The Darkness Within

The Conflict, Part I - Act II

"I'm taking the first move!" I growled, pulling the card from my Deck and looking at it intensely. Nova Reflector again. I remembered the last time I drew that card, its effects changed for some reason. It might come in useful later, but right now, I didn't know what kind of Deck Akron had, and I didn't know what kind of stuff that he was capable of, and right now, it would be wisest to play defensively.

"I Summon Nova Gardna in Attack Position!" I declared as I placed the card onto my middle monster zone, and forth came the red-and-black wearing warrior wielding the large bladed shield. He slammed his shield into the thick gray strands that covered the place, and crouched down.

Nova Gardna Lv: 4 Warrior/Effect ATK: 1500 DEF: 2000 (ATK)

"I activate the effect of Nova Gardna!" I declared, as Gardna lifted his shield into the air, and then slammed it down again, creating cracks in the strands, and crimson energy began to radiate from the cracks. "In exchange for preventing him from attacking this turn, he can add a Nova Tuner from my Deck to my hand!" I declared, as the crimson energy flew out of the ground and entered my Deck. And promptly, a card slid out of my Deck, ripe for the taking.

"Then, I Set 1 card face-down and end my turn," I declared as I slid the single trap into my Duel Disk's Spell & Trap zone, and swiped my arm through the air to signal the end of my turn. Akron was silent in the face of my move. His face was impossible to read, but only a second later, his mouth spread to reveal a vicious, maniacal smile. "…Heheheh…" Akron began to laugh, and his low laugh became a loud, crazy laugh. "AHAHAHAH! IT'S MY TURN! DRAW!"Akron cackled as he drew his card, a burst of energy lashing out throughout the chamber as he drew his card.

"Field Spell, ACTIVATE! DARK NEBULA!" Akron laughed as the compartment for his Field Spells slid out of his strange-looking Duel Disk, and he slid the card into the slot, and void quickly covered the chamber, until I was both on the floating rock in what seemed to be space, with galaxies, supernovas and dying stars dotting the background.

I looked around, trying to see Akron, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Was he gone? My question was answered quickly as the rock began to shake, knocking me on my behind, as something burst out of the rock in front of me. It resembled me faintly, but unlike me, this creature was embedded in the ground, lacking legs. The figure was comprised of tanned, uneven flesh and strange-looking gems embedded in the flesh. On the torso, where a person normally would have arms, the figure instead had two large bat-like wings that coiled themselves behind it. The face was what looked the most like me, but even that didn't look human. Two large horns sprouted out from the sides of the skull, and both eyes and forehead was covered by white bandages. In fact, white bandages hung several places around his body. Like by his shoulders and where his arms should have been, his one wing, and over one of the gems on his body. And the mouth… The mouth looked far from human. His mouth was filled with uneven, sharp and vicious teeth, along with a long, vicious tongue that was covered in saliva. It looked sort of normal, but then it looked twisted and predatory.

"Wha-what is that?!" I exclaimed, and I was about to say something else, but a worm-like creature burst out of the ground, and whined loudly. It honestly looked like an old sausage dotted with boils and spikes, including a large spike on the 'front' of the worm. Then, another worm-like creature burst out of the rock, but this one was much wider, but also slightly shorter. And unlike the other, this one had no spikes, and a massive hole that seemed like a mouth on the front. The smaller worm's spikes then extended and melded together to form what looked slightly like a Duel Disk, and the cards materialized on the organic grotesque Duel Disk. I was about to vomit just by seeing this mish-mash of flesh and organisms.

The creature's mouth then curved into a vicious smile as he tilted his head slightly. "I activate the effect of Dark Nebula!" The grotesque form of Akron declared as a series of tentacles burst out from the other worm's mouth, and began to hold the cards in Akron's hand. "Once per turn; I can destroy all cards in my hand, and then I will gain 1000 Life Points for each card destroyed this way." Akron declared as red lightning flashed the cards in Akron's 'hand' out of nowhere, and he immediately threw them into the Graveyard. "I had five cards in my hand at that time, meaning I gain 5000 Life Points!" Akron declared as a red aura began to overcome Akron, and began to radiate around him.

