The Darkness Within

The Fable, Part I - Act II

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Empty. I felt… empty. Hollow.


The one thing left to cherish…

"Looks like it's just you and me left now."

The one thing I loved more than anything else…

"Men like us; we never get back those we love."

Taken from me in an instant.

"In the end, you'll always be alone."

To hell with everything.

To hell with this, to hell with Lance, to hell with my soul! TO HELL WITH EVERYTHING!

I felt my mark glow stronger than ever before, with a pressure that was truly soul-shattering. But right then, I felt nothing. All I felt was rage, rage directed at everything. A rage that could only be sated by destroying and consuming everything.

And I knew exactly what to start with.

"YOU BASTARD!" I howled, my very voice shaking the earth as darkness coursed through my body, consuming everything and leaving no spot of light left. Darkness, rage and sorrow was all I knew now. And now I was going to make Lance pay for everything.

"Ah, so now you're willing to fight, Alkain? Well, let's get at it! We haven't got a moment to waste!" Lance cackled as Star Eater vanished from behind him, and returned to his Extra Deck. Then, he folded out his Duel Disk, and prepared to Duel.

I felt the darkness streaming around me, wrapping itself around my Duel Disk and Deck, enveloping it in darkness. I heard screams from my Deck, screaming as they were corrupted by Darkness, but I paid it no mind. All I wanted now was vengenance. And that very card that appeared in my hand and carved the purple seal into the ground beneath us was a marker of my rage.


Starting Duel Protocol.

Format: Anime 4000 Darkstar Duel

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Lance Éclair

Jay: 4000 (5 S.C)

Lance: 4000 (5 S.C)

"I'm taking the first move! Draw!" Lance cackled, yanking the card out of his Duel Disk, a soft purple glow following his draw and arm as he moved it along with the draw.

"I activate the effect of Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls in my hand! By discarding two Dragon-Type monsters, I can Special Summon him from my hand!" Lance cackled as he sent two cards from his hand to the Graveyard, and a massive torrent of water swamped up around him. "Appear, Dragon Ruler, TIDAL!" Lance declared as a massive blue dragon that had water dripping from it everywhere, and it gave an earth-shaking roar as it climbed up to stand beside Lance.

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Lv: 7 Dragon/Effect ATK: 2600 DEF: 2000

"Then, I activate the Spell Card Super Rejuvenation!" Lance declared as he held up the Spell Card into the air. "I'm very sure you can remember this," Lance began. "In my End Phase, I can draw cards equal to the number of Dragons I discarded. Now, I'll Set two cards and end my turn!" Lance spoke, waiting for me to begin my turn.

But I couldn't draw. My hands wouldn't move, I couldn't draw. Lance gave a vicious slasher smile and laughed loudly, a laughter that echoed throughout the landscape. "You miss her, don't you? It's a shame she had to die, especially since you've come so far," Lance giggled. "You did so much and fought so hard for her, but in the end, it was all for nothing! AHAHAHAAHAA!"

"Now come at me, Alkain! You want your revenge, don't you?!" Lance yelled. "Then come and take it! I'm right here, Alkain! COME AND TAKE YOUR VENGEANCE!" The cruel, evil voice that reveled in death and destruction echoed throughout the landscape, as the mad dragon user howled with laughter.

But I stood still. My mind was busy burning with rage. And so I closed my eyes, and let the low, dark voice in the back of my mind speak. The voice that seemed to come from within me, as if it was a part of me, unlike Akron, who felt alien and unfamiliar. "Consume, Alkain. Your power, your darkness… shall consume everything."

"Consume… consume…" I muttered lowly to myself, as my mark began to pulse again, even harder. "Eh?" Lance exclaimed, confused by my wording. "Consume… consume," I began as I felt the dark power radiate from me, and tendrils of purple energy began to erupt from me, and the very ground underneath mine and Lance's feet began to shake as my eyes turned fully red, my hair turned black, and black markings began to edge their way onto my face. "Consume… consume… consume… EVERYTHING!" I roared, and a shockwave of purple energy flashed out from me, and I howled in rage as the dark power began to unravel.

"My turn!" I declared as the dark energy began to crack the ground, and rocks began to be torn from the ground and began to slowly float around me, suspended by the raw concentration of power around me. I felt like a god, exhilarated and powerful, and a vicious, uncaring smile crawled its way onto my face. "DRAW!" I declared, and the rock buckled underneath my feet as my arm wrenched the card out of the holder. The first orb that was with me was immediately absorbed, but unlike normally, the energy inside would go into the seal. This time, the energy flew into me.

Jay (S.C): 5 -) 4

"I Summon Darknova Destroyer in Attack Position!" I declared as I slapped the new card onto my Duel Disk, and the large, armored figure of Nova Destroyer wielding the immensely large sword, with two frame-like wings on the back of his armor. But this time, he looked different. His armor was no longer crimson, but a deep purple, his sword was inscribed with strange, evil runes, and his eyes were glowing a deep red.

Darknova Destroyer Lv: 6 Warrior/Effect ATK: ? DEF: 0 (ATK)

"When I control no monsters, Darknova Destroyer can be Special Summoned from my hand," I declared. "Darknova Destroyer! Attack Tidal!" I declared as the twisted and dark version of Nova Destroyer took to the air with his wings, and brandished his sword, ready to strike. "Darknova Destroyer's effect activates!" I then declared. "When he battles a monster, his Attack Points become equal to double the Attack Points of the monster he's battling!" I declared, and immediately, a dark energy covered Destroyer's sword, which then began to grow to an utterly titanic size, a size so big that you would begin to question just how he could hold it.

Darknova Destroyer (ATK): 5200

"Tch!" Lance growled. "Trap Card, open! Flattery!" Lance groaned, and his left card flipped face-up to reveal itself.

"Flattery activates since your card changed its Attack Points during the Battle Phase," Lance licked his lips. "Flattery then increases the Attack Points of Tidal equal to the amount the change in Attack Points, which happens to be 5200!" Lance declared as a red stream of energy burst out from his card an enveloped Tidal, who roared violently as its power increased.

Tidal: 2600 -) 7800

"Monster effect, activate!" I then howled. "The effect of Darknova Blade activates since the Attack Points of a monster you control changed, and equipping itself to a monster I control!" I declared as I slid the monster into the Spell-&-Trap zone beneath Destroyer, and then, a strange runic blade brandished with several wicked runes appeared next to Destroyer, who immediately dropped his previous sword in favor of this other blade. "When a monster equipped with Darknova Blade battles, all Battle Damage is dealt to the opponent as well as me!" I howled as the two dragons let loose their own individual blasts of energy, impacting together in a violent power-collision. "Take it, LANCE!" I howled as the shockwave covered our two monsters, and let loose a massive shockwave that threw us both backwards, and we both roared in pain as we passed through cliffs, rock and dark clouds as the power of the blow sent us both flying.

Lance: 4000 -) 1400

Jay: 4000 -) 1400

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