By fictionallylost

Romance / Fantasy

chapter 15

Around Noon the same day, The Salvatore Boarding House

“Tyler hey, what’s up?” Stefan stood in the open door of his home, leaning against the door jamb with one arm and a book in his other hand.

“Hey Stefan, mind if I come in, I need a place to hang for a while you know? My uh mom’s driving me a little crazy with questions back at home and I’m not enrolled back in school until next week..”

“Oh yeah sure, sure come in.” Stefan stepped aside and motioned for Tyler to walk through to the main sitting area. He knew why Tyler was there, had been expecting him, he just didn’t know what Tyler expected of him exactly. He would pacify him, for now.

“Care for a dri..ok” Tyler had made his way straight over to the desk behind one of the plush sofas and helped himself to whatever was available. Stefan sat down where he had been previously sitting and set his book down beside him, waiting for Tyler to sit on the sofa opposite.

“I’ll ignore the fact you’re a minor huh?”

“You were gonna offer weren’t you? And you can talk, aren’t you supposed to be in school too right now pretending to be a hundred years younger or something?”

“Touché, yeah sometimes I kind of forget I have school, oops.” The two smirked at each other, sharing curious looks, they had never been close friends as such, but knew of each other well, could rely on each other in one way or another, there was a mutual understanding between them of some sort. Stefan could be called a million names for who he was in his past, but he is always sincere, and hopeful and honest when needed, he was trusted and respected.

Tyler drained his glass and circled it around in his fingers, “Is um, is Damon here?”

“Nope, ask away.”


“You wanna know, you want to ask me honestly what I think, if I think Damon and I are both Elena’s mate, and if I think that you and Klaus could both be Caroline’s, right?” Tyler stared hard into Stefan’s unwavering deep gaze, searching for truth and sincerity, he’d always trusted Stefan more than he probably wouldn’t care to admit, he’d respected and admired him too, he needed this from him, moments later his gaze dropped and shoulders sagging in defeat.

“I um, I saw them on Saturday, not together but she, she tried to hide that he was there, I’m still trying to work out why, who was it to benefit you know?”

“Yeah I heard you went round there, not your smartest move I have to admit..”

“What you think he’s better than me? Stronger? I’ll pro..” Tyler stood abruptly, hands fisted at his sides, the empty glass falling to the floor, his dark eye brows knitted together furiously. Stefan stood too, bracing himself ready to lunge, but still had his typical air of calm around his, his voice low and measured as he spoke.

“Tyler you have got to control your anger, it’s not going to help anything, you don’t have anything to prove to anyone, and that kind of attitude certainly won’t prove anything positive or worthy, it’s simply just going to get you on the wrong side of people’s patience purely because of your stupidity and irrationality.” The wolf took a few steady breaths, his eyes starting to blacken before returning to normal, shaking his head slightly and closing his eyes he slowly started to sit back down, perching on the edge of the couch, elbows resting on his knees, fingers pressing into his temples.

Stefan sighed, brushed a hand through his hair and came to join him, sitting on the opposite side.

“Look I honestly don’t know what to tell you, I believe that I am Elena’s mate, so far our marks are showing the right letters, but so is Damon’s and I have no reason not to believe him, he and Elena probably have just as much history as..”

“But you too were actually dating, you had something to work off of, you had love..”

“Did, do you love Caroline? Was it that serious?” Tyler simply stared down at his feet, his shoulders rising and falling with each breath whilst thinking over the question.

“D-do you think they l-um love each other? Have, have you even seen them together? You know what he’s like Stefan, she’s probably just some game to him, some obsession he needs to prove he can have..”

“I don’t think it’s like that this time, the short amount of time it’s taken them to get to this point has proved that alone..”

“Stefan he could kill her…” Tyler’s voice was rising, shoulders lifting with each deep inhale.

“They have matching marks Tyler, both of them, have each other’s names, full names, Destiny won’t allow him to hurt her, he’d rather kill himself first..”

“Y-you’ve uh seen this?” Tyler turned slowly to look at Stefan now, his dark gaze deep and searching, imploring, looking for any trace of doubt. When Stefan simply nodded slowly but surly and with utmost certainty, his lips pressed to a thin line, Tyler stood and kicking the empty glass on the floor up and outwards, smashing into dozens of tiny pieces. His eyes darting around the room as if weighing something up in his head, trying to come to a conclusion of an unspoken question somewhere inside him.

He started pacing, fully aware of Stefan watching his every move, he moved behind the couch and picked up the closest bottle his fingers could wrap around, taking a long hard swallow.

Stefan turned slightly on the couch so that he was facing Tyler, watching him stride up and down, bottle in hand, he could feel the heat radiating from him. He would do what he could to placate Tyler, to help and bring him down a few notches, he didn’t owe anything to him, the same could be said for Klaus, but Caroline was his friend, and he wouldn’t see her hurt if she didn’t need to be, he knew who she would rather have ‘taken care of’ so to speak in this situation.

