The Darkness Within

The Past - Act II

"There are no facts, only interpretations."

-Friedrich Nietzche

When I opened my eyes again, I saw ruined buildings, dark clouds, rubble and a general air of despair, emptiness and darkness as far as the eye could see. I remembered this place quickly as the Satellite. "Why am I here?" I spoke as I looked around the Satellite, confused and wondering.

I was about to walk away when I heard screaming. It was the screaming of a woman in excruciating pain, pain unlike anything else. I turned to my left, and saw what looked like a bunker, half-buried into the earth, which had miraculously escaped the devastation that had occurred.

When I made it to the bunker, I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. What I saw inside was a sight that confused me at first. Inside what looked to be a living room, sparsely decorated, stood a man and a woman. Or rather, the woman was lying down on a sofa. She was cradling what looked like a child in her arms.

"Oh, he's so wonderful, Thane," The woman said to the man standing beside her, as she cradled the child in her arms, gently rocking it. "Of course he is, Yoko," Thane replied. "He's just as beautiful as you, that's for sure." Yoko laughed sweetly as tears dripped from her eyes. "What… what should we call him?"

"I know just the right name."

"What is that name then?"

"Our baby; our new son… his name will be Jay. Jay Alkain, son of Yoko Alkain and Thane Alkain."

My mind imploded. That little, innocent child… was me? This was the past that I was seeing, my birth to be specific? And these were… my parents? I tried to run forwards, to embrace my parents, my family. But the moment I was only a meter or two from my father, my legs suddenly stopped moving. My father looked right over where I was, not even batting an eye.

"Don't bother doing that, Alkain." Akron's malicious, evil voice spoke in my ear. When he had finished speaking, I noticed that my parents had stopped moving. As if time stood still…

"You're quite the smart boy, aren't you? Of course that child is you. This is you being born."

"But- but where are the-" I began, but Akron almost immediately cut me off. "Where your parents are? That's a good question. How about I show you?" Then the world warped, until there was just purple void, which then quickly changed color, color to a dark back-alley in the Satellite.

It was night, the moon was high in the sky, and everything felt incredibly… foreboding. I could faintly remember that shining moon from before now, and… and something horrible happened.

My staring at the moon was almost immediately halted by an ear-piercing screech. I turned around, and saw a horrifying sight, before I heard gunfire. Two figures that I couldn't make out had just been shot, the bullets passing right through them and splattering blood all over the ground behind them. They fell backwards, and revealed the shooters to be a pair of punks, grinning wildly and laughing loudly. Quickly, they proceeded to strip the two others of any valuables, and then ran off.

"Mommy?" I heard a voice speak to my side, and I turned around. What I saw looked exactly like the small me by the tree when I was chasing after Akron, only he looked… even younger than him. He was barely 4 or 5 years old. I quickly connected the dots, and…


The people who were shot…

They were my parents.

Right in front of me.

I saw the 4-year-old me run towards his fallen parents, tears streaming from his eyes, kneel down and cry his soul out. His wailing echoed through the night, but no one heard him, no one batted an eye at his misery as he stayed by his dead family all night.

"You experienced the scum of the earth first-hand. They took everything you loved from you…" Akron spoke forebodingly, and he was right. It all came back… the sadness, the misery, the despair, the… the anger. The anger at everything.

"You had to spend your life on your own, having to steal just to eat…" Akron's voiced echoed, and I remembered that part too. Running for my life, clutching a small slice of bread in my hands like it was the most precious thing in the world as I ran away from all kinds of people, all with the intent to harm or even kill me.

But even as I did my best to try and find food, malnourishment came and sapped away any energy that I had to try and find food. And then, I found myself starving to death slowly, not having energy to even speak as I crawled on the ground, and not even being able to stand up.

But then, I felt someone grab my arms. A gentle, adult arm lifted me up, and my weary, barely even registering the fact that I was being moved. My slowly, my eyes opened and saw the old, gray-haired man who lifted me up to his face.

"Come now," He said. "Let's go find you something to eat." And then he carried my almost limp form to a concrete facility… the facility that would shape my entire life as I knew it.

