The Darkness Within

The Search - Act I

"As if the blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope; for the first time, in that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world."

-Albert Camus

"This is New Domino News with a breaking news report." The image on the screen turned to a big sign, saying "New Domino News". I slowly leaned forwards as I pulled a granola bar out of a cupboard I had raided and greedily chomped down on it.

"Today a massive explosion ripped the roof off of a facility in the Satellite. When Sector Security arrived, they were attacked by a mysterious man, who called himself 'Akron'." The image cut to the destroyed facility, and with several Sector Security officers being carried out on stretchers, many with hideous disfigurements and horrible wounds.

"Akron fled the scene seconds later, but not before brutally murdering at least five officers, and seriously injuring more than seven more. We interviewed Officer Tetsu Trudge about the situation."

The image cut from the newsreader to the officer, who was still in the bike suit, and a reporter holding a microphone in front of him. The reporter quickly moved the microphone to her mouth so her question was audible.

"So, Officer. What is the current status of this 'Akron'?" The reporter then moved the microphone, so the Officer could say his response.

"Well, he vanished seconds later after he attacked our officers. We're trying to track him, but so far, we haven't seen a sign of him."

"So, what do you plan to do in order to protect the citizens of New Domino from this possible threat?"

"We are still debating that, but for now, we are issuing a full lockdown of all possible transport between New Domino and the Satellite; and patrols are increased. We also encourage the citizens of Satellite to cooperate in order to apprehend this menace."

"Do you have any plan on how to root him out?"

"That, I'm afraid I cannot say."

"Well, thank you for your time, Officer. I hope that you soon catch this cold blooded murderer."

"We will return soon with more news on the fugitive 'Akron'. This was New Domin-" The newsreader was interrupted by the event of my foot smacking into the screen, breaking the tiny television in frustration. So now I was a fugitive. Great.

What happened to me in that facility? How and why did I become what I am now? And why did I act like that in my Duel with Sam? That... that didn't feel natural. In fact, it felt wrong.

You sure about that? A demonic voice inside my head spoke. It sounded like three different voices in one; the voice of a young boy, the voice of an old man, and my voice. What? Who was that?!

You know damn well who I am, Alkain.

Shut up! I recoiled.

Why should I? I've only just gotten comfortable. Well, as comfortable I can get when I'm in the head of a homicidal maniac.

No! I'm not a murderer! You're just a product of my brain messing with me!

Oh really? Do you think that I'm just some bit of your imagination here trying to confuse itself? Don't fool yourself, because you know the truth is more complicated than that.

I clutched my hands to my head in frustration. I tried to concentrate, but every time I thought he was gone, I could hear his laughter again. That demonic laughter from a person who cared only to kill, ravage and destroy.

Well, now that we've gotten acquainted, how about you get out of this apartment? It's only a matter of time before the people who live here come home.

The noise of a key being inserted into a lock confirmed Akron's statement. I barely made it out before the couple who owned the apartment got in. I leaped out of the window and began hopping across the rooftops; my unnatural powers carrying me across as if it was second nature, hoping to be away before Sector Security would arrive.

Since I escaped from the facility, I had been constantly trying to avoid the Sector Securtiy, who are after me like a horde of kids after the one kid with the last piece of candy. And looking like this was clearly just going to attract more attention to me. But I didn't want to steal someone's clothes again; with how this place looks, I didn't want to leave someone without a cover.

So the obvious way was some sort of disguise; like a cloak. But where could I find one?

And then I smacked myself mentally for thinking that. I'm in a city, how hard would it be to find something to disguise myself? How hard would it be to find some fabric that someone has hanging out to dry?

I decided to continue jumping across the rooftops in search of a big enough piece of fabric that could be used as a cloak. I jumped across a few roofs; my search not going very well, even if I only gave every roof a spare glance. However, after about ten minutes of roof-jumping, when I jumped across a larger alleyway, the moment I landed across the gap, I heard someone.

"What the hell was that?!"


"I just saw something jump onto the rooftop!"

"Are you sure?"

"Am I sure?! I fucking saw it!"

"Well, let's go check."

Shit. I just revealed myself to two Sector Security Officers. I quickly looked around, looking for a hiding spot. I found one in a loosely hanging black piece of fabric hanging on a wall. Luckily, it was big enough that I could hide behind it.

Running from trouble again?

His voice was just so goddamn grating. I wanted to yell out for him to stop and leave me alone; but now all I could do was hope that the carpet would be enough to shield me from detection.

Then I heard footsteps.

"You absolutely sure you saw something?" One of them said.

"I fucking saw it, Mack! I saw it clear as day!" The other one, stuttered, the one who had apparently spotted me.

"Well, even if you did see him, he's probably jumped off already."

"No, I fucking SAW him. He was right there!" He said, pointing at the air between the two rooftops. I tried to keep as silent as I could.

"Alright. We'll inform HQ that we spotted something suspicious," The other said, and patted his friend on the back. "You're to agitated, buddy. You need something to eat."

"A-alright, Mack. Yeah, I think you're right." And then the two walked off.