Akron: 4000 -) 9000

9… 9000 Life Points?! Akron didn't give me time to think as his demonic voice boomed again throughout the field. "I activate the effects of the two Nebula Reavers that I just destroyed By paying 1000 Life Points when they are destroyed while in my hand, I can Special Summon them from my Graveyard!" Akron boomed, and from the rock below, two fleshy creatures jumped forward, blades adorning them everywhere. They were lean, their vicious mouths filled with sharp teeth and each had long, twisting tongues. They both cried out loudly as they landed on the rock.

Akron: 9000 -) 7000

Nebula Reaver Lv: 5 Fiend/Effect ATK: 1000 DEF: 600 (ATK)

I was shocked out of my mind to see Akron's game play out in my face. His strategy; destroying his hand to gain Life Points, and then use the card's he destroyed effects to make powerful plays from the graveyard. Truly a very powerful combo, one that I shouldn't take lightly. I had better be careful, even if the two monsters he just summoned had no power compared to Gardna. I was about to question why, but Akron was already ahead of me on that one.

"I activate the effect of Vicious Revival in my Graveyard," Akron's monstrous and grotesque form boomed, and the rock that we stood on seemed to quake beneath us as he spoke at the power of his voice. "By halving my Life Points, I can Special Summon a 'Nebula' monster from my Graveyard! Rise, Nebula Wild Destroyer!" Akron boomed again as the rock shook underneath us again, this time revealing an almost dragon-like creature covered in black and red bulbous orbs, horns and blades, along with two big wings, a bladed tail, and fierce, gleeful eyes that understood only carnage and death. It let out a vicious screech as it took to the field.

Akron: 7000 -) 3500

Nebula Wild Destroyer Lv: 8 Fiend/Effect ATK: 3000 DEF: 1000

"3000 Attack Points?!" I exclaimed at the vicious and grotesque beast that had just arrived on the field. "Since Wild Destroyer was Special Summoned, his effect activates!" Akron boomed, and Wild Destroyer turned around and slashed the two Reavers to pieces, and began devouring them whole, making a horrible mess of them. "When Wild Destroyer is Special Summoned; he destroys all other monsters on my field; and then I gain 500 Life Points for each card destroyed this way!" Akron boomed, as a red aura washed over him.

Akron: 3500 -) 4500

"And now, I activate the effect of Wild Destroyer! By sending the top 3 cards of my Deck to the Graveyard, his Attack Points are increased by 1000!" Akron howled, and the worm with the tentacles slid the top 3 cards from his Deck to his Graveyard on his grotesque Duel Disk. Wild Destroyer screeched loudly as a red aura washed over it.

Wild Destroyer(ATK): 3000 -) 4000

"Nebula Wild Destroyer attacks Nova Gardna!" Akron declared, and the dragon-beast screeched, and rushed forwards, and leaped into the air, baring its vicious claws and blades. "WILD RAMPAGE!" Akron declared as Wild Destroyer began slashing away at Gardna's shield, creating cracks everywhere on the shield. "I activate the effect of Nova Gardna!" I declared as I picked Reflector out from my hand. "By sending 1 card from my hand to the Graveyard, his destruction by battle is negated!" I exclaimed, and a red barrier formed around Gardna's shield, repelling Wild Destroyer, but sending a shard of rock flying my way, and embedded itself right in my stomach.

Jay: 4000 -) 1500

"Hargh!" I coughed as the shard made blood flow from my stomach, and sent me down on my knees. It felt unbelievably painful as I grabbed the shard, and tried to pull it out, but the moment I tried to move it, agony coursed through my entire body, and made me scream in unbelievable pain. "AAAGH!" I screamed as the blood slowly began dripping down on the rock.

