The Darkness Within

The Showdown, Part III - Act III

"He brought this on himself."


"The effect of Darkstar Scourge activates, since my Life Points are lower than 4000, increasing them by the difference!" Divinius declared as card-me began to exhale the dark mist again. "I want you to look closely, Alkain. Look close as your little combo from before is nullified completely!" Divinius cackled as the dark mist surrounded him, and repaired his dark form swiftly.

Divinius: 3200 -) 4000

"Trap Card, Asleep at the Switch!" I immediately declared, and Divinius entered a state of shock for a moment. "Since you gained Life Points, I can destroy a monster you control!" I said, as my Trap Card let out a blast of magenta energy, which slammed into card-me and tore him apart. "Darkstar Scourge's last effect activates, since he was destroyed by a card effect," Divinius said, his voice now clearly pissed off. "-dealing you 1000 damage!" He shrieked, as the scythe that card-me had been holding flew up into the air, and rammed itself right into my stomach, and sending me to my knees. With effort, I grabbed the scythe by its handle and pulled it out of me, so my power could begin to repair my body.

Jay: 3100 -) 2100

"You're really starting to get on my nerves, you know that?" Divinius growled. "I activate the effect of Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed, discarding a card to add a 'Darkstar' Spell Card from my Deck to my hand. I discard this card," Divinius declared, as he slid a card from his hand into his Graveyard, "-To add this card to my hand!" Divinius exclaimed, as a card slid itself out of his Deck, and he swiftly added it to his hand.

"And now, I'll activate the card I just added to my hand, Seal of the Darkstar – Dissent Within!" Divinius declared as his fourth Continuous Spell appeared on his field, his backrow now soon filled.

"Perhaps I should just finish you right now! I Summon Darkstar Assassin in Attack Position!" Divinius declared, as a new monster appeared in front of him. This one was small, but it wielded two big swords, and looked incredibly swift.

Darkstar Assassin Lv: 3 ATK: 100 DEF: 100 Fiend/Effect (ATK)

"Darkstar Assassin can attack my opponent directly! Attack!" Divinius howled as the small fiendish creature jumped at me, and attempted to slash me with its swords. Using the scythe that I had now acquired, I managed to block most of its swings, but one of them caught me in the stomach- a place that was particularly sore after the Duel with Akiza, which sent me to the floor.

Jay: 2100 -) 2000

"And now," Divinius began as I tried to get back up on my feet again, "I activate Berserker Soul! Since a monster attacked you directly and dealt you less than 1500 damage, I discard my entire hand, and then sequentially reveal the top card of my Deck. For every monster, you get 500 points of damage! First draw!" Divinius exclaimed, as he discarded his hand and drew a card. "Monster Card!" He howled, as the card formed sphere of energy and launched it at me, catching me in the stomach and sending me down to the floor again.

Jay: 2000 -) 1500

"Second time!" Divinius declared, as his red eyes gave a momentary glow, and swiftly drew his next card. "Monster Card!" I had only just gotten to my feet again before I was sent flying once more.

Jay: 1500 -) 1000

"And here comes another! Monster Card!" The orb fired at me caught me right where my burn injury had been, and I was made to scream as I went flying backwards again, sliding across the ground as my powers tried to resist against Divinius's immense power.

Jay: 1000 -) 500

"And now," Divinius said with glee, but his face fell the moment he saw his card. "Guess I'm gonna have to wring out some more suffering out of you, then." Divinius hadn't drawn a monster, which meant that I was safe for now. And unless Divinius had something else, then I could win next turn! Divinius noticed a smile on me, and of course he decided to twist the knife. "I activate the effect of Darkstar Assassin!" Divinius declared. "Since he attacked you directly, then I can destroy him along with one monster you control and deal you 400 points of damage! Say goodbye to your Strategist!" Divinius taunted, as the small fiend jumped onto Strategist, and immediately after, a plume of fire enveloped the two, as well as flinging fireballs at me, and smacking me down onto the ground, momentarily knocking me out.

Or that's what I thought. The world began to twist around me again, I was beginning to hallucinate again. The world became darker and darker, and I began to smell the sickening smell of burning flesh.

I could see people hanging from ropes over the fires like spitroasted animals, hung to be cooked, as blasts of white flashed momentarily in the horizon. My arms were burning like crazy, and I was screaming my lungs out to try and fight it, but the pain just got worse.

"How many will be alive tomorrow?" The same voice from my previous hallucinations spoke calmly, as I stammered forwards, thrashing my arms wildly. Then I tripped, sending me down to the floor, and when I raised my head, I came face-to-face with myself. An exact copy of me staring down at me, shaking his head in confusion, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Just stop! Just fucking STOP!"