When the two left the rooftop, I was grateful that the bastard would keep quiet and not prompt me to blurt out something, which would have revealed me to the two. On the bright side, I found something that could work well as a cloak. Now, I could get me some food without fear of being seen. And I was starving.

A few hours later…

The sun had set, and I was on the lookout for a place to rest. I headed in to the center of wherever I was. I figured I could find myself a rooftop there to sleep on. And sure enough, I found an abandoned warehouse that I could stay in.

I walked inside, but the noise of footsteps made me halt. I looked behind me, and saw four people walking in from where I entered the warehouse.

"Buddy, this is our hideout. If I were you, I'd scram right away."

This is where I take over. Akron said in my mind, and immediately, I felt the anger and lust for blood return.

I removed my cloak and threw it on the floor, and I let my appearance sink into their heads. They had been watching the news. I activated my Duel Disk, and took out my deck, and inserted it, as a signal saying 'come at me, then.'

"You've got guts; I like that in a victim." I said, my demonic triple-voice showing as my lips parted to reveal a toothy, devilish smile.

"Hmph," The leader then said, as a bead of sweat trickled down his face, but to his credit; he kept his game face on, and pulled out his own Duel Disk from underneath his jacket. "I'll crush you, and then I'll get the bounty posted on your head!"

"Oh, I'm popular?" I said, adding a short laugh after the sentence. "Don't worry. Your face will be all over the headlines when I tear it off. The name is Akron."

The leader grit his teeth and stepped foward, brandishing his Duel Disk as well, preparing his deck, though not preventing me from seeing one of the cards in his Deck as he inserted it into the machine.

Pyramid Turtle. Just the word set off thoughts in my brain. Level four, 1200 Attack Points, 1400 Defense Points. Zombie-Type. Special Summons a Zombie-Type monster from the user's deck when destroyed by battle, as long as the monster has 2000 or less Defense Points. Almost exclusively used in Zombie-themed decks, as it provides an easy way to quickly bring out a monster with high attack points and force the opponent on the defensive, allowing the user to easily bring out his weaker Zombie monsters with better effects in order to support his field and attain board control.


Leader: 4000 Akron: 4000

"I'll go first!" The leader yelled as he forcefully drew his card. I gave a smirk. He clearly stopped for a moment to wonder why I did. But he didn't realize it was because I knew already how his deck ticked, how it worked.

"I'll Summon Pyramid Turtle in Defense Mode!"

Pyramid Turtle Lv: 4 ATK: 1200 DEF: 1400 (DEF)

A turtle with a massive brick pyramid materialized in front of him as a shield. But I knew what he was playing at. He wanted me to destroy it so he could summon Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon.

"And then I'll play Zombie World!"

Rotten trees sprouted up from the ground, and the floor became covered by rotting corpses. Tch. Did he really think I'd let him pull that combo off? He must be idiotic.

"Then I'll Set one card face-down and end my turn!" The leader declared. The oversized face-down card materialized behind him. Of course he would have something that would protect him if his attempt to trick me into destroying Pyramid Turtle so he could Special Summon a much more powerful Zombie-type monster, most likely a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon.

"You call that an opening move?" I taunted. "I draw!" I looked at the card I had drawn, and my tongue lashed out of my mouth and writhed with glee.

"Because you control a monster, and I don't, I can Special Summon Nova Destroyer in Attack Position!"

Nova Destroyer Lv: 6 ATK: 2200 DEF: 600 (ATK)

A winged soldier clad in dark red armor appeared on my side of the field, wielding a massive blade.

"And now, I Summon Nova Strategist in Attack Position!"

Nova Strategist Lv: 4 ATK: 600 DEF: 1800 (ATK)

A man, clad in dark red robes with small stars orbiting him rose onto my field and crouched down in defense.

"Now activates Zombie World's effect! All monsters-" The leader began, but I interrupted him. "No it doesn't, since my Nova Strategist makes my Nova monsters immune to Spell and Trap cards!"

"Now, Nova Destroyer! Attack Zombie Turtle!" My Nova Destroyer rushed forwards to his card. I could see him smirking. That smirk wouldn't last long.

"Ha! When my Zombie Turtle's destroyed by battle, I can-" He began again, but I interrupted him again. "No you can't. Because, when my Destroyer battles with an Effect Monster, it is destroyed immediately, and its effects are negated! And after that, my Destroyer can attack again!"

"Destroy his Turtle! Destruction Nova!" My Destroyer charged up a dark red ball of energy and threw it at Pyramid Turtle. It was immediately consumed by the blaze the ball of energy caused.

"Now, attack him directly, Destroyer! Nova Assault!" He nodded, and charged with his massive blade, and swung it at the leader. He flew backwards a foot or two, as my powers kicked in and sent him flying with the force of the attack.

Carl: 4000 – 1800

The leader gnarled in frustration, and I laughed in his face in response. "That's it! No one messes with Carl Blackwell and gets away with it!" He roared.

"Well, that's about to change, isn't it?" I replied with a smirk on my face, as Carl snarled in anger.

