The Darkness Within

The Rebellion, Part I - Act III

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

-George Orwell

"Hello, Jay." A voice that was all too familiar spoke out from the top of the Arcadia Movement Building. The voice of a man that I killed with my own hands; a man whose evil I hoped was long gone and not standing before me.

And yet, there he was. His stupid haircut had stayed with him. Now, instead of wearing a brown trench coat, Sayer was wearing black robes, striped with neon-green markings. And now, Sayer had brown-red stripes on both his cheeks, and his eyes were deep black with green irises. Darkness radiated from his form, and a cruel, knowing grin adorned his face.

My first opponent; the first evil I encountered. I remembered how gullible I had been; believing that the Arcadia Movement was the one place where I would be safe, where I could finally be among people who understood me and didn't just run at first sight.

Oh, how wrong I had been.

Here before me stood one of the instruments of all the suffering that Project Akron had spawned. Sayer, a puppet used by Akron in order to start up everything and ensure that everything would play as he wanted. A completely and utterly ruthless person who the very thought of started to make my blood slowly boil.

"It's been a while, Jay. What have you been up to? How many people did you inadvertently kill trying to follow your own selfish dreams?" Sayer taunted, as if he knew just what I had been up to after he died, after I obliterated him.

"How… how can you be here, Sayer? I killed you, obliterated you out of existence with the Darkstar's power! How can you be back?" I questioned. I was properly confused here, how was Sayer here? He was supposed to be gone, nothing else!

"You're weak, Jay. Akron was right; you would be easy to manipulate into working for me," Sayer taunted as his robe swayed in the wind that passed through the ruined buildings of New Domino, as a soft purple glow appeared on his bare arm. "So was Akiza. In fact, so was everyone in this entire city. All of them were so easy to manipulate, so easy to sway to my cause," Sayer said dramatically, as purple lighting flared in the distance.

"And your cause was world domination, wasn't it, Sayer?" I replied, and Sayer gave a light chuckle in response. "In a way," Sayer then began. "My goal was to reshape the world so psychics like me would have their rightful spot at the top of the world. You threw quite the wrench into that plan, Alkain."

"But in the end, you did more damage to New Domino than I ever could, Alkain. Look around you, all this devastation is your own fault. I kept the psychics controlled, and the moment you killed me, everything went out of control, and then-" "SHUT UP!" I yelled at Sayer, making shut up for a second, but a knowing smile glazed his lips.

"I want to know how you're still here! I killed you, how can you still be here?!" I exclaimed, and Sayer chuckled darkly. "I gained the power of revenge," Sayer said quietly. "What?!" I exclaimed loudly, and Sayer lifted up his left arm, and a mark appeared on his arm, and glowed a soft purple. The moment it began glowing, I felt an all too familiar sensation on my back. I could feel the power of a mark glowing on it.

But unlike so many other times before, when I carried the mark of the Darkstar, the sensation was not painful, nor did it seem to glow with an unreal malice. No, this mark radiated a sensation of light, a sensation that felt soft, yet firm and demanding.

The mark of the full Crimson Dragon was on my back.

"My lord Divinius brought me back with this," Sayer said as his mark, the mark of something I couldn't tell began glowing even more. "He brought me back, and entrusted me with a power that nothing can escape from. The power of a Dark Signer!" Sayer exclaimed loudly, and he raised his arm into the sky, and a purple shockwave was released from his mark, knocking me down onto the ground and shaking the surrounding buildings.

Then, the very ground underneath us seemingly opened up, and purple-blue flames burst out from the ground, tearing through buildings, roads and highways as they stretched themselves across New Domino, leaving only ruin in their wake.

"Behold, Alkain!" Sayer exclaimed. "Behold the power of vengeance, the power of a Dark Signer!" Sayer cackled loudly as the flames took their end, and became one giant flaming sigil, the old Arcadia Movement Building standing tall in the middle. Then, dark mist enveloped his arm, and a piece of dark machinery formed on his arm. The piece of machinery began to fold out and expand, and dark-green energy began emanating from him, and the energy collected to form cards. Different cards, which were then sent into the machine, and shuffled. "My deck has been infused with the power of darkness, and the Darkstar has given me its favour! Now, you will fall prey to my vengeance!"


