The Darkness Within

The Wasteland - Act III

"We're here to fight with you, master," A voice then spoke behind me. I turned around, and I was met with a sight that shocked me immediately, but a sight that brought a slight smile to my face.

Before me stood all those who had journeyed with me. Destroyer, Gatherer, Strategist, Geomancer, they all stood there, all radiating the same crimson energy that I was. "We won't let you fight alone, Jay," The adult, feminine voice of Sorceress spoke up as she twirled her staff as she stood in front of the other Nova monsters.

"We'll be with you every step of the way," A more ancient, thoughtful and wise voice spoke, the voice of Phoenix Blaster, who spread his wings to fasten his authority, as his burning wings gleamed beautifully against the void.

"We will fight to our last breath," A deep, gravelly voice that had clearly seen war then boomed. It was the voice of Dragoon Blader, holding fast to his massive blade. His eyes burned with the fires of war, and his scaled, muscular body was ready to fight.

"AND WE WILL SEE THIS TASK THROUGH;" The deep, booming voice that echoed throughout the starry void, came from Titanic Colosseus, the faithful guardian of all. His titanic body of stone, rock and crystal stood tall as a pillar of bravery.

"No matter the cost." The final voice, so similar to my own, was the voice of my most faithful friend, the one who had fought with me through everything. The voice of Supernova Dragon, the embodiment of my strength, my resolve, my rage, my desire for vengeance, the mirror of myself.

I may have been taken aback by the sudden appearance of the spirits of the monsters that dwelled in my Deck, but right now, their words reached my wounded and bruised heart and warmed it gently. Even though I had corrupted them with the power of the Darkstar and misused them so much, they were still willing to fight with me this one last time, and make things right.

For someone to be able to do something like that for me… it was touching. A few tears began to roll down my cheeks, and I began taking deep breaths. "I- thank you all," I began, almost choking on my words, "This means so much to me. I put you all through so much, and yet you're willing to go through the darkness again for me." The spirits nodded, and Phoenix gestured for me to continue.

"But now, I have one question for you all. Will you follow me into battle, and defeat the Darkstar? Will you follow me… this one last time?"

And the cheers reverberated throughout the starry void.

Wasteland (Previously New Domino)

Then I was back in the ruined wasteland, surrounded by the ruins of what had once been New Domino. Slabs of buildings were everywhere, and bodies of the unfortunate victims of the psychic uprising littered the streets.

The sky was warped, with wicked purple clouds twisting and throwing lightning bolts everywhere, and a stream of energy coming down from the epicenter of the anomaly in the sky and down into New Domino. I slowly began walking towards the stream of energy, passing through the ruined streets of New Domino as I walked.

"My brother is most likely at that energy stream, Alkain. He's slowly reconsolidating his power. You must hurry!" The Crimson Dragon didn't need to say any more, and I was off; flying as fast as I could, past the ruined and destroyed everything that littered the place.

It was the most horrible sight I had ever seen as I flew through the ruined New Domino to find the Darkstar. Dead people everywhere, the misery, hopelessness and general lack of kindness hung thick in the air. There was shown no mercy; not for anyone. This city tore itself apart.

Soon, I was at New Domino Park, the place where the energy stream was floating down to. The energy was flowing down into what looked like a small lake of starlight-like energy in all kinds of different colors, which was slowly turning into small streams of energy that flew up towards a figure to be absorbed by the figure, and empower it.

That figure very much resembled myself. However, with the black hair, purple-and-black clothing and the lack of horns and tentacles growing from its back, it betrayed its true identity. The Darkstar. The cause of all this, the force that drove Kroe and Red Nova mad with desire for its power. It seemed out of this world to me. And as a final mockery, it had taken my look, as if it was mocking me for my failure.

"So," The Darkstar began, its voice sounding like a mish-mash of all kinds of voices. The voice of Sayer, the voice of Lance, the voice of Blaze, the voice of Snow, the voice of Kroe, the voice of Lance, and my voice, all in one. "-You've come. And I sense you've brought the power of my dear sister as well. I'm surprised she even found the strength to save you, me having destroyed and killed all her Signers."

"This ends here, Divinius!" The voice of the Crimson Dragon then reverberated throughout the city. "Jay is here to end your madness!" The Darkstar, or 'Divinius' only laughed. "You think that even because you've poured all your power into Alkain, as well as merging with Red Nova will even put you anywhere CLOSE to the power I have now?! I have had millennia to strengthen myself, Ultimaya!" Divinius howled in reply, his voice shaking the earth underneath my feet and causing me to fall over. "Shut up, Divinius, and come down here!" I yelled at the dark god, and prepared my Duel Disk. "It's time for retribution for all the suffering you've put the world through!" Divinius laughed.

"No, Alkain. I won't Duel you. At least, not yet. The pieces are not ready yet," Divinius replied, and I roared in frustration. "Why not?!" I howled. "COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT!" I roared, and began to step towards the pool of energy underneath Divinius. However, the moment I stepped close, cliffs and rocks began to rise from the ground and block off the pool. It turned into a tower around Divinius.

"Three locks are there on this tower, Alkain. One for each Dark Signer that are ready to fight you. They will await you at the fated places. When you defeat all three, I will await you here. Now, begone!" I was then thrown back by a surge of energy, and fell backwards into a withered tree. However, with all the power I possessed currently, I wasn't harmed. But I had been thrown out of the park, and the park had been sealed off by a dark field of energy that gleamed purple and black in beats, like a heart.

"We don't have a choice, Alkain. All we can do is play my brother's game. But what did he mean by 'fated places'?" The Crimson Dragon, or rather, 'Ultimaya' spoke, her confusion evident. But a large purple energy beam in the horizon was a good starting point. "It's probably something with that surge of energy in the distance, Ultimaya. Let's see where that leads."

As I flew with my energy wings towards the energy beam, an eerie sense of familiarity overcame me from these ruined buildings. These buildings, although ruined and destroyed, I could recognize them faintly. These buildings… I had walked past them before. I knew them well.

And when I finally was at the site of the energy beam from the sky, it finally clicked for me. For when I was close enough, the energy beam faded, and revealed the building that called back all the wrong memories.

The Arcadia Movement Building.

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