The Darkness Within

The Takeover - Act II

"Man is the cruelest animal."

-Friedrich Nietzche

I felt… exhausted. Exhausted like I just ran a marathon five times over as I opened my eyes again. I… I felt dizzy as I tried to stand up, but my body was numb, and I groaned as my body slowly began to move, and I slowly got to my feet.

The surroundings were black. Completely void, with only a small speck of light illuminating where I stood. I could hear water dripping, and hitting another body of water, making a low 'plop' sound every time.

"You really think that everything will just end like this?" A far too familiar voice spoke behind me. I turned around, and saw myself, only with bandages across my eyes, and a psychotic, toothy smile adorning my lips. Akron.

"What do you mean?" I questioned. "What is this place?"

"This is your soul, Alkain," Akron stated. "Specifically, this is the inner part of your soul. Hence the darkness and void." I saw everything slowly warp around me, and shifted ever so slightly.

"Why am I here? Didn't I die?" I questioned. Since I lost a Darkstar Duel, that means I would be meeting non-existence. This didn't make any sense!

Akron merely chuckled. "No. You haven't. But your idiocy has done one thing. It has allowed me to take over your body completely." Akron then burst into maniacal laughter, and I grit my teeth in anger. He took over my body? I was angry, and I tried to charge at him, but my feet wouldn't move. I looked down to see that the void had wrapped itself around me, and it swiftly wrapped itself around my arms and torso, before lifting me into the air, as I vainly tried to struggle.

"Why are you doing this?!" I exclaimed. Akron simply laughed again as I continued to struggle, and flew up in the air until his face was right in front of mine. "Because, I can." And then Akron began roaring with laughter again, his laughter echoing throughout the void of my soul.

"Now," Akron began, as he stopped laughing, although that vicious, uncaring grin still glazed his face. "I believe I have a Duel to finish," Akron said, as he turned around and began to walk away. "B-but there is no Duel left!" I exclaimed. "My Life Points hit 0! I lost!" Akron turned around briefly, and replied; "If a card effect says otherwise, the rules must bow down. And I just so happen to have such a card effect. Now, I have to go and do something entertaining. But don't worry. You'll have a front-row seat," Akron snarked as the lower part of his body turned into a spirit-like form. His legs vanished, and only a writhing snake-like end was left. Two crimson wings sprouted out from his back, and he flew upwards, quickly vanishing from sight.

I blinked momentarily, and realized that I was back in the factory! I was looking out of my eyes, I was back in my body! I tried to move, but I felt nothing. I didn't feel like I could control anything, I couldn't feel anything. But then, my body moved on its own, and I could sense the vicious smile that curled on my lips as a crimson aura began to emanate from me, and the crimson wings began to sprout out once again.

Now, Akron was in charge. I could see the face of disbelief that Snow wore; she couldn't believe that I had just risen back from something that should very well have killed me! Akron began a low chuckle, which quickly turned into a full, maniacal laughter that echoed through the factory.

"B-but you should be dead!" Snow exclaimed. "Your Life Points hit 0, which means I win, and you lose! Why isn't the Seal destroying your soul and giving me your dark energy?! YOU LOST!" Snow exclaimed loudly, while Akron simply continued laughing.

"I wonder about that, Snow," Akron retorted as a Trap Card materialized out of practically nothing, meaning he had activated it from his hand. What shocked me was that the card he just played wasn't in my hand before! "Trap Card, activate!" He said maniacally. "Spirit of the Fallen!"

Name: Spirit of the Fallen

Continuous Trap Card

Effect: If your Life Points would be reduced to 0 as a result of battle damage, you can activate this card from your hand. This card cannot be removed from the field, except by its own effect. As long as this card is face-up on the field, you cannot lose the Duel by having 0 Life Points. During your next End Phase; destroy this card.

"You honestly believe that you would win this easily?" Akron asked, as his maniacal grin only got wider. "I'm going to kill you, and believe me, I plan to make it very, very painful." He gnarled, and his evil, crazy laughter just kept going. "Oh, and just to tell you, you can't use Brionac's ability either to send it back to my hand, because Spirit of the Fallen can't be removed from the field, except by its own effect! So even if your Brionac wasn't stripped of that power, you would still have nothing to do!" Akron cackled, as Snow shook her head in disbelief. "I-I end my turn;" She said nervously, and Akron's face lit up with glee the moment she said it. "Then… It's my turn!" Akron declared as another orb vanished, signaling that he was down to his last Seal Counter. But he really didn't seem to care as he eyed the card he just drew with glee.

