The Darkness Within

The Conflict, Part III - Act II

Reloading Duel Protocol…

Protocol loaded.

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Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Akron/Mictlancoatl

Life Points:

Jay Alkain: 1500

Akron/Mictlancoatl: 700

Current Field:

Jay Alkain:

Supernova Dragon (ATK: 4000) (Increased by the effect of Nova Empowering Spirit, as well as being indestructible by battle.)

1 Set card


Field Spell: Dark Nebula

Current Situation:

It is now Akron's Standby Phase.

"Since I control no monsters, I can Special Summon Nebula Serpent of Despair from my hand!" Akron boomed, and the rock cracked open to reveal an almost elegant, snake-like beast, that hissed viciously as it snaked up beside Akron's grotesque form.

Nebula Serpent of Despair Lv: 7 Fiend/Effect ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000 (ATK)

"Now, Serpent of Despair allows me to once per turn; if my Life Points are lower than 4000, make my Life Points 4000, and then deal my opponent 1000 damage, and all at the cost of sending half of my Deck to the Graveyard! And it seems the requirements are met, so taste the damage, Alkain! Howl of Regression!" Akron's voice boomed as the serpent let loose an ungodly howl, and the rock beneath us twisted and cracked as flying rocks struck me everywhere, along with the shockwave throwing me back, my body protesting in agony as I slid along the ground on my back, howling in pain.

Akron: 700 -) 4000

Jay: 1500 -) 500

"Luckily for you though, Serpent of Despair can't attack this turn. But I will tell you this; Serpent of Despair can't be destroyed by battle," Akron said as I saw his Deck, now practically cut in half. Akron smirked as he gestured with the worm that acted as his Duel Disk, signaling the end of his turn.

"It's my turn then! Draw!" I declared as I pulled the card out of the Disk, and I was shocked to see what it was. Spirit of the Fallen. This was Akron's card, wasn't it? How was it in my Deck? Nevertheless, I saw an opportunity coming. If I knew Akron right, he would try and summon his own card form next turn. Its effect would spell doom for me, by devouring Supernova Dragon and increasing its own statistics. Now, it all was riding on this card. I was still mulling over this when Akron's booming voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"It's your Standby Phase now, Alkain. It's story time again," Akron snarked as the reflective shard of glass burst out of the rock again, and invited me to look at it once more, to see whatever he wanted to tell me. The mirror image rippled again to reveal the facility again, this time showing Akiza and I talking, both in our respective cells. "Now, I assume you begin to think of what Gatherer showed you about what happened to Akiza. I know that you're confused, because it doesn't fit in with the promise you made, with you meeting her in the Satellite, correct?" Akron boomed as images of Akiza's past, specifically, the images Gatherer showed me. How Akiza was shunned by her parents for her powers, them sending her away, and then her finding refuge with the Arcadia Movement. And Akron was right, it didn't fit in! It didn't make sense!

"That's because it doesn't, Jay," Akron brought me out of my thoughts, and I was stumped. "What Gatherer showed you, never happened," The images faded into the void behind them, and I was shocked. "It all started when I met a man who had started something called the Arcadia Movement," Akron said, as I saw an image of Sayer, conversing with an imp-like being that seemed to be made of fire. "In exchange for following a few orders for me, I promised him two powerful psychics for his cause. Of course, he agreed, and it was all in motion. First, he had to find the little Akiza, and give her to me," Akron said, as another image appeared, the image of Sayer holding the unconscious 7-year-old Akiza, and handing her over to the imp-like figure.

"Then, off with her to the Satellite, to give her to Kroe's experiments," Akron spoke as another image revealed itself, with Kroe finding the little Akiza who had been planted outside the facility. "But, why go to that length? What would you gain from that, Akron?" I questioned. "Simple. Just about all of the Darkstar's energy is inside you, but you can't use it. Your emotional barricade is in the way. So with careful manipulation, I managed to make a neat little weakness in you; a weakness to exploit so you could tap into its power, and quicken your eventual surrender to its power. Then it would be child's play for me to take over your body, and thereby gain the Darkstar's power!" Akron cackled. "Of course, the trauma you suffered when Snow reduced your Life Points to 0 accelerated my plans all too well. Now, I am in control of your body, and the moment I win, then your body will be entirely mine, as well as the Darkstar's power!"