"Pathetic," Akron taunted as the blood flowed from my massive chest wound. "And I thought that this Duel might even be interesting. Now it looks like it's over with just one attack." My vision began to darken, and I began to have more and more trouble breathing as my body began to become tired from the pain, and I was at the verge of fainting. Hurts… hurts so much… but… I can't die here… I promised her… I PROMISED HER! Defying everything; through anger, I pushed myself up, and stood now on my legs again. I gripped both my hands around the shard, and then swiftly pulled it out of my stomach, making a loud howl in pain, and leaving behind a nasty hole where it had gone through. But almost immediately, a purple haze washed over the hole, and the flesh grew back almost instantly, the pain fading soon after. Akron's face didn't really react in any way, at least not in any human way.

"So it takes your side," Akron spoke as the purple haze healed me. "Well, it's not like it matters in any way. Even if it takes your side, it is still incomplete, and I am far stronger than it!" Akron growled, and the worms that functioned as his Duel Disk and 'hand' twisted along with his voice. "TURN END!"

"It's… It's my move!" I grunted, the sudden regeneration of my stomach still having taking a toll on my mind. "Draw!" I declared. "First, I activate the effect of Nova Gardna again!" I declared, as Gardna lifted his shield up, and slammed it into the ground, revealing the well of crimson energy beneath him again. "I will add a Nova Tuner from my Deck to my hand!" I declared again as another card slid out of my deck, and I swiped it into my hand.

"And now, I Summon Nova Empowering Spirit from my hand!" I declared, and forth came a small crimson-colored spirit that laughed mischievously as it pulled out two tuning forks; one in each hand.

"And now, I Tune my Level 4 Nova Gardna with my Level 2 Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared as Empowering Spirit struck his Tuning forks together, and turned into two crimson stars, that then flew into the air, and began to rotate until they became two crimson rings. Gardna leaped into the air, flying up into the crimson rings, and their light shone through Gardna, revealing the four stars inside him. "Fierce sorcerer of the stars, appear now and send our foes to their doom with your powerful magic!" I chanted as a bright crimson beam of light flashed through the rings, which expanded to shroud the entire thing. "Synchro Summon! Appear, Nova Gathering Sorceress!" The crimson light faded to reveal the well-endowed, beautiful adult version of Nova Gatherer, wearing flowing red-and-black sorcerer's robes, her big wizard's hat still firmly planted on her head, wielding an ancient, ornate and eldritch staff that glowed with crimson energy. She took a prepared stance, spun her staff in her hands, and cried a "HEY-YAH!"

Nova Gathering Sorceress Lv: 6 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 2300 DEF: 1600 (ATK)

"I activate the effect of Nova Gathering Sorceress!" I declared. "By discarding a card from my hand, Sorceress negates the effects of your Wild Destroyer, and also reduces its Attack Points by 200 for each card remaining in my hand! I have four left, which means that along with the loss of its boosted 1000, it loses 800 as well!" I declared, as I discarded another card from my hand, and energy gathered in the red orb at the tip of Sorceress's staff. "Vicious Restriction!" I exclaimed as coils of red energy shot out from the orb, streamed towards Wild Destroyer, and wrapped themselves around it. It screeched loudly as it was forced onto its knees.

Wild Destroyer(ATK): 4000 -) 2200

"And, since I used Nova Empowering Spirit as Synchro Material for a Nova Synchro Monster, she then gains 1000 Attack Points!" I declared, as a ghostly image of the mischievous wisp appeared, and was immediately absorbed into Sorceress's staff, which flared up with crimson energy.

Nova Gathering Sorceress(ATK): 2300 -) 3300

"Now, Sorceress! Attack Wild Destroyer!" I exclaimed, and Sorceress raised her staff into the air, charging it up with energy, and then swung it in the air, creating a wave of crimson energy orbs, all rushing for Wild Destroyer. "Vicious Spell Barrage!" I declared, as the orbs rushed towards the restrained Wild Destroyer, creating a shroud of crimson energy as they impacted the rock, sending dust and fragments of rock everywhere, obscuring my vision of whatever was going on afterwards.

