The Darkness Within

The Rebellion, Part II - Act III

"My turn! Draw!" I snarled, yanking the card out of my Duel Disk. My mark was pulsing wildly, its power running thick within my body and mind. This power was great and thick, just like the Darkstars power, though this felt different. The Darkstar felt malevolent and cold… this felt warm and just.

"I activate the Spell Card, Stellar Hoard!" I exclaimed, quickly taking Nova Geomancer, the card I just drew, and slid it into my Graveyard. "By sending a 'Nova' monster from my hand to the Graveyard, I can draw 2 cards!"

"Here I go!" I declared, sliding my fingers around the two cards, and drawing them together in one fluid movement. Looking over my hand, glancing at my new additions, I quickly formulated a plan. My hand consists of Star Changer, Nova Hell Burst, Nova Striker and Nova Guidance Fairy. Yes… I see now. "I Summon the Tuner, Nova Striker in Attack Position!" I declared, slapping Striker onto my Duel Disk. The moment after, a blue portal appeared beside Levinbolt, and a stout red warrior clad in red armor, and wielding a sword and shield jumped forth, brandishing his sword, ready for battle.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 Warrior/Tuner ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"Nova Striker's effect activates upon him being Normal Summoned! When he is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower monster, as long as it's a Nova monster! Come, Nova Guidance Fairy!" Striker took his sword, and ripped a hole in the ground with it. Moments after, fire spewed out of the crack, and out flew a small fairy-like being. It radiated crimson energy unlike anything other, and gave a soft giggle as it flew up next to Striker.

Nova Guidance Fairy Lv: 1 Fairy/Tuner ATK: 100 DEF: 100 (ATK)

"And now, I activate the Spell Card, Star Changer!" I declared, sliding the Spell Card into my Duel Disk. "Star Changer can increase or decrease the Level of a monster by one! I increase the Level of Star Changer by one!" I declared, and a surge of energy enveloped the electrical magician, his power running wild.

Levinbolt (Lv): 3 -) 4

"And now, I Tune my Level 4 Levinbolt with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" I declared, as Striker made his battlecry, and turned into red energy. The red energy condensed itself into three stars, which flew up into the air. The stars began rotating, and eventually turned into three red rings. Levinbolt crouched down, and then jumped up into the rings. "From the flames of strife, comes forth a warrior greater than any other!" I chanted, as the light from the three rings enveloped Levinbolt, and the four stars were revealed inside him. Then, a red beam of light pierced the rings, and quickly expanded to cover the entirety of the rings. "Synchro Summon!" I chanted, as the light faded, to reveal the armored dragon-warrior, wielding his large sword, his eyes ablaze with determination. "Burn forever, Nova Dragoon Blader!" Dragoon Blader then swung his blade through the air, and gave a beastly war-cry to boost his courage.

Name: Nova Dragoon Blader

Warrior/Synchro/Effect: This card is also treated as a Dragon-Type monster. If this card attacks an opponent's monster in Defense Position, inflict piercing damage to your opponent. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. If this card is used as Synchro Material for the Synchro Summon of a Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, that card gains ATK equal to the ATK of this card. Send it to the Graveyard during the End Phase, and Special Summon the Synchro Materials used to Synchro Summon that monster.

Attribute: Fire

Level: 7

ATK/DEF: 2500/1200

"I then activate the effect of Nova Guidance Fairy! Since I control a face-up Level 7 'Nova' Synchro Monster, I can Special Summon another from my Extra Deck!" Sayer's eye twitched for a second, as he could feel what was coming in a moment. "Come to me, Nova Phoenix Blaster!" I exclaimed, and Guidance Fairy opened up another portal. Out of the portal flew the burning phoenix, its two twin-linked laser cannons readied on its back as it flew out of the portal, and gave a proud screech as it landed next to Dragoon Blader.

Name: Nova Phoenix Blaster

Winged-Beast/Synchro/Effect: When this card destroys a Defense Position monster by battle, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. When this card is destroyed by battle, you can pay half your Life Points, Special Summon 1 Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck.

