The Darkness Within

The Blizzard - Act II

An animalistic roar came from the bottom of my throat as Akron's malice and glee returned. My lips spread to make a psychotic smile, and the power began to come back. The power welled up inside me, and in a second, I was flying through the factory, tearing through walls and metal just to get to Lance. That bastard…

And only a second later, I was in another large room, having left a large hole in the wall as I arrived. The first thing I noticed when I looked forward was him. Lance sat there in a big, likely very comfy chair, and he was laughing his ass off.

He was clad in red clothing, and he wore a black cape. His hair was wild and unkempt, and it was deep black. His Duel Disk was styled in a way I didn't recognize; it looked to me like a dragon. Next to him in another chair sat a girl, around the same age as Anna. She was wearing similar clothing to her too, except her skin-tight outfit was icy blue instead of green.

"What're you laughing at?!" I growled at Lance, who immediately turned around and looked right at me. "Three things, actually!" Lance cackled. "First, you really believed that Akiza was here!" Lance burst into laughter again as my anger began to boil over as I growled loudly. The small recording device in Lance's hand answered my other question; which was how he managed to get Akiza's voice into the system. He simply recorded Akiza saying that phrase. "Second; someone owes me money!" Lance cackled as he held out a hand to the girl who sat in the other chair. The girl frowned and muttered something under her breath, before pulling out a wad of notes and placing them into Lance's hand. "Thank you," Lance snickered as he looked his money over.

"By the way, I won that bet because you did beat Blaze," Lance began. "I mean, he acts really tough, but he's just as weak as you are inside!" Lance cackled as he looked his money over again. My mind began darkening as I began slowly walking towards them.

"And third; you did come! I knew the lure of getting Akiza back would pull you right here!" Lance bellowed with a roaring laughter as he adjusted his Duel Disk. "But now, my little doll, I gave grown bored with watching you stay still. Now, it is time for you to dance!" Lance cackled as he slid his Deck into his Duel Disk and shuffled it.

I was about to do the same when a voice interrupted me. A voice I recognized from all those visions; it was the voice of an old man who did not care for the pain of others. "Halt, Lance." Lance's psychotic grin and laughter died down as he turned towards a small projection of him; that old professor I had seen in my visions.

It was William Edgar Kroe. Lance groaned loudly as he lowered his Duel Disk. "What do you want, Kroe?" He said, clearly pissed off that he was interrupted right as he was about to Duel me. "I need you back here, Lance. The psychic you brought is disrupting a few things in the Engine, and I need your assistance to stabilize her." Kroe said stoically as I quickly connected the dots.

The psychic he brought was very likely Akiza, and this Engine he was talking about was almost certainly another Dracomorphic Engine. "Can it wait a little?" Lance asked. "I'm kind of in the middle of something here."

"What are you doing, then?"

"Blaze failed, Kroe. Alkain's here."

"Ah. I still need you now, Lance, this can't wait. I want you here immediately," Kroe said, before the display shut down and the hologram of his torso vanished. Lance groaned loudly as he turned towards the other girl. "Snow, can you handle him?" He questioned, and the girl got up from her chair and revealed her icy blue Duel Disk.

"Of course I can, Éclair. Go ahead and run back to Kroe. I'll clean things up here and return once Alkain is disposed of." She said, her tone of voice absolutely monotone, her face not showing any emotion whatsoever. She was the epitome of stoic.

"Fine. Just don't take too long. Being in Kroe's company for too long is straining," Lance said, and without another word, he blasted right through the roof with a purple glow, and blasted off into the distance. The girl that I now knew as Snow turned around and faced me. She folded out her Duel Disk, and shuffled her Deck. I did the same, and shuffled my Deck. You best be ready, Jay. Akron spoke in the back of my mind as he faded once again. The darkness within you will lead you to victory. All you have to do is let it guide you.

I didn't get why Akron decided to leave my mind, but I didn't have any complaints. Now I could focus far more on the Duel at hand. Snow then pulled out a very familiar card, and placed it in her Field Spell Zone. And soon enough, the large seal appeared around us, until it spread, and covered the entire factory. All the guards both inside and outside were turned into purple orbs, and absorbed into the seal. Then, five orbs appeared around us both. Unlike when I dueled Blaze, I didn't hear any screams from the people as their souls were taken. They were silent, and took their fate as it was.

I looked through my Deck once more to be sure, and slid it into my Duel Disk. The auto-shuffle function immediately kicked in, and shuffled my Deck thoroughly. I drew my opening and, and so did Snow.

Duel Protocol engaged. Loading format…

Format loaded.

Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1 Darkstar Duel

Jay: 4000

Snow: 4000

Jay's Seal Counters: 5

Snow's Seal Counters: 5

Format loaded and initialized.

Running Duel Protocol…


"I'll go first," Snow said in her monotonous voice, as she drew her first card. "Since this is the first turn of the Duel, I do not lose a Seal Counter in my Standby Phase," She spoke stoically as she looked her hand over.

"I activate the Spell Card, Medallion of the Ice Barrier!" She declared, as the Spell Card revealed itself right in front of her.

"With the effect of Medallion of the Ice Barrier, I add Geomancer of the Ice Barrier to my hand," Snow continued as her deck slid out the specific card for her, which she slowly added to her hand. "I will now Summon him to the field," Snow spoke, as she placed the card on her icy blue Duel Disk. Forth came a young sorcerer clad in blue robes, holding a mirror over her face.

Geomancer of the Ice Barrier Lv: 3 Spellcaster/Tuner ATK: 800 DEF: 1200 (ATK)

"I activate the effect of Geomancer," Snow said, and gently took a card from her hand and placed it in her Graveyard. "By discarding a card, I can declare an attribute. She then cannot be attacked by monsters of that attribute." She explained, and my eyes widened. My… my Novas are all Fire-Attributed!

