The Darkness Within

The Fable, Part II - Act II Finale

“And now,' said the unknown, 'farewell kindness, humanity, and gratitude! Farewell to all the feelings that expand the heart! I have been heaven's substitute to recompense the good - now the god of vengeance yields to me his power to punish the wicked!”

-The Count of Monte Cristo

Reloading Duel Protocol…

Protocol Loaded.

Displaying previous data…

Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1 Darkstar Duel


Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Lance Eclair

Life Points:

Jay Alkain: 1400

Lance Éclair: 1400

Seal Counters:

Jay: 5

Lance: 6

The landscape was all but ruined. The plateau used as an arena for our Duel between us two had been all but ruined. We were standing in a literal wasteland, the various bursts of Dark Energy having absolutely ton apart the area around us.

The dark clouds were circling above us, and a certain crimson liquid had been tottered across the various cliffs and rocks. We were both injured and panting, neither willing to give up. Thunder was flashing in the distance, slowly closing in on us as the seal of the wicked star still glowed beneath our feet.

And I was dripping blood. Blood was trickling down from my forehead, dripping slowly and soundlessly down onto the rock as the red liquid slowly streamed down my forehead in a small, simple line that edged around obstacles, looking for the easiest way to reach the ground.

My teeth were ground together, and my arm felt like it was on fire. Literally, my whole body feet like it was beginning to die around me, as the muscles expanded and contracted in tact with my weary breathing. But my will for vengeance was all-consuming, numbing the pain and turning everything into hatred.

The both of us had been dealt a harsh blow, and the both of us were hurt badly, but the hate that swirled in the air was as thick as sludge, and it was all-consuming. "I… I Set two cards," My dark voice spoke, my eyes and fingers twitching as the two large face-down cards emerged. "Turn end!"

Lance then growled loudly. His roar echoed throughout the cliffs as a manic smile began to spread upon him, and his roar turned into a cruel, ruthless laughter. "Don't you think it's funny too, Alkain?! Here we are, both consumed with rage, with bloodlust, with HATRED! ISN'T IT FUNNY?!"

"SHE SCREAMED SO DELIGHTFULLY, ALKAIN! AKIZA SCREAMED AS HER SOUL FELL TO THE DARKNESS BELOW, AND IT'S SUCH A SHAME THAT YOU'RE TOO BLIND AND DEAF TO HEAR IT! YOU'VE BEEN SO BLIND!" Lance laughed maniacally as he drew his card, his laughter not stopping at all. In fact, it only grew louder.

SC (Lance): 6 -) 5

"YOU LOST WHAT YOU LOVED, AND IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT! AND NOW, I'LL ABSORB ALL THE DARKSTAR'S POWER, DESTROY THIS WORLD, AND IT'S YOUR ENTIRE FAULT! YOU CAUSED ALL THIS! I ACTIVATE MY SPELL CARD, GLORY TO THE DRAGON GOD!" Lance howled with laughter as he raised the Spell into the air, the card glowing dimly with dark purple energy. The card then sent streams of purple energy out from itself, the rays of energy wreaking havoc across the landscape, tearing the cliffs, rocks and trees apart as the beams created two glowing rifts in front of me and Lance.

"GLORY OF THE DRAGON GOD SPECIAL SUMMONS ONE DRAGON-TYPE SYNCHRO MONSTER FROM OUR RESPECTIVE EXTRA DECKS TO OUR RESPECTIVE FIELD! TO YOUR FIELD; THE PATHETIC SUPERNOVA DRAGON!" Lance declared as my crimson dragon of fire and destruction emerged from the rift, and with a howling roar, took its place in front of me.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"AND TO MY FIELD; THE ALMIGHTY, THE ALL-POWERFUL, STAR EATER!" Lance howled as the burning star emerged from the rift, and around it, the enormous red dragon that had destroyed me before. It roared, it roared so loudly as the very earth underneath us shook to accommodate it.