"I place two face-down cards, and then I end my turn. Now let's see you squirm!" I exclaimed as I licked my lips in glee, as I could barely contain myself as I awaited my opponent's next move, so I could tear him apart.

"I draw!" Carl snarled, and looked at what he had drawn, and judging from the look on his face, it was a good draw.

"I activate my Spell Card, Call of the Mummy!" Carl then declared, as he slid his new card into the Duel Disk, and forth materialized the card. Carl began to laugh heartily at his fortune as he began looking his hand over.

"And because I control no monsters, I can Special Summon one Zombie monster from my hand! And I think it'll be this one! Go, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon!"

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lv: 7 ATK: 2400 DEF: 2000 (DEF)

A once great dragon lumbered onto the field, it's very flesh rotting and corrupting around it, blue fire burning from the spots where parts of the body had simply fallen off, in an attempt to keep the beast together, as its eyes lit up with blue fire.

"Red-Eyes! Annihilate his Strategist!" Finally, he had some common sense and attacked the target that would be most beneficial to him. Sadly, this time it wouldn't save him.

"I activate my Trap Card, Defense Draw!" I declared, as my face-down Trap Card was activated, my smirk just increasing in size.

"My Strategist will be destroyed, but the Battle Damage will become nothing, and I get to draw a card!" I said as my robed Strategist was grabbed by the decaying dragon and swallowed whole.

"And, since you destroyed my Strategist, although your Zombie World comes back into effect, I can add one 'Nova' card from my deck to my hand!" I declared as one card was swiftly slid out automatically from my deck by the Duel Disk itself, and I quickly added it to my hand.

Carl gave a low snarl in frustration as he realized that his move had been for nothing, and he was clearly ticked off. I gave off a laugh in order to rile him up, and it worked. He looked his hand over multiple times, but there just wasn't anything he could do, and he knew it. "I-I end my turn," He then stepped momentarily back, as I drew my card, and my face lit up.

"First, I play Mystical Space Typhoon!" I declared, as I held up the Spell Card for all to see. "It allows me to destroy one face-up Spell or Trap card, and I choose your Zombie World!" I declared as a massive whirlwind emerged from the card and began sucking up the dead bodies, skulls and decayed trees until there was just the normal playing field left.

"Now, I Summon Nova Striker!" I declared, slapping another card onto my Duel Disk, and forth came a warrior, claid in crimson armor, wielding a sword and shield.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 (ATK)

I saw Carl's expression take a turn for the worse, as whatever he had laid face-down was useless in this situation. My smile grew. "Since I Normal Summoned Nova Striker, I may now Special Summon one Level 4 or lower 'Nova' monster from my hand. And I choose this card, Nova Blade!"

Nova Blade Lv: 4 ATK: 1500 DEF: 0 (ATK)

Nova Blade was a sword, embedded with red runes that just seemed to pulsate with red energy like a heart.

"And now, I Tune my Level 4 Nova Blade, with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" My Striker turned into three green rings, and Nova Blade flew right through the rings. As the blade passed through the rings, the rings turned into seven stars, which enveloped the blade and engulfed it in light.

"From the fires of war, comes a dragon braver than any other! Synchro Summon! Let us strike down our foes! Nova Dragoon Blader!"

In the place of Nova Blade, was humanoid dragon, with dark red armor, and wings spread fully out. He roared and all of Carl's goons stared at the awesome dragon.

Nova Dragoon Blader Lv: 7 ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

"And, because I used Nova Blade as Synchro Material for Nova Dragoon, I can equip him to Nova Dragoon and increase his attack by 1500!" My dragon grabbed the twisted and great blade, and fire surged out from the blade.

ATK: 2500 – 4000

"And now, I activate my face-down Synchro Strike, which gives one Synchro Monster on my field 500 extra Attack Points for each monster used as Synchro Material!

And I think I'll choose Nova Dragoon as my target!"

ATK: 4000 – 5000

"Now, Nova Dragoon Blader attacks Red-Eyes! Great Nova Sunder!"

The draconic blader rushed towards the zombified dragon and sundering the dragon in two. Carl flew back into the warehouse's wall from the attack.

Carl: 2200 – 0

Winner: Akron

As the duel was over, I felt Akron's presence fading, and I was Jay again. "Goddamned freak! This ain't over, YOU HEAR ME?! ARCADIA FREAK!" I was stunned by how loud he could be. Damnit, he could wake up the entire city with his voice.

And what was this 'Arcadia'? He clearly said it with spite, so it probably was some sort of insult to people with powers like me.

Wait. That would mean that other people like me exist.

Wanting to call it a day, I picked up my cloak and walked into what looked like an office. The office had a bed, and a TV. This seemed like a good place to stay the night. Tomorrow, I'd try to find out what this 'Arcadia' was.

Do you really find comfort in that? Comfort that people like you exist?

"Shut up!"

No matter what, Jay Alkain, you'll always be alone. You're a murderer.

"I'm not!"

You are. You just don't know it yet.

"What does that mean!?"

You'll find out. And then you'll wish you didn't.

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