The Darkness Within

The Cold-Hearted - Act II

Restarting Duel Protocol. Loading field…

Field loaded. Displaying the current field…

Format: Anime 4000 Darkstar Duel

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Snow

Jay Alkain's LP: 3200

Snow's LP: 4000

Jay's Seal Counters: 3

Snow's Seal Counters: 4

Jay's field: Nova Gardna (Attack Position), 1 face-down card

Snow's field: Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, 2 face-down cards

Current situation: We are now in Jay's Draw Phase.

Restarting Duel…

"You're pathetic," Snow said in her monotonous tone of voice. I ignored her and looked over my hand. My hand was now at five cards, thanks for me having to discard Ascending Bright Star to prevent Gardna's destruction, but Gardna had a very good effect that I intended to fully utilize.

"I activate the effect of Nova Gardna!" I declared. "By disallowing him from attacking this turn, I can add a 'Nova' Tuner monster from my Deck to my hand!" I declared, as Gardna lifted his big shield up into the air, and hammered it down into the floor, tearing a hole in the ground, and forth from that hole came an orb of energy that moved up to my hand, and faded to reveal Nova Striker.

"Now, I Normal Summon Nova Striker in Attack Position!" I declared, and slammed the card onto my Duel Disk, and forth came the familiar red-and-black armored warrior, who carried both a sword and a shield. With a cry of "HU-AH!" He took his battle stance.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 Warrior/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 800 (ATK)

"Now, I activate the effect of Nova Striker!" I declared, as Striker raised up his sword, and swung it, creating a line of fire from the tip of his sword, which turned into a fiery gateway. "When he joins the battle, I can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower monster from my hand to join him!" I declared, as a familiar small sphere of red energy appeared from the portal. "Join us, Kurinova!" I declared as the sphere opened its eyes, revealing itself to be a fiery version of the legendary Kuriboh.

Kurinova Lv: 1 Fairy/Effect ATK: 300 DEF: 200 (ATK)

"Now, I Tune my Level 3 Nova Gardna, and my Level 1 Kurinova, with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" I declared as Nova Striker raised his sword into the air, and turned into pure crimson energy, which was quickly condensed into three crimson stars, which quickly flew into the air, and began rotating, until they became three crimson rings. Gardna and Kurinova flew into the air inside the rings, the light from the rings revealing the three stars inside Gardna, and the single star inside Kurinova. "Strife covers the world. From the fires of war, comes a warrior braver than any other!" A crimson light shone through the rings, and quickly expanded to become a blinding light. "Synchro Summon! Burn forever, Nova Dragoon Blader!" I declared, as the light faded to reveal the fearsome dragon-warrior. His humanoid figure was towering and muscular, clad in sparse golden armor, and wielding a sharp, long blade that seemed to be on fire. With a loud and brutal war-cry, he took his battle stance in front of me.

Nova Dragoon Blader Lv: 7 Warrior/Synchro ATK: 2500 DEF: 1200 (ATK)

"The effect of Kurinova activates!" I declared as the spirit of the little chibi-like ball of energy appeared on the field. "When it is sent to the Graveyard, I can give one Nova Synchro Monster on my side of the field an extra 1000 attack or defense strength! I choose ATK!" I declared as the spirit was absorbed into Dragoon Blader's sword, which started glowing crimson.

Dragoon Blader (ATK): 2500 -) 3500

"Nova Dragoon Blader attacks Brionac!" I declared, as Nova Dragoon Blader rushed forward, his sword swinging wildly. "Whirlwind Slash!" I declared as Dragoon Blader swung his sword so rapidly, it turned into a whirlwind that slashed Brionac into pieces. Snow shrieked as she was thrown backwards from the force of the attack.

Snow: 4000 -) 2800

"Trap card, activate!" Snow declared right after. "Torrential Reborn!" She declared, as a large torrent of water began to fall behind her like a waterfall. "When a Water Attribute monster I control is destroyed, I can Special Summon it with Torrential Tribute, and dealing you 800 damage for each card that is Special Summoned by this effect!" Snow declared, as Brionac reemerged from the waterfall, sending a torrent of water towards me, and swept me off my feet. I growled as I stood up once more.

