By fictionallylost

Romance / Fantasy

chapter 13

Caroline parked up in the school parking lot and was immediately met by Bonnie who was waiting for her by her car, as already prior arranged by several text messages that morning. They exchanged a quick reassuring hug and Bonnie let her eyes fall onto her best friend’s mark with a small knowing smirk before draping an arm over her bare shoulder and leading her up to the main steps to the schooling building. They were soon joined by Jeremy and Matt at the main entrance, the boys shared a knowing glance with each other but didn’t dare say anything, Jeremy had obviously been pre-warned by his mate to not cause a fuss and Matt was just good old Matt wasn’t he?

Caroline bit her tongue and decided not to grill the Hunter about his sister, instead she simply held her chin up high, pasted on a smile and walked forwards letting the others follow, she didn’t let herself think about where their third best friend was, and of course Tyler, was the boy even enrolled in the school anymore?

She pulled the door open and marched straight forward towards her locker, her gaze set straight ahead, she pulled her book bag a little tighter to her chest and flicked consciously at her hair, brushing it back from her bare skin on her shoulder. Come on Caroline, no time to dwell or back out now. She squared her shoulders and took the last few steps with a harsh click of her heels until she got to her locker. Bonnie and the guys were quick on her heels like some kind of security team as they all opened their lockers and started fussing over which books they needed.

As Caroline stood with her head ducked into her locker, she gave herself a mental pep-talk, she organized her books and her eyes met those of her mirrored reflection that hung on the inside of the small metal door, her gaze then dropped to the letters sitting beautifully on her collar bone and she couldn’t stop the small smile from gracing her lips. That was when she noticed. Her vamped up hearing tuned into the hushed whispers on the other side of the metal boxes and her body stiffened.

“Oh my god can you believe it?”

“Klaus as in Klaus Mikaelson?”

“My mom told me about him, he’s this weird shifty guy..”

“Poor girl..”

“Poor Tyler..”

“I wonder what sheriff Forbes thinks about..”

“Wow he’s hot..”

“Lucky guy”

“Caroline? Hey Car? You with us?” Caroline zoned back in and became aware of Bonnie grabbing her by the shoulders and spinning her round to face her.

“You ready for class?”

“Oh um yeah sure, sorry, lost in thought.” She blanked out the internal voices in her head to the best she could as they started walking towards their first class. She had chose to come to school with her mark on display, she had to this, for them, no more hiding, she just had to get through the first day.

The faint hum on her skin and gentle tickle in her bloodstream underneath reminded her that he was there, always there, she knew he could feel her nerves and lack of confidence as the gossip along the school halls kept flowing. She could imagine him pacing the four walls of his study, keeping his ‘mated urges’ as he put it, at bay, she could only hope and pray that he could find some self restraint. Barrelling into a high school all fanged up and black, blazing eyes is something that’s sure to be frowned upon.

Caroline kept her head down as she walked, knowing that if she looked up she would be met by the eyes of most of the school’s population. Bonnie and Jeremy stayed close behind, their arms hands linked and murmuring things to each other, Matt caught up with Caroline’s pace and started to walk in time with her, he nudged his shoulder against hers and gave a small smile.

“So did you do your homework this weekend or too busy with other stuff?” Good old Matt, distracting Caroline from her thoughts and putting a light smirk on the corner of her lips.

A few short moments later, they arrived at Caroline’s first class of the Day Chemistry, Bonnie and Jeremy parted a with a chaste peck and he and Matt took off down the hall with promises to walk the girls to their next period, Bonnie followed Caroline into the class room and they took their seats next to their assigned lab partners, which unfortunately were not each other.

Caroline couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed at the support her friends were showing her, they weren’t gonna let anybody close enough to upset her too much, if only she could turn off the inner monologues she could hear, and also if only another certain friend could show that level of support.

She sat down on her stool and dumped her book bag on the floor beside her feet, taking out the stuff she needed and placing them on the desk.

“Morning Caroline, good weekend?” Caroline turned to face her lab partner, who she’d been sitting next to for the past 7 months or so.

“Hey Holly, um it was interesting, you could say..”

“Oh don’t get me started, I had to go visit my uncle in his lake house, and my brother literally fell into the la…” Caroline found herself lost in though as she let Holly ramble on, she seemingly oblivious to Caroline’s mark. Holly was harmless, a sweet, kind, incredibly intelligent girl with long mousy brown hair and green eyes, they had got along nicely from the moment they met.

Holly was cut off by the bell and the teacher breezing into the class all flustered. After the first fifteen minutes of instruction the class were left to get on with their assignments.

Caroline couldn’t help but quickly look around behind her, most of the students were busy with their work, faces in books, talking with their partners, she was met briefly with Bonnie’s curious gaze and Caroline gave a small nod as if giving an answer to the silent question that was passed between the two friends. Somewhere from the back of the class Caroline’s Vamp hearing picked up on a small ‘Oh my god you’d think she’d cover it up’ Caroline simply glared in that general direction and turned back around.

“So I got this answer to question number 4 what do you think?”

“Huh? Oh sorry Holly I wasn’t even concentrating, lets go over it again..”

“It’s Ok Caroline, you’re very brave for coming into today, and for wearing that.” Holly nods to Caroline’s bare shoulder with a small smile before continuing.

