The Darkness Within

The Conflict, Part II - Act II

Reloading Duel Protocol…

Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Akron

Life Points:

Jay: 1500

Akron: 4700

Current Field:


Nova Gathering Sorceress (ATK 3300)

1 Face-down card


Dark Nebula (Field Spell)

Nebula Wild Destroyer (ATK 16000)

Current Situation:

Akron has just declared an attack on Jay's Nova Gathering Sorceress using his Nebula Wild Destroyer.


"Trap Card, activate!" I declared, as the massive three-headed multi-limbed abomination dived towards my Gathering Sorceress, being only a few metres away from Destroyer's vicious blades, fangs and claws that would surely tear her to pieces. "Defense Draw!" I managed to exclaim before the creature crashed into Sorceress, creating a massive dust cloud, obscuring everything.

"This reduces all Battle Damage I would have taken to nothing, and allows me to draw a card!" I declared, breathing out as I drew another card. Then, when the dust had faded, it revealed both monsters, Sorceress barely holding the hulking abomination back with her staff. "You're lucky that the turn I activated the Attack-doubling effects of Nebula Reaver, no monsters I control can destroy monsters by battle," Akron sneered as his massive creature jumped back to his side.

"During my End Phase; the Attack Power of my Wild Destroyer returns to normal," Akron declared as the additional body parts that had been grafted onto Wild Destroyer by the effects of his two Nebula Reavers, fell off and quickly dissolved into nothing. The wild creature now looked slightly less grotesque and unnatural, but it still looked like something out of a sick horror movie or something from a person's worst nightmare. "I end my turn." Akron's demonic voice boomed across the Dark Nebula, the strange, twisted and unnatural plane that Akron's Field Spell had called forward.

Wild Destroyer (ATK): 16000 -) 4000

"It's… my turn!" I declared as I drew my next card. My breathing began to become slower, as exhaustion was beginning to settle in. My vision began to get blurry as I tried to look over the cards in my hand, but I could barely read anything on the card. My vision was hazy, my body slowly getting tired. Akron's grotesque head tilted slowly as he saw me slowly kneel from exhaustion.

"Oh, are you getting tired? I guess I forgot to mention that when we lose Life Points, a corresponding amount of life-force is drained. The exhaustion is natural when you're that low in Life Points; soon your brain will begin to die and leave you unable to play; leaving me as the winner. You should have realized that this would be the end of you, no matter what you do." Akron chuckled lowly as I fell to my knees. My breathing was heavy and ragged, my vision was blurry, I couldn't think…

"You… up, …aster. Please, …get up!" A voice spoke to me, but my brain could barely register the sound. I could feel someone shaking me, but I couldn't look upwards and see who it was as I slowly began to lose consciousness. But then, I felt a soft hand touch my stomach, and then, I felt my strength slowly coming back. My breathing began to stabilize, and my vision went back to normal. I grunted lowly as my legs straightened themselves out again; allowing me to stand up again and face Akron, as well as face whatever spoke to me before.

The person who spoke to me before turned out to be Sorceress, who had dropped her staff when I began to cave from the loss of life-force that Akron mentioned. "Master, are you okay?" Sorceress asked as she helped me regain my balance as I stood up. I was confused for a moment, but then I remembered the other times when my cards had literally spoken to me. Like when Gatherer showed me Akiza's past, and when Paladin and Dragoon Blader helped me fight off the remnants of the Arcadia Movement back in Rust Town.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I responded. "I'll be a lot finer once I get this bastard out of my head," I snarled as Sorceress nodded and went back to her spot on my field. Akron didn't look all too pleased, but his frown turned into a smirk quickly. "Well, at least I get to make you suffer quite a bit more. It's practically all that I've done since you were born, but there really isn't too much of the good things in life, is there?" Akron questioned, and the anger began to resurface in me.

"What do you mean by that?!" I howled, and Akron merely laughed in response. "You haven't figured it out by now?" Akron taunted, and gave a short, cruel laugh. "I might as well tell you. I've had quite the hand in a lot more than you think," Akron spoke, his voice shaking the rock that we used as a battlefield.

"Allow me to add a new rule to our little game. During your Standby Phase, I'll tell you something delightfully hilarious about the events that have conspired in the past," Akron's voice boomed forebodingly. "Since you have drawn your card, it is your standby phase now, which means I have to tell you something. Let's begin at the very beginning, eh?" Akron laughed as a shard of rock burst out in front of me, but this shard was polished and gleaming with the reflections of the stars and stellar formations in the horizon.