Attribute: Fire

Level: 7

ATK/DEF: 2200/1600

"When I use this effect, Guidance Fairy gains one additional Level," I explained, as Guidance Fairy was momentarily surrounded by a burst of red energy, which faded as quickly it came.

Guidance Fairy (Lv): 1 -) 2

"And now, I activate the Spell Card Nova Hell Burst," I declared, sliding my Spell Card into the Duel Disk. "-Inflicting you 800 damage for each Nova monster I control! I control three, which means you take 2400 damage!" A red mist began to seep out from my three monsters, the mist condensing itself to form three solid spheres. The spheres then caught fire, and rushed towards Sayer, each sphere sending him flying backwards with fiery explosions, singing and burning his skin and robes.

Sayer: 5200 -) 2800

"And now, I Tune my Level 7 Nova Phoenix Blaster with my Level 2 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the tiny fairy made a soft giggle, and then turned into red energy, that quickly condensed itself into two stars. The stars then began to rotate, turning into two red rings of energy. The winged fiery phoenix flapped its wings and took to the skies, flying right into the rings. "The earth bends, and rock goes soft before his gaze!" I chanted, as the light from the rings turned Phoenix transparent, showcasing the seven stars inside it. "Behold the guardian, whose power shakes the earth with his every step!" I continued to chant, as a red beam of light shone through the rings, and quickly intensified, creating violent winds behind me that made my slightly raggedy clothing and hair shake in the wind, and force Sayer to cover his face with sheer wind force. "Synchro Summon!" I exclaimed, as the light faded again, revealing the titanic bulky figure that was my highest-level Synchro Monster. It was as tall as the building itself, and the building we stood on began to precariously shake as he stepped onto the roof, his blazing wings spreading out behind him, and a deep, bellowing roar echoed throughout the ruined New Domino. "Nova Titanic Colosseus!" I finally declared, and two fires in the head of the titanic rock-creature lit up, representing eyes.

Nova Titanic Colosseus Lv: 9 Rock/Synchro ATK: 2800 DEF: 3800 (ATK)

"Attack Position? Why did you leave it in Attack Position, Jay? You're confusing me here-" Sayer began, but I cut him off quickly. "Battle Phase! Nova Titanic Colosseus attacks Psychic Nightmare!" I declared, as the titanic creature reared back with its arms, preparing to strike.

Sayer burst out into a fit of laughter. "You forget that Psychic Nightmare's power boost lasts until your End Phase! Shame that you had to go down like this, Alkain!" Sayer taunted, but I gave my own smirk. "Titanic Colosseus's effect activates!" I then declared, causing Sayer to take a step back in confusion. "When Colosseus attacks, he can switch his Attack and Defense Points for the rest of the turn!" "What?!" Sayer exclaimed, as Colosseus's wings flared violently.

Colosseus (ATK): 2800 -) 3800

Colosseus (DEF): 3800 -) 2800

"Ultimate Terran Earthquake!" I exclaimed as Colosseus let its rocky fists descend down upon Sayer's Psychic Nightmare, and with surprising speed, the fists slammed into the abomination and crushing it to bits, and sending a massive shockwave towards Sayer, and there was nothing he could do to stop it, as he flew backwards once again by the pressure wave.

Sayer: 2800 -) 2400

"Now Nova Dragoon Blader attacks Magical Android!" I declared, as the dragon-warrior hefted his blade and dived for the android-mage hybrid and with one swift swing, tore the android in half.

Sayer: 2400 -) 2300

"Had enough, Sayer?" I spat venomously, as the crumpled and toppled figure of Sayer slowly got to his feet again. "I doubt it though. You deserve every little bit of suffering you're about to get, Sayer. You hurt so many, and now I have come for you!" I exclaimed, rage tainting my voice.

Sayer just chuckled, which then turned into full-blown laughter. "SO DID YOU!" Sayer roared. "You set the leaderless Arcadia Movement upon the weak and unprepared New Domino! Millions were killed in their fighting BECAUSE OF YOU!"