“Tyler, you have to cool off, let it go man, Klaus is bonded, he will not take kindly to..”

“And you think I’m not bonded too, why do you think I’m so angry, so worked up..”

“Because it’s Klaus!” Stefan had moved as fast as a blink and was right in front of the werewolf now.

“Because you cant get over your obsession with trying to beat him for some stupid reason, you lost Tyler, whatever it is you had with him, let it go, Caroline does not have your name as her mark..”

“What’s it to you anyway? I thought you of all people would understand..”

“And why’s that?”

Tyler was positively snarling, his were-side daring to break free, eyes growing darker but still his own normal mud brown, skin heating and prickling, whilst Stefan was his typical cool and calm, collected self, daring the wolf to step out of line so he could knock him back into place.

Tyler slowly, cautiously raised the bottle to his lips and took a long drag, eyes never leaving Stefan’s.

“Wooaahh, ever heard of Germs? And that’s my finest thank you very much, was a good year.”

The Vampire and the Werewolf turned to find Damon, a mere few feet away from them staring at the two, trying to weigh up the situation. His signature scowl and knitted eye-brows in place, with his piercing eyes, he slowly stepped forward and took the bottle from Tyler’s grasp.

“Is there something I can help you gentlemen with?” He looked between the two, Tyler tried to avoid his stare and looked at a point past the older vampire’s leather clad shoulder, Damon’s gaze fell on his brothers a second longer than it needed, and a silent agreement, a simple conversation was passed.

The two may brothers may always be quarrying with one of them throwing a toy out of the basinet, or dealing with the everyday problem of ‘who get’s the girl’ but they always had each others back, that was a given.

“No, everything’s cool here, I was just going..thanks Stefan for your…information.” Tyler drawled the last word as his eyes lingered on Stefan for a moment too long before he sauntered out of the room and out the front door.

Stefan watched him leave the house, took the bottle from his brothers hands, took a hard swallow, then shoved it back into Damon’s chest as he started to head in the same direction as the young wolf.

“Care to join me on a chaperone trip brother? I feel it may be eventful” He called over his shoulder.

“Don’t I always, brother, don’t I always.” Came the reply as the raven haired, older Vampire pretty much finished the bottle, threw it into the empty fireplace and strode out of the room.

Not too later, The Mikaelson Mansion

Rebekah hastily grabbed at Elijah’s arm as he tried to follow his brother out of the study and down the grand stair case, he turned promptly on his heel, pinning his sister with a sharp look as Klaus started to descend the stairs ahead of them.

“Now is not the time Rebekah, this could be an all hands on deck situation..”

“What is it Elijah? What’s he done now?” Her response was a sharp, whispered hiss, her eyes pleading, asking to not be left out, not to be left behind again.

The older original sighed, shifted on his feet and cocked his head as if listening to something, when he was satisfied he had a few seconds to spare, he spoke quite and confidently so.

“It’s seems our Niklaus has found his soul-mate in one Caroline Forbes, and I believe there maybe a little testifying needed.” With that he disappeared from the room leaving Rebekah hanging on his last words, her mouth agape, her eyes darting around the room as if trying to process, trying to sum up what she thought of the news.

In a flash she was down in the grand foyer hot on her brother’s heels and staring into the face of Tyler Lockwood once more on the other side of the open door.

“Failed to tell me something before Tyler?” She tried, Elijah’s hand firmly grasped at her shoulder, keeping her in place just behind him, a silent demand of ‘Be quiet and stay put!’

She watched Klaus’s shoulders roll as he strode forward to the open door, just a few steps from the threshold, his posture impossibly straight and firm, holding himself like a lion stalking it’s prey, this was his house and be damned if he were to be made a fool of in it, in front of his family. Her eyes travelled to his hands hanging by his sides, and caught sight of his soul mark, the letters curved and bold on his skin, the anticipation of what may or may not happen in the next few minutes sent both terrifying and exciting thrills through her body.

“Ah Tyler what a pleasant surpr..”

“Quit while you’re ahead Klaus, no need for pleasantries.”

Klaus’s eyes darken a smidgen and positively sparkled with anticipation, he took one short, menacing step forwards, the toes of his boots just touching the threshold of the grand doubled door entrance, hands and fingers flexing at his sides, his smirk uncontrollable.

“Can I at least trust you to keep this civilised enough to enter our humble abode? We have a lot antiques you se…”

“Oh I don’t think it’s my trust issues we have to be concerned about, don’t you?”

“Enlighten me” Klaus almost growled, his smirk still intact, this was good, Tyler was biting, he was quite aware of the young wolf’s temper and he was very much enjoying this game.

“Or in fact why don’t you start with why you are here, what were your hopes for this visit, maybe I can appease you hmm?”

“Ever the gentleman huh?”

“I aim to please”

“Would, would you let me talk to her? Just us? Let her tell me exactly how she feels..”

