The Darkness Within

The Showdown, Part II - Act III

"It was Akron. He did it. All of it."

-Jay Alkain

"You chose to accept my help, Jay. You were dead, but you clinged onto whatever you could. You weren't willing to go, and so you accepted my offer to let you live. Everything else was all you." Divinius chuckled, and I felt my anger flare in response.

"And now, it's time to end you, for your usefullness has faded! I activate the effect of Darkstar Scourge! Once per turn, he can turn one Defense Position monster you control into Attack Position, and then reduce its Attack Points by 500! Forced Into War!" Divinius declared, as card-me unleashed a series of tentacles from his back, and grabbed Paladin by the limbs, and held him up in the air.

Paladin: (DEF) -) (ATK)

Paladin (ATK): 200 -) 0

"Darkstar Scourge attacks Nova Paladin! Innocence Reaping!" Divinius declared, as card-me jumped into the air, brandished his scythe, and dived down towards Paladin, ready to chop him in half. But, "I activate the effect of Paladin! Once per turn, he can negate an attack! Divine Shield!" I declared as Paladin's shield began to glow crimson, and a massive crimson barrier formed in front of card-me, stopping his diving attack and forcing him to retreat. Divinius growled lightly. "I end my turn," He declared, and I immediately held my hand over my Deck.

"My turn!" I declared, "Draw!" I exclaimed, swiping the card out of my Deck. "Halt! During the Standby Phase, the effect of Darkstar Scourge activates, dealing you 500 damage and increasing my Life Points by 500!" Divinius declared, as card-me held up his hand and charged up a crimson orb, which he then threw at me, which I narrowly managed to deflect in order to avoid any real physical damage, but the toll on my Life Points I could feel.

Jay: 2600 -) 2100

Divinius: 4000 -) 4500

I growled lowly, and then looked over my hand, and I immediately got an idea. "I Summon Nova Striker from my hand in Attack Position!" I declared, and forth came the crimson knight wielding both a sword and shield.

Nova Striker Lv: 3 ATK: 1400 DEF: 600 Warrior/Tuner/Effect (ATK)

"And when Nova Striker is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a level 4 or lower 'Nova' monster from my hand! So welcome Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as Knight swung his sword across the floor, creating a fiery crevice, and out came the small, angelic-like crimson fairy.

Nova Guidance Fairy Lv: 1 ATK: 100 DEF: 100 Fairy/Tuner/Effect

"And now, I Tune my Level 4 Nova Paladin with my Level 3 Nova Striker!" I declared, as Paladin wrestled himself free of card-me's tentacles, and Striker condensed himself into red energy, which quickly morphed and became three crimson stars. The stars then began to rotate, and turned into rings, which Paladin leaped inside. "Strife covers the world," I began to chant, as the light from the rings shone through Paladin and revealed the four stars inside him. "From the fires of war comes a dragon braver than any other!" I chanted, as a beam of red light shone through the rings, and expanded to become a blinding light. "Synchro Summon! Burn forever, Nova Dragoon Blader!" I chanted, and when the light faded, out came the tall, humanoid dragon wielding a large, ornate blade. He swung it fiercely, and gave a loud, bellowing warcry as he took to the field.

Nova Dragoon Blader Lv: 7 ATK: 2500 DEF: 1200 Warrior/Synchro/Effect

"And now comes the big show! I now Tune my Level 7 Nova Dragoon Blader with my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the tiny fairy turned into a single star that swiftly morphed itself into a ring. "When a star dies, a new star is forged in the flames of a supernova," I chanted as Dragoon Blader jumped into the rings, eager to serve. "Let every star burst to form one great dragon!" I chanted as the light shone through Dragoon Blader, and revealed the seven stars inside him, and then a crimson beam of light shone through the rings, and expanded to become blinding. "Synchro Summon! Descend, Supernova Dragon!" I finished my chant as the light faded, and out came the muscular, scaled limbs, the bladed tail, the six wings, and the horned head with eyes gleaming red like the abyss.

Supernova Dragon Lv: 8 ATK: 3000 DEF: 2100 Dragon/Synchro/Effect

"And now, the effect of Nova Dragoon Blader activates!" I declared, as a crimson aura surrounded my signature dragon. "Since he was used as Synchro Material, he gains Attack Points equal to that of Nova Dragoon Blader, which is 2500 Attack Points!" I exclaimed, as the ghostly image of Dragoon Blader flashed in front of Supernova Dragon for a second, before fading inside the dragon.

Supernova Dragon (ATK): 3000 -) 5500

"And it gets better! Since Nova Guidance Fairy was used as Synchro Material, Supernova Dragon gains 500 Attack and Defense Points!" I declared, though the effect-negating effect was reserved for 'Nova' Synchro Monsters, which Supernova Dragon wasn't, unfortunately. However, I still had more than enough Attack Points.

