The Darkness Within

The Showdown, Part I - Act III

"How many people have died because of him?"


I was walking. I didn't know how, but I was walking. My feet were moving slowly towards Divinius's tower, Duel Disk at the ready, headed there to save the world and destroy the god driven mad by revenge. I was so close, the final fight was right within my sights.

So why was I so empty? I should be pumped, agitated, ever so slightly pissed off and ready to unleash a can of ass-kicking. But in fact, I was tired, exhausted and torn. I didn't know what to do. What Akiza said struck a bell in a strange way, bringing up some questions that I really didn't have an answer for.

But then I remembered whose fault it all was. It was Akron. He did it. All of it.

All of this was his fault, his attempt to gain power that wasn't his ended up causing all this, bringing so many innocents into this. I just did what I had to do, right? I didn't have a choice in all this, I had to try and save those I loved, even though something like this might happen.

I tried so hard to save them. But I failed, and now I was here, at my last chance to make all this right. And so I was walking through New Domino's ruins for the last time. Though this time, all the bodies littered everywhere looked different as I neared the tower.

They were wall lifted up, as if they were staring at me. I felt it all the way, their cold eyes trained on me, even though they should by all right be unable to do that. It felt like they were judging me as I was nearing the tower, that tall monument to my purpose to make all this right.

The Crimson Dragon said something about a 'choice' I would have to make. A choice that could dictate what would happen to everything… what kind of choice could that be? She said that she didn't know what kind of choice it would be, but she knew that it was important.

And who would present me with that question? Perhaps Divinius would, if this Duel would make him realize the error of his ways and present me with a choice on how to rebuild the world? I dismissed that almost immediately. The impression that Divinius had given me wasn't that kind of personality.

I would have to destroy him, but that would be a tall order. Even though I now had the power of a god and a very much evil entity, this was still Divinius, a god so powerful that even though he had been practically killed and sealed into the earth, his dark influence could still reach people like Christopher, and force him to serve it.

Divinius had to be extremely powerful, and not at all to be taken lightly. I breathed in as I was nearing the tower, knowing full well that this would be my greatest trial of all. I was near now, close to the end, and close to fixing all this.

And so I found myself in the park again, looking up at the massive black structure that Divinius had raised around himself to block me out. But now I had played his game, and so I formed my wings, and blasted into the air to the top.

Within seconds, I was up at the top. I landed gracefully at the top, and immediately, my eyes met the red eyes of Divinius, standing right there, waiting for me. He had a small smile on his face, standing right there calmly. We stood there for at least a minute or two, staring each other down and preparing ourselves mentally.

"So," Divinius said suddenly, breaking the ice. "You're here to kill me, aren't you?" He said, with an almost uncaring edge to his voice, though it was small. "Do you know the nine most frightening words in the world?" Divinius said, his smile slowly spreading. "I'm Jay Alkain, and I'm here to save you!" Divinius exclaimed, and then cracked up with laughter. I was silent. "Oh come on, why aren't you laughing?" He then asked mockingly, and I felt anger welling up. "Shut up!" I exclaimed suddenly. "This ends here, so let's Duel!" I snarled angrily as my Duel Disk activated itself, and Divinius chuckled darkly.

"You've killed many to get here, Alkain. Who would I be if I would not oblige your wish?" Divinius said mockingly, as he activated his own Duel Disk, and the black, obsidian ground seemed to come alive with the tension.

Loading Duel protocol…

Protocol loaded. Displaying format…

Format: Anime 4000

Player 1: Jay Alkain

Player 2: Divinius Divinia

Jay: 4000

Divinius: 4000

"I'll kick our little game off," Divinius declared, drawing his card, and immediately held it up. "I activate my Field Spell, Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed!" Divinius inserted the card into his Duel Disk, and immediately the ground beneath us was lit up with purple lines forming the dark seal that represented the Darkstar. However, momentarily, the seal woul flash with purple energy, constantly pulsating like a heart.

"Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed has a rather handy effect," Divinius spoke, twirling his fingers unnaturally. "By discarding a card once per turn, I am allowed to add a 'Darkstar' Spell card from my Deck to my hand! I discard this card," Divinius exclaimed, sliding the card into his Graveyard, "-so I can add Seal of the Darkstar – Indoctrination from my Deck to my hand!" Divinius declared, as a single card was slid out of his Deck, and he quickly added it to his hand.

"Now, since it was discarded by a card effect, I am allowed to Special Summon Darkstar Archfiend to my side of the field!" Divinius then exclaimed, as a purple portal opened, and forth came a tall, purple fiendish creature that clearly radiated dark power to Divinius's field.

