The Darkness Within

The Foil - Act II

“Good loses. Good always loses because good has to play by the rules. Evil doesn't.”

-Henry Mills 'Once Upon A Time'

I was flying through a truly surreal path of darkness. I saw many strange things flying past me as I flew deeper inside my own soul, and what I passed by was very likely stuff from either my memory or my mind. But neither was really important to me. If I wanted to, I could likely immerse myself in one of the many things I flew by and be amazed and absorbed by the deceit and knowledge it held, but right now, nothing mattered. What mattered now was getting Akron, or "Mictlancoatl", out of my body, out of my mind forever.

Then I noticed something. I could see small red lines on the pathway I was flying in, and as I flew along, those red lines slowly became bigger, and more… serpentine and seemingly alive. I was getting closer, but then I recoiled as a haunting sound echoed throughout the path. "EeeyAAAH!" It screamed, and I recognized it as Akron, screaming for no reason.

"So, you managed to break free?" Akron's voice then boomed throughout the path as I took off once again, not stopping for anything. If anything, I sped up, going even faster as I blitzed through the path, quickly closing in on where Akron had to be.

"Well then," Akron began. "Do you really think you can reach me and fulfill that promise?" Akron taunted, and I almost stopped out of sheer wonder. What was he talking about? What promise? I raced through my brain, every memory I could muster, trying to remember this promise Akron was referring to. But it was to no avail, and I figured out that getting almost killed by Lance might have damaged my brain a little. I mean, I was in a coma for four days.

"I promise…" I heard a voice say in my head just as I had dismissed the thought. Was… was this my brain trying to recall what this promise was? And who was it to? A sharp pain hit me, and I fell to the floor of the pathway, hitting the cold, black surface that covered the pathway.

"I'll keep you safe." But, but to whom did I make that promise to? I began to recall when I had made that promise, when a sharp screech stopped me in my tracks. I looked up, and what appeared to be two large red serpentine things that had simply sprouted out from the walls were diving right for me. I quickly dashed upwards, narrowly avoiding the fate of being devoured.

"And if anyone tries to hurt you…" The voice continued as one of the serpents dove for me, and I quickly rushed to the side, and slammed my fists into the side of the serpent's head as hard as I could. Surprisingly, the serpent recoiled in pain as my fists hit it, clearly stumped by how hard I hit it. It gave a loud, furious hiss as it rose up again, this time accompanied by the other one as well.

"Or tries to take you away…" The facility in the Satellite. I remembered now, I remembered when I made the promise! The serpents dove for me, clearly furious and intent to devour me whole. I rushed left and right, up and down in a mad effort to try and preserve my life from these two serpents. One dove for me, but it was met with a stout fist to the face, sending its head smashing into the wall, killing it. The other one rushed forward, its red eyes gleaming with anger as it bared its fangs.

"I'll find you." I rushed upwards, and slammed my fists down onto its skull with all my might as I narrowly avoided getting eaten. It screeched loudly, the scream echoing throughout the pathway as it slowly sank to the ground, and finally died. I panted slowly, my lungs pulling in as much air as possible for me to breathe. I wasn't sure if I needed air, but instinct was calling the shots right now. My body was temporarily exhausted, but I quickly regained my strength.

I flew up again into the middle of the pathway, and I noticed something. The red lines were beginning to pulse like veins, but what was flowing through them was energy, not blood or the like. They were pulsing energy, and they were making it flow onwards. Ahead, I could see what seemed to be a bright light, and instinct told me that that was where Akron was hiding. I growled, and flew forwards, intent on finding Akron and get some proper answers, and then get rid of him once and for all.

As I approached, the light flashed brightly, and I raised my hand up in an attempt to cover my eyes from the light, but it overwhelmed my eyesight, and I screamed as my vision was completely blocked, and I fell downwards as the light enveloped me.

I expected to just die the moment I hit the ground, to splat like a tomato, showering my surroundings with blood, to simply die. What caught me off-guard was that my landing was soft. I landed gently, on something that felt like a big, soft mattress.

I tilted my head upwards, and several big green straws obscured my vision. I slowly raised myself up, and found myself to be in a field of grass, and in front of me was a big, colorful tree. A sun was shining down on me, shining down on everything and filling me with a strange warmth that I hadn't felt in so long.

I began walking towards the tree slowly, the grass crunching softly beneath my boots as I slowly approached the strange tree. Soon, I was almost by the tree, and then I noticed a single figure that sat alone by the tree, crouched down, his head bowed down to his legs.

"Hello?" I spoke to the small figure, and the figure stirred. When I got closer, and stood only a meter from it, then it got up, and revealed itself to be a small child; wearing ragged clothing. His hair was chestnut brown, with a few white strands here and there. He looked thin and malnourished, and there was marks of sleep deprivation underneath his eyes. He opened his eyes, and they revealed themselves to be red-and-blue, just like mine. It really startled me, just how much he looked like me in a younger form.

Wait a minute, that couldn't have been a coincidence! He looked almost exactly like the child version of me from the vision I had when I absorbed Blaze's dark energy after I defeated him. So did this mean that… that this was me?

"Is there something wrong, mister?" Child-me asked with his innocent voice. His voice; my voice, brought me back from my thoughts as the small child began to walk a little away, but still staying inside the shade of the tree. "W-what's your name?" I asked. The child tilted his head slightly, and replied; "You already know."

So my suspicions were right. It was me. Or rather, a younger version of me. "You miss her, don't you?" He asked as he sat down onto the ground, and before I answered, I sat down on the ground too. I knew who he was referring to. He was talking about Akiza, and the answer to that question was simple enough. "Yeah," I replied. "Yes I do."