"You're wrong! They were brainwashed to fight by Kroe! His engine incited them to violence!"

"You still think that's the truth?! You caused this Jay, you did all this! MY TURN!" Sayer howled, and a massive black shockwave shook the entirety of the building the moment he drew his card. His draw made him look so happy, gleeful and excited.

"I activate my Spell Card, Treasure Cards of Adversity! Since I control no monsters, and you control monsters that are Special Summoned, I can Draw 2 cards!" Sayer declared, swiftly drawing two cards.

"And now, I activate the Spell Card Telekinetic Power Well!" Sayer then said, sliding yet another card into his Duel Disk. "This allows me to Special Summon any number of Level 2 or lower Psychic-Type monsters from my Graveyard, as long as I take damage equal to their levels times 200!" Suddenly, a tube came out of Sayer and pierced his gut. He growled slightly as the tube pulled out some sort of energy from within, but it was black.

Sayer: 2300 -) 1700

The tube then retracted, giving me a look at the large hole it had made in Sayer's gut, but his dark powers healed his injury almost immediately. The tube then funneled the dark energy inside a strange machine, where the power immediately began to react strangely with the gases inside, until two shapes began to be visible inside. The machine then exploded, revealing his two monsters; Mind Master and Krebons.

What was that supposed to give him? Two weak Tuners? How was he going to get anything out of that? Was he completely crazy and just doing whatever? I didn't know, but the moment after, I knew. Boy, I knew.

"Now, I release Mind Master and Krebons!" Sayer declared, as the two morphed into two rainbow-colored orbs, which quickly merged together to form one big rainbow-colored orb that immediately flew into the sky. This… this isn't a normal Advance Summon!

The orb then merged into a strange rock-like heart. A heart, a genuine human heart, though of stone, and dark energy rippled beneath its surface. Dark energy began to flow into what would be the start of veins, and the rock heart began beating with a haunting sound that seemed to echo through my very soul.

He's summoning it!

"O Dark God, you who rule over all that is Void in this world!" Sayer began to chant, raising his hands into the air as strange purple orbs emerged from the ground and flew inside the heart. I could hear silent screams of agony… it was souls being torn from the afterlife and forced inside this contraption.

"You who bestowed upon me the gift of undeath, and brought me back as a specter of vengeance alongside you! Let me unlock the gates to the Nether, and let that which was trapped in the earth walk under dark skies once more!" Sayer's voice was becoming more and more warped for every moment he spoke as more and more souls were sucked into the dark heart, screaming in agony as they became food for whatever he was summoning.

"Let me use their power to devour the world and leave only Void!" Then, the heart stopped beating, and no more souls were being pulled inside. Then, a dark mist enveloped the heart, and the very sky began to twist and warp. A massive pillar of purple light shone down from the twisted and warped sky that enveloped the heart, and shook both ground and sky with its power before fading.

Then, the very earth seemed to open behind Sayer as something impossible crawled out of a shroud of blue fire. An absolutely titanic figure, easily dwarfing the Arcadia Movement Building and Nova Titanic Colosseus at once.

It eerily resembled Sayer's ace, Thought Rule Archfiend, though now it had fully succumbed to darkness. Its body was a matte black, and what had been gray bone was now green lines decorating the titanic hulking figure. "ADVENT, EARTHBOUND IMMORTAL, ESSE ACHEL!"

This was a monster?!

Earthbound Immortal Esse Achel Lv: 12 Psychic/Effect ATK: 3200 DEF: 2700 (ATK)

"Esse Achel can attack you directly, Alkain! GET HIM!" Sayer howled, and his Earthbound Immortal took its one arm, and swung it down towards me. Luckily I had a slight back-up plan. "As long as he's on the field, the only target you have for anything is Colosseus! STOP HIM!" I exclaimed, and Colosseus brought up his fists to block the attack.

He was crushed immediately. Colosseus was absolutely broken apart. Crushed, destroyed, smashed to bits in what was practically an explosion. Even though Colosseus was in Defense Mode, I could still feel the sheer force of the attack. It was unbelievable. It felt like every part of me was on fire. There was no spot of me that wasn't wracked with intense, immeasurable pain. I screamed in agony as I fell to my knees, and Sayer just kept laughing.