Klaus took a few steady breaths through his nose, teeth clenched together hidden behind his thin lips, humour him Niklaus, humour the boy, for her, don’t hurt him for her. He blinked slowly, took half a step closer to the boy on the other side.

“I think you had your chance, your time to air all that was needed two days ago, don’t you?”

“Like she would me tell me anything knowing you were upstairs..”

“And what is it you think she would say if I weren’t?” Placate him..

“I think she’d tell me she feels forced because of the bond..”

“Oh so you’ve established there’s a bond, fantastic..” The C was accentuated with a fabulous click of his tongue, he was loosing his patience, he leaned slightly to the side and rested his right arm against the door frame, his hand spread wide, knuckles fading white as his lean fingers grasped at the wood, he didn’t miss Tyler’s dark eyes flick to the letters that sat between his thumb and forefinger. They lingered on the mark a few short seconds before shooting back up, his lips curling.

“Yes, but there could also be one between Caroline and I also, it’s not impossible..”

Klaus almost lunged the rest of the way out of the door but held himself back as he caught sight of two figures making their way cautiously towards Tyler in the background. He focused enough to realise who they were and why they were here, he caught eyes with Stefan as he and his brother came closer, gaining on Tyler, Stefan nodded as he came to stand a few feet away from the werewolf, Damon on the opposite side. Klaus tilted his chin in recognition, breathed deeply and became aware of Elijah’s hand dropping to his shoulder.

This was going to have to end rather shortly, how depended entirely on the sorry excuse for a man in front of him. Rid of him now, you don’t owe him any explanation, leave him to wallow in self pity and get back to your mate…

He closed his eyes, gathered his thought, inhaled.

“Tyler you don’t...”

“Ok, ok, I’ll be the big man, I’ll say it, my mark is probably not her name..”

This could have just got a hell of a lot easier…

“But how can you call yourself anything but a coward? Klaus, the one and only, you can’t even admit that you’re scared, you’ll think she’ll choose me given the choice, this whole Destiny mess is bullshit, I don’t need her name on me to know that she’s mi…”

The whirlwind of air that swirled around the bodies present both indoors and out was rapid and cold to the bone, milliseconds had passed in the time that Tyler found himself backed into a small tree that circled the grand drive way that lead up to the Mikaelson residence, his feet hovering a few feet from the gravelled path, and suddenly his throat tight and hot.

Klaus’s fingers of his marked hand wrapped around Tyler’s bare throat like a vice, holding his body against the old battered tree trunk as easy as if he was holding a leather bound book. His eyes black and piercing bore into the wolf’s, he would listen now and foremost, there would be no more chances after this.

Klaus was aware of scattered bodies around him, they knew not to dare interfere, Klaus had specific words for Tyler to hear and it was imperative that the boy listened, the others knew there were things you do and do not say to a bonded male, especially one of such high calibre like Niklaus Mikaelson.

“You are a smart boy Tyler, though I regret I thought you were more so, you know that you are not bonded to Caroline, you know you never will be, The Destiny Soul Bond has been created and prevailed for many a couple dating back a good few centuries, and I very much doubt a bitter, jealous mongrel is going to do anything to put a dent in that now, Caroline would be nothing but repulsed if she see could see and hear you now..” His fingers flexed against the wolf’s veins as his throat worked rapidly, straining for fluid and breath.

With his eyes clamped shut, slowly Klaus exhaled and stood back, dropping Tyler to a crumpled heap at his feet, he kneeled down, hovering over the wolf, eyes menacing and boring, he lifted his marked hand and rested it on the left side of his chest, his voice low and measured as he toyed with his thoughts and emotions, end it now, end this child’s play, go to her.

“Her heart beats within mine, her blood for mine, I feel her with me always, this is no choice, and when your mark finally finds its true owner and brings her to you, you’re rightful mate, you’ll know and understand, and you can talk to Caroline about that then.” Before his voice could become anymore hoarse with his declaration, with one more hard look, he stood and turned, his eyes closed and voice still strained, brain still trying to process the strength to not turn around and finish the boy off, he called out to anybody who was listening.

“It would be in everybody’s best interests, if he was removed instantly.”

He finally took a step forward. His thoughts directed to one person and one person only. She was keeping him calm, keeping him sane, she wasn’t even there and she withdrew him from covering his hands in blood once more like he always resorted to, she kept him from it, steered him away, and he loved her for it, loved her.

He stepped forward again intent of running straight to her waiting arms, where ever she was, when he suddenly felt a sharp force around his heart, a crushing pain, he was jolted backwards and halted to a stock still position, a searing pain forming around his heart chamber once again, blood rushing, his mouth frothing, saliva forming and fangs trying to drop, when the painful realisation sunk in what was happening as his brain caught up. It was all slow motion and white noise, aware of commotion around him but unable to control, yet.

“So she’ll feel this then too huh? She’ll feel you’re heart in my hand, crushing it, helpless, defeated, like mine, like me, will that repulse her?”

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