The Darkness Within

The Ressurrection - Act III



"Sister against Brother,"

"Rebel against Dictator,"

"Hero against Dragon,"

"Lover against Lover,"

"Light against Dark."

Here it all ends.

All of this was my fault.

I roused the remnants of the Arcadia Movement and made them rip the city apart. I revealed my location to Kroe, which got Leo and Luna killed for no reason. I wasn't quick enough to save Akiza. I was the one who killed Lance and made the Darkstar complete again.

All this death was my fault.

"Looks like it's just you and me left now." Even now, the words that Akron spoke to me stung harshly, even as I had rended him from existence and tore him apart, the words and their painful truths stuck, echoing on.

"Men like us; we never get back the things we love." Blaze was right. People like me and him… once we lost it, we would never get it back.

And here I was; in this place the Darkstar called the Void. All there was for me here was the fact that all this was my fault. Forced to see that which I cared for taken from me again and again, the pain of loss only bigger every second with the knowledge that I could have stopped all this. I constantly tried to cry, but the Void wouldn't let me.

All it let me do was dive further into despair.


"Do not give in, Alkain," A voice then spoke to me, trying to bring me out of the darkness-induced despair and melancholy. It didn't work.

"I already have. There's nothing left for me to fight for," I replied, my voice thick with sadness and despair. I could do nothing now; the Darkstar could do whatever it liked now, and no one could stop it. It was over.

"It isn't over yet. There is still a way to save her, Alkain." The voice pleaded, and although I was tired and feeling absolutely useless, that one sentence caught my attention. "How?" I replied. The voice didn't answer for a moment, but then spoke again.

"Open your eyes, and I'll show you." That sentence hit me like a brick. I thought my eyes had been open all the time, and everything was just darkness. Were my eyes really closed? Was I… being tricked?

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," I thought, as I forced my eyes open, and the darkness was gone. I was back on the plateau, back where I had brutally defeated Lance and with savagery that was absolutely inhuman tore his body apart in my desire for vengeance.

There was still spots of blood scattered all over the place; a grim reminder of what I had been responsible for. And in the distance, the ruins of New Domino, a city torn apart from the inside. Before I could hear vicious sounds of fighting, explosions and screaming.

Now, all was silent.

"There is still a way, Alkain," That voice spoke again, behind me. I turned around, and was greeted by a quite confusing sight. A small, floating crimson orb of energy. I tried to reply, but a sudden sting in my stomach cut me off. A wound, bleeding slightly, very likely from when the Darkstar escaped.

"What- what do you mean?" I finally managed to croak out, holding my one hand over my wound. "What even happened? I don't-!" I began, but the voice cut me off. "Do not worry, Alkain. I will explain." The orb then began glowing even brighter, until the crimson glow enveloped all I could see. When I could see again, I was in a strange star-like void. I was standing on a glowing platform, with stars twinkling in the distance.

A loud, majestic roar echoed throughout the void, and a strangely familiar sight rose from beneath the plaform. An enormous, glowing crimson dragon. "It's… it's the Crimson Star!" I realized this quickly as the enormous dragon flew in front of me, and began to hover in place.

"You are correct, Alkain," The same voice spoke again, as if it had heard my thoughts. "I am that crimson star that Christopher showed to you in the vision."


"The mark you had on your back was the mark of my brother, Divinius. The Dracomorphic Engine Kroe used you for transferred him into you. The voice that spoke to you when his mark first revealed itself on your back was him. My brother," The Crimson Star spoke.

"I sealed him deep within the Earth, hoping that this would never come to pass. But your rampage against Kroe allowed my brother's power to fester inside you, and when you absorbed the power inside Lance, his power was complete, and you were no longer necessary. When he escaped your body, you were dying. A second more, and I wouldn't have been able to save you."

"So, you… saved me?"

"You're the only chance I have to make this right, and I'm your chance for redemption. My brother has already destroyed my Signers, and soon he's going to envelop this entire planet in the Void."

"What do you want me to do?"

"When you destroyed Akron, his power was left dormant inside you. If I allow you to absorb my power, it will then merge with Red Nova's power, and make you strong enough to have a chance against my brother."

"And what then? What happens if I save the world?"

"Then we can start it over. Prevent Project Akron from even happening by erasing my brother from existence. But there will be a price to pay…"

"There always is," I replied, before spreading my arms as an invitation. "Go ahead," I then said. "I'd like to do something right this one time."

The Crimson Dragon roared loudly, and flew into the air, and dove down, right for me. When the massive dragon hit the platform, it dissolved into small crimson stars of energy, which all flew inside me. I could feel my power increasing by the second, the mark on my back dissolving and making room for a new mark.

The mark of the Crimson Dragon. Then, the power of Akron hit me as well, and my two wings of crimson energy formed again, and my eyes began to glow red from all the power now. But this power didn't feel dark or malicious in any way. Instead, it filled me with a sense of purpose and right. I would stop this madness and save this world.

And perhaps…

Her as well.

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