Engaging Duel Protocol. Loading format…

Format loaded.

Format: Anime 4000 1-on-1

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Sayer Divine

Jay: 4000

Sayer: 4000

"I'm taking the first move! Draw!" Sayer declared, and pulled his first card out of his Duel Disk, and he gave a smirk when he saw his draw. I already began to feel unsettled just from this. "I activate the Field Spell card, Brain Research Lab!" Sayer declared, as a compartment on his dark Duel Disk opened, and he slid the card inside.

Then, strange green pillars rose out of the ground, all containing people stuffed full of needles, tubes and other research-like cards. The floor became tiled and lines with small green lights, and small bits of green electricity would occasionally flare from the tubes.

"Now, I Normal Summon Psychic Snail in Attack Position!" Sayer declared, as a blue portal opened in front of him, and a strange creature made of purple and yellow goop crawled out. Two electrical coils were embedded into the creature's head, and it often sparked with yellow electricity.

Psychic Snail Lv: 4 Psychic/Effect ATK: 1900 DEF: 1200

"And I'm not done yet! By adding a Psychic Counter to Brain Research Lab, I can Normal Summon another Psychic-Type monster once per turn! I add another counter!" Sayer declared, and on a wall behind him, an eerie green light was turned on. "Now, I Normal Summon Mind Protector in Defense Position!" Sayer declared, as another blue portal opened, and out came a strange yellow robot with splotches of purple paint on it here and there. The moment it crouched down to signal Defense Mode, it then stretched out its hands and a green barrier was formed around it and the rest of Sayer's field.

Mind Protector Lv: 2 Psychic/Effect ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 (DEF)

"And here comes a Spell Card, Emergency Teleport!" Sayer then declared, as he slammed the card onto his field, and showed the oversized image of the card. "This card allows me to Special Summon a Level 3 or lower Psychic-type monster from my Deck! I call upon my Psychic Commander!" A new, green portal then appeared, and forth came a strange floating tank-like contraption, and it was being driven by a strange uniformed man. The tank then let loose a burst of green electricity, and five big green orbs then flew out of the tank, and began orbiting around it.

Psychic Commander Lv: 3 Psychic/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 800 (ATK)

I was beginning to be slightly afraid. Sayer was really going all out, and there seemed to be no end to how much he was going to throw at me. "I Tune my Level 3 Mind Protector with my Level 3 Psychic Commander!" Sayer then declared, as the man riding the strange tank did a salute, and his tank then turned into green energy, which was then condensed into three stars. The stars flew into the air, and began to rotate, until they became three green rings. The little yellow robot then launched itself into the air, and into the rings. The light shining from the rings revealed the three stars inside the robot. "Mad experiment from the laboratories hidden from sight, now released into the world to conquer it for its masters! Behold its unholy power!" Sayer chanted, as a green beam of light shone through the rings, and temporarily blinded me, forcing me to cover my eyes. "Synchro Summon! Charge, Psychic Nightmare!" Sayer chanted as the light faded to reveal an unreal abomination. It looked like a normal person, but with its body mutated, turned purple and highly augmented with machinery, including two horns and wild hair by the head, and two big fiendish wings, as well as a long, bony tail. The creature let out an ungodly roar as it took place beside Sayer.

Psychic Nightmare Lv: 6 Psychic/Effect ATK: 2400 DEF: 1800 (ATK)

"I Set two cards face-down," Sayer declared, as he took the last two cards in his hand and slid them into the zones for Spell & Trap cards, and to mirror that, two oversized face-down cards materialized behind Sayer's two grotesque monsters. "Turn end. Now, Alkain! Show me what you've got!" Sayer taunted. I snarled, and drew my first card. "Draw!" I declared, as I glanced at my first card.

"Since you control a monster, and I don't, I can Special Summon Nova Destroyer from my hand!" I declared, and slammed Destroyed onto my Duel Disk. At that moment, a blue portal opened in front of me, and out came the large man clad in massive red-and-black armor, wielding an enormous, chunky blade. He gave a battle cry, and two frame-like wings sprouted out from his back, and his blade lit up with fire.