In it, I could see the mirror image of myself, but soon that image was twisted to show a dark night in what looked to be a desert far away. "I consider myself quite the elaborate planner. Since that cursed Crimson Dragon defeated me 10,000 years ago, I decided that a spot of payback would be in order, and perhaps annihilating the population of Earth, but that's just a little side thing. But then, I ran into a problem. Even now, I still would not be strong enough to settle the score. So I decided to make myself stronger. And what better way to do that than to absorb the Crimson Dragon's brother, the greatest force the universe has ever seen?" Akron spoke with a tinge of amusement to his voice as a wave of vehicles drove across the desert, all bearing the insignia of Chessary Corporation.

"The dear William Edgar Kroe was the perfect man for the job of retrieving the Dark Star. All I had to do was tell him of where it was and what it could do, and being the power-hungry human he was, he was certain to find it in an attempt to gain more power and control the world or whatever." The image shifted to show the old, gray-haired Professor Kroe holding the purple orb in his hands, while smiling evilly as he felt the orb's dark aura consume him.

"And what would that give you? How would that play into your 'plans'?!" I exclaimed, and in response, the worm that held Akron's hand began to wave to left and right, as one would a finger. "Now now, it was one story per Standby Phase. You'll have to survive until your next if you want to hear more." Akron responded, and I growled.

"I activate the effect of Nova Reflector in my Graveyard!" I declared. "By halving the level of one face-up monster I control; I can Special Summon it from my Graveyard!" I declared as a crimson light enveloped Gathering Sorceress, and revealed the six stars inside her. Three of the stars flew out of her and flew down into the light beneath her.

Nova Gathering Sorceress (Lv): 6 -) 3

The light underneath Sorceress then faded, and forth from the rock, the ornate glass shard burst out, the three stars circling around it as it positioned itself next to Sorceress.

Nova Reflector Lv: 6 Fairy/Effect ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And when Reflector is Special Summoned this way, then it's level then becomes equal to the current level of the monster whose level I halved to Special Summon it!" I declared as the crimson light shone through Reflector, revealing the six stars inside it. The three orbiting stars then flew into three of the six stars already present inside Reflector, the stars bursting into stardust, leaving only three stars left.

Nova Reflector(Lv.): 6 -) 3

"And now, I activate my Spell Card, Reborn Star!" I declared, as I held up the Spell Card in my hand.

"Reborn allows me to Special Summon a Nova monster from my Graveyard and equipping it with Reborn Star! Come back to me, Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared as the Spell Card revived the mischievous crimson spirit from the Graveyard.

Nova Empowering Spirit Lv: 2 Fairy/Effect ATK: 600 DEF: 300 (ATK)

Now, the field was ready. I felt my dragon calling out to me, telling me to summon it, and then everything would work out. I glared at Akron's grotesque form as he seemed to smile, like he knew what was about to happen. I could feel the rage burning; telling me to let loose and take my revenge for all that pain Akron had caused.

"Now, I Tune my Level 3 Nova Gathering Sorceress and my Level 3 Nova Reflector with my Level 2 Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared as the mischievous spirit banged its tuning forks together. The soft sound resonated across the area, as the spirit turned into two crimson stars that flew up into the air.

The stars began to rotate in the air, until they turned into two shining crimson rings. Sorceress and Reflector flew into the air, as the light from the rings shone through the two monsters, revealing the six stars inside them, three apiece. "When a star dies, a new star is formed in the flames of a supernova. Let every star burst to form one great dragon!" I chanted, as a bright crimson light shone through the rings. "Synchro Summon!" I cried as the crimson light faded to reveal the monster that had been summoned. The red dragon clad in its natural scaled plating, with its six wings, horned and spiked head, and the axe-bladed tail. The dragon let out an ungodly roar as it spread its wings, power flaring violently from it. "SUPERNOVA DRAGON!"

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"So," Akron began. "You summoned it." I felt the power swelling up inside me, the red wings of pure energy trying to reveal themselves from my back. But the other wings; the natural bat wings that Akron had forced on me were resisting furiously. Suddenly, the struggle went crazy in my back, and I fell forwards in pain, screaming in agony.