Star Eater Lv: 11 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3200 DEF: 2700 (ATK)

"AND HERE COMES THE VERY BEST PART, ALKAIN! WHEN ONE OF THE MONSTERS SPECIAL SUMMONED BY MY SPELL CARD DESTROYS THE OTHER, THE PLAYER WHOSE MONSTER GOT DESTROYED LOSES! STAR EATER! DEVOUR HIM AND LEAVE NOTHING LEFT! ETERNAL DRAGON'S FURY!" Star Eater charged up energy via its burning star, and with a howl, the massive dragon let the energy loose in a massive blast of red energy that streamed through the air, headed right for Supernova Dragon. And if I took this hit; if Supernova Dragon was destroyed, it was over. The end.

No way in hell I was going to let that happen. "Trap Card, activate! Darkstar's Deceit!" I declared, as my first face-down emerged.

"Darkstar's Deceit returns Supernova Dragon to the Extra Deck, and then Special Summons a Synchro Monster from my Extra Deck whose Level is 1 lower in Attack Position, and then switches the attack to it!" I declared as a purple wave of energy washed out from my face-down, and Supernova Dragon faded away into purple smoke. In its place, was Nova Dragoon Blader, wielding his blade and ready to take the hit.

Nova Dragoon Blader Lv: 7 Warrior/Synchro ATK: 2500 DEF: 1200 (ATK)

"WHATEVER! STAR EATER, CONTINUE YOUR ATTACK!" Lance declared, and Dragoon Blader brandished his blade, and held it up to ward off the blast fired from the massive dragon. "Nrgh, Dragoon Blader can't be destroyed by battle!" I declared as the shockwave from the blast shook the plateau underneath my feet, and when the blast of energy hit me, I was thrown backwards, screaming in pain.

Jay: 1400 -) 700

Eventually, I stopped flying through the air as I hit the rocky ground and slid roughly along the rocks, and I could feel my body protesting with agony all the way as my vision became slurred. "Agh!" I exclaimed as I managed to get up again, and I coughed up blood in front of me.

"Tch," Lance grunted. "It's not like it matters, anyway! All you can do is delay the inevitable, and then this world will be mine! Turn end!" Lance declared, while the dark power slowly began working its magic on me, and the moment after, I was back to a more fit state. "It's my… TURN! DRAW!" I declared, as I drew my next card with all the force, strength and hate I could. The card I had drewn…

It was Berserker Soul. The embodiment of my rage.

SC (Jay): 5 -) 4

"I Summon Darknova Star in Attack Position!" I declared, slapping the card onto the Duel Disk, and forth came a small purple star, radiating purple energy.

Darknova Star Lv: 2 Fiend/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"And with Darknova Star's effect, I can Special Summon a Token copy of it since I summoned it to my field!" I declared as the star began to glow black, and then proceeded to replicate itself.

"And now, I Tune my Level 2 Star Token with my Level 2 Darknova Star!" I declared as the one purple star turned into energy, and eventually turned into two black stars. The two stars began to rotate, and turned into two purple rings, which the other star then proceeded to fly inside, revealing the two stars inside it. "When darkness is at its finest hour, true power shall show itself!" I chanted, as a beam of purple light shone through the rings, blinding the entire area. "Synchro Summon! Appear, Darkstar Core!" I chanted, and as the light faded, it revealed the single purple orb with the marking of the black star, with the evil, red eyes and its eight writhing tentacles.

Darkstar Core Lv: 4 Fairy/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"When Darkstar Core is Synchro Summoned; all cards you control lose their effects, and your face-down cards are rendered useless! Go, Shadow Shackle!" I howled, and Darkstar Core let loose a massive blast of dark energy at Star Eater, draining the energy of the star that the dragon clambered to so intensely, and draining all color from the dragon.

Lance's face fell for a moment, before returning to the usual maniacal smile. I felt the dark power welling up, aching to be released. And I was happy to unleash it. "Now, I Tune my Level 7 Nova Dragoon Blader with my Level 4 Darkstar Core!" I declared, as Dragoon Blader took to the skies, and soon, the orb followed it up, rammed inside Blader's chest, and a massive sphere of dark energy enveloped the dragon-warrior. "When darkness falls upon the world, the gate to unlimited power throws open! Darkstar Synchro Summon!" I declared, as the sphere of dark energy exploded into a cascade of dark colors, and a haunting roar echoed through the canyon as the dark energy faded, revealing Nova Dragoon Blader, now changed by the darkness.