Supernova Dragon (ATK): 5500 -) 6000

Supernova Dragon (DEF): 2100 -) 2600

"And now, Supernova Dragon attacks Darkstar Scourge!" I exclaimed, as Supernova Dragon roared, and flew into the air. "And I pay the 500 Life Points for Worldwide Strife, now DIE!" I exclaimed, as Supernova Dragon cloaked itself in fire, and dived down towards it.

Jay; 2100 -) 1600

"Supernova Flare Blitz!" I roared, as Supernova Dragon dived on my card form. However, when it struck, card-me just raised his scythe and blocked the attack, fending off Supernova Dragon and forcing it to retreat. "Oh sorry, forgot to inform you," Divinius said cheekily, "Darkstar Scourge can't be destroyed by battle," Divinius said off-handedly, obviously not caring. "You're still taking the damage!"

Divinius: 4500 -) 2500

"Is that all for now, Jay?" Divinius said impatiently, and I growled in frustration, but then I remembered the sour side to Dragoon Blader's effect. "I'll Set one card face-down," I said, and slid the single card into my Duel Disk. "And during my End Phase, Supernova Dragon is sent to the Graveyard, and it's Synchro Materials are Special Summoned to my field," I explained, as the the crimson aura around Supernova Dragon brightened immensely, and then it faded, leaving Nova Dragoon Blader and Nova Guidance Fairy behind in Defense Mode. "And that's all."

"Then it's my turn! Draw!" Divinius declared, pulling yet another card from his Deck. "-And now the other effect of Darkstar Scourge activates, since it is my Standby Phase!" Divinius cackled, as a big, evil grin spread itself across his face. "Since my Life Points are lower than 4000, that means that it will now increase my Life Points by the difference between my Life Points and 4000, which happens to be 1500!" Divinius declared as a card-me exhaled a dark smoke, that quickly surrounded Divinius and was absorbed by him.

Divinius: 2500 -) 4000

"Then, I activate the effect of Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed, and discard another card to add a 'Darkstar' Spell Card to my hand!" Divinius declared, as he slid a card from his hand into his Graveyard, and then a single card was ejected from his Deck, which he quickly swiped up into his hand. "-And then I'll activate it! Continuous Spell Card, Seal of the Darkstar – World in Despair, activate!" Divinius declared as a third card emerged alongside his Field Spell, and what kind of devilish effect could it have? "This one is great fun, Jay. World in Despair allows me to once per turn, target an attacking monster, discard a card, and end your Battle Phase immediately!" I growled as I saw Divinius slowly wittling my options away, while very slowly killing me, and blocking any attempt to try and break his strategy.

"And now, I activate the effect of Darkstar Scourge! He has the downside of only being able to attack the monster you control with the highest Attack Points, but it really doesn't matter, does it now? I will now force Dragoon Blader into Attack Position, and reduce its Attack Points by 500! Go, Forced Into War!" Divinius declared as card-me let loose his tentacles, and they grabbed the arms of the dragon-warrior and stretched him out, making him basically a big target.

Dragoon Blader (DEF) -) (ATK)

Dragoon Blader (ATK): 2500 -) 2000

"Darkstar Scourge attacks Nova Dragoon Blader!" Divinius declared as card-me leaped into the air, brandished his scythe, and dived down towards me, and I had to react quickly. "Trap Card, Nutrient Z! Since I would take 2000 or more Battle Damage from this battle, I'll gain 4000 Life Points before it takes place!" I declared, as my one Trap Card flipped face-up and a thick, green mist washed over me.

Jay: 1600 -) 5600

"No matter!" Divinius snarled, "You've got no way of recovering them! Hit him, Jay!" Divinius said to card-me, and he brought down his scythe onto Dragoon Blader. Thanks to his effect, Blader wasn't destroyed, but the shockwave sent me flying backwards.

Jay: 5600 -) 3600

"So, you have some fight left in you," Divinius sneered as I got to my feet again. "It's not like it matters. You're still hopelessly outmatched. I'll end my turn here, and have a gander at what you can muster. Don't disappoint me!" Divinius said in a cheery voice meant to get on my nerves. And get on my nerves it did. "My turn!" I snarled angrily. "Draw!" I declared, and my draw made my eyes widen. Strategist… this could actually work! I had a way to break his combo now!

"Don't forget the effect of Scourge!" Divinius called out as card-me hurled another ball of energy at me, this one caught me off-guard though, and the searing pain sent me down to the ground again.

Jay: 3600 -) 3100

Divinius: 4000 -) 4500

"I activate the effect of Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, silently thankful for the fact that I hadn't overextended and used its effect last turn, "Since I control a face-up Level 7 'Nova' Synchro Monster, I can Special Summon another from my Extra Deck! Come out, Nova Phoenix Blaster!" I declared as the tiny fairy held up a hand, and a gigantic orb of crimson energy appeared in front of it. Then, the orb faded to reveal the fiery phoenix, its twin cannons ready to fire.