Nova Destroyer Lv: 6 Warrior/Effect ATK: 2200 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"And then, since I control a face-up Nova Monster, I can Special Summon Nova Levinbolt from my hand!" I declared, and slapped another card onto my Duel Disk. Another blue portal opened, and out emerged a young sorcerer claid on red-and-yellow robes, who had arcs of red-and-yellow electricity arcing from hand to hand. The electricity flared as he took a battle stance beside Destroyer.

Nova Levinbolt Lv: 3 Thunder/Effect ATK: 1000 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"Levinbolt gains 600 Attack Points for each other Nova monster on the field besides him!" I declared, as the electricity in his hands grew in size as his power increased. I chuckled; with Destroyer's effect, I would be able to almost OTK Sayer, and bring him down to only 200 Life Points.

Levinbolt (ATK): 1000 -) 1600

"Battle Phase!" I declared. "Nova Destroyer attacks Psychic Nightmare!" I declared, and Destroyer, using his wings, brandished his blade and rushed towards the modified beast, blade ready to destroy him. "Nova Destr-" "Trap Card!" Sayer suddenly declared, interrupting me. "Synchro Drive!" Sayer declared, as his first face-down card activated, and flipped face-up.

"This makes my Synchro Monster indestructible, and without Destroyer's effect, he'll have to face Nightmare head-on! Nightmare! Crush Alkain's monster with Nightmarish Rampage!" Sayer howled, and as Destroyer swung his blade to try and cleave the abomination, Nightmare grabbed Destroyer's blade, and sliced its claws into him. Destroyer let out a howl of pain as his image was shattered, and pieces of his armor flew back towards me, and the shockwave launched me backwards onto my back, and I let out a howl of pain as I felt an unnatural shock go through my system.

Jay: 4000 -) 3900

Levinbolt (ATK): 1600 -) 1000

Sayer let out an inhumane laugh. "You really think I would fight unprepared?! I know your deck, and the Darkstar has given me countermeasures against you, as well as power beyond that of any Psychic Duelist!" Sayer then began laughing again, and Psychic Nightmare seemed to be laughing with him. This power, it's unbelievable! The Darkstar hasn't been skimping on gifts for Sayer… I grunted, and managed to get to my feet again. I looked at my hand, and gave a glance at that one Trap Card. I would have to bet it all on that card… "I… I Set a Card face-down!" I declared, as I slid it down into the slot for Spells and Traps, and its oversized equivalent materialized in front of me. "I end my turn."

"My move! Draw!" Sayer declared, a small wave of dark energy flared out from him as he drew his card, a wicked smile glazed his lips as his fingers tapped on his card gently, his eyes seemingly bulging out for a second as his tongue licked his lips.

"I Summon the Tuner monster, Mind Master!" Sayer declared, and another blue portal momentarily opened, and out came a strange saucer-like machine, equipped with two small arms and was powered by a brain contained in a green sphere on top of the machine.

Mind Master Lv: 1 Psychic/Tuner ATK: 100 DEF: 200 (ATK)

"And now, I activate the effect of Psychic Snail!" Sayer declared. "By paying 800 Life Points and preventing him from attacking this turn, one monster I control may attack twice! I target my Psychic Nightmare!" Sayer declared, and the two antennas attached to Psychic Snail began sparking with voltage, and flared violently around the blob of matter. Right after, the electricity sparked violently towards Psychic Nightmare, who absorbed the electricity, and a bright yellow aura began to emanate from the beastly abomination.

However, when the electricity sparked towards Sayer, in retribution for his Life Point cost, a strange green barrier formed around Sayer, and the electricity was absorbed by the barrier. The moment the barrier vanished, another green sphere behind Sayer lit up.

Sayer: 4000 -) 4000

Brain Research Lab: 2 Psychic Counters

"Surprised, Alkain?" Sayer cackled, "If I were to at any time pay Life Points to activate the effect of a Psychic-Type monster I control as a Cost, I am allowed to place another Psychic Counter on Brain Research Lab, and forego any Life Point deduction!" Sayer explained, and I immediately realized how much in trouble I was now. Almost all his monsters had powerful effects that would activate by paying Life Points. Now, coupled with his many ways of gaining Life Points and effectively eliminating the cost part of his cards, would equal serious trouble for me.

