The Darkness Within

The Fable, Part IV - Act III

"So many are dead because of us, Jay. Because of the actions we chose. We were not forced to do these actions, and yet we made them anyway. I can't…

I can't live with it anymore. I just want to disappear," Lance finished, tears streaming down from his eyes. I couldn't help but feel bad for him, mostly because he was like me. He was made into something so horrifying, and though he attempted to fight it, in the end he couldn't change what he was.

"The Darkstar promised me my peace if I win, Jay. I don't really care about anything else anymore. I just want to disappear…" Lance trailed off, before shaking his head to regain his composure. "I Set two cards face-down! Turn end!" Lance declared as the two face-down cards emerged behind the two dragons.

"My turn!" I declared, and I went down to draw my next card, but then I began smelling something. I began to smell fire. I looked up, and Lance was gone. I wasn't even wielding my Duel Disk anymore. A harsh wind began to blow around me, picking up the dust that covered the ruined penthouse, and I was forced to shield my face with my hands.

"Jay. Jay, can you hear me?" A voice rang out. I couldn't completely recognize it… but I had definitely heard it before. "Who are you?!" I called out, attempting to overcome the noise of the wind. As I slowly began to walk forwards, a building began to form in the distance. It was tall, black and… I recognized it then.

It was the tower Divinius had formed around himself. "Open your eyes, Jay. I need you to see what you've done. The world should have died long ago." I began walking again as I got closer and closer to the tall tower, stretching in the distance.

"You were given the chance to stop, and yet, you chose to keep going." What was that voice talking about? I never had a choice, everything was out of control, I- I did what I had to do, didn't I?

"You always had a choice." The voice was different this time. This voice I couldn't recognize. I saw a figure limping towards me, the scent of burning flesh reaching my nose as I kept going forwards, not stopping. "What? Who's there?" I called out.

"One of your victims. One who was just walking home from work to his family." The figure was approaching fast, limping rapidly towards me. But the moment he got close to me, he dissolved into dust and vanished again. I felt that painful whine returning again as my eyes began flashing white. What… what's happening to me?

"I- I didn't have a choice…" I called out. The voice scoffed. "You always had a choice. You just fucked everything up." I kept walking as the sound of boots stepping in sand was momentarily replaced with the sound of boots on smooth, tiled floor as my eyes began to flash white again.

Then the dust collected itself again and became the wounded figure of Sayer, limping towards me. His chest was bleeding, his eyes were bleeding, he was dripping blood from so many wounds. He looked at me with his bloody, tired eyes.

"Deep down, you knew we all had to die." And then I fell to the ground on my knees. The dust was picking up, and yet I could still see the tower in the distance, the symbol of my redemption, all I had done… I just needed to make it there, and then… then everything would be alright.

Fire erupted in waves from behind the tower as I looked up at it. In front of me, I saw bodies, their eyes all pointed at me, glowing a fierce, angry red as the fire became even wilder. "There were over nine million people alive in New Domino the day you woke up. How many are alive today, I wonder?" That voice again…

"How many will be alive tomorrow?"

A flash of fire, and then nothing. Nothing but pure white, and the sound of beeping. The beeping from my heartrate monitor… glass shattering… sirens. Sirens approaching. Flashing lights… everything is a lie. Don't listen. They speak lies…

And then the dust, the fire and the lights faded away. Everything was as it was before, Lance with Ancient Fairy Dragon and Power Tool Dragon standing in front of me, and my hand over my deck so I could draw. With hesitance, I pulled the card out and into my hand.

"Since you control a monster and I do not, I Special Summon Nova Destroyer from my hand!" I declared, and forth came the large heavily armored warrior wielding his massive blade. His two wing frames folded out from his armor, and he took his battle stance in front of me.

Nova Destroyer Lv: 6 Warrior/Effect ATK: 2200 DEF: 600 (ATK)

"And then I Summon the Tuner monster, Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared, as the second monster came forth, taking the form of a small, mischievous red fairy with a devilish smirk on his face.