Akron then exploded into laughter, his demonic, cruel laughter echoing through the Nebula as I felt that familiar feeling again. That dark, ruthless feeling of rage, rage unyielding and unending. "You… you…" I growled, as tears began streaming down from my face. "You surrendered her to unimaginable torture… JUST SO YOU COULD HAVE YOUR POWER?!" I roared, sparkling tears flying from my face. "JUST FOR THAT?!" I howled, my two crimson wings glowing even brighter as the rock began to shake underneath me. "I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!" I roared, and yanked a card out from my hand. "Spell Card, Fierce Blast, ACTIVATE!" I declared, slapping the card onto the Duel Disk, and a crimson aura enveloped Supernova Dragon.

"By switching Supernova Dragon to Defense Position, I get to destroy one card on your side of the field! Supernova Dragon! Destroy his Serpent of Despair!" I declared, as Supernova Dragon let loose a roar that shook the entire rock, sending crimson shockwaves out and destroying Serpent of Despair. "I now switch Supernova Dragon back to Attack Position!" I exclaimed as Supernova Dragon roared throughout the cosmos again, as the display switched once again.

"Battle Phase!" I declared. "Supernova Dragon attacks directly!" I howled, as Supernova Dragon became cloaked in furious fire, and dove into the air, and prepared to ram right into Akron at high speed. "SUPERNOVA FLARE BLITZ!" I exclaimed as Supernova Dragon descended, rushing forwards with a roar with the intent to destroy.

But Akron simply smiled.

"Card effect from the Graveyard, activate!" Akron declared calmly as a bulbous form shaped faintly like a shield in appeared in front of Akron's grotesque form. Supernova Dragon rammed the flesh-shield with all his power, but the shield didn't even move, forcing Supernova Dragon back. "But- what did you do?!" I exclaimed. Akron simply laughed. "The effect of Nebula Guardian. When I would be attacked directly, he allows me to negate the attack by banishing him from the Graveyard. And then-" Akron cackled as the worm's tentacles drew a card from his Deck, "It allows me to draw a card." I growled in futility as I realized the situation. Now, all I could do was to place my faith in this card… "I Set a card face-down. Turn end."

"MY TURN! DRAW!" Akron roared as the worm drew his next card with even more fervor, the card itself glowing red intensely, and causing Akron's face to contort into a massive grin as he saw the card. "Since I control no monsters, and you control a Synchro Monster on your side of the field, by removing from play the rest of my hand, I can Special Summon your DOOM!" Akron howled as the cosmos around us began to twist, and the rock began shaking underneath Akron. Then, his grotesque figure suddenly began rising, revealing more tanned, blotched flesh underneath. More of his lower body began to reveal itself from underneath the rock, including a massive, fanged mouth, several spikes, a disgusting twisting tongue, two sunken in holes where two enormous eyes would be. The creature let out an ungodly roar as the very fabric of space began to visibly warp in the surroundings. What shocked me the most, was that this creature that Akron was attached to was accompanied by a display of Attack Points.

Dark Nebula Ruler - Mictlancoatl Lv: 12 Fiend/Effect ATK: 3800 DEF: 600 (ATK)