Akron: 4500 -) 3400

I saw Akron's Life Points drop, but when the dust faded, Wild Destroyer, the grotesque and violent beast still standing there, unrestrained. What was worse, was that I noticed a strange red-and-yellow shroud surrounding the grotesque beast. "What… what gives?!" I exclaimed.

"Simple. I activated the effect of Accursed Nebula in my Graveyard;" Akron boomed. "Since Wild Destroyer was destroyed by battle, Accursed Nebula Special Summons it from my Graveyard, and then becomes an equip card to Wild Destroyer." Akron explained, before his twisted and evil mouth curved into a wicked, evil smile. "You really didn't think that I wouldn't have something ready for this situation? I know you, and I know your Deck, I know every move you're going to make. You are nothing before me." Akron spoke, and laughed evilly after that. I growled lowly in frustration. "I Set a card face-down." I declared. "Turn end."

"Finally. It's my turn!" Akron declared as the worm with the tentacles drew another card from his Deck. "I activate the Spell Card, Card of Sanctity!" Akron declared. "Now, we must both draw until we have a hand size of six cards!" Akron declared as the worm drew another six cards, while I drew 3 cards.

"And here comes the effect of Dark Nebula!" Akron declared. "I destroy my entire hand, and gain 1000 Life Points for each card destroyed!" Akron declared, as red energy struck his six cards, which were immediately sent to his 'Graveyard' portion of the worm that functioned as his Duel Disk. "Since I destroyed six cards, I gain 6000 Life Points!" Akron boomed, even with a vicious laughter as the red aura washed over him.

Akron: 3400 -) 9400

"Trap Card, activate!" I declared as my Trap flipped up. "Asleep at the Switch!" The card that I had set last turn activated, and boy was I glad I had drewn that card.

"Adorable," Akron mocked. "But you can't destroy Dark Nebula. What good will that do you?" Akron questioned. "I destroy Accursed Nebula!" I declared as a red beam shot out of the card, obliterating the red-and-yellow shroud that surrounded Wild Destroyer, and immediately, Wild Destroyer was obliterated as well.

"Hmph," Akron huffed. "You really think that slowed me down in the slightest?" Akron questioned. "I activate the effect of Vicious Revival! I'll halve my Life Points to Special Summon Wild Destroyer again!" Akron declared, as the vicious and grotesque creature burst out of the ground again. Akron was right; I did know that he could just use Vicious Revival again. But he had to halve his Life Points again, which would give me a fighting chance.

Akron: 9400 -) 4700

"Hmph. Quite the adorable little plan to try and dig into my Life Points;" Akron declared. "But your plan just signed your own death warrant! I activate the effect of Wild Destroyer, sending 3 cards to the Graveyard to increase his Attack Points by 1000!" Akron declared as the worm 'hand' sent another 3 cards to the Graveyard to boost Wild Destroyer again. The creature screeched as it powered up again.

Wild Destroyer(ATK): 3000 -) 4000

"And now, here comes the herald of your end, Alkain! Since they have been Special Summoned once in this Duel; I can remove from play a Reaver in my Graveyard to double the Attack Points of a Nebula monster I control! And I shall remove them both!" Akron declared as the two Reavers slid out of the worm, and turned into dark energy, which enveloped Wild Destroyer, and when the energy had faded, the body parts of the two Reavers had been tacked onto Wild Destroyer, turning it into a macabre, grotesque three-headed six-armed winged creature straight from the most twisted nightmares. And with having it's Attack Points doubled twice…

Wild Destroyer(ATK): 4000 -) 8000 -) 16000

"And this is where it ends! NEBULA WILD DESTROYER ATTACKS YOUR MONSTER! WILD RAMPAGE!" Akron declared as the massive beast jumped in the air, countless fangs, claws and blades bared, rapidly approaching…

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