Darkstar Archfiend Lv: 5 ATK: 2100 DEF: 800 Fiend/Effect (ATK)

"And now, since I control a face-up 'Darkstar' monster, I can Normal Summon Darkstar Annihilator from my hand without Tributing!" Divinius then declared, as another large fiend, this one wielding a large magical staff wreathed in fire appear next to his other monster.

Darkstar Annihilator Lv: 6 ATK: 2500 DEF: 1000 Fiend/Effect (ATK)

"And now, I activate my Continuous Spell Card, Seal of the Darkstar – Indoctrination!" Divinius declared, as one card appeared in front of him, and one black pillar rose around the circle. "This card cannot be destroyed as long as I control Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed, and Unleashed can't be destroyed either! And here comes the fun effect, once per turn, Indoctrination allows me to draw 2 cards!" Divinius declared as he drew an additional 2 cards from his Deck. "I then Set one card face-down," Divinius declared, as a single oversized card appeared in front of him. "Turn end."

"My turn!" I declared, drawing a card. "Wait!" Divinius then declared. "During your Standby Phase, Annihilator deals you 200 points of damage for each Darkstar monster I control! I control two, so take 400 damage!" Divinius declared, as the staff was swung, and two large fireballs streamed towards me, landing close to me and causing big, fiery explosions.

Jay: 4000 -) 3600

"Alright, since you control monsters and I do not, I can Special Summon Nova Destroyer from my hand!" I declared, and forth came the large warrior, wielding the titanic blade and his two frame-like wings. He brandished his sword, and gave a loud battlecry as he took his stance beside me.

Nova Destroyer Lv: 6 ATK: 2200 DEF: 600 Warrior/Effect (ATK)

"Battle Phase! Nova Destroyer attacks Darkstar Annihilator!" I declared, intending to use Destroyer's powerful effect to wipe Divinius clean of monsters and deal a huge amount of damage in the first turn, but Divinius was quick. "Trap Card, Chaos Burst!" Divinius declared, flipping up his Trap Card. "By Tributing a monster I control, your attacking monster is destroyed, and you take 1000 damage! I Tribute Annihilator!" Divinius declared, as Annihilator was suddenly wreathed in flame, and he then exploded fiercely, taking my charging warrior with it in the blast, and sending me flying a few feet backwards.

Jay: 3600 -) 2600

"Oh don't think it's gonna be over this soon," Divinius mocked, as I got to my feet again. "I intend to take my sweet time here. You go ahead," I growled, looking at my hand. I was low on options for now. "I Summon Nova Paladin in Defense Position!" I declared, as I summoned my saintly warrior with his large shield in order to defend myself.

Nova Paladin Lv: 4 ATK: 200 DEF: 2200 Warrior/Effect (DEF)

"Then I'll Set one card face-down! Turn end!" I declared with a slight snarl. Divinius gave a cruel, twisting-the-knife laugh as he held his hand over his Duel Disk. "Then I believe it is my turn! Draw!" He declared, swiping a card from the top of his Deck. "I will then activate the effect of Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed, discarding a card to add another 'Darkstar' Spell Card from my Deck to my hand!" Divinius declared, sending a single card from his hand into his Graveyard, and then a single card slid out from his Deck. "And now, I activate the card I just added, the Continuous Spell Card Seal of the Darkstar – Worldwide Strife!" Divinius then declared, as he activated his second Continuous Spell. "Now, whenever you attack, you have to pay 500 Life Points, or your monster will be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase!"

"I then Release Darkstar Archfiend!" Divinius then declared as the creature was swallowed by a dark orb, and morphed into malleable energy. "Darkstar Archfiend counts as two Releases when Advance Summoning a 'Darkstar' monster! Come forth, Darkstar Scourge!" Divinius declared as the rainbow energy flared wildly, and when it vanished, in front of Divinius stood a carbon-copy of me. Me, as a monster!

Darkstar Scourge Lv: 12 ATK: 4000 DEF: 4000 Fiend/Effect (ATK)

"However, when I successfully Summon Darkstar Scourge, then I have to send two cards from my hand to the Graveyard. A small price to pay for such a powerful monster, don't you think?" As Divinius broke into laughter, I took a closer look at the monster-version of myself. He was just as you would expect, bandages over the eyes and all. The only difference was that he didn't have a Duel Disk. Instead, he had a very large scythe, ornate and red, black and grey.

"Don't you recognize it, Jay? Here is the one pawn that has been the most useful to me since the start. You've always been furthering my agenda, whether you knew it or not!" Divinius cackled, and I was getting more and more confused. "What? What do you mean?" I questioned, and for a moment, the biggest grin spread across Divinius's face.

"Don't you remember? You didn't escape by chance… You escaped because you accepted my offer. Without it, the Engine would have killed you. But I offered you a way out…

And you accepted it."

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