stance.

Nova Titanic Colosseus Lv: 9 Rock/Synchro ATK: 2800 DEF: 3800 (ATK)

"You're getting a fight!" I replied. "The fight of your life! I activate the effect of Kurinova! Since it was sent from the field to the Graveyard, I can give a Synchro Monster I control an extra 1000 attack or defense points!" I declared as the small sphere of red energy appeared back on the field and vanished into Colosseus's chest.

Colosseus (DEF): 3800 -) 4800

"Battle Phase!" I declared. "Titanic Colosseus attacks Giganoto!" I declared as Colosseus stomped towards Giganoto, preparing to swing his gigantic fist. ´Blaze had a questioning look as my monster prepared to attack. "Why, Alkain? Have you given up?" He questioned.

"I'll never surrender!" I yelled in response. "I activate the effect of Titanic Colosseus! Since he's attacking, I can switch his attack and defense points until my next turn!" I declared as Colosseus spread his wings, and his hands began glowing with crimson fire.

Colosseus (ATK): 2800 -) 4800

Colosseus (DEF): 4800 -) 2800

"Now, Colosseus! Destroy Giganoto! Ultimate Terran Earthquake!" I ordered, and Colosseus slammed his fists into the ground, and the earth immediately began to shake beneath us, and the ground seemingly opened, and Giganoto fell down into the dark abyss, and it's roars were quickly silenced as the ground gathered again, and shards of rock went everywhere, including one that impaled itself in Blaze's shoulder. He immediately yanked it out though, barely moving his face as he pulled the shard of rock out of his shoulder.

Blaze: 1800 -) 1100

Jay's Seal Counters: 3 -) 4

"I Set a card face-down and end my turn!" I declared as Blaze began laughing. "Oh, I'm enjoying this, Alkain! I'm enjoying this greatly! This is really a duel like no other!" Blaze bellowed as he spread his arms out, as his lips parted to show a toothy, wild smile.

"It's my turn, Alkain! I draw!" Blaze declared as he drew his new card, and a wild, unrestrained laughter came from his throat. "Now, prepare to feel true despair! I activate my other face-down card, Fossil Excavation!" Blaze bellowed as his last face-down flipped up.

"I'll use the effect of Fossil Excavation! By discarding a card, I can revive a Dinosaur from my Graveyard with its effects negated! So welcome back, Jurrac Velphito!" Blaze bellowed as the elegant fiery raptor jumped up again from the ground, ready to tear something apart.

"Now, I'll activate my Spell Card, Monster Reborn!" Blaze declared as he slapped the Spell Card from his hand onto his Duel Disk. "And I'll use the revival effect of Monster Reborn to bring back the Jurrac Ptera I just discarded!" Blaze bellowed as a fiery green pteranodon burst forth from the ground as well.

"And now, welcome to the stage, another Jurrac Gallim!" Blaze declared, as another of the fiery reptilian dinosaurs with flaming feathers jumped to the field. "And now, Alkain, prepare to meet your doom!" Blaze began. "I Tune my Level 5 Jurrac Velphito and my Level 3 Jurrac Ptera with my Level 2 Jurrac Gallim!" Blaze chanted as Gallim turned into two green rings, and Velphito and Ptera jumped into one each, revealing the five stars inside Velphito, and the three stars inside Ptera. "The reign of giants has been long and arguous, but all things must come to an end! The destroyer of fate will crash to the ground, and from its fires, the dinosaurs will be REBORN! SYNCHRO SUMMON!" Blaze chanted, as a fierce green light enveloped everything. "Destroy all creation, JURRAC METEOR!" Blaze finished his chant, and the light faded. Above us, far in the sky, I could see a dinosaur-like creature with several large spikes that was completely ablaze, come flying down towards us, likely with the intent of destroying everything like the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs in days of yore.

Jurrac Meteor Lv: 10 Dinosaur/Synchro ATK: 2800 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

"Jurrac Meteor's effect activates upon its successful Synchro Summon!" Blaze declared as the meteor-like creature slowly approached us. "Like the meteor that ravaged earth millions of years ago, Meteor will destroy everything on the field! Spells, Traps, Monsters, the Meteor doesn't discern or differentiate. It just DESTROYS! Go, THE END OF THE WORLD!" Blaze chanted, and the meteor sped up, gaining speed and increasing the size of its flame to three times its own size.