The white flashes became more and more violent until they covered all of my vision. My arms felt like they were being ripped off, and I screamed my lungs out in agony as the light came closer and closer, before my eyes opened themselves again, and I found myself at the top of the tower again, standing there with my Duel Disk, ready to fight. I shook my head in an attempt to gain a sense of clarity, but everything was as it was, nothing unusual.

Jay: 500 -) 100

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Divinius said, as if he didn't know what was going on, hadn't seen my hallucination. "It's your turn!" He said impatiently, as I looked into my hand, and saw the single card, Nova Levinbolt. A card that was practically useless in my situation, so this card would be what it all rode on. "I draw!" I declared, drawing my card, and I cracked a smile seeing it. "Since you drew a card during your Draw Phase," Divinius then began out of nothing, "Your Life Points are halved!" He said, howling with laughter. I grit my teeth as I felt my lifeforce waste away, my power doing its best to try and counteract it, but I felt myself kneel down from the pain, my body's instinct trying to pull me down to rest, but I bit my lip and got to my feet again.

Jay: 100 -) 50

"I activate the Spell Card, Stellar Hoard!" I declared, holding the Spell Card up to show it. "Now, by discarding a 'Nova' monster, I can draw 2 cards!" I declared, sliding Levinbolt into my Graveyard, and drawing two cards. The two cards I drew made my eyes twitch for a second, wondering how they could work. I couldn't think of anything, but these might work.

"I activate the effect of Nova Guidance Fairy in my Graveyard!" I declared. "By reducing the level of a monster I control by two, I am allowed to revive it! I reduce the level of Dragoon Blader!" I declared, as a surge of blue energy surrounded Dragoon, and then it disappeared, taking two stars with it.

Dragoon Blader (Lv): 7 -) 5

And then, the two stars converged besides Dragoon Blader and turned crimson, before taking the shape of the tiny, meek crimson fairy once again. This would be my final attempt to bring Divinius down, my final act of defiance. "I Tune my Level 5 Nova Dragoon Blader with my Level 1 Nova Guidance Fairy!" I declared, as the tiny fairy condensed herself into a single star, which morphed and became one single ring. Dragoon Blader howled proudly as he leaped into the rings, eager to assist. "Fierce sorceress of the stars, you who has tapped the well of power," I declared as the light from the single ring shone through Dragoon Blader, revealing the five stars inside him. "Pierce the darkness with your light!" I declared as a crimson beam of light shone through the rings, and expanded to cover it all. "Synchro Summon! Appear, Nova Gathering Sorceress!" I chanted, and forth came the alluring, red-robed and tall sorceress wielding her large, intimidating staff, and ready to fight.

Nova Gathering Sorceress Lv: 6 ATK: 2300 DEF: 1600 Spellcaster/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And then the effect of Dragoon Blader activates!" I exclaimed loudly, as the ghostly image of Dragoon Blader appeared in front of Sorceress, before being absorbed into her staff. "-Increasing Sorceress' Attack Points by his own, which is 2500!" I declared, as a thick crimson aura surrounded Sorceress as her magical strength was increased dramatically. "And don't forget the boost from Guidance Fairy either!"

Nova Gathering Sorceress (ATK): 2300 -) 5300

Nova Gathering Sorceress (DEF): 1600 -) 2100

"Sorceress attacks directly!" I declared, as she raised her staff high into the air, and let loose a massive stream of crimson energy at Divinius, but the moment it neared him, the stream hit an invisible barrier that deflected it, rendering it totally harmless. "Oh come on, you didn't expect that to work, did you?" Divinius said mockingly. "You did remember that thanks to World in Despair, I can just target your monster, discard a card and stop your Battle Phase immediately? And since you didn't pay the 500 Life Points before attacking, your card goes bye-bye!" Divinius exclaimed suddenly, as shadows raised themselves up from the ground in a second, and dragged Sorceress under in seconds.

"You've lost, Jay. You do know that, don't you?" Divinius said mockingly. "You're… you're wrong! Since Colosseus is the only monster I control, it can't be destroyed by battle! I'm still in this!" I exclaimed. "I Set two cards face-down! Turn end!"

"Well, if you're that eager to die, then I'll oblige you! DRAW!" Divinius declared, and the moment he had his card, he giggled like a madman. "I now discard this card to add my final Continuous Spell Card, Seal of the Darkstar – No Hope Left to my hand!" Divinius cackled as he took the final card and added it to his hand, "-And I'm activating it right now!" Divinius declared as he put his last Continuous Spell Card onto his field, and there it was. His backrow was full.

"Hey Alkain?" Divinius said mockingly. "What do you think Seal of the Darkstar – Unleashed can do when I have all five Continuous Spells on my field? It allows me to Special Summon the card form of MYSELF! I send all my face-up Spell Cards to the Graveyard!" Divinius declared as the six cards flew into the air and formed one giant sphere of dark energy. "AHAAHAHAHAAAA!" Divinius howled as his body, the dark imitation of my body flew into the sphere itself.