“You-you’re just Caroline Forbes you know, your so head strong and I’ve always admired you for that, you can’t help it right, the bond thing?”

“O-oh I um..” Caroline was shocked to a stumbling silence.

“S’ok Caroline” Holly giggled and petted her shoulder slightly. “You don’t have to say anything, just try and relax ok, I’ll finish up our test, just ignore those guys, they don’t know what it’s like, none of us humans do, only I’m smart enough to realise that we shouldn’t be teasing people with fangs.” Holly giggled with a cheeky grin, picked up her pencil and continued with the work as if they’d just had the most normal conversation. The rest of the class went by rather quickly, Caroline said a quick goodbye and Thank you Holly then walked with Bonnie to the door to meet the guys who as promised were waiting like body guards.

With Holly’s reassuring words and the fact that Caroline learnt she could deal with the slight background gossip, she’d dealt with worse, the morning passed rather quickly, and she became used to the stares, and snide remarks. She gave back her best ‘Can I help you? Would you like a picture?’ glare to the most obvious of onlookers including some faculty staff and smirked at the girls who tried to hide their obvious jealousy and disguise it with disgust. Klaus may be frowned upon by most people but he is drop-dead gorgeous and you’d be surprised how many girls wouldn’t actually turn down his best advances.

At lunch the group of four sat on a table out in the court yard, no point wasting the sun, Caroline was becoming increasingly more confident and comfortable as the day passed. She texted Klaus a running commentary of her day so far and checked her other notifications. She couldn’t help but think of Elena and Tyler even though she tried not to, where were they? Were they skipping school just to avoid her?

After lunch the girls freshened up in the bathroom before heading to their second last class of the day.

An hour later found Caroline sitting in History class with a handful, waiting for the room to fill up more students and the teacher. She stared into the half empty room day dreaming, Just one more hour Caroline, one period left, come on suck it up, you’ll see him soon…

“Hey Caroline, y-you didn’t reply last night...” The chair beside her scraped noisily on the floor as somebody sat down in the vacant spot. She couldn’t believe it, now? She chose now to turn up?

“Where’ve you been all day Elena?”

“I got study leave this morning, I went home for lunch and now I’m back, I-I’m sor..”

“Save it Elena, now is not the time nor the place..”

“No you need to let me explain..”

“I don’t need to do anything you want me to do, you should have been there for me, you’re my best friend, I know you didn’t like the idea but I thought you had warmed to it and then y-you betrayed me..”

“I know it looks that way but seriously Caroline if you just listened to m…”

Caroline stood abruptly, her chair protesting against the laminate flooring and both wordlessly and carelessly swiping her bag up off the floor, she wouldn’t waste her time or her breath on Elena, she had chosen now to show her face, somewhere so public.

“Tyler bumped into Damon outside of town and showed him his mark, Damon told him about his and said it was me, Tyler then seen Stefan later that day and got the same story, he-he thinks the same is happening to him, he thinks you have two soul mates like me, supposedly..” Caroline froze on the spot.

“Why now? Why tell me all this now?..”

“I didn’t know what to say to him, he looked so hopeful when he came to me, all I said was that he needed to come see you to see for himself, I know how it must have looked but..”

The shrill ringing of the alarm reminded them where they were, students were flooding in all around and the teacher strolled in with arms full of books up to her chin. Caroline sighed and sat back down in her seat, she was shocked, appalled and curious all at the same time. She wouldn’t admit it right now but she was also a little relieved that her best friend seemed to have a decent excuse for her actions. She turned to Elena and with a small nod she whispered “Ok after school come over to mine.”

Earlier that day…

“What’s going on with you brother you’re acting different as of late, you’re almost dare I say happy? It’s strange.”

Klaus stopped writing and chuckled low in his chest as he looked up at Elijah who was hovering above his desk.

“Yes brother I suppose you could say that, it’s shame the same couldn’t be said for yourself..”

“Oh I’m perfectly ecstatic, look at this face, it’s the epitome joyful.” Elijah’s perfectly handsome features sculpted into a devilish, pearly white grin as he perched on the corner of the desk. “But maybe you would care to spread your joy? What’s a bit of sharing between two brothers hmm?”

“Oh believe me Elijah sharing is the absolute last thing I tend to do, brother or not.” And with that and a mischievous glimmer in his eyes and a proud grin he carefully put his pen down and laid his right hand down flat on the desk, fingers spread just beside Elijah’s thigh where it rested upon the old oak table top.

Elijah’s eyes followed the movement and widened momentarily as he registered what he was seeing.

“I’m happy for you brother, no I can see now that you most certainly are not going to come to a compromise on this occasion, you never were a good sharer, even as children..” The brothers smiled at each other, enjoying their playful banter as Rebekah breezed upstairs and into the room.

“It seems we have a house guest, he’s waiting outside as I didn’t deem it appropriate to invite him inside immediately..” She looked pointedly at Klaus with a flick of her sleek, straight hair.

“Niklaus, would you care to explain why Tyler Lockwood is requesting your attention, new BFF’s?”

Klaus sat up his chair, his features schooling into something of authority, pure alpha male and deadly, as slow devilish grin graced his lips he stood and rounded the desk before turning to Elijah who was eyeing him cautiously.

“Like you said brother sharing is something I’ve never been good at, and I don’t intend to start now!”

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