chapter 14

“Ok so when I left your house on Friday, the second time, when we were so rudely kicked out..” Elena tosses her hair over her shoulder and rolls her eyes, but the words are said with no malice. “Stefan called me and told me all about seeing Tyler, and how he’d seen Damon too, I went to bed knowing you were, you know…busy, I-I was gonna call you the next morning but then Tyler just shows up and he showed me his mark..”

“But Elena you know that I’m bonded, I have my mark and somebody else has my name, why didn’t you tell him?”

“Because it’s not up to me to break his heart like that Caroline, I told him that Klaus had been around since he’d left and that he should go to you himself, that’s all I was prepared to tell him, you didn’t see him..”

“I did, he showed up remember, he could have gotten himself killed, b-but the way he looked at me, I’ll never forget it, like I completely let him down, something that I have no control over, and even if I did I’d, I would choose Klaus..”

“You’re just saying that because your bonded..”

“NO I am not, come on Elena let’s please not do this again, I thought we’d been through all that..”

“We have we have, sorry Car I know, I know now, you have feelings for him now, real ones, I do..”

“I have real feelings for him now because he’s being real back, I guess on some level he always was but now he’s giving me something to want and hold onto, I’d choose him over anyone because he’s choosing to change for me, god not that I’d want him to change, believe me the old, impossible asshole that we all know and strangely love is still there, but he’s becoming moral and compassionate and human, he’s showing restraint and regard for my feelings and choices, it’s impossible for me not to want to be with him, not to be happy with him. I mean Tyler couldn’t even send me a text a message or pick up one of my calls..”

Elena scoffed and laughed, “That’s great for you Caroline, really it is, it’s um it’s just that you know what my situation is with Stefan and Damon, a-and maybe Tyler’s right maybe the same is happening..”

“Elena that’s totally different, you have feelings for both of them, they both love you, a-and none of your marks are even fully established yet, you don’t know for sure... wha.. Elena, are yo.. why are you crying?”

The two friends had been sitting on Caroline’s couch for the past 10 minutes since they’d finished school, Bonnie was invited but opted out, she knew the girls had a lot to work out between them and didn’t need an audience. Caroline had felt off since last period, her skin was tingling and too warm and even sore to the lightest of brushes, she couldn’t put a finger on it and just chalked it down to the conversation she and Elena were having.

Caroline reached forward and grabbed her friend’s hand.

“Hey come on, what is it?”

“It’s just so hard, I guess the reason I’ve been the way I’ve been is because I was jealous, of you and him, your Destiny is written for you plain and simple and now that I see it god I’m so happy for you Caroline, the way he looks at you, the way he watches over you, I was wrong, he is incapable of hurting you and I just think why does my Destiny have to be so complicated..”

“Elena you have two guys who look at you like that, who have literally saved your life multiple times, who never leave your side..”

“But I only have one mark Caroline, I have to choose, you didn’t, and I guess I just sympathised with Tyler because it breaks my heart every time I think of Stefan and Damon, one of them is going to be just like him, broken..”

“Elena, Tyler left me, he ran off and made no contact, he lost his right to be broken, he’s just bitter, he wants me just because he knows he can’t have me and even more so the fact that it’s Klaus who has me now, they have never seen eye to eye..” Caroline trailed off as she watched her best friend, she was utterly deflated, head hanging down, eyes red and glistening.

She prodded at the brunette’s shoulder, “Hey I have an idea how about we get Bonnie over here, do our homework then get takeout, watch a movie, nothing vampire or werewolf related..” Elena giggled and sniffled.

“It’s gonna be ok Elena, that’s the good and bad thing about this whole Destiny thing, you can’t decide or change it, you just gotta let it run it’s course, and nobody can blame you for something you didn’t decide on, we’ve learnt that lesson right?”

She teased her friend with a smirk before quickly adding, “but Elena I need you to listen and trust me on this, I know you think your mark is gonna be one of their names, and it might be, but, j-just don’t get your hopes up ok, it might not be, and as much I support and believe you, I am 100% convinced that my name is NOT also on Tyler as well as Klaus, and I need to think about how to deal with that situation because if Tyler doesn’t give up he is seriously going to get himself into some deep water without a paddle.” The two friends looked at each other seriously for a few seconds, letting the words dissolve, then Caroline hopped up and off the couch.

Elena followed and leapt into her arms, “thank you Caroline, for being the friend I should have been, I promise I will stand by you from now on.” Caroline smiled warmly at her as she fished her phone from her pocket to text Bonnie and tell Klaus that she’d be a little late in seeing him, maybe he’d have to scale the tree outside her bedroom window later that night and avoid big bad Sheriff Forbes.

“I just gotta decide how to deal with Tyler now, you can help me with that, where was he today anyway, do you know?”

“Oh yeah, he was hanging out with Stefan I think, you know bro time or whatever, but really I think Stefan was just trying to diffuse the situation and talk him out of his own thoughts..”

“Stefan’s such a good guy, Oh look speak of the devil, I’ve got a message from him from earlier that I haven’t read… aawww.” She tilted her phone to show Elena the small screen.


Heard you went to school today, wearing minimal upper clothing ; ) ... go you! S x

“Yeah I may have texted him earlier, he thinks a lot of you Caroline, and I know that you’ve been there for him too through the whole bond triangle mess, I guess I have to thank you for that too.” Elena sighed softly and bumped her hip against Caroline’s.

“Ok you go dig the take out menu’s from the kitchen, and choose some movie options for later, I’ll text Bonnie and see if my mom wants anything for when she finishes.” Elena disappears from the room and Caroline quickly scrolls down to Klaus name in her inbox, it’s strange that she hasn’t heard from him in the past hour, and the more she thinks about it the more that strange feeling in her skins makes itself known. It makes her flush warm, and the hairs stand up on her arms, it’s not the familiar pleasurable tingle in her veins and on her mark that she gets when she’s around Klaus, it’s different, almost as if she’s not really feeling it, like an outer body experience.

Just as she’s about to type out a message to her mate, a new message window pops up on the screen with Stefan’s name, she clicks on it and freezes, then it all makes sense.


You have to get over to Klaus’s now, its Tyler!!

It hits her like a freight train, all at once, she feels anger and sheer aggression, her heart starts to beat harder and faster and she finds it hard to breathe.

“Elena we have to go..” Her legs almost buckle beneath her as she shouts for her friend.

Another wave hits her, her blood feels like it’s boiling under her skin, and she knows it’s him. She’s feeling what he’s feeling, she can feel his strength and power and muscle, something has him incredibly worked up.

Suddenly she’s being pulled through the door, Elena has one arm hooked through hers and she’s talking on her cell with her free hand, probably to Stefan. She finds it hard to focus, like every thing is happening in slow motion or like a series of snapshots being strung together.

Just as she steps outside, she’s hit with some sort of blast of energy, like somebody has literally stolen the air from her lungs, the last things she feels flowing through body like a flood and cascading her skin is guilt, regret and pain.

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