Akron had a look of amusement on his face. "You really think that it's that easy to overcome the shackles that I placed upon you? All your physical abnormalities, your hair, your pale skin, your eyes, your horns, and now your wings too, they're all anchors of my influence that I placed upon you. They are your chains, and I am your jailor." Akron chuckled lowly as I writhed on the rock, screaming in pain, as I felt like I was on fire.

"I warned you, didn't I?" Akron chuckled. "I told you what would happen if you didn't listen. Akiza is gone, Leo is dead and Luna is certainly in danger as we speak. No matter whatever I have done to start this, you were the one who had the chance to stop it all, and decided to hide like a coward." Akron chuckled as the pain only intensified; my screaming echoing through the cosmos that surrounded the arena that Akron and I were fighting on. Supernova Dragon looked behind in worry; worried for his master. It must have pained him to see his master in such agonizing pain.

The pain was never-ending; I could barely do anything than feel pain and scream as I slowly went numb from the pain. I slowly felt myself go absolutely numb and lose focus again. But then, then I felt something brushing along my back, where the pain was worst.

Supernova Dragon was gently stroking my back with his soft chin. It seemed to ease the pain, and I felt the fire burning there slowly die as the pain began to fade. I looked up, and my eyes met with the eyes of my dragon. I muttered a low 'thank you' to him, and he nodded in response. I then with all my force got back in again, Akron clearly in shock.

My bat-wings were burning. Burning like Icarus's clay wings. They slowly turned black, and showed themselves as what they really were; nothing but void underneath. And with a burst of crimson, the wings crackled and broke apart, once again revealing the crimson wings of energy from my back.

"But- but that's impossible!" Akron roared. "That was my greatest shackle, the one that would make your soul mine and give me the Darkstar's power! HOW DID YOU BREAK IT?!" Akron roared in confusion, and I only smirked. "Since Nova Empowering Spirit was used as Synchro Material for Supernova Dragon, Supernova Dragon gains 1000 Attack Points!" I declared as the ghostly image of the mischievous spirit appeared and faded into Supernova Dragon, whose aura of crimson flared up violently in response.

Supernova Dragon(ATK): 3000 -) 4000

I could see that Akron's grotesque face twisted in shock, but soon, an insecure smile began to spread on his face. "Th-that still doesn't matter! Our monsters will just both die in the fight, but I can revive my monster, and you can't!" Akron howled. "Incorrect. You see, a monster that has used Empowering Spirit as Synchro Material can't be destroyed by battle either!" I declared, and Akron recoiled in shock. "Go, Supernova Dragon!" I exclaimed, as the crimson aura around Supernova Dragon began to flare violently, until the entire dragon was coated in flames. "SUPERNOVA FLARE BLITZ!" I roared and Supernova Dragon roared as well, and slammed head-first into Akron's Wild Destroyer. The vicious creature howled in pain as it was torn apart by the force of the impact. Supernova Dragon then flexed his wings and pulled up into the air above me.

"And now, the effect of Supernova Dragon activates! Since he destroyed a monster by battle, he inflicts you damage to his highest statistic, which currently is his Attack Points of 4000! Which means 4000 damage directly to your doorstep!" I exclaimed as Supernova Dragon began to form a large orb of crimson energy in his palm. "Supernova Outburst!" I declared as Supernova Dragon hurled it towards Akron with frightening speed, the orb hitting dead-on and creating a large explosion.

Akron: 4700 -) 700

When the dust faded, I was panting furiously. I had purposely let my psychic powers go wild, and let them deal as much damage as possible to Akron along with taking an enormous chunk out of his Life Points. "I Set a card face-down and end my turn," I declared as the dust cloud still obscured Akron's grotesque figure from my sight, but right now, I think that that was for the best.

But then, an ominous laughter began to echo through the cosmos. The chilling laughter of Akron, who had finally had enough. "You really think that would let you win?" Akron taunted as the dust faded to reveal himself, slightly scorched and short a few bandages, particularly on the head, which let me see his eyes. They shone a bright red, and exuded an unnatural malice. His horns were chipped, and a blood-red halo had formed over his wounded horns.

"I think that it's my turn now. DRAW!" Akron howled as his worm drew yet another card for him. The card he drew seemed to shine through the cosmos, as it radiated a vile and unnatural darkness. It… must have been that card. That card that had spelled the end for Snow...

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