The torture from the Dracomorphic Engine was endless and unreal. It hurt so much that I thought that one day I would simply die from this electrical torture. And after every session of 'Dracotherapy' as the had named it, I felt something growing stronger inside me. Something vicious, vile and ruthless. Not Akron, not sadness, but something far more disturbing, something… something that made me shiver in fear just from imagining it.

"Remember what Christopher told you?" Akron spoke, and I recalled the vision he had showed me before he was devoured at the hands of Blaze and his dinosaurs. He showed me the Dark Star, having been defeated and sealed within the soil, being dug up by machines that all wore the logo of Chessary Corporation, the two wings, one black and one white.

He then showed me another part of the Engine, the opposite side of where the glass sphere where I would be placed inside to be subjected to Dracotherapy.

On that end was another glass sphere, connected to an almost identical machine. But unlike before, they didn't put a child in the glass sphere, but they placed it into the sphere. The dark purple orb with the marking of a black star on the front, the sealed Dark Star.

It was generating the electricity, the electricity which would be transmitted through the Engine into the subject on the other side, who would through the electricity generated by the dark energy radiated by the sealed Dark Star, have the dark energy forcibly inserted into him or her, granting that person unnatural and dark powers.

But Dracotherapy was a gruesome and violent process. Countless children died from the exposure, their bodies and minds could simply not handle the incredible strain, and so they died. Some simply passed out and stopped breathing, others simply exploded into a cloud of blood and gore, the dark energy violently tearing them apart.

They would regularly force the children who had been through Dracotherapy to Duel eachother, resulting in violent clashes between their dark, evil powers that often resulted in the untimely deaths of either duelist.

And when the unfortunate happened and a child died from either overexposure of Dracotherapy, or lost a duel, the dark energy would simply return to the sealed Dark Star, the body, or what remained of it would be disposed of responsibly and quietly, ensuring that there would be no outside detection of Project Akron. Through careful guidance and taking every precaution available to mask the project and the horrors that innocent children were subjected to.

Until that fateful day, that Akron showed me as well. The day that they increased the radiation to its very maximum, to Tier 15, subjecting me to everything they could, not realizing the possible consequences that could possibly happen by subjecting me to the entirety of the Dark Star.

Like my visions and all my nightmares showed me, the Dark Star merged with me, and that's when Akron saw his opportunity to capitalize on my anger. The power became too great, and the sphere burst, and Akron did his thing, killing everyone in the room, and setting off the revolt by the children against the scientists.

"That's your story. You have been a pawn all your life, being nothing but a puppet, a research project for Kroe, who was just using you to further his own goals."

"But that still leaves one question unanswered, doesn't it? The document you found; it spoke about another, a Patient 46. Who could that be?" Akron chuckled, and reversed time by several years, revealing myself in the cell where I was forced to stay when I wasn't dueling or having to suffer through Dracotherapy.

I saw the young child-me speak through a crack in the wall to another child on the other side. They spoke in hushed whispers, but I could tell that the other voice was female. The young me spoke a promise – the promise, the one that I had made. But who was it for?

I walked away from the cell and walked over to the other cell, and slowly opened it. Inside was a young girl, a young, little girl with burgundy-colored hair, and brown eyes. I didn't even need to look twice to know who that was.

It was her.

The little girl that I spoke to, the little girl that I made that eternal promise to, was Akiza! The last light in my life, the one purpose I had left… this promise to keep. It was all I had left.

"Yes, it was. And you let her down, you failed to protect her, and now you're paying the price. Whatever you do, no matter what, you can never keep that promise."

"…You're… YOU'RE WRONG!" I exclaimed, as my surroundings faded to reveal the void from before. I was flaring purple, and my anger was flaring like a ferocious sun. "I WILL KEEP THAT PROMISE!" I roared, and a wave of purple came from me, shattering the void and revealing the massive sphere-shaped room again. Akron was still in front of me, but this time, he wasn't smirking like he didn't have a care in the world. Now, his face was a mixture of shock.

"Hrrgh, FINE!" Akron roared, and stretched out his arm, and almost immediately, a duel-disk like object materialized on his arm. "If you won't accept your end, then I'll just make you disappear MYSELF!"Akron screeched, and my Duel Disk materialized on my arm as well.


Jay: 4000

Akron: 4000

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