It came out of nowhere. Suddenly, it had hit, and the ensuing explosion was enormous. I could barely see for pure fire, and I heard Colosseus groan in pain as he was torn to pieces, along with my facedowns. I was sent flying, and I couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried.

I was out. The force of Jurrac Meteor had knocked me out completely. I couldn't summon the strength to stand up, so damaged was I. My body hurt all over, I felt crushed and broken.

My eyes flickered open for a second, and I could see the devastation. Rust Town was gone, obliterated by the force of Jurrac Meteor. I was in one big crater. My body felt like it was on fire, and I was on the verge of unconsciousness.

I regained what strength I had left, and climbed out of the rubble. When I was out, Blaze stood only a few metres in front of me. His Duel Disk was still working, and he had Jurrac Gallim still on his field. I felt dizzy and sick, but out of instinct, I raised my Duel Disk in response. Everything was gone, my field was wide open.

"When Jurrac Meteor destroys all cards on the field, I am allowed to Special Summon one "Jurrac" Tuner monster from my Graveyard," Blaze declared as the reptilian dinosaur let loose a high-pitched roar. "Wh-when Nova Titanic Colosseus is destroyed, his effect allows me to draw a card," I stuttered, as I drew a card from my Deck.

"Jurrac Gallim attacks you directly!" Blaze declared. "Burning Featherdance!" Blaze declared as Gallim flapped it's undersized wings, and showered me in burning feathers. I screamed in agony as the feathers seared my body, and I gritted my teeth in an attempt to ward off the burning pain as I fell to my knees.

Jay: 2000 -) 800

"Turn end, Alkain," Blaze said as his Gallim jumped back beside him. He was worn too, and breathing heavily, like myself. We were both exhausted. "Get up, Alkain," Blaze growled. "You're failing, Alkain! You can never save Akiza if you bow down!" Blaze said, and those words sparked something within me. I… I will save her… I will save her. I will save her! I WILL SAVE HER!

I felt the anger returning, the cold and all-consuming anger. It wasn't Akron's evil glee and malice, but a cold, unforgiving rage that blotted out all else. I felt nothing but pure, unbrindled rage as I felt my mark glow again. "RRRAAAAAAAH!" I roared, roared not like a human, but like an avenging god, striking down those who scorned him.

"My turn! Draw!" I declared loudly, as I drew my card violently, and a purple shockwave shot out from me as I drew my card, sending rocks and rubble flying as the darkness covered my mind. The card I had drewn wasn't a card I had. It was a card of darkness, a card that I had made with all my anger, wrath and fury.

Jay's Seal Counters: 4 -) 3

"Spell Card, Hellish Rebirth, activate!" I declared as I slapped the card onto my Duel Disk. "Hellish Rebirth allows me to Special Summon any number of monsters from my Graveyard in Attack Position with their effects negated! The price for this, I must halve my Life Points once for each monster I revive!" I declared, and forth from my Graveyard came Nova Destroyer, Nova Striker, and Kurinova all took their place on my field.

Jay: 800 -) 400 -) 200 -) 100)

"Now, I Summon Nova Guidance Fairy in Attack Position!" I roared. I felt my eyes burn, I felt my wings grow into their normal energy form, but purple this time. My mark glowed bright purple, and writhing tentacles grew from my back and writhed left and right. Darkness had awoken.

Nova Guidance Fairy Lv: 1 Fairy/Tuner ATK: 100 DEF: 100 (ATK)

"Now, I will perform a Dual Synchro Summon! I will first Tune my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy with my Level 6 Nova Destroyer, and Tune my Level 1 Kurinova with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" The two Synchro Summons were swift and quick.

"Appear, Nova Phoenix Blaster, and Darkstar Core!" I declared, and forth came the flaming phoenix with its two laser cannons armed and ready to fire, and beside it, came forth my Synchro Tuner, the Level 4 Darkstar Core, the vicious orb with its eight spikes that turned into writhing tentacles, and the vile, malevolent insiginia of a star on its front with those two, unblinking, red eyes.

