The One Time Forgot: Lost

On Her Own

"Let him go," Isabelle pleaded to the Grays. "I'll stay in his place."

The Grays looked at one another. There were five of them in the room with her. One Gray, who looked to be the leader of the rest, turned to her.

"You will stay for as long as you are told," the Gray instructed within her head. It wasn't a question, it was a command.

"I will do anything as long as you let him go. If I have to stay here forever I will," she offered desperately. They did not say anything. She continued to stare at the Doctor. He was still struggling against his restraints.

"Would you lie to him?" the question was asked in her mind.

Isabelle took her eyes off the Doctor and turned to the Gray leader.

"I'll say anything you want me to say," she answered passively.

"You will tell him you are leaving to return to Earth," the Gray instructed.

"Can I see him?" she asked hopefully.

"No." Her head shagged.

"Then, how will I tell him?" she returned.

"He can hear you. Now," the Gray said gesturing towards the Doctor.

Isabelle turned to face the wall and gradually pressed both of her hands on it. Her face was full of sorrow as she looked at him with unwavering eyes. Then, she spoke.


The Doctor ceased his attempts of loosening the restraints and looked around hurriedly. The wall must have been solid on his side because he never focused on her. "Isabelle?"

In her head, the Gray was telling her what to say. "Doctor, I am unharmed. They are taking me back to Earth. You have to stay here or they will kill me," Isabelle said as instructed. She tried to keep her voice steady as she listened to it echo around his room. Then, she added quickly of her own volition, "I love you."

"Isabelle?" the Doctor shouted. "I will come find you. I will get out of this!" Then, he started a renewed effort against his restraints.

"I know," Isabelle said but her voice was only audible in her room. The communication between her and the Doctor had been severed. Tears stung her eyes and her chin quivered.

"We will release him," the Gray leader said.

She pivoted on her mark to peer into the vacant black eyes of the Gray and said calmly whilst tears fell down her cheeks, "You must render him unconscious, return him to the TARDIS. I will set coordinates back to Earth and send the ship on its way. I assume you must have some sort of shield to make your ship impenetrable?"

"We do." In the background, the Doctor was still calling her name. Her eyes squinted in pain that his cries caused her. She kept staring at the Gray.

"As soon as the TARDIS leaves, you must bring up those shields. He will stop at nothing to return to me. Do you understand?"

"We do."

"Then do it."

Two of the five Grays left her room. Isabelle's eye glared at the Gray leader with such fire, yet she trembled like a leaf about to be blown away. A few seconds later the two Grays entered into the Doctor's room. The movement in the room caused Isabelle to turn her head towards the Doctor.

"If I find that you have hurt her in anyway, I will destroy you," the Doctor shouted at the Grays that had entered his room. One of the Grays had a syringe in its hand. "What is that?" the Doctor questioned.

Before he could utter another word, the Gray plunged it into his neck and within seconds the Doctor was asleep. Immediately, they unfastened the restraints. The wall turned to gunmetal grey between them and Isabelle could no longer see the Doctor.

Two of the Grays stood on either side of her. "They will escort you to the TARDIS," the leader informed her. She only nodded not able to speak.

Isabelle was then lead out of the room. She stared at the Doctor's door as they passed. The urge to breakaway from her escorts and break down the door was so tremendous she hesitated her next step. The Grays must have sensed it because both took hold of her upper arms. She flicked her head forward and stared at the corridors with the same metallic walls as the rooms as they continued walking. The passageways were just wide enough for the two Grays and herself to pass through comfortably. If anyone should come from the other direction, they would have to form a queue. For now, they were the only ones in the corridor. After a few moments of walking, the passageway curved to the right and opened up to a large room. Isabelle could see the TARDIS where it had landed. She recognized the area from the brief second she saw it before blacking out. What she had failed to notice the first time, were the other spacecraft.

It was a sort of hangar. It was mostly full of ships that were round in shape and flat like a pancake with a protrusion in the centre. Some were small, meant for single operators, while others were larger. They were the typical 'flying saucers.'

The other ships there looked out of place, including the TARDIS. One spacecraft there was immensely huge that it could have fit a hundred blue boxes in it easily if not more. It wasn't as streamlined as the saucers with its jagged edges and its shape somewhat like an arrow.

By that time, she was standing in front of the TARDIS. She put her hand into her pocket to remove the key. Unlocking the door, she stepped inside with the Grays following her.

"Do not try to escape, or the Doctor dies," the one spoke telepathically to her.

Isabelle did not answer but went to the console. Looking at the monitor, she contemplated whether to send him to Earth or the safe haven he had programmed for her. She decided to send him home, her home. That way, when he woke, he would understand that it was she that sent him there. She set the coordinates and the necessary driving mechanisms. The only thing left to do was to pull on the last lever.

Presently, the other Grays came with the unconscious Doctor on a stretcher hovering between them.

"Where should we set him?" they asked Isabelle.

"On the floor, here," she said indicating the area at her feet. "He'll think he passed out while travelling or something." Her tone was uncaring but her eyes shone with sadness.

The Grays picked him up off the stretcher and placed him on the floor. Isabelle gazed down at him. Tears immediately threatened to break free, but not one fell.

"We'll need to get out promptly when I throw this switch," she informed her two guards as the other two left with the stretcher.

"There is an easier way," the one said. The two came over two her and took hold of her upper arms again, one on each side of her. "We can teleport." She nodded.

"Ready?" she asked the Grays. They gave one nod slowly.

Isabelle chanced one last glace at the Doctor. She shouldn't have. Her chin trembled. Her eyes glistened. She took a deep breath and threw the switch.

"Now!" she yelled at the Grays.

The next moment, Isabelle and the two Grays were watching the TARDIS dematerialize. The two other Grays, along with the leader, joined them.

When it was gone, she couldn't hold it together any longer. Falling to her knees, the tears tumbled down her cheeks dampening her shirt. That was it. There was no one to save her now. What would become of her? Would she ever see her Doctor again?

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