Uncovering the Truth


The new school year at Domino High brings with it so much more than just homework. A quiet and mysterious new student joins Yugi and co. What secrets is this new comer hiding?

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New Student

The new school year started all too fast for Yugi; taking with it the end of having a copious amount of free time available to him. His junior year of high school promised to occupy the vast majority of his free time with Literature, Algebra II, Chemistry, World History, and his elective classes which included Drama and a cooking class. His final class slot was filled with a student aid position in the office.

Yugi was very petite for his age. His height in combination with his cherubic features made him appear much younger than his age. This made him a prime target for bullies all his life. His bully problem died down quite a bit after becoming friends with Joey and Tristen a few years prior. Yugi had raven black hair that spiked around his head forming a star shape. The raven black tresses changed to violet at the tips. His face was framed with long golden blonde bangs. His large violet orbs only added to his cherubic and childish appearance. The petite teen smiled as he approached his blonde friend who was snoring and drooling on one of the cafeteria tables.

"The very first class of the year hasn't started yet and Joey is already sleeping," Yugi giggled. Joey was tall with dirty blonde hair and honey brown eyes. His hair fell forward onto his face as the youth snored on; not hearing Yugi's comment.

Warm chocolate eyes glanced over the top of an open book and smiled as they landed on Yugi, "He's been asleep since the moment he sat down." Ryou's British accent could barely be heard over Joey's rumbling snores. Ryou chuckled glancing over to Joey and then back to his book. Ryou had long flowing white hair, gentle doe brown eyes, and skin so pale it rivaled the appearance of pure cream.

Yugi gently placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder, "Joey, wake up. You don't want to be late for your first class." Joey continued to snore. "Hmmmm," Yugi thought before his violet eyes lit up, "Hey Joey! They are serving free donuts in the office."

"What!? Free donuts!" The blonde jumped out of his seat ready to run for the office.

Yugi clutched his sides as he giggled, "No, Joey. I was just trying to wake you up. There aren't any donuts."

The blonde pouted, "No….donuts?"

"No. There are no donuts," Ryou smiled at the blonde.

"Yugi! You got my hopes up! You should never joke about donuts!" the blonde pouted; pushing his lips into an unattractive pucker.

Yugi rolled his violet orbs, "Okay, Joey. I'm sorry. I'll bring you a donut tomorrow….ah Joey..you may want to wipe the drool trailing down your chin." The blonde blushed a bright pink as he wiped the clear liquid rolling down his chin.

Yugi glanced at his watch and then back at the table where Ryou and Joey were the only ones seated, "Where are the others?" Yugi asked confused that the three of them were the only ones at their usual morning table when they hade mere minutes before the morning bell; their signal to head for their first classes of the day.

"Bakura and Marik are in trouble already. They are in the principal's office. Malik is probably begging the principle not to expel Marik. Anzu is setting up her locker and Tristen isn't here yet." Ryou responded as he turned the page in his book.

"They are in trouble already? They are starting early this year. What did they do?" Yugi asked sitting next to Ryou.

Ryou closed the book; placing it in his lap, "They decided it was a great idea to put Gorilla Glue down on the principle's chair. Needless to say he was stuck. They had to cut him free. He called the vice principle and asked him to pick up so new pants for him on his way into school."

Yugi's violet orbs widened as he held back the laughter. Those two were troublemakers for sure, but he had to admit, their pranks were genius! /Speak of the devils and they will appear./ Yugi thought as Marik and Bakura approached the table; both looking annoyed.

"Well?" Ryou asked looking up into Bakura's pointed dark chocolate eyes. Bakura's appearance was very similar to Ryou's with only a few differences. Bakura was much taller and had a stronger build than Ryou. The shorter had a very gentle soft appearance to him; whereas Bakura's was sharp and rough. His long white hair spiked around his head; the two spikes in the front made him look like he had horns. Bakura only growled and muttered under his breath.

"What?" Ryou asked leaning in closer to Bakura.

"They have detention for a month," Malik responded. Marik stood next to Malik pouting as he crossed his arms.

"It was only a little glue. The only casualty was a pair of pants." Marik snapped. "We didn't even hurt anyone this time." Marik and Malik also looked similar to each other. Both had blonde hair and lilac eyes. Marik's eyes were a little bit darker than Malik's lilac eyes. Marik was also taller than Malik by a few inches. Malik's blond hair fell to his shoulders in layers. Marik's blonde hair was unruly; standing up all over his head. Sun-kissed bornze skin stretched tightly across the Egyptians allowing their toned muscle structure to be seen and andmired by anyone who desired to look.

/I must admit…if one pair of pants was the only casualty; that prank was tame for these two./ Yugi thought as he smiled at the dynamic trouble causing duo. This year was shaping up to be an interesting one. But then again, nothing was ever dull when Marik and Bakura were present.

"Don't worry, Marik, we'll get out of detention," Bakura's pout turned into a maniacal smile as ideas began to race through his head.

"What do you have in mind?" Marik asked coming to sit next to Bakura; his smile mirroring that of the taller silver haired albino.

The pointed dark chocolate eyes narrowed mischievously, "I have a few ideas…stink bombs, snakes,…fire… to name only a few" Bakura grinned.

"Bakura! You will do no such thing!" Ryou scolded.

"All of those sound like fun." Marik smirked.

"Marik, please don't encourage him," Ryou turned his pleading chocolate eyes on the Egyptian before turning his gaze past the Egyptian look-a-likes. His brows furrowed as he watched a group of students form a crowd just outside the front doors, "I wonder what's going on out there." Ryou nodded his head in the direction of the double doors. The group followed the albino's gaze.

A large black motorcycle pulled up to the school. The rider wore tight black leather pants; a tight black shirt with three buckles across it, leather boots, leather riding gloves, and a leather jacket. His face was covered by a sleek black helmet. Curious students stepped closer to the bike as the rider turned the vehicle off. His foot brought the kick stand out before his leather clad leg swung over the black machine to stand next to it. He unlocked the black leather bag strapped to the side of the motorcycle bringing out a pen and notebook. He placed the two items on the seat before removing his leather riding gloves revealing tan hands and long fingers. The riding gloves found their way into the bag strapped to the motorcycle.

He stretched before his hands grasped the helmet. The crowd watched him silently and curiously. A pin could be heard if someone was to drop one. The tan hands lifted the helmet off slowly revealing the mysterious student's features. First a strong pointed tan chin, then dusky coral lips, his nose, and gasp was heard when his crimson eyes came into view. The sharp crimson orbs were breathtaking; piercing into the soul of any who dared meet them. The helmet was lifted higher revealing tri-colored hair much like that of Yugi's. Raven hair spiked out around his head changing to crimson at the tips. His tan face was framed with a few blond strands while the other blonde strands were lightning shaped and as gravity defiant as the rest of his hair.

The mysterious tan youth placed the helmet on the motorcycle before grabbing the notebook and pen resting on the seat. He walked past the crowd; not saying anything. His crimson orbs stared past them as he entered the high school. Violet met crimson briefly before the crimson eyes moved on taking in his surroundings. He located the "Office" sign down the hallway to his right. He turned in that direction disappearing into the bustling sea of students and faculty.

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