"Wh-when Colosseus is destroyed, I get to draw a card…" I declared, and drew a single, solitary card. Sayer wasn't done. A stream of green energy washed over him and repaired all the damage I had ever done to him in this duel. Even his robes were repaired with accurate precision.

Sayer: 1700 -) 5500

"When Esse Achel destroys a monster, I gain Life Points equal to the destroyed monster's highest stat, Attack or Defense! Colosseus's highest stat was his Defense of 3800, which means an extra 3800 Life Points for me! And even better! Whenever I gain life Points, Esse gains both Attack and Defense equal to that amount as well!"

Esse Achel (ATK): 3200 -) 7000

Esse Achel (DEF): 2700 -) 6500

This… this is hopeless. I don't have anything in my Deck that can counter that. I've lost, I thought, the situation truly dawning upon me now, seeing the raw power that Esse Achel is capable of. "I end my turn!" I heard Sayer declare, and I found myself hesitating.

I-I couldn't draw. I didn't have the strength to draw.

I-I failed them all. I failed my Deck, I failed the Crimson Dragon, I…I-

Do not give in, Alkain!

Why not? I've lost.

The duel isn't over yet! You have my power, and this power can grant your miracle! She is counting on you, Jay!

That moment, I felt my hands on my Deck, ready to draw. The mention of my sole motivation, my reason for all this, that mention gave me my strength. My mark, glowing brighter than ever before.

"DRAW!" I declared, and a small smile glaced my lips for a second. This… this could work! And with that… and that… and that! Yes! Now, seeing Esse's capabilities… A plan was forming in my mind. I could see the cards chain together.

Solanus Nebula Blockade… Esse Achel… Solanus Nebula Blockade again, face-down… Esse Achel… face-down activation, will lead to…


"I activate the Spell Card Solanus Nebula Blockade, which will-" I started, but Sayer stopped me. "The effect of Esse Achel activates! By paying 1000 Life Points, I can negate the activation of a Spell or Trap card and destroy it!" The skull-headed maw of Esse Achel opened, and it belched a storm of green lighting that obliterated my Spell Card.

Just as planned. An easy smirk adorned my face. "You fell for it."


"I activate the effect of Solanus Nebula Blockade in my Graveyard!" I declared. "By sending a monster from my Deck to my Graveyard, this returns all cards I control to my Deck, and then Special Summons a Nebula Tokens!" I declared, as a strange-colored mist appeared from my Duel Disk. Dragoon Blader jumped inside it, and vanished once again. The mist then condensed itself, and took its place on my field in Defense Mode.

"And as icing on the cake, as long as I control Nebula Tokens, they're the only cards you can select as attack targets, and they're indestructible by battle!" Sayer was practically fuming by now. "I end my turn with one card face-down!" This was it. If Sayer manages to find some other way around the Nebula Blockade, then I'm in serious trouble.

"My turn!" Sayer growls. "You've just set yourself up for defeat, Alkain! Now behold my power! By halving my Life Points, Esse destroys all other cards on the field except for Field Spells, and for each card destroyed, you take 1000 points of damage! I count two, which means 2000 damage! DESTROY HIM!" Sayer growled, as dark energy began to well up inside the creature, preparing to release a deadly, destructive shockwave.


"Trap Card, Road of the Dragon, activate!" I declared, as my single hope, my one face-down flipped face-up.

"Since a card effect would destroy more than 2 cards on the field, Road of the Dragon negates the activation, and negates the effects of the card whose effect was activated!" I declared, as a crimson burst of energy streamed out from the card and struck Esse Achel head-on, staggering it and dissipating the energy. Since it's a Counter Trap, he can't activate his effect in return, which means that he can't defend his Earthbound Immortal! And then… "And then I can Special Summon one special Dragon-Type Synchro Monster from my Extra Deck!" I declared as the card formed into one big orb of crimson energy that slowly began to twist and form. It formed legs, it formed arms, six wings and the rest of the fierce, unyielding dragon that was my ace. "SUPERNOVA DRAGON!"

