The Darkness Within

The Confrontation - Act I

"He who has a why to live can bear any how."

-Friedrich Nietzche

I opened my eyes, and i was shocked by what I saw. A concrete ceiling. I looked around from where I slept, and saw that I was in what looked like a cell.

I immediately felt that I was lying on concrete as well, and so I rushed up, making the thin fabric I had to cover myself fly off the poor excuse for a bed. I looked myself in the mirror, and I saw my face.

This wasn't me. My hair was brown, but my red and blue eyes were still there. My horns were gone, and I wasn't wearing my bandages.

Then I heard the opening of a door behind me, and there stood a man. He was old, but his hair stood out, like wind was blowing, and he had then fastened it with something. He was wearing a small pair of spectacles, and his brown eyes stared at me indifferently.

"Good morning, Jay."

I blinked, and suddenly, I was inside what looked like a small glass sphere. I was restrained, but what kept me in place, I didn't know. All I saw was in the big room before me; people were speaking and passing around documents.

"Begin Tier 15 Dracotherapy, in 3…" I saw everyone get to separate consoles in the room.

"2…1…initiate!" As soon as that sentence stopped, I felt like lightning struck me, and continued to shock me. I screamed out in agony, as I begged them to stop. I couldn't take it.

But they didn't listen. They just stared at their consoles and lists, while my cries of agony fell upon deaf ears. And soon, I felt my eyes blacken, and I fainted.

Then, I heard sirens going off. "Something's off! The readings are going skyward!" I heard one voice say in the dark.

"Oh my god… he's breaking free!"

And the sound of shattering glass echoed in the dark.

I was breathing heavily when I woke up, and I was sweating horribly. I looked around again to confirm my surroundings. Yes, I was in the small office I went to sleep in yesterday. My Duel Disk was still on my arm, and I felt horrible.

Tsk. What a pathetic sight you are, Jay Alkain. Not only are you weak and cowardly, but now you're also slowly going insane. What an interesting psychological profile they'll write about you in the Facility.

I didn't even bother to respond to Akron. I just got up and took a deep breath.

And then I began to hear sirens. I looked out of the window, and saw what was outside. The entire warehouse was surrounded by Sector Security. Crap.

I quickly grabbed a small bottle of water and splashed it on my face, and rubbed the water on my pale skin, and underneath my bandages. Hopefully, I could soon get some new bandages, or if I was lucky, maybe even get a doctor to examine what the hell was wrong with my eyes. Maybe I'll even ask what the hell happened to me, but I doubt any doctor in the entire world could tell me.

But hey, that wasn't important right now. Now, I had Sector Security to worry about. So I looked around, and to my luck, I found a set of stairs. I climbed up the stairs, and found myself on the roof of the warehouse. Luckily, the idiots from Sector Security didn't spot me, and they still thought I was in the warehouse. I guess when Carl said that he'd get his revenge, he wasn't making empty threats.

The bastard told my whereabouts to Sector Security.

"We know you're in there, Akron! Come out with your hands in the air, or we'll storm the building!"

If I said that I thought that they were idiots and found their offer stupid, I'd be lying. I didn't know what had happened to me, and maybe turning myself in could help me finding out what the hell was going on with everything.

But then it dawned upon me, as the officers began to enter the building; that the world didn't care for people like me. The world was ruthless, and I was just another psychopath to throw in the Facility.

I jumped from the roof of the warehouse onto another rooftop nearby. The idiots below who were raiding the warehouse didn't even see me. Just goes to show, Sector Security can't keep anything secure.

But one word kept itself stale in my mind as I leapt from rooftop to rooftop.

Arcadia. I had to find out more about it. What could it be? Maybe a safe haven for people like me, or maybe a death trap for people like me.

Still, it was my only lead for somewhere to be, somewhere to go, somewhere to just see. 'Cause the hellhole I was in right now sure wasn't a place for someone like me, even if Sector Security didn't like me very much.

What makes you think they'll want you? You're a killer, Jay.

I did my best to ignore the eminent voice of Akron in my head, and I kept on dismissing him as simply something I imagined. But even if he was, it didn't stop him from being completely and utterly right.

