The Darkness Within

The Confession, Part III - Act III

"This is all his fault."


I was burning. My power was fighting the fire as best as it could, but the fire just wouldn't stop. I felt my body burning like I was in the depths of hell. I screamed my lungs out in agony as I felt everything burn around me, and I thrashed around, trying to fight off the flames.

My vision was flashing white periodically as I tried to fend off the fire, but the burning feeling kept me running wild, thrashing around as I tried to dull the immense pain. Then my vision flashed white again, and I was back in the Satellite, standing in front of Akiza who was looking at me with a strange look, as if she had seen a ghost.

Then my stomach felt terrible. I looked down and saw that my skin had been burned badly. Very badly. It hurt like all hell, and I then began to cough violently, and my rasping for air was accompanied by a few spurts of blood that splattered down onto the concrete floor.

Jay: 2700 -) 300

"T-Trap Card, Crush Star!" I declared, before a cough escaped me again, along with a spurt of blood. My power was healing the internal damage, but that didn't lessen the pain one bit. "Since a Synchro Monster I control is destroyed, Crush Star allows me to Special Summon two monsters with 1000 or less Attack Points in Defense Position. One from my hand," I declared, as Nova Empowering Spirit appeared beside me, "-and one from my Graveyard!" I then exclaimed, as Paladin rose up again and took his place beside Empowering Spirit.

Nova Empowering Spirit Lv: 2 ATK: 600 DEF: 300 Fairy/Tuner/Effect (DEF)

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 Warrior/Effect (DEF)

"Tch," Akiza scoffed angrily while giving a look that I couldn't quite put my finger on what meant. It was both a mix of irritation, and also a bit of reluctant pity. I didn't pay it much heed though, as I was determined to beat the Immortal's influence over her out of her system. "Well, I guess I'll end my turn then," Akiza said in a grim tone, as if she was inviting me to attack.

"Then it's my turn!" I said, feeling the blood slowly slide down my chin and now my cheeks as well. My eyes had begun leaking blood as well. I shook it off momentarily, but I began to hurt all over as I drew my next card. "I activate the Spell Card Star Changer!" I declared, holding the Spell Card into the air. "With this, one monster I control gains or loses a level! I target Paladin, and increase his Level by one!" I declared as Nova Paladin was momentarily surrounded by a flare of golden energy that quickly faded.

Nova Paladin (Lv): 4 -) 5

"And now it's showtime! I Tune my now Level 5 Nova Paladin with my Level 2 Nova Empowering Spirit!" I declared as the mischievous spirit morphed into two red stars and immediately turned itself into two rings. "Ancient times meet the potential of the future!" I chanted as Paladin leaped inside the rings, revealing the five stars inside him. "Synchro Summon!" I declared, as the familiar crimson light shone through the rings and quickly expanded. Then the light faded to reveal the fiery feathered wings, long tails and stout beak of Nova Phoenix Blaster as it emerged from the flames. "Nova Phoenix Blaster!"

Nova Phoenix Blaster Lv: 7 ATK: 2200 DEF: 1600 Winged-Beast/Synchro/Effect: (ATK)

"Now the effect of Empowering Spirit activates! Since it was used as Synchro Material for a Nova Synchro Monster, the Synchro Monster gains 1000 Attack Points and becomes indestructible by battle!" I declared, as the mischievous spirit appeared again, before being absorbed inside Phoenix Blaster as it gave a loud screech as its power increased dramatically.

Nova Phoenix Blaster (ATK): 2200 -) 3200

"Nova Phoenix Blaster attacks Black Rose Dragon!" I declared as my phoenix screeched again and charged up the battery of laser cannons strapped to its back to prepare to fire. "Shining Phoenix Lance!" I exclaimed, as the phoenix let loose a big blast of crimson energy that swiftly hit the petal-covered dragon and obliterated it.

Akiza: 4000 -) 3200

"I end my turn then," I declared as the smoke thrown into the air by Phoenix's attack had begun slowly to settle. The dark form of Akiza stood out through the smoke and dirt the whole time though, and now Akiza's Dark Signer mark had begun to glow. That was strange when you thought about it, when Akiza and I started our Duel, there came no seal on the ground. What's more, her Dark Signer Mark was a lot more… detailed and accurate of its representation of a rose, while Sayer's and Lance's marks had both been a lot more Nazca-esque, but Akiza's mark was different.

"You don't care… do you?" Akiza said, her voice now full of malice, hate and disgust as she turned towards me and looked me dead in the eye. "You don't care who suffers, as long as you get to live your hero fantasy!" Akiza snapped accusingly, her anger evident, and her mark flashed along with her last words. I was shocked. "No- no, I do care! I tried to save you!"

"YOU'RE NO SAVIOUR!" Akiza screamed as she drew her card and activated her face-down card. "Trap Card, Synchro Spirits! By removing Black Rose Dragon from play, I can Special Summon the monsters used for her Synchro Summon! So welcome to the field Twilight Rose Knight, Botanical Girl and Evil Thorn!" Akiza said loudly, as the ground beneath us began to shake as her three monsters appeared before her.