"Now, I Tune my level 7 Nova Phoenix Blaster, with my Level 4 Darkstar Core!" I declared, as Phoenix Blaster soared into the sky, and Darkstar Core entered its chest, and soon Phoenix Blaster was enveloped in a sphere of dark energy.

"When darkness falls, it gives the way to ultimate power! Darkstar Synchro Summon!" I chanted, as the orb surrounding Phoenix Blaster exploded into a cascade of darkness.

"Descend upon the weak, Darkstar Phoenix Lancer!" I chanted, and the dark energy faded to reveal the dark form of Phoenix Lancer. Unlike before, where the fire that was its body was a brilliant red, it was now a dark and haunting purple, and the guns mounted on the back had grown like a parasite and technology had taken over the back and left eye of the phoenix. The left eye shone a metallic red as it gave a haunting roar.

Darkstar Phoenix Lancer Lv: 11 Winged-Beast/Synchro ATK: 0 DEF: 2600 (ATK)

"Now, Darkstar Phoenix Lancer attacks Jurrac Gallim! Shadow Break Barrage!" I declared, and the cannons let loose a massive blast of dark energy at the Gallim, who easily resisted it though. "You're a fool, Alkain!" Blaze cackled. "Your monster has no attack points! You really are trying to kill yourself, aren't you?" Blaze replied.

"Not quite. When Darkstar Phoenix Lancer battles, it isn't destroyed, and all Battle Damage goes straight to you! Now die!" I roared, as Phoenix Lancer's blast overcame Gallim, and obliterated it, and Blaze was thrown backwards from the force of the blast, and back inside the ruins of the chapel.

Blaze: 1100 -) 0

Winner: Jay Alkain

As the duel ended, I felt the darkness dissipating. The power I had… it was fading slowly. My mark stopped glowing, my horns grew back, my hair turned red again, and my eyes went back to their heterochromatic red-and-blue, instead of my eyes being completely red.

I rushed over to Blaze, who tried to stand up, coughing blood up all the while. I socked him right in the jaw, and he was sent backwards into a wall. He slid down the wall, and breathed in heavily.

I gripped him by the collar, and lifted his face up to mine. "Where is Akiza?!" I questioned. "WHERE IS SHE?!" I roared. He knew it, and now he was going to tell me, I had made my mind up.

"You've lost her, Alkain," Blaze replied solemnly, as his collar slid out of my grasp, and he fell back to the ground. With his last strength, he gazed right into my eyes, and all I saw in his eyes was regret and melancholy. And then, he said a sentence that I'll never forget. A sentence that echoed through my mind again and again.

"Men like us; we never get back the things we love." And then, Blaze breathed his last. His body faded to dust, and in its place was only a small orange orb. I reached out for the orb, and the orb reacted by flying inside me, and I immediately absorbed it.

And then I fell to my knees. My head began to hurt immensely as visions of a facility of concrete assaulted my eyesight. "I remember!" I exclaimed. "Aaah, the Satellite!" I cried, as I fell down again, memories assaulting my mind.

I saw a younger me, small, with brown-colored hair and no horns, clad in only scavenged rags, run away from adults with Duel Disks. I was holding a small piece of bread in my hands, barely enough to even still the smallest hunger.

I then saw myself crawling forward in the dirt. I was so hungry, so thirsty, but I had nothing. I could barely walk. Then, I saw someone walk over to me. The man looked old, his long grey hair and lab coat flowing in the wind. He had a small pair of spectacles on, and he picked me up. "Come now," He said. "Let's go find you something to eat."

Then I saw where he took me. The concrete facility in the Satellite. I saw that awful machine, the glass sphere I would be locked inside and shocked with vicious electricity, electricity that was so painful it was like the blood inside you was boiling and your veins were about to pop! Every time was worse than the one before, and I remembered what they called it. Dracotherapy.

I saw a slightly older me holding a Duel Disk on my arm, with Supernova Dragon behind me, staring at the dead figure of another child no older than me. I remembered, how I was forced to duel others, where we all did real damage, and… I killed so many…

Then I saw myself in that room again. The scientists strapped me into the glass sphere again, and went to their workstations as the electricity began. Then I heard alarm buzzers, then I heard muttering, then I heard someone scream "HE'S BREAKING FREE!" And then I heard glass shattering.

And then I woke up.

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