"I miss her too," My younger self replied, and to be honest, I was confused greatly by his reply. Back then I didn't know Akiza, so how could I know who she was back then? "We used to run around and play in the grass together," He began. "It was always so fun, just running around the two of us. Number 42 and 46, running around and playing together,"

That sentence made me even more confused. When he said 'Number 42', then I knew that he was referring to me, the name that I had been given back in the facility. There I was Patient 42, but why did he refer to Akiza as Number 46? Did it mean… that she had been there too?

"He's such a meanie," Child-me began again. "He always says so many mean things to me all the time, even when I sleep;" He said, and I immediately knew who he was talking about now, the meanie who talked all the time would be Akron. "I just want him to be quiet and find her again."

"Yeah," I replied. "Me too." I spoke honestly. Now, the little child got up, and gestured for me to follow. I got up as well, and the little child led me behind the tree. He showed me a small opening, and gestured for me to go inside. Before I could go in, the little me grabbed my hand and pulled me back. Before I could say anything, he grabbed hold of my locket and opened it. He looked at the picture inside, and smiled. He then looked me in the eye, and said; "Your greatest strength is right in here," He said, before closing the small locket again and letting go of it.

"Go find her," He said with a bright, innocent smile on her face. I smiled in return, and went through the hole in the tree. I immediately discovered that beyond the small entrance, there was no floor, and so I fell. I fell quickly and swiftly, the wind rushing through my hair until the interior of the tree vanished, and turned into the deep black with red pulsating lines again. Now I flew forwards again, and soon, I arrived at where the bright light had once been.

It was a large, sphere-shaped room. Below me was what looked like an orb. A solid orb that was a crimson red, radiating bright, powerful energy. But dark-purple strands had restrained it, these strands ran around and all across the room, making any attempt to try and reach the crimson orb into a run through a maze. I was about to rush forwards, but then I noticed a familiar figure weaving the strands with dark energy. "There you are!" I exclaimed, as Akron turned around, revealing his massive, maniacal grin.

"Ahh, so you've come to play?" He taunted, as he flew slowly towards me, until he stopped a few metres away from me. "You're hoping to take back your body, to have it your way?" Akron spoke, and his wide grin simply widened, until it genuinely looked like everything just twisted along his massive toothy grin. I doubted that there was any tooth that he didn't show with that grin. "I'm ever so sorry, but I can't let you do that." Akron taunted. I had had enough with his goddamn taunting, and right now, I was very pissed. "Screw that, I'm taking it back now!" I roared. "HAH!" Akron taunted. "You believe you can force me from you?!" He taunted again, his grin widening again, and his eyes slowly began to glow. "I won't know unless I try." I replied dryly, and in response, Akron spread out his wings and arms, inviting me to attack.

"THEN TAKE BACK YOUR BODY NOW AND FULFILL YOUR PROMISE TO HER!" I rushed forward, readying my fist to smack it into Akron, and I swung with all my might. Akron held out his hand and caught my fist as I rammed into him, him being forced backwards from the force of my strike. He then overpowered me, pushing me backwards, but I made a quick U-turn and rushed for him again. Akron simply whipped out another hand and grabbed me by the torso, and flung me backwards into one of the threads. It was hard as rock as I slammed into it, but I snarled and raised myself up again. Akron let out a short laugh, and charged forwards. I snarled, and charged right back at him, both fists ready to slam into him. As we approached, the both of us let loose a fury of blows, both of us hitting eachother's fists every time we threw a punch.

Debris from the strands would fly everywhere everytime our fists connected as we fought furiously. Until what seemed to be a few seconds later, Akron had caught both of my hands, just barely holding my fists back, our faces looking right at eachother. "Why do you even try?!" Akron questioned. "You know you'll fail!" He snarled at me. I gritted my teeth as I replied; "I made that promise and I intend to keep it!" I then reared back my head, and slammed it into Akron's head, who was then thrown back by the blow. I took my chance, and slammed both of my fists down into his head; sending him flying downwards, but he quickly recovered from that blow.

We both then rushed forwards, once again slamming fists after fists after eachother, neither landing a single hit. I gritted my teeth together as I upped the speed of my attacks, but so did Akron, and we were both in a temporary stalemate until I ducked and threw a powerful punch into Akron's face, making him recoil in pain. But before I could do anything else, Akron swung his fist once again, hitting me right in the face with an extremely powerful blow that knocked my mind out temporarily. I felt Akron grab my legs, and he then proceeded to slam me downwards into one of the flat surfaces of the threads, causing me to release a groan of pain every time. Then, he threw me backwards into another of the threads, but when I was about to leap away from the threads, I couldn't! The threads had been twisted around me by the impact, and now I couldn't move!

"You still believe that promise is true?" Akron questioned as he hovered right in front of me, that smug grin still adorning his face. I snarled, but Akron ignored it. "Everything you have fought for has been a lie!" Akron exclaimed, and I only snarled in reply again. "…You don't believe me, even though we're one in the same…" Akron muttered. I had had enough of his damn patronizing! "If I knew it was a lie then why would I keep fighting for it?!" I questioned, and Akron answered immediately. "Because you're hopeless! You'd have nothing left if it was a lie, so you're assuring yourself that it is the truth!" Akron exclaimed. "LIAR!" I snarled back at him. "THEN ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU THE TRUTH!" Akron roared, and grabbed me by the neck and pulled me out of the strands, and then proceeded to throw me right into the big crimson-red orb. The moment I entered it, my mind went white.

"Now, it is time for you to see what made you who you truly are."

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