Akron roared with laughter. "BEHOLD, ALKAIN! MY TRUE FORM! I AM THE RULER OF ALL THINGS WICKED, I AM MICTLANCOATL, THE RED NOVA, AND I WILL DESTROY YOU, AND TAKE ALL ITS POWER! I ACTIVATE THE EFFECT OF DARK NEBULA RULER - MICTLANCOATL!" Akron's figure, now rather high above me, but his voice was louder than ever declared as the tongue of his lower form twisted and salivated, as it began to inhale. "ONCE PER TURN; I CAN ABSORB ALL MONSTERS YOU CONTROL!" Akron's lower body began to inhale even harder, and Supernova Dragon struggled with all his might to not get swallowed. "I activate my Trap Card, Courageous Heart!" I declared as my first Set card flipped face-up. "By paying half my Life Points, I can negate any monster effect, and then it's effects will be negated until the end of this turn!" I exclaimed, and a small smirk managed to worm its way onto my face. "FOOL! I ACTIVATE THE EFFECT OF NEBULA SUICIDER IN MY GRAVEYARD!" Akron declared as a small incredibly bulbous creature appeared out of the rock, and a disgusting hissing sound came from its enormous boils that looked like they could burst any time. "BY REMOVING IT FROM PLAY; I CAN NEGATE AND DESTROY A SPELL OR TRAP CARD!" The disgusting creature then rushed forward, and slammed into my Trap Card, causing its boils to burst, and it exploded, and took my Trap with it. "YOU CAN HIDE BEHIND NOTHING, ALKAIN! NOW, I WILL TAKE YOUR DRAGON!" Supernova Dragon howled and roared, but it was swallowed and chomped to pieces.

Mictlancoatl(ATK): 3800 -) 6800

Mictlancoatl(DEF): 600 -) 2700

I was speechless. My big trump, my strongest attack… had just been used to engineer my own fall. 6800 ATK… and if Akron had another Suicider, then he could negate the activation of Spirit of the Fallen, and… that would be it. He would win.

"I ATTACK YOU DIRECTLY! DIE!" Akron howled as his lower body formed a dark orb of void in its mouth. I swore I could see the soft, weakened gleam of Supernova's eyes in the orb briefly before it belched, sending the orb right at me.

The pain… I went numb almost immediately, but the moment where I wasn't numb, the pain nearly tore me apart. I felt the rush of wind as I was launched through the air, but then I didn't feel that anymore. It was over. I could barely focus, I couldn't even breathe. I… I couldn't think… the pain…

Jay: 500 -) 0

"T-Trap card, act-activate…" I wheezed the moment I found my voice again. I was buried underneath rock, dust and blood was all over. "Sp-sp…" I tried to say, but I couldn't move. I could move, think or do anything.

Is this really it for you, vessel? A dark voice echoed through my mind. I recognized that voice… I had heard it before.

You do know what you stand to lose? The voice was… the voice was right. I had come this far… I had to save… I had to save her, and… and make Akron, make Kroe, make Lance all pay… pay for what they did.

You know what I will give you? Yes… I knew. Revenge. He would give me the thing I desired so greatly… Vengeance.

Then embrace your darkness within. Embrace it, and grasp your vengeance! I felt something snap in me. The desire to end all this… it became everything. The desire to end all the lives of those whose crimes are so deep they can never be erased… they must end. A dark purple beam of light erupted from me, through the rock, through the cosmos, through the fabric of reality.

And up rose the shadow, the fierce god that knew only vengeance. The Star of Darkness rose.

"Trap activate," My voice spoke with an undeterred sense of coldness, ruthlessness and rage. "Spirit of the Fallen!" The other card flipped face-up, and Akron was in shock. He roared something unintelligible, but I cared not. "-THIS, THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! HOW CAN YOU HAVE THAT CARD?!"

"My turn! DRAW!" I roared, not listening to Akron anymore. "I activate my Spell Card, Hellish Rebirth!" I declared as the accursed card of darkness and hate revealed itself. "By using this card, I can Special Summon any number of monsters from my Graveyard! The price is that I must halve my Life Points for each monster, but since I don't have any, it doesn't hurt me in the slightest!"

"Return to me, Nova Gathering Sorceress!" I declared as a dark gate appeared behind me, and Sorceress emerged from the darkness.

Nova Gathering Sorceress Lv: 6 Spellcaster/Effect ATK: 2300 DEF: 1600 (ATK)

"And now, I summon my Nova Star from my hand!" I declared as a small star emerged, orbited by two smaller stars.

