The Darkness Within

The Road To Glory - Act IV

Jay Alkain stands alone.

"It takes a strong man… to deny what's in front of him." The gun fell out of Akron's hand, down to the floor, and shattered like glass into a thousand pieces, scattering across the mirrored floor. Jay's face ceased its stern, violent look, as he exhaled deeply and lowered the smoking gun in his hand.

In front of him, the mirror image of Akron stood there, wounded, bleeding from the stomach. "Stronger than you were," Jay replied, as his tears began to dry. "Whatever you say," Akron replied coarsely, as the mirror began to crack a little.

"Whatever happens next, don't be too hard on yourself," Akron said, as the mirror began to crack even more, the glass slowly splitting apart, the image of Akron becoming more and more distorted. "Even now, after all you've done, you can live on." And then the mirror shattered, glass raining down onto the dark, invisible floor, and then, Akron was no more.

"Lucky you."

Jay stood there for a couple of minutes, seeing the sun rise again behind the dark clouds, symbolizing the return of hope after a long, harsh ordeal. Jay dropped the gun, it falling to the floor with a soft metallic clank as its use was no more.

Then the sound of sirens rung in Jay's ears. The sound of police sirens, and his vision began to be blinded by the sun. He began walking forwards, the sun shining so bright that it obscured his vision entirely. Then he fell to his knees, as the whole world changed around him. He had made his choice, and now the world changed.

No Divinius, no Chessary Corporation, no Project Akron, no Dracomorphic Engine, no nothing.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a familiar place. He still wore his Duel Disk, still wore his familiar clothes, but now, the white bandages had returned. He was there, in the middle of a ruined building in the Satellite, as the sirens customary of Sector Security came driving in from the streets. Within moments, he was surrounded. He stood up, Duel Disk at the ready, and met them.

A large, muscular man stepped off his bike, and pulled the built-in microphone out of his helmet. "Command, this is Trudge. I think we found him," He said, as he walked in front of his bike, and Jay walked down from the rubble to meet him. "Kid," He began talking, but an officer alerted him. "He's got a Duel Disk!" He alerted, the officers clearly aware of his dangerous psychic powers.

Jay's face was a mask as he walked slowly closer to the officers, the distance now being around twelve meters between Trudge and the haggered Jay. "It's okay, hold your fire," He said, though the officers kept their guns trained on him. "I don't understand…" Another officer mused loudly, as Jay slowly walked closer, before stopping. "Look at his eyes," Another replied. "Something's not right."

Trudge held out his hand towards him as he slowly walked closer to Jay. "Kid, we are here to help. But I need you to put down your Duel Disk." Trudge said, slowly and clearly, but Jay's face was a mask. His face was that of barely contained fury.

"He's not complying!" An officer exclaimed. "He's shell-shocked, give him a second!" Trudge replied in return, momentarily looking backwards to give the officer a stern look, before looking back at Jay, and holding out his hand. "Just hand me your Duel Disk, kid," Trudge pleaded calmly. "We're here to take you somewhere safe."

"Can he even hear you?" Another officer mused, and Trudge got visibly angry. "Quiet!" He called out, as he took another step closer to Jay. Jay gritted his teeth. His fury and bloodlust came welling back. He felt his now-godly power flare violently, as his big wings of energy formed themselves on his back, and a low, guttural roar started to build up in his throat. The ground started to shake, and the officers began to shake in fear, as none of them were permitted to fire unless they were attacked first.

A thick, crimson aura began to surround Jay as his eyes began to glow behind his bandages, and his face twisted into a face that showcased all his anger, frustration, pain and sadness.

And he charged forward, his fist colliding with Trudge's stomach; sending the Sector Security officer flying backwards. Jay turned towards the rest of the officers, who had their weapons trained on him, and he howled.

"Kill him!" Another officer yelled, and they all opened fire. Jay swiftly jumped behind a large piece of concrete in order to shield himself from the bullets, as they tore through the air towards him.

Then, he emerged from his cover; quick as a lightning bolt, and using his Duel Disk as a blade, charged forward and tore at least four officers in half.

He charged forward, roaring like a murderous, broken animal; ready to tear apart and destroy whatever was in his way.

But then he felt it. A lucky bullet hit him in the chest, and he paused. Then, another hit him. And then a third, sending him backwards onto the ground.

His body, although pumped full of power and energy, seemed to refuse to work, as if it had become tired as well, and it too, just wanted to stop.

And there he lay, blood slowly pouring from his back; out of his three bullet holes; slowly coughing up blood as death slowly began to creep over him.

"I remember that time... back in the Satellite. Back when I used to know you, Lance. Back when we were friends.

I asked you some asinine question about whether you wanted to go home, and you... and you said...

'Home? We can't go home. For people like us, there's a line we have to cross. And once we cross that line, there's no going home.

If we're lucky, we do what we have to, and then we die.

'No, Jay. What I really want, is peace..."

And then Jay Alkain breathed his last. One final cough of blood before he finally found what he so dearly had wanted all his life, the one thing that had eluded him for so long; now was ready to greet him.


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