Nova Empowering Spirit Lv: 2 Fairy/Tuner ATK: 600 DEF: 300 (ATK)

"And now, I Tune my Level 6 Nova Destroyer with my Level 2 Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared, as the mischievous fairy turned itself into red energy, which condensed itself into two red stars, that began circling, turning into red rings. "When a star dies, a new star is forged in the flames of a supernova." I began to chant, as Nova Destroyer jumped into the air, and with its wings, flew inside of the rings. "Let every star burst to form one great dragon!" A beam of red light pierced the rings, revealing the six stars inside Destroyer, before expanding rapidly. "Synchro Summon!" From the light emerged a pair of scaled, muscular arms, then legs, then wings, and then the armored body of my signature card. "Supernova Dragon!"

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 (ATK)

"The effect of Nova Empowering Spirit gives Supernova Dragon an additional 1000 Attack Points, and makes it immune to destruction by battle!" I explained, as an image of Empowering Spirit flashed in front of Supernova Dragon, and a crimson red aura surrounded the monster, as my dragon gave a loud roar.

Supernova Dragon (ATK): 3000 -) 4000

"Trap Card, activate!" Lance then declared as his left-most face-down revealed itself. "Breakthrough Skill negates the effects of Supernova Dragon!" Lance declared, as the card fired a beam of white light at Supernova Dragon, negating its effects.

"Whatever!" I exclaimed. "Supernova Dragon, attack Ancient Fairy Dragon!" I declared, and my dragon cloaked itself in fire, flew up, and dived for the regal dragon. "Supernova Hyper Blitz!" I declared as Supernova Dragon let out a roar as it approached.

"Trap Card, activate!" Lance then declared. "Blazing Mirror Force!" He declared, as his other face-down emerged. "When you attack, this destroys all Attack Position monsters you control, and then gives us both damage equal to half of its original Attack Points!"

The card then fired a massive wave of fire at the charging Supernova Dragon. It's speed dropped dramatically the moment the fire struck it, but it roared and resisted the fire. But the stream was simply too much; Supernova Dragon couldn't withstand it. It was forced back and the fire enveloped it and it was turned to cinders, before the fire then burst out of control and caused a massive explosion, sending both me and Lance flying.

Jay: 2500 -) 1000

Lance: 4000 -) 2500

"Hnngh," I said as I crawled out of the rubble that had fallen on top of me, and I met face-to-face with Lance again, along with Ancient Fairy Dragon and Power Tool Dragon. Their eyes glowed still, and they looked at me with this fierce accusatory gleam in their eyes.

"You left us to die!" Leo's voice spoke angrily to me. I could hear his rage, his disgust. "I tried to save you!" I cried out in response, while Lance gave a knowing look.

"You're not a good person, Jay. If you were, this would have never happened." Luna's calmer voice, although the venom in her voice was evident. She was calm, but by no means any less spiteful. "Listen to me!" I cried, "I didn't do this!" Instinctually, I set two cards face-down, but Leo and Luna's accusations began to get to me. I could feel the tears dripping from my eyes.

"My turn!" Lance declared, as dark energy flared as he drew his card, and his Dark Signer mark gleamed in response. "Now, the time has come for this to end, Jay. I won't let you stand in the way! I activate the Field Spell Card Realm of the Dragon Rulers!" Lance declared, and the skyscraper around us turned into a vast landscape divided into four main areas. One with a wild, rampaging sea, one with massive, twisting mountains, one filled with massive, untamed tornadoes, and one with a titanic erupting volcano.

"And now it's time! I Release Power Tool Dragon and Ancient Fairy Dragon!" Lance declared as the two creatures were lifted into the air and were compressed into one blob of energy that constantly changed color, that then proceeded to fly into the air.