Nova Star Lv: 2 Fairy/Effect ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And that's not all! Because when Nova Star is summoned, I can Special Summon two Star Tokens to join him!" I then said, as the two smaller stars exited their orbit and appeared on the field. "And now, I tune my Level 2 Nova Star with my two Level 1 Star Tokens!" I declared as Nova Star flew up and turned into two red rings. The two tokens flew inside, revealing the two solitary stars inside. "Synchro Summon! Appear, Darkstar Core!" I declared, as the familiar purple orb with the black star insignia, the eight black spikes and the two, red, glowing eyes.

Darkstar Core Lv: 4 Fairy/Synchro/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And now, when Darkstar Core is Summoned, all your face-up cards effects are negated, and no face-down cards can be activated! Go, Shadow Shackle!" I declared as the orb let out a burst of dark energy, and when it passed, Akron was shackled by dark chains, struggling wildly and roaring. Akron tried to speak, but he was blocked out.

Mictlancoatl(ATK): 6800 -) 3800

Mictlancoatl(DEF): 2700 -) 600

Akron's demonic eyes widened. He knew what was coming now. He knew it was over for him. "I now tune my Level 6 Nova Gathering Sorceress with my Level 4 Darkstar Core!" I declared as Sorceress rose into the air, and the orb rammed itself into her gut, merging itself with her, and enveloping her in an orb of dark energy. "When darkness falls, it gives the way to true power! DARKSTAR SYNCHRO SUMMON!" I chanted, and the orb then exploded into a cascade of darkness. "Descend upon the weak, Darkstar Eldritch Succubus!" I declared as the darkness faded, revealing Sorceress's new form. Her skin had turned pale, a third eye had grown on her forehead, her luscious red hair had turned purple, and her outfit had changed to something quite more… revealing. She gave a venomous, vicious giggle as the took a relaxed stance on my field.

Darkstar Eldritch Succubus Lv: 10 Spellcaster/Synchro ATK: 2600 DEF: 3000 (ATK)

"I activate the effect of Succubus! Once per turn, by discarding a card and targeting an opponent's monster, I can Special Summon a Servant Token to my field, inheriting the monster's Attack Points!" I declared as Succubus winked slyly, and a mirror image of Akron himself appeared on my side of the field.

Servant Token(ATK): 3600

"And here comes the amusing part! Once per turn; Succubus can offer a Servant Token as a Tribute, and inflict its Attack Points to you as damage!" Succubus gave a haunting, cruel laugh as she skewered Akron's mirror image with her staff, the creature quickly absorbed into the dark orb on her white-and-red staff. "Go, Vengeance Buster!" I declared as Succubus swung her staff, and launched an orb of dark energy at Akron, which immediately exploded upon impact.

Akron: 4000 -) 400

"CUTE, ALKAIN. BUT IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH! I STILL HAVE THE HIGHER ATTACK POINTS, I CAN STILL-" Akron began to rant, but he was cut off by the sound of a figure rising.

Succubus(ATK): 2600 -) 6200

"WHAT?!" Akron roared, his face showing his confusion. "Simple. When I inflict effect damage, Succubus gains Attack Points equal to that amount until the End Phase! Now go, Succubus! Destroy Akron and leave my mind clear! Eldritch HAVOC!" I declared, and Succubus made a light smirk, before a massive purple blast erupted from her staff, and covered Akron in it's power. Akron screamed as he was slowly torn apart, but he still had strength left. He looked me in the eye, his lack of fear evident, even in the face of his own demise. "Allow me to tell you one final thing, my final parting gift from me to you," Akron managed to croak as he withstood the blast. "No matter what you do, no matter what ever happens… you will always be alone, no matter what. You will always BE ALONE! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA-"

And then Akron, the Red Nova, the fiend who had tormented me since the beginning was gone. Gone forever.

But his words still haunt me to this day.

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