Then a pair of massive, dark wings sprouted out from the sphere. Then one massive, bony arm, followed by another, and then another, and another and another and another and another. Six arms, and then the sphere began to turn dark purple as it solidified. It became one giant dark purple sphere with the mark of the Darkstar on its face, along with the two, gigantic red eyes, and the dark form of myself fused to the front of it. The titanic being then floated down in front of me, the very fabric of the world slowly twisting around us as the sheer power of this being was simply incalculable.

If I hadn't seen so many other things, I would be going insane now. I would be a mumbling wreck, and be what you would call insane. But I kept my cool, and I stared it down, even as I felt my legs shake in fear.

Divinius Divinia Lv: -12 ATK: 100000 DEF: 100000 Destroyer-God/Effect (ATK)

100000 Attack Points?! It was unreal! "Scared, Alkain?" The titanic being bellowed. "If I were you, I would take pride that I managed to survive this long. But here you are, faced with certain death and destruction. How does it feel to feel that same fear that you have instilled in so many others?" The Darkstar mused. "My first effect shall now activate. I can Special Summon any number of Darkstar Synchro Monsters from my Extra Deck. Their effects will be negated, and their Attack Points become 10000! Come to me, my servants!" Divinius howled, and a dark miasma opened up behind him. First came the scantily-clad seductress wielding unfathomable dark power, the Darkstar Eldritch Succubus. Then came the corrupted and warped phoenix of darkness, the Darkstar Phoenix Lancer. After that came the mad, insane six-armed warrior wielding six swords and possessing strength undreamed of by man, the Darkstar Dragoon Berserker. And last, the dark, warped version of my Supernova Dragon, the leader of these dark creatures, the Darkstar Flare Dragon.

Darkstar Eldritch Succubus Lv: 10 ATK: 10000 DEF: 3000 Spellcaster/Darkstar Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Darkstar Phoenix Lancer Lv: 11 ATK: 10000 DEF: 2600 Winged-Beast/Darkstar Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Darkstar Dragoon Berserker Lv: 11 ATK: 10000 DEF: 2800 Warrior/Darkstar Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Darkstar Flare Dragon Lv: 12 ATK: 10000 DEF: 0 Dragon/Darkstar Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And even better, I activate my second effect!" The Darkstar then declared, as dark electricity began to charge in the arms of the enormous deity. "Destroying all monsters you control!" The electricity then erupted like a thunderstorm from its hands, completely frying Colosseus. "When Colosseus is destroyed, I get to draw a card," I declared, and swiftly drew. "It doesn't matter! I attack you directly!" The Darkstar howled as dark energy began to gather inside and around the core, before it was shaking from the power.


The blast enveloped me before I knew it. Before my body could even register the pain, I was enveloped by the dark energy and dying. Slowly but surely dying, being destroyed by the sheer dark energy along with the rest of the universe. It was all gone.

I had failed.

It was over.

Jay: 50 -) 0

Or was it? "T-trap Card," I croaked, and the face so similar to mine that was glued to the Darkstar shifted suddenly in confusion, and then anger. "No, no it can't be!" The Darkstar said in disbelief, "Spirit of the Fallen!" I exclaimed with a sudden burst of strength, as my one face-down emerged. "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE?!" Divinius howled momentarily, before his anger settled down again. "Hmph, it's not like it matters. You've still got nothing. You possess no monster that can save you now. I'll give you your turn, just so your own card can kill you. Turn end."

"It's… it's my…" I tried to say, but the sheer power of Divinius's attack had been too much. I could barely stand up, let alone play. I felt myself fading, felt myself getting weaker and weaker as my power began slowly to shut down.

"You're not done yet," The mysterious voice from my hallucinations then spoke. "I'll be at the Aurora. Now get going."

And the moment he was done speaking, I felt my power flare suddenly. Like something had been holding me back, and now it was fully there. I felt like a god, my body was flaring a mixture of red and white, and my mark was glowing like crazy. I… I was a god. It felt amazing.

"Draw!" I said, and the whole world seemed to buckle under my voice. I really was a god, I was so powerful! And now, my divine mind already knew how to win. I just had to put the pieces together. "I activate my Spell Card, Monster Reborn!" I declared, holding up the Spell Card I drew just now. "And using it, I will Special Summon Supernova Dragon from my Graveyard!" A purple portal opened in front of me, and out flew my faithful dragon, ready to fight alongside his master. "And now, here comes the Spell Card Synchro Festival!" I declared, holding up the card Colosseus had made sure I drew. "Synchro Festival allows me to Special Summon any number of Synchro Monsters from my Graveyard, though at the consequence that their effects are negated, and their statistics become zero! Return to me, my faithful servants!" I said with renewed determination as all my other Synchro Monsters came face-to-face with their dark counterparts as they emerged on my side of the field.