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

Esse Achel (ATK): 7000 -) 3200

Esse Achel (DEF): 6500 -) 2700

Sayer was stumped. He sure hadn't seen this coming. And yet, he ended up with a nervous laughter again as he glanced at the remaining card in his hand. "Your fun and games are boring me, Alkain! You don't have the Darkstar's power anymore, I am by far superior to you! I Set a card face-down! Turn End!" Sayer cackled, and I placed my hand on my Deck, ready to draw.

Now, Alkain! Focus all your power and call forth the light!

As the Crimson Dragon said that, I felt a soft glow beneath my hand. I looked down, and saw the top card of my Deck was glowing yellow, golden even. I felt power welling up in that card. All my power was being funneled into that very card, my way out of this Duel.

My victory. "DRAW!"

"Come, Majestic Dragon!" I exclaimed, and slapped the card onto my Duel Disk, and a strange dragon appeared on my Duel Disk. It was a soft pink color, with two folded wings and a strange body. And it was very, very big.

Majestic Dragon Lv: 1 Dragon/Tuner ATK: 0 DEF: 0 (ATK)

"I Tune my Level 8 Supernova Dragon, and my Level 1 Nebula Token with the Level 1 Majestic Dragon!" I declared as Supernova Dragon flew inside the large Majestic Dragon, and the strange-colored mist followed it inside. Then the nine stars shone through Majestic Dragon, and a beam of golden light shone through the single solitary ring that Majestic Dragon created around its tail, and through the nine stars. ""SYNCHRO SUMMON! APPEAR, MAJESTIC NOVA DRAGON!"

And when the light faded, a single, crimson dragon was remaining. Being almost double the size of Supernova Dragon, having six folded wings, and where it used to have legs was just one very long tail, and it seemed to be clad in strange crystal-like armor. Its wings folded out, and it gave a clear, benevolent roar that shook the skies.

Majestic Nova Dragon Lv: 10 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 4000 DEF: 3100 (ATK)

"You're a fool, Jay! I activate my Trap Card, Earthbound Release!" Sayer declared, as his face-down card flipped face-up. "Since you Summoned a Level 6 or higher monster, I can Release an Earthbound Immortal I control, and then destroy all monsters you control and inflict their Attack Points to you as damage! YOU LOSE!" Sayer declared as a beam of shadow was fired towards my new dragon.

I wasn't fazed. "The effect of Majestic Nova Dragon activates! When it would be affected by a card effect, I can once per turn negate that effect!" I declared, as my dragon roared and sent out a crimson shockwave, that immediately dissipated the beam of shadow and destroyed Sayer's card.

"And then!" I declared, as Sayer was freaking out, "You take damage equal to Majestic Nova Dragon's Attack Points!" I declared, as my dragon charged up a massive ball of fire. "Supernova Majestic Flare!" Then, the ball was fired at Sayer, causing a massive explosion as he was rocketed through the air by the effect.

Sayer: 5500 -) 1500

"And now, I activate the other effect of Majestic Nova Dragon! One monster you control has its effects negated, it's Attack Points made to zero, and all the removed Attack Points go to Majestic Nova Dragon! Rebalance Universe!" I declared, as all the dark energy was removed from Sayer's Earthbound Immortal, and it was left staggered and weakened, as the lines of color turned black.

Esse Achel (ATK): 3200 -) 0

Majestic Nova Dragon (ATK): 4000 -) 7200

"This is the end, Sayer! Majestic Nova Dragon attacks Earthbound Immortal Esse Achel! Supernova Majestic Blitz!" My dragon became cloaked in flame, gave an earth-shaking roar, and charged down from the sky towards the Earthbound Immortal. It flew right through it, creating a massive dragon-shaped hole in the Immortal, which began to collapse and fall apart.

Sayer was done.

Sayer: 1500 -) 0

Winner: Jay Alkain

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