I was a fugitive; and as the TV showed; I was branded a murderer and a brutal killer. As if they'd want me.

But it was my only option. I was alone, and I wish someone would at least just not try to turn me in to Sector Security.

But first, I had to find out where this 'Arcadia' was. And my first idea was that I should try to find a newspaper of sorts. And luckily, there was one right down an alley I had jumped over. So, I carefully jumped down, and began reading it. It was called 'Satellite Times'.

So, I guess this island I was on was called Satellite.

I skimmed the paper, until the name 'Arcadia' showed itself on page 9. I read it closely. It was more or less a simple column written by some snarky journalist.

The Arcadia Movement has been getting bad reputation from both Sector Security, and other agencies alike. Today, my good long-distance friend Adam told me he could answer a few questions about the Arcadia Movement, which he is a member of himself.

He told me that the sole purpose of the Arcadia Movement was to provide somewhere safe for psychics, who have all more or less been branded dangerous by Sector Security. Hence the name 'Arcadia', also the name of a sacred garden in Greek mythology, which was a safe place for all.

When I asked him of why the leader of the Arcadia Movement, Sayer Divine, even created the Movement, he responded that it was because Sayer couldn't bear to see how they were treated for something they were born with.

When I pressed the issue more, Adam replied that he'd said enough. But even if there were psychics here, they wouldn't be able to cross over to New Domino. Of course, Daedalus Bridge could be an option.

Thanks for reading, this was Allie Gardner of the Satellite Times.

The woman's tone in writing and overall chirpiness sickened me. Why did they even pay her if all she writes is this kind of junk?

But at the very least, that small chunk of text had given me hope. It was a place for people like me. Maybe, just maybe, I could find my solace there. And this 'Daedalus Bridge', might be my way of getting across.

A few hours later…

Daedalus Bridge was big. As in really big. It stretched far across the sea, and I imagined it would shine brilliantly in the sunlight, if the sun wasn't already down.

It was dark now, and my one chance to maybe find safety was here. It was right before my eyes. This bridge would take me to freedom.

As I walked onto the bridge, I felt the metal underneath my boots, as I slowly walked along the bridge. It was empty; if this truly was the way to travel between Satellite and New Domino, why were there still so many people in Satellite? They were poor and miserable as I could see, why not try to get a better life while they could?

My thoughts were interrupted by a sound I dreaded. Sirens. They were far away, but I could still hear them, clear as day. I turned around and saw the blue and red lights of their patrol cars approaching.

As I turned around, I felt something hit me in the stomach, and it sent me flying backwards down to the metal road. I grunted as I tried to get up. Then, I heard a voice.

"My, my. If it isn't Patient 42." The voice was of a girl, most likely at my age. Her voice was venomous and filled with malice as she spoke. I pulled my toppled body up again and faced whoever was speaking.

And quickly, I saw who spoke to me. It was a woman, and I must say, she was quite… curvaceous. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive. She was wearing a greenish blue dress, and she was hovering about a foot off the floor.

My powers immediately flared up, and I felt myself rise off the floor as well. "Who are you?" I spat.

"Who, me? To you, I'm Patient 40. Anna Alexi."

"You were there as well? What did they-" I began, but she cut me off immediately. "That's enough chatter, 42. Now, let's see if all they put me through was worth it!" She said venomously, and pulled out her Duel Disk. It was fashioned like a blade, like mine, except it was green and blue instead of red and black.

I pulled my own Duel Disk out in response. "Now, let's see who is truly the Conduit of the Darkstar!"

"Seal of the Darkstar, ACTIVATE!"

Name: Seal of the Darkstar

Field Spell

Effect: This card must be played before the beginning of the Duel. This card is not placed face-up in the Field Spell Zone, but is instead placed in a separate Zone. Before the Duel begins, both players place 5 Seal Counters on this card. When any player draws a card during his/her Draw Phase, he/she must remove 1 of his/her Seal Counters from this card. If a player destroys an opponent's monster by battle, he/she must place one more Seal Counter on this card. If a player has no Seal Counters on this card, he/she immediately loses the Duel.

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