"And here comes more trouble for you! I Tune my Level 4 Psychic Snail with my Level 1 Mind Master!" Sayer declared, as the saucer-like machine turned into green energy, that was quickly condensed into one solitary star, which soon morphed into a green ring that enveloped the blob of matter that was Psychic Snail.

"Synchro Summon! Appear, Magical Android!" Sayer declared, as the powerful and dangerous card that he had used in his Duel against me before. The morphed and augmented woman wielding the strange staff charged with green voltage.

Magical Android Lv: 5 Psychic/Synchro ATK: 2400 DEF: 1700 (ATK)

"And now, I activate the effect of Psychic Nightmare! Once per turn, it selects one random card in your hand. Then, I can guess whether if it is a Monster, Spell or Trap card. If I guess right, then Psychic Nightmare gains 1000 Attack Points for the rest of this turn!" Sayer cackled, as holograms of the three cards in my hand were shown in front of me, with their backside turned towards Sayer. Psychic Nightmare then suddenly swung its tail around, and selected the card in the middle. It was a Spell Card. Now if only…

"It's a Spell Card, isn't it?" Sayer suddenly said, shocking me out of my thoughts. The card turned around, and revealed Stellar Hoard. A Spell Card. "I was right! And you know what that means, don't you, Alkain?" Sayer cackled, as electricity flared around Psychic Nightmare, and its muscles began to bulge, and its fangs and claws became longer and sharper. The mutated creature gave an ungodly roar of pain as it increased in strength.

Psychic Nightmare (ATK): 2400 -) 3400

"Now, Magical Android attacks Nova Levinbolt!" Sayer declared, and the augmented woman readied her staff. "Psychic Fire!" Sayer declared, and a burst of green flame was belched out by the staff, quickly approaching Levinbolt. "Trap Card, activate! Half Unbreak!" I quickly declared, as my single facedown revealed itself.

"I target Nova Levinbolt with Half Unbreak!" I declared, as my face-down card released a massive wave of colorful bubbles, one of which became enormous and enveloped the young sorcerer. "Half Unbreak prevents the targeted monster from being destroyed by battle, and halves all Battle Damage involving it!" I declared, as the fire hit the bubble. The bubble deflected the fire from Levinbolt, but sending straight towards me. I screamed as the scorching-hot fire hit me dead-on and launched me backwards.

Jay: 4000 -) 3400

Sayer cackled at my misery, as I picked myself up. "That's good, Alkain! Scream, squirm, writhe in agony! I want to savor your delightful agony! Psychic Nightmare attacks Levinbolt!" Sayer declared, as the buffed-up abomination rushed towards Levinbolt, and launched itself into a lunge, claws-first. The bubble repelled the strike, but voltage surged out from the attack, going through my body and causing my body to flail involuntarily around me as I yelled from the agony.

Jay: 3300 -) 2200

"Don't forget that Psychic Nightmare can attack twice thanks to the effect of Psychic Snail!" Sayer cackled, just as I was beginning to regain control of my body again. The abomination got to its legs and pounced on Levinbolt, though being repelled by the bubble, the surge of voltage went through me again, and the agony was absolute. I went numb and fell to the ground, my body not listening to my brain.

Jay: 2100 -) 1000

Jay! The echoing voice of the Crimson Dragon, the kind and yet authoritarian voice of the Crimson Dragon beckoned to me, deafening all agony. You have to regain control! Akiza is counting on you! Akiza… Just mentioning her made my brain fire up again, my body listen again, and I managed to get up on my feet.

"Hmph," Sayer scoffed, his maniacal smile still glazing his lips. "At least this means that my fun isn't ending just yet. I end my turn, and you know what Magical Android does then, don't you?" Sayer said, as a green mist began to exude from Magical Android's staff, enveloping Sayer in itself.

Sayer: 4000 -) 5200

"Now come at me, Alkain! Give me all your hatred!"

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