Twilight Rose Knight Lv: 3 ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000 Warrior/Tuner/Effect (ATK)

Botanical Girl Lv: 3 ATK: 1300 DEF: 1100 Plant/Effect (ATK)

Evil Thorn Lv: 1 ATK: 100 DEF: 300 Plant/Effect (ATK)

"I Release Botanical Girl and Evil Thorn!" Akiza declared as the two were morphed into spheres of shimmering energy that flashed softly in all kinds of colors. The two spheres then morphed together and flew up into the sky above us, until it turned into the familiar fake heart that immediately began swallowing souls into itself, harvesting energy for its summoning. Though once it had swallowed enough souls, at least six hundred, one big sphere emerged from the ground. It was Black Rose Dragon. It eyes flashed red with anger as it too flew inside the heart, and the heart erupted into a cascade of dark energy as the sky twisted around it.

Then, a terrifying beast emerged from the ground. It was Black Rose Dragon, but at least five times larger, much darker, and its eyes gleamed with rage as it shook the entire Satellite with an earth-shaking roar.

Darkness Rose Dragon Lv: 12 ATK: 3400 DEF: 2600 Dragon/Effect (ATK)

"Wh-what?!" I exclaimed in horror, as well as confusion. Wasn't this supposed to be an Earthbound Immortal? Why was this here instead, why was this even existing? "This is the manifestation of my hatred to you, Jay. Hatred for what you took, hatred from all those you killed!"

"I-I tried to save them! I tried to be the hero!" I pleaded with her, trying to make her listen, trying this one time to make her understand.

"Well look what you did! Do you feel like a hero now, Jay?!" Akiza howled, as her eyes flared a dark purple. "Battle Phase! Darkness Rose Dragon attacks Nova Phoenix Blaster! Darkness Rose Flare!" She exclaimed as the titanic dark dragon charged up and let loose a massive blast of dark fire towards my phoenix. "Thanks to the effect of Empowering Spirit, Phoenix Blaster can't be destroyed by battle!" I exclaimed, but the blast of dark fire it my monster and immediately scorched it. "Darkness Rose Dragon negates the effects of any monster it battles!" She replied as the force of the blast tossed me backwards, and right down onto the concrete floor, forcing me to exhale immediately, and a spurt of blood followed suit out of my mouth.

Jay: 300 -) 100

"Twilight Rose Knight attacks directly!" Akiza then declared, as the small knight jumped forward, brandishing is sword and ready to cut into me. "THE DEAD WILL HAVE THEIR VENGEANCE!" She screeched, and I had only one option. "Trap Card, Defense Draw! This negates the Battle Damage and lets me draw a card!" I declared as a yellow barrier was formed around me, protecting me from Twilight Rose Knight's sword, and I drew a card.

"Why… why can't you accept it, Jay? You're not a hero, and you never will be!" Akiza exclaimed, her tone almost pleading now. I, however, was determined. I felt the power of my mark, and I felt it strongly. "No! Draw!" I declared, and I saw my draw. Antasmal Wrath.

"I activate my Spell Card, Antasmal Wrath! Since I have 1000 or less Life Points, I can Special Summon a Synchro Monster from my Extra Deck or Graveyard! Return, Supernova Dragon!" I declared, and my faithful dragon appeared beside me again. "Then, I activate the Spell Card, Sovereign's Gathering! Since I control a Supernova Dragon, I can Special Summon one Level 1 monster from my Deck, and another from my Graveyard! So welcome to the field, Kurinova and Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the small ball of energy with eyes, and the tiny, cute and sweet fairy appeared on my field, both radiating power.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 Dragon/Effect (ATK)

Kurinova Lv: 1 ATK: 300 DEF: 200 Fairy/Effect (ATK)

Nova Guidance Fairy ATK: 100 DEF: 100 Fairy/Tuner/Effect (ATK)

"Now, I Tune my Level 1 Kurinova with my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the fairy turned into a single, solitary ring, and Kurinova turned into a single star. The two objects merged in a flash of light. "Appear, Rage Synchron!" Then the light faded to reveal a figure similar to Kurinova, but fiercer, winged, and an angry look on its face.

Rage Synchron Lv: 2 ATK: 500 DEF: 500 Fairy/Tuner/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And now, it's time to win! I Tune my Level 8 Supernova Dragon with my Level 2 Rage Synchron!" I declared, as the angry spirit turned into two crimson stars, that then morphed into rings. My dragon flew inside with vigor, eagerly awaiting its new evolution. "Through the clearness of mind, a new power awakens! Become a dragon that brings forth the flames of victory! Nova Synchro Summon!" I chanted as a beam of light gleamed through the rings, and Supernova Dragon was surrounded by blue fire.

When the light faded, now Supernova Dragon had eight wings, all looking more angelic, and yet covered by blue fire. Its horns had twisted like the horns of a goat, and they had become a gleaming gold, along with the rest of its scales. "Descend, Supernova Victory Dragon!"

Supernova Victory Dragon Lv: 10 ATK: 3500 DEF: 2600 Dragon/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"Supernova Victory Dragon can attack all monsters my opponent controls during the Battle Phase, and when he destroys a monster, it inflicts its highest statistic as damage! Supernova Dragon, attack Darkness Rose Dragon! Victory CHARGE!" I declared, as my dragon became cloaked in blue fire, and rushed towards Darkness Rose Dragon, destroying it utterly in an explosion of blue fire.

Though strangely, the Immortal that had been controlling Akiza didn't react. In fact, she just stood there with a solemn look on her face as the attack landed, almost as if she just accepted it. That was not like any of the other Immortals at all…

Akiza: 3200 -) 0

"The only villain here Jay, is you."

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