The blob turned into a rocky heart that began pumping as screaming souls emerged from the ground and were pulled inside of the heart. Then, when almost a thousand souls had been swallowed, two massive souls emerged from the ground as well.

I could see the forms of two people inside, I saw… Leo and Luna. Even more, they were heading inside of their own volition! "LEO! LUNA! DON'T DO IT!" I screamed at the darkened sky, but they didn't listen. They looked down upon me with looks of disdain, before continuing inside the heart. "NO!"

Then the heart exploded. The heart exploded into a cascade of dark energy that shook the very earth. And when the darkness faded, a creature that could give any living being nightmares for the rest of time crawled out of the ground. A gigantic black dragon, red markings driving across it and six eyes at the front that gleamed an angry red, and the mouth that let out a haunting roar that felled at least seven skyscrapers with sheer sound.

Earthbound Immortal Dracus Sterra Lv: 12 Dragon/Effect ATK: 3700 DEF: 3500 (ATK)

"The effect of Dracus Sterra activates upon its successful Advance Summon, increasing its ATK by the Attack Points of the monsters that I Released!" Lance declared, as images of Ancient Fairy Dragon and Power Tool Dragon flashed in front of it, before being absorbed by its body.

Dracus Sterra (ATK): 3700 -) 8500

"And then, my Field Spell gives Dracus Sterra an additional 100 Attack Points for each Dragon-Type monster in my Graveyard! There's three, which means an additional 300 Attack Points!" Lance declared, as Dracus Sterra howled again.

Dracus Sterra (ATK): 8500 -) 8800

"Dracus Sterra attacks you directly! Get him!" Lance howled as the massive creature reared back, and brought down a claw towards me. I had to act fast. "Trap Card, activate! Defense Draw! I negate this one instance of Battle Damage and draw a card!" I declared as a golden barrier surrounded me, and I drew a single card as the hand was repelled by my card.

"Why… why won't you just let me disappear?" Lance said, his voice almost shaking now. "I just… I just don't want to be anymore… WHY WON'T YOU LET ME HAVE THAT?!" Lance screamed, his voice cracking under the pressure.

"We were so close, Alkain! Why did you have to do this?! WE COULD HAVE SAVED EVERYONE!"


I drew my card swiftly, and immediately placed the drewn Spell Card onto my Duel Disk, as I was flaring with anger. "Spell Card, Monster Reborn! I use it to revive Supernova Dragon!" I declared, as a purple portal opened in front of me, and my dragon flew out from it, and prepared to fight.

"Now, I Summon Nova Knight, and use its effect to Special Summon Nova Guidance Fairy from my hand!" The two monsters appeared in tandem, as I felt my anger flare, and it turned into an all-consuming fire, and becoming all I knew.

"BURNING SOUL! I Double Tune my Level 8 Supernova Dragon with my Level 3 Nova Knight and my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared as the two Tuners turned into energy, which condensed itself into four flaming rings that enveloped Supernova Dragon in a sphere of fire.

"DESCEND, SUPERNOVA DRAGON EMPEROR HELIOS!" I declared, as the fire faded to reveal Supernova Dragon, now even larger, and instead of having six wings, now had two big, hardened wings, fire streaming along its fists, head and wings, and eyes that burned like the abyss.

Supernova Dragon Emperor Helios Lv: 12 Dragon/Synchro ATK: 4000 DEF: 3500 (ATK)


Dracus Sterra (ATK): 8800 -) 3700


Emperor Helios (ATK): 4000 -) 5500

"HELIOS ATTACKS YOUR IMMORTAL! AND JUST LIKE HIS BASE FORM, WHEN HE DESTROYS A MONSTER BY BATTLE, YOU'LL RECEIVE ITS HIGHEST STAT AS DAMAGE! THIS IS THE END! HELIOS, ATTACK! RAGING HELIOS FLARE!" I roared, and Helios roared with me as it let out a gigantic wave of fire, scorching the Immortal alive, and Lance along with it.

Lance: 2500 -) 0

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