Nova Gathering Sorceress Lv: 6 ATK: 0 DEF: 0 Spellcaster/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Nova Phoenix Blaster Lv: 7 ATK: 0 DEF: 0 Winged-Beast/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Nova Dragoon Blader Lv: 7 ATK: 0 DEF: 0 Warrior/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Nova Titanic Colosseus Lv: 9 ATK: 0 DEF: 0 Rock/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

"And then I activate my last face-down, Fury of the One!" I declared, as my final card flipped itself face-up. "This card allows me to target one monster on my field, and all other monsters' levels become one!" I declared as blue energy washed over my monsters, and robbed them of almost all their stars.

Nova Gathering Sorceress (Lv): 6 -) 1

Nova Phoenix Blaster (Lv): 7 -) 1

Nova Dragoon Blader (Lv): 7 -) 1

Nova Titanic Colosseus (Lv): 9 -) 1

"And what's that going to help you?!" Divinius said hysterically. "All your monsters are here to join you in death, I see! At least, that's all they can, since they can't fight at all! Not to think that you had any ability to fight in the beginning, but I'll let you die the way you want to."



"Fury of the One also treats Supernova Dragon as a Tuner monster this turn!"

"WHAT?!" Divinius burst out as I spread my arms out, and Supernova Dragon spread his wings out, and we both flew into the air, perfectly synchronized. I felt my godly power thump like it was my own body, my teeth gritting together as Supernova Dragon and I became one giant sphere of crimson energy. "I now Tune my Level 1 Nova Gathering Sorceress, my Level 1 Nova Phoenix Blaster, my Level 1 Nova Dragoon Blader, and my Level 1 Nova Titanic Colosseus with my Level 8 Supernova Dragon!" I exclaimed as my four other Synchro Monsters absorbed themselves into the orb, all becoming part of this enormous welling of energy. "NOVA ULTIMATE SYNCHRO!" I roared as the orb exploded, tearing the ruined New Domino apart just with that shockwave, revealing the monster behind me. It was Supernova Dragon, in god form. It's scales had become a light crimson that had the air of godly power emanating from them. Its wings were gone, now there in the form of two, great armored wings on its back, and its legs had been fused together into one long, snake-like tail.

Hypernova Primordial Pendragon Lv: 12 ATK: 4000 DEF: 4000 Dragon/Synchro/Effect (ATK)

Divinius was in a state of shock. But after, he began nervously laughing, the laugh slowly building itself up until it was completely mad. "Y-you think that'll make you win, Alkain? 4000 is nothing compared to my 100000! You're weak, just like my sister, whose power you were unfairly given! YOU ARE NOTHING!"

"Hypernova Primordial Pendragon can attack once per turn for each monster used to Synchro Summon it! And when it attacks a monster, it gains Attack Points equal to the Attack Points of the monster it's attacking!" I exclaimed. "It doesn't matter! I can just Tribute a monster I control to prevent the destruction AND Battle Damage!"

"PRIMORDIAL CHARGE!" I exclaimed as I and Pendragon, flying in unison took to the skies, and then, a four-layered barrier formed around the Darkstar, all powered by one of the other four monsters. "FIRST ATTACK!" I howled as we dove for the first barrier. We were only stopped by the barrier Succubus held for a second, before we burst through it.

"Rrrgh, stop them, Lancer!" Divinius howled as the second barrier formed itself around us, but we smashed through it with ease. Berserker, Flare, stop them!" We tore our way through the final two barriers swiftly, and we were now heading towards Divinius for the last time.


Hypernova Primordial Pendragon (ATK): 4000 -) 104000

"FINAL ATTACK! HYPERNOVA PRIMORDIAL CATACLYSM BLITZ FLARE!" I howled as we flew at a speed so fast that no human eye could see it right through the Darkstar, severing my dark counterpart's body in half, as we flew through it, leaving behind a big, gaping hole where we had been.

We stopped mid-flight and turned around. Everything was silent. Dead silent. Then suddenly, a dark mist began to leak from the titanic being. The mist began to pick up speed rapidly, as more and more came out quickly, until it obscured the being behind it, before suddenly being sucked inside.

Then, what appeared to be dark beams of light began to erupt from the cracked surface of the Darkstar, and more and more continued to come until the body could handle no more, and cracked under the pressure, and the Darkstar's gigantic body exploded in a massive cascade of darkness, with the dark god giving one last ungodly roar of pain before it was nothing.

It was over.

I felt my power wane, my godly aura fading as I fell to the ground. But I was smiling. I had undone my mistakes.

I could finally rest.


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