The Darkness Within

The Sayer - Act I

(Chapter 5 was lost. Apologies.)

"Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better of even their blunders."

-Friedrich Nietzche

I opened my eyes, and found myself enveloped by darkness. I couldn't make out anything, except that I was standing on something solid.

I felt the pain again. The electricity coursing through my body like fire. I felt like my veins were about to explode. I could hear the devices again. This time, they worked fine. No breaking glass. Just the sound of machines hard at work, and unreal pain flooding my mind.

Then, I saw something in front of me. It was round, and spherical, about 1 meter in diameter. On it, was the black star symbol, with glowing red eyes, and eight black spikes, that rotated around on the sphere, like it was a wheel.

It just hovered in front of me, as I tried to move, but I couldn't. My body wouldn't react.

Then, the sphere moved backwards, and then rammed into my stomach, and dissipated inside. I roared in pain, and then, I heard that sound again.

The sound of breaking glass.

I woke up with a roar, and rushed to my feet.

I was in a cell, but this one was of metal, unlike the concrete cell that was etched in my mind. I noticed that I was still wearing my Duel Disk. My head hurt as I recalled what happened last night.

Anna… My Darkstar Duel with Anna Alexi. I remember that sound of all her bones breaking. It was both sickening… and pleasing. Then, Sector Security came. Akron went berserk; but then… then I was hit by some device, and all my powers vanished. Then I felt the electricity again.

I quickly figured out where I was. The Facility, of course. Sector Security disabled me, and threw me in here.

I decided to freshen myself up. I got up, and trotted over to the sink and mirror my cell had. As I threw some well-needed cold water into my face, I noticed my face again.

I could never stand looking at my face, but now I had something new.

A black line running down from my hair, around my blue eye down to my chin. I prodded it lightly with my one finger, and felt a small dab of pain. So I got this from not long ago. My Criminal Mark.

But mine was black. As far as I knew, only criminals who had commited crimes worthy of Jack the Ripper would get such a mark. And as far as I had read, a man who got a black Mark would be executed soon after.

The why am I still alive?

I heard a hammering noise behind me, and I turned around to face the noise. It was a guard, hammering on the steel bars with a baton. "Rise and shine, freak. Today'll be your last meal, so be sure to enjoy it."

I ignored him as I stayed a minute inside my cell, waiting for most of the others to walk away, so I could get my food in peace.

The canteen where everyone came to dine was littered with people. I picked up one of the few remaining trays, and walked up to get my food. The cook had a cigarette stuffed in his gray beard that mostly covered his mouth. And every time he jerked his head, ash from his cigarette would fall into the grey mass that was supposed to look like food.

"Food." I muttered, not even bothering to say anything long. The cook didn't even respond; he just spooned some of the gray matter and splattered it onto my tray.

I walked around, trying to find a table where I could sit at, but to me, it appeared like every single seat was filled by people. And after around 10 minutes, I finally saw a table which was almost empty. Only two people sat at the table. A boy about my age with a haircut that looked plain ridiculous, and what looked to be a girl sitting in front of him, who as I looked, got up and left the table. They both looked a little funny to me, but at this point, I didn't even care.


That was the noise I heard when my foot hit another foot, shoe colliding with shoe, and I toppled over, face heading right for the gray mass on my tray which had flown out of my hands and landed in front of me.


I slowly raised myself up from the floor, getting my face out of the stuff, as I picked up my tray again, and went to the bin to get rid of it. They all laughed at me as I walked.

Let me take over, and I'll make them silent.

I ignored Akron's voice in my head, as I slowly walked over to the bin, and threw my tray inside, and then I walked over to get another.

"No second servings." The cook spat as I had just picked up another tray. No food for me.

I took the tray with me down to the one table.

But this time, I wasn't going to be taken aback again, even if they were laughing at me. And they were.

And surely, when I was almost by the table, one inmate stuck out his leg, in an attempt to trip me again.

I raised my foot, and brought it down on his leg, making him yell in pain as he toppled backwards.

Then I took my second tray and hammered it into his face, sending a few drops of blood, and a teeth flying. I looked down, and saw his injured face, and our eyes met. I could see the fear in his eyes as he saw my bandage-less eyes, along with my black mark.

I looked around the room. Security was entering by the entrance. No one was laughing now.

"ANYONE ELSE?" Akron and I yelled. I could feel the stares from everyone as I slowly walked back out again. The officers that met me by the door tried to pick me up by my arms, but I shook them off. "I can walk."

The cold metal cell was driving me insane. If only they had just gotten me and executed me already. Not only my sanity was dvindling, but now also my patience.

Big surprise.

Will you shut up?

Just let me control, and we'll be out in no time flat!

I've caused enough pain and death already.

You're weak, Jay Alkain.

Get out of my body!

No, Alkain. I will not. You get out of MY body!


Look at yourself, Jay! Do you really think this is you? I'm not in your head, you're in mine! I'm not in your body, you're in mine! I am Akron, the Destroyer of Worlds, and you have the GALL TO TAKE MY PHYSICAL FORM FROM ME!

My head began pounding with sheer pain, as I fell to the floor, screaming from pain.


The cold metal walls began to bend and crack as darkness began to envelop me, until what was left was ruined and cracked.


I ran out of the ruined bars, and ran along the railing. Behind me, was some sort of monster, chasing me, with a glint in his eyes that screamed anger and fury.

The light tapping of my foot was muffled by the thundering steps of Akron, hot on my tail. I screamed for help, but all that that could be heard was my echoing voice, along with the thundering steps of Akron, thundering towards me.


I fell to the floor, and I lifted myself around, only to see the beast pouncing for me, ready to sink its claws into my feeble body.

I closed my eyes, bracing for the pain of having my body torn asunder.

But it didn't happen.

Instead, the heavy sound of a pulse, and something heavy falling to the floor was what happened instead.

I opened my eyes, and before me, was the purple orb I saw in my dream again. And before the orb, was Akron, who had fallen to the floor.


Akron pounced again, but the hovering orb rammed him right in his gut, sending him flying into a wall again.

The sound of a baton hammering the bars alerted me again. I opened my eyes, and felt the metal on one side of my chin. I was lying on my side on the floor in my cell.

"You've got a visitor." The guard said, as I heard boots walking into my cell. I slowly raised myself up, and met the person who came to visit me.

He towered over me in sheer size. He was wearing a large gray trenchcoat, one that covered his entire upper body, and covering some of his legs, which were covered by black, fine trousers.

His skin was pale, and his hair looked absolutely stupid. It was a dark brownish red, and was cluttered together in a way that I don't know how to describe. But one thing I stood out. His yellow eyes, which stared down at me like I was nothing; like I was but an insect he was about to stomp on.

"What do you want?" I asked. "Not many people want to speak with a man who's sentenced to death."

"That highly depends on the person." He retorted. His voice felt like it was snaking its way into my mind, like it tried to find my most vulnerable spot and stab it brutally and coldly.

"So you want to speak with a mad psychopath who is sentenced to death." I spat. "I fail to see what makes me worth your time."

"I think you know why. You've got powers, powers that can be refined, powers you can control." He spoke.

"Why are you even saying this?"

"Because I want to help you. You need a place to belong, and I have a place for you."


"The Arcadia Movement." I cringed slightly at his words. I would go to the Arcadia Movement, the one place that could be a sanctuary for me?

"Alright. I'll go with you. But who are you even?" I asked.

"Divine. Sayer Divine."

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