"I choose the FIRE Attribute!" Snow declared, and Geomancer held up her mirror, which now showed a reflection of fire. A small, almost invisible smirk appeared on Snow's face as she saw my expression of shock at the fact that attacking had almost been sealed now.

"I Set two cards face-down and end my turn." Snow finished by sliding two cards into the backrow slots, and sure enough, two oversized face-down cards materialized on her field. I quickly analyzed everything, every way I had with my current hand. Attacking was sealed for now, but Geomancer was a Tuner, so she is likely simply stalling until she could Synchro Summon. "I draw!" I declared as I pulled the card out of my Deck. Nova Reflector… Its effect had changed since last time. It seemed different from last time, too. Perhaps I was influencing my Deck somehow?

Jay's Seal Counters: 5 -) 4

I gritted my teeth. Even though, I could still not break through Geomancer's defense with what I had right now. All I could do was try to defend. "I Summon Nova Paladin in Defense Position!" I declared, as I summoned the armored paladin, he who wielded a thick blade and a large shield. His armor was almost ornate, and was colored red with black details. With a short cry of "HUAHH!" Paladin took his defensive stance and turned blue, signaling that he was in Defense Mode.

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 (DEF)

I looked over my hand again. Only a single usable Trap right now, and the rest would have to wait in reserve. I took my one Trap, Ascendance of Stars, and slid it into the face-down card slot. "I Set a card face-down and end my turn." And sure enough, a single, solitary face-down appeared behind Paladin.

"Draw." Snow said monotonously, and drew her card.

Snow's Seal Counters: 5 -) 4

She swiftly looked her hand over, and pulled a single card from her hand and held it out in front of her. "Spell Card, Moray of Greed," Snow said stoically. "By shuffling two WATER monsters from my hand into my Deck, I can draw 3 cards." Snow plucked two cards from her hand and placed them on top of her deck, which was then immediately shuffled. As per Moray of Greed's effect, she then drew 3 cards.

"I Normal Summon Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier in Attack Position." Snow spoke, and forth came a group of soldiers, all dressed in blue and armed with short swords and daggers, but they were led by one with a strange icy staff. They cried some unknown rally cry, and got into formation.

Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier Lv: 3 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 1500 DEF: 800 (ATK)

"I then tune my newly summoned Level 3 Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier, with my Level 3 Geomancer of the Ice Barrier!" Snow suddenly exclaimed, and her normally stoic face turned into a psychotic one, with her eyes and mouth twisting as a blue aura began to surround her. She flashed her teeth in a wicked smile, as the mirror-wielding sorceress jumped into the air, and turned into three green rings. Her group of troopers then jumped into the rings, revealing the three stars inside them. "Crumble thy foe within my sight, make them disappear in fright!" Snow chanted, as a green beam of light went through the three rings, and created a blinding light. "Synchro Summon!" Snow said, as the light faded. "Go forth, Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!" Snow exclaimed, as behind the light appeared a misty white serpentine dragon, which flapped its big wings, and created a powerful and cold wind that threw me backwards into a wall. It gave a loud, deafening roar as it curled up around Snow.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Lv: 6 Sea Serpent/Synchro ATK: 2300 DEF: 1400 (ATK)

"I activate the effect of Brionac!" Snow exclaimed. "By discarding any number of cards from my hand, I can then return cards on your field to your hand equal to the amount of cards I discarded," She explained, as she plucked two cards from her hand, and placed them gently into her Graveyard. "Now, I can send the two cards you control right back to your hand! Blizzard Maw!" Snow declared, as Brionac opened its maw, and let loose a massive blizzard, blowing Paladin and my facedown back into my hand.

"Now, your field is wide open, and you have nothing to defend yourself with! Brionac attacks directly! Ice Storm Blizzard!" Snow declared, and Brionac flapped its wings viciously, creating a huge storm of ice and flinging it directly at me.

"I activate the effect of Nova Gardna!" I declared, as I quickly slapped the monster onto my field, and forth came a warrior with a large, bladed shield, who was clad in worn red-and-black robes, and immediately crouched down. "When I am attacked directly, I can Special Summon him from my hand in Attack Position!" I declared.

Nova Gardna Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 1500 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

"It doesn't matter," Snow rebuked. "Brionac, continue your attack!" She declared, and the ice storm raged on, the large sharp shards of ice impacting Gardna. "By discarding a card, I can prevent Gardna from being destroyed in battle!" I declared, and discarded Nova Reflector to prevent Gardna's destruction.

"But you'll still take damage!" Snow said, as the shards of ice continued hitting me, and one small one impaled itself in my gut. It wasn't big, so it didn't go very far inside, and it didn't touch anything vital, but it still hurt a LOT, and so I crouched down in pain with a growl.

Jay: 4000 -) 3200

I gritted my teeth in pain as I gripped my one hand around the small shard of ice, and pulled it out. I let out a slight scream of pain as it was pulled out, but the wound closed almost immediately. My powers weren't about to let me down, and boy, was I grateful for that.

"Hmph," Snow scoffed at me. "And you beat Blaze?" Snow stated. "A weak, stupid little person like you who can't even handle a bit of damage beat him?" Snow mocked in her monotone voice, as I slowly began getting angry. "If you really cannot handle such a simple injury, then you might as well surrender. I set a card face-down. Turn end."

I snarled. I felt the darkness welling up inside me, and my shadow began slowly getting bigger. I felt my eyes begin to turn completely red again, the darkness was beginning to take its return into my mind. "You'll be surprised!" I exclaimed, my voice suddenly turning dark and evil for a moment, before toning back down again.


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