He no longer wore his suit of armor, exposing his now black-and-red scaled body for all to see. Four additional wings stood out from his back, all six glowing with purple energy. Two large black swords inscribed with wicked black runes were in his hands, and two smaller arms wielding smaller similar swords as well. His eyes were glowing purple, and the mark of the Darkstar was both on his chest and back. He raised his wings and swords into the air, and let loose a bellow of bloodlust and rage.

"Destroy everything, Darkstar Dragoon Berserker!"

Darkstar Dragoon Berserker Lv: 11 Warrior/Synchro ATK: 3200 DEF: 2200

"Dragoon Berserker gains 200 extra Attack Points for every Dragon-Type monster on the field and in our graveyards, including himself! With himself, Star Eater, and the two dragons you discarded to Special Summon Tidal, I count four, which gives him 800 additional attack points!" I declared as Berserker roared, his purple aura flaring.

Darkstar Dragoon Berserker (ATK): 3200 -) 4000

"Berserker, attack Star Eater!" I roared, and Berserker roared with me as he brandished his swords, ready to strike. "Unyielding Berserker STORM!" Berserker jumped into the air, his wings ablaze with purple fire, and stormed down towards Star Eater, ready to strike and slice it limb from limb.

"MONSTER EFFECT, ACTIVATE!" Lance howled, as he pulled forth a card from his hand, and a strange mirror appeared in front of Dragoon Berserker, surrounded by dragon skulls. "DRAGON'S EYE MIRROR HAS QUITE THE ABILITY! BY DISCARDING IT DURING THE BATTLE PHASE, IN EXCHANGE FOR LETTING YOU ATTACK ME DIRECTLY, YOUR MONSTER LOSES 3000 ATTACK POINTS! NOW SHOW ME YOUR HATRED, ALKAIN! GIVE ME ALL OF IT!" Lance howled as Dragoon Berserker charged forward through the mirror, being badly torn and cut by the glass shards, but that didn't stop him.

Darkstar Dragoon Berserker (ATK): 4000 -) 1000

Dragoon Berserker charged on past Star Eater, and rammed into Lance, sending him flying backwards through the air, and into another cliff, but his maniacal grin didn't fade.

Lance: 1400 -) 400

Now was my chance. My hatred, my rage, my desire to see Lance burn for his sins enveloped me. Now, everything was a haze. A haze of violence, death and blood. A haze that made my soul go berserk.

"Quick-Play Spell, activate! BERSERKER SOUL!"



"DRAW!" I declared, and it was a monster. "MONSTER CARD!" And then, I threw a purple sphere of energy at the fallen Lance, making him scream in agony as it blew him further into the rock, slowly shredding his body.

Lance: 400 -) 0

I wasn't stopping.

"DRAW! MONSTER CARD!" Another orb launched at Lance, more pain for him as he approached death.

Lance: 0 -) 0


Lance: 0 -) 0


Lance: 0 -) 0


Lance: 0 -) 0


Lance: 0 -) 0


Winner: Jay Alkain

Lance had been all but obliterated. His body grinded and crushed beneath rock and ground. I was growling to myself, staring at the bloody mess that had once been Lance Éclair. After a moment, the dark energy began to seep out from what remained, and slowly streamed into me. I felt the ridiculous power, power that eclipsed everything else.

And with a jolt, that power made my body begin to raise up into the air, as the dark power began to form a shell around me. But unlike before, it felt not exhilarating or amazing. Now it was painful; the power, it was trying to escape!

And with me screaming in pain at the top of my lungs, the dark energy flew out of my body, and I fell down onto the plateau. The rush of the dark power was gone now. I felt weak and… normal again.

"Foolish Alkain," A deep, dark voice then spoke in front of me. I raised my head, and the sight I saw shocked me to the bone.

It was me. The version of me who had turned dark. The version of me without the horns, and the bright red eyes. "Who…" I managed to cough through the pain. "Who… are you?"

This other version of me cracked a smile, laughed a short laughter, and responded. "I am the Darkstar. The one whose power you have been using."


"You have been a very useful puppet so that I could regain my full power. Now, I have no further need for you. But with all this pain you've caused, there's a special place in the Void for you, Alkain. Goodbye."

And then darkness.



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