Jay: 3200 -) 2400

"I Set a card face-down and end my turn," I declared as I slid my other Trap card into the slot underneath the slot where I had placed Nova Dragoon Blader, and the face-down card materialized behind him. Ascendance of Stars would remain in my hand for now.

"It's my move!" Snow exclaimed, and drew her card fiercely. She smiled the moment she saw her card, and I realized I had to move quickly.

Snow's Seal Counters: 4 -) 3

"I activate the effect of Brionac!" Snow said and discarded her two cards. I saw Brionac rear back his wings, ready to blow my face-down and Dragoon Blader right back to where they came from. I reacted quickly, and activated my Trap card.

"Trap card, Activate! Fiendish Chain!" I exclaimed as my Trap flipped over and revealed itself.

"Fiendish Chain negates the effects of one face-up Effect Monster on the field, and prevents it from attacking as well!" I exclaimed, as the chains rushed forwards from the card and swiftly wrapped themselves around Brionac, squeezing its wings back down and tightening around Brionac. Snow visibly frowned, and I gave a light smirk in response.

Yes. She's just another obstacle in the way. She will swiftly fall to our great power… Akron spoke in my mind. His malice slowly began to creep into my mind, trying to wrestle control of my mind away from me, and begin doing what he did best. Kill.

I shook him off, but he didn't really go away. He just kind of froze in place, not letting go or anything. In fact, I felt my lips curl to reveal a maniacal smile, but I quickly gathered my mouth again and shoved Akron out of control again.

"I end my turn here," Snow said angrily. I grinned and drew my card, ignoring the other black orb that vanished as a result of my turn beginning.

Jay's Seal Counters: 3 -) 2

"Nova Dragoon Blader attacks Brionac!" I declared, and stretched out my arm, pointing at the bound icy dragon for dramatic effect as my dragon-warrior rushed towards the dragon and began spinning his sword. "Whirlwind Slash!" I roared as the sword spun like a whirlwind, and Dragoon Blader spun with it, heading right for the bound Sea Serpent.

"Trap Card, activate!" Snow exclaimed in response, as the Trap revealed itself. "Ice Barrier!"

"Your precious warrior is now robbed of all his attacking power!" Snow exclaimed, while I recoiled in shock. "All of it?!" I exclaimed before her Trap let loose a blast of ice that encapsuled Dragoon Blader in ice. "Retaliate, Brionac!" Snow exclaimed. "Ice Storm Blizzard!" She declared as Brionac opened its maw once again, and blasted Dragoon Blader back. The sheer fury of the ice storm sent me flying backwards, through several walls until I was back in the factory hall. Dragoon Blader was gone, his ability to survive battle gone thanks to Snow's ice Barrier.

Jay: 2400 -) 100

My body hurt all over. I could barely move, and my vision was rapidly fading. The force that Brionac had hit me with was way too much for me to handle. I tried to move my legs, but a sharp bout of pain made me howl in agony.

I heard a loud 'crash' sound as Snow and Brionac burst through the wall, leaving a massive hole behind. I tried to speak, but pain flared up again, and I howled in pain. It… it hurt so much! I mustered myself together, and finally pulled myself up. I quickly fell to my knees. I raised myself up, my body screaming in protest as I said the four words that would doom me.

"I… I end my turn," I harked as I fell to my knees again. I heard Snow pull her next card out from her Deck, while I could do nothing but wait for my death. I saw her destroy Fiendish Chain with a Mystical Space Typhoon, and now I was wide open. Brionac reared back his wings, and prepared to deal the finishing blow.

"Ice Storm Blizzard!" I heard her declare, and I felt myself be thrown backwards by the force of the blizzard, sending me flying. I felt sharp, unending pain, but quickly my body became numb. I couldn't feel the pain anymore. It was over.

Jay: 100 -) 0

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