"I activate the effect of Dark Nebula Ruler – Mictlancoatl in my hand!" Akron declared as he held up a strange-looking card. It was an effect monster, but a strange, dark red aura surrounded it. "Since I control no monsters, and my opponent controls a face-up Synchro Monster, I can Special Summon him by removing from play the rest of my hand!" Akron declared, as a dark vortex appeared in the middle of the field. The rest of the cards I held in my hand turned into red energy streams which flowed into the vortex, and an ear-splitting roar came from the vortex.

"God who rules the cosmic depths of the nebulae, you who manipulate and twist the minds of the weak to your own bidding! I Special Summon, Dark Nebula Ruler – MICTLANCOATL!" Akron declared as the vortex swallowed both himself and Snow, leaving them on that rock, floating in the starry void surrounded by galaxies and exploding stars and black holes. And forth from the rock burst out a long, serpentine being. It had two big, yellow eyes, a massive maw with several deadly teeth, and a second mouth inside the first mouth, with a long, wispy tongue. Long scales covered the serpent's body that seemed to twist on their own, and sometimes becoming long, writhing tentacles that flowed freely in the empty space.

Dark Nebula Ruler - Mictlancoatl Lv: 12 Fiend/Effect ATK: 3800 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"Dark Nebula Ruler…" Snow muttered. "Mictlancoatl?" She stuttered, fear and nervousness seeping into her voice. Akron began laughing madly as his new card appeared on the field, and the serpentine abomination seemed to laugh with him, as if they were one and the same. "What's the problem with seeing me like I really am?" Akron taunted, directed both at me and Snow at the same time. "I thought that beauty always came from the inside," Akron cackled as his massive serpentine form laughed with him.

"But now I tire of your pitiful excuse for dueling, and now, I will show you the true power that I have at my fingertips! I activate the effect of Dark Nebula Ruler – Mictlancoatl!" Akron declared as the creature opened its dual maws. "Once per turn, Mictlancoatl can devour all monsters you control!" Akron cackled as the serpent-abomination began to swallow, and Brionac was quickly sucked into the massive maw of Mictlancoatl, and Snow herself had to cling for dear life to a nearby rock in order not to get swallowed herself. "And Mictlancoatl's attack and defense power increase by that of the monsters it devours!" Akron declared as Mictlancoatl stopped swallowing and let out a roar.

Mictlancoatl (ATK): 3800 -) 6100

Mictlancoatl (DEF): 600 -) 2000

"And now, seeing as your field is clear, Mictlancoatl will be moving in for a direct attack!" Akron declared as his serpentine form twisted slightly around, before turning around and flying right towards Snow, opening both mouths and roaring loudly. Snow tried to scream, but her scream was quickly silenced…

Snow: 2400 -) 0

Winner: Akron

As Mictlancoatl disappeared into a small cloud of dark mist, the dark nebula faded, to reveal that Akron was now back in the factory hall, but now the factory had been completely torn apart. It genuinely looked like it had been through a massive bombing, with walls and machines and the like being completely ruined. The roof was even gone.

And there was no sign of Snow. There was only a small smear of blood where she had stood. Akron smiled his normal psychotic smile, and let his maniacal laughter echo throughout New Domino. That dark, gleeful and uncaring laughter that chilled anyone that heard it right down into the bone. He turned his face towards the skies, as dark clouds began to cover up the sky, signaling the advent of something ominous.

And his laughter echoed throughout the ruins.

I was exhausted and drained of all energy. I was still firmly restrained, and all my attempts to get loose had been for naught, only serving to drain me further of any stamina I had left. I couldn't keep track of time any longer… I didn't know anything.

But then… then I suddenly felt my bindings loosen. Some dark purple glow came over the black goop that had restrained me, and it began to slowly retreat, until they could no longer hold me up, and I fell to the ground. I heard a loud thud as I hit the ground, broken up with the soft clinging of metal hitting the ground. I looked forward, and right in front of my face I saw my locket. The small, aqua-blue tear-shaped locket that Gatherer had given me months ago. I had completely forgotten it; I had thought I lost it back from when I was in the hospital!

I quickly scrambled to pick it up, and soon the small locket was in my hands. It felt cold, and yet, oddly warm to the touch. It felt strange to feel and see, seeing something that I thought was lost along with any hope I had left.

I opened it, and the picture inside glaced my lips with a small smile as I looked it over. The picture that was in that locket was one of my fondest memories, one that warmed the cold depths that were my soul. I held it up in the air, and the darkness in my soul was repelled, removing the darkness that shrouded the place where I was held captive.

I clutched the locket as I felt power swell and grow inside me. I felt angry, powerful and a desire to kill Akron and get rid of him once and for all, so I could have my mind for myself, without having to worry about him taking over.

And so I let out a deep roar from the depths of my lungs, and flew upwards, headed for Akron, and determined to finally rid myself of his malicious influence.

And this time; only one of us would be left.

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