Nova Phoenix Blaster Lv: 7 ATK: 2200 DEF: 1600 Winged-Beast/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And when Guidance Fairy activates this effect, I can increase her Level by one!" I declared, as the tiny fairy was momentarily surrounded by a surge of golden energy.

Nova Guidance Fairy (Lv): 1 -) 2

"And now, I Tune my Level 7 Nova Phoenix Blaster with my Level 2 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the tiny fairy condensed herself into energy yet again, though this time the energy morphed into two stars instead of one. The stars began to rotate, and became rings. "The earth bends, and rock goes soft before his gaze," I chanted, as my phoenix then flew into the air, the soft light from the rings shining through it and revealing the seven stars inside it. "Behold the guardian, whose power shakes the earth with his every step!" I chanted, as the familiar crimson beam of light shone through the stars, and immediately expanded to massive size. "Synchro Summon!" I exclaimed, as titanic, rocky limbs that were the feature of my strongest Synchro Monster emerged from the light. Two massive fiery wings emerged from his back, and a deep, guttural roar came from his rocky body as he took to the field. "Nova Titanic Colosseus!"

Nova Titanic Colosseus Lv: 9 ATK: 2800 DEF: 3800 Rock/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And since Colosseus is a 'Nova' Synchro Monster, it gains both effects! Not only does its Attack and Defense Points increase by 500, but when he battles an opponent's monster, he negates its effects until the end of the Battle Phase! And, you take an additional 500 damage when the monster is destroyed!" I exclaimed, as my titanic monster's statistics climbed, and a crimson aura surrounded it.

Nova Titanic Colosseus (ATK): 2800 -) 3300

Nova Titanic Colosseus (DEF): 3800 -) 4300

"Oh, you've got a strong monster, huh?" Divinius taunted. "You know I can just use World in Despair and stop your attack, right? Your fancy maneuver has done you nothing," Divinius explained, while I smirked. "I then Normal Summon Nova Strategist in Defense Mode!" I declared, as I summoned the first link in my plan, as the robed, silent sorcerer appeared and then crouched down, his staff generating a crimson barrier around us.

Nova Strategist Lv: 4 ATK: 800 DEF: 1600 Spellcaster/Effect (DEF)

"And I'm guessing you know that Strategist makes my monsters immune to your Spells and Traps, right?" I said smugly, and Divinius snarled shortly in anger, and I managed to momentarily crack a smile.

"Battle Phase!" I declared. "Nova Titanic Colosseus attacks Darkstar Scourge!" I exclaimed, "And at this moment, Colosseus's effect activates, switching his Attack and Defense Points for the rest of this turn!" I declared, as Colosseus's wings spread out and went ablaze.

Nova Titanic Colosseus (ATK): 3300 -) 4300

Nova Titanic Colosseus (DEF): 4300 -) 3300

"Continue your attack, Colosseus! Ultimate Terran Earthquake!" I roared, as the enormous rock-guardian swung his immense fist, and slammed it into card-me, creating a massive shockwave that shook the entire tower, and threw up a lot of dust. However, when the dust faded, card-me was still there. Additionally, that one monster Divinius had summoned before was in the way, having taken the blow! Divinius had a big, smug grin. "I activated the effect of Darkstar Archfiend. By banishing it from my Graveyard, I prevented the destruction of Darkstar Scourge by battle," Divinius said, as his Life Points were reduced by a trivial amount.

Divinius: 4500 -) 4200

Now I only had one choice. "Trap Card, Shadow Dance! Since you took Battle Damage, Shadow Dance deals you 1000 damage!" I declared, as my other Trap Card was flipped face-up, and it fired a black sphere of energy at Divinius, creating a small explosion.

Divinius: 4200 -) 3200

"Are you grasping at straws now, Jay? You know that I'm just going to regain those points come next turn, right?" Divinius questioned, and really, he was right. He was just going to regain it come next turn. Now though, I had one last idea. It all rode on this face-down card. "I end my Battle Phase. The effect of Colosseus forces it into Defense Mode," I declared solemnly as the rocky titan kneeled down in Defense Mode. "Then I switch Dragoon Blader to Defense Mode, I Set 1 card face-down and end my turn." I declared, as now everything was defending, and the single solitary card resting in front of me was my only hope for a counterplay. "In the End Phase, Colosseus's statistics are switched back."

Nova Titanic Colosseus (ATK): 4300 -) 3300

Nova Titanic Colosseus (DEF): 3300 -) 4300

"It's my turn